How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

We can all safely agree that weather has been extreme and unpredictable in recent years. The harsh heat can be overpowering and the cold and rain can be similarly deadly. Lucky for us, we have various methods of dealing with the weather, and so when temperatures rise (or drop precipitously), we have means of remaining comfortable.

Air conditioning units can be a working alternative to running central air conditioning. This makes sense if you’re staying in one room primarily and don’t want to spend money to cool the entire house. Similarly, when air conditioning is unavailable (either not installed or non-functioning), portable air conditioning units may be a good solution to cool down. A need may arise in non-air conditioned rentals where installation of either a central system or wall unit is not allowed/possible, or perhaps when living with a roommate.

The reviews of these units at large, however, suggest that there are several drawbacks and may not be as perfect of a solution as first thought. Primarily, these units tend to be expensive, bulky, and loud, and are limited in their ability to cool a space. In other words, the performance may not justify the cost. It is important to be mindful of these issues. That being said, sometimes using a portable air conditioner is necessary given your circumstances. For example, if you have been experiencing a lengthy and expensive central air conditioning breakdown, it may make sense to use a portable air conditioner until the repair is completed. Additionally, if your home is large, it may be cost-effective to cool just one room with a portable unit.

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Getting The Most Out Of An Air-Conditioning Unit

You can increase the efficiency and minimise loss when using an air-conditioning unit in several ways. The easiest ways to keep cool are to draw the shades closed, not letting the sun’s rays enter and warm the interior of the house. When windows are exposed, the unit has to work harder to keep the room at a given temperature, increasing your cost to run it. It is also a good idea to keep the cold air contained in a room by being vigilant about keeping the door closed and making sure the window outlet is well sealed; if you don’t do this, air will continuously escape to the house and outside and the unit will have trouble bringing down the room’s temperature.

The choice of bedding will also determine your comfort—heavy and thick sheets and blankets should be replaced with cotton sheets and possibly buckwheat pillows which naturally stay cooler than conventional pillows. You should also check that your fan is set in a counter-clockwise direction. The combined action of the air-conditioning unit and the fan will make you feel cooler, lessening your reliance on the AC unit alone.

Getting rid of incandescent lighting may make a measurable difference. These bulbs lose a significant amount of their energy in the form of heat- not only making your house hotter, but also wasting a lot of energy which costs you money. Switching to compact-fluorescent bulbs can make a big difference. It is also recommended that you not generate additional heat in the home by cooking on the stove or in the oven. Alternatively, you can eat no-cook foods or grill items outside. Of course, this may not be a practical long-term solution, but minimising the use of the heat-producing appliances can make you feel a lot more comfortable in your home.

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What Air-Conditioning Unit Is Best For Me?

Extreme heat can be stifling and oppressive. It can make you uncomfortable, sap your energy, and make it difficult to sleep. For this reason, air conditioners are usually readily available in the places we live, work, and visit. Unfortunately, they are not everywhere nor are they perfect in operation. Sometimes, it is necessary to buy a portable unit to make a small space more comfortable. There are many options when considering an air-conditioner unit that suits your needs. You would benefit from finding a model that minimises the noted drawbacks of these units. We have put in the leg work for you and a handy list of portable air conditioner reviews here.

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