Hotpoint Aquarius Washer Dryer Problems – What They Are and How to Fix Them?

Hotpoint Aquarius Washer Dryer

​A washer dryer is basically a 2-in-1 appliance comprising of a washing machine and a tumble dryer. Now, just like any other appliance at home, the washer dryer is prone to breakdowns and faults at least once in the course of its lifetime.

Often when this happens, plenty of owners fall into the frenzy of panic and worry. This should not be the case because more often than not, the faults are not very complex and can be fixed with simple DIY tools and procedures.

However, you are strongly advised not to get carried away and attempt to troubleshoot a problem if you are not handy with electronics because you could risk getting electrocuted or worse, cause a fire.

In this article, we shall be focusing on the Hotpoint Aquarius washer dryer with the aim of highlighting its common problems and possible solutions.

​Hotpoint Aquarius Washer Dryer

​The Hotpoint Aquarius washer dryer is a washing machine/tumble dryer combo that offers great washing power, stain removal and a dedicated tumble drying function to give you the ultimate laundry experience. It is an “A” rated washer dryer weighing approximately 8Kg with a drying capacity of 6Kg and a 1400rpm spin speed. Despite being an “A” rated washer dryer, the Hotpoint Aquarius is still bound to faults and breakdowns. When this happens, most users are drawn to conclude that the Hotpoint Aquarius washer dryer is not a high-quality machine after all.

Common Problems & Solutions

​Machine Stopping and Flashing Lights

Hotpoint Aquarius Washer Dryer ​Machine Stopping

The first problem is the Hotpoint Aquarius washer dryer stopping in the middle of an operation. This seems to be one of the most common problems encountered by the owners of this model. What happens is that it hardly finishes a cycle on any cycle.

This is how it happens, after setting the wash cycle, the machine just stops after a couple of minutes and then followed by all the buttons flashing continuously until you turn off the entire machine. This problem renders the washer dryer unusable until a fix is applied.

The explanation behind this particular occurrence is a blocked filter/drain motor or pump.

How to Fix the Problem?

The first step to fixing this problem is cleaning the drain motor, the filter and the lint tray. It is worth noting that a blocked filter is the cause of so many similar faults experienced in a washer dryer. The procedure for removing the drain motor and the filter is available in the instruction manual. As such, it should not be a huge problem for you.

​Clothes Coming Out Hot and Wet

This is another common problem, although not as common as the first one above. In this problem, everything seems to be working correctly but when you take out the clothes after a cycle, you find out that they are hot but still wet. This is despite the fact that the drum is turning just fine and the water is running as it should.

The issue causing this problem is a blockage in the condenser chamber. It could also be an issue whereby steam is not condensing into water at all. Normally, the water should be pumped away through the chamber and if it doesn’t happen, you are likely to get hot but wet clothes after a complete cycle. 

Hotpoint Aquarius Washer Dryer Problems

​The Solution

Unblocking the condenser chamber can help to fix this problem once and for all. However, in case this fails to work, it is advisable to have it checked by a professional. More often than not, similar problems are usually fixed by a simple unblocking of the condenser chamber.


​The Hotpoint Aquarius washer dryer can encounter various faults but the most common one is the abrupt stopping, which is characterized by all lights flashing continuously. The other problem, as seen in the article, is the problem of hot but wet clothes after a complete cycle. It is worth noting that the occurrence of these problems is sometimes inevitable but for the most part, proper usage can help prevent most of them. Nonetheless, it is important for you to have basic DIY skills because not all problems are too complex to be addressed at home by yourself.

However if you feel you want to get rid and buy a new one, we have put together a handy guide on all the best washer dryers on the market.

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