How Can I Improve My Tap Water?

We all use tap water on a daily basis. Whether you like to drink water cold or not, we use it for tea, cooking, cleaning and washing ourselves or any other household task. You can be sure that tap water is used all the time.

There are a few different things that can improve the quality of tap water in your home from filtering to water softeners, you can easily make your tap water the best possible quality.

Why Should I Filter My Water?

First up water filtering. This is one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of your water and can be done instantly. You might be thinking that the water from your tap is controlled by regulation so it must be fine. That actually isn't always the case as many people think these legal protections are too lenient and the levels of acceptable contamination are too high.

If you are concerned about this or just simply want to try water filtering, it is worth considering as there are no negatives to filtering your water and it can only improve the quality of the water you drink and use to cook with.

How Can I Filter My Water?

Tap Filters

There are a few different ways you can filter your water; you can get an attachment for your tap that filters the water as it comes out of the tap.

Jug water filters

This is a more common way of filtering the water and is very easy. Simply pour the water in and it filters into the bottom part of the jug. The advantage of this is that you can put the jug in the fridge, allowing you to chill the water as it filters.

Filtration Systems

These are units that work to filter the water in the entirety of your house. They are often working together with a water softening unit to provide high quality tap water in your house.

Water Softening

First you need to work out if you water is hard and could be improved by water softening. You can easily do this via an at home test. Get some soap and see if it lathers or if it becomes more soap scum texture, if you have the soap scum texture then you likely have hard water. You can also check with your local water board as they have this information.

There are lots of benefits of softening your water, like elongating the life of your appliances and reducing the symptoms of eczema and drying skin.

How Can I Soften My Water?

water softening process

The most effective way to soften and improve your tap water is look into a home system for softening. You can easily find an at home system that soften all the water in your house at the same time as filtering.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your tap water in your house, then you have to think about getting a filtration and softening system for you home. The choice can be daunting, so we reviewed and found the best water softener for you.

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