Frequently Asked Questions on the Electric Fireplace

Because electric fireplaces are designed to be used safely, you shouldn't entertain much worry over leaving them overnight.

While you can leave the fireplace working unattended to overnight, you should however be aware of some of the hazards that other electrical appliances face is also applicable to the fireplace.

If you are afraid that the temperature will drop too low during the night while you are asleep and you can assure that nothing negative will come up because of this, then you can leave it. 

However, if you are not so sure and that the temperature level can be managed, then it is recommended that you off it. And this is safer. Moreover, when you intend to spend a long time away from it, you have to unplug it in addition to switching it off.

If you are looking to leave one on, check out our electric fire reviews or all the models which don't consume much energy.

What can you do to maintain your safety net when you decide to leave it on overnight?

1. Use the proper oil

If you decide to use it overnight, you have to choose a reasonable temperature using the thermostat before you go to sleep. You need to choose a level that is not going to cause too much heat or too low of temperature.

Once this has been set, the thermostat takes it up from there. It will automatically switch off the unit when the temperature is warm and switch it back on when it drops below threshold.

Before going to sleep, ensure no item that can cause fire is close to the fireplace. It is better to leave the fireplace free from any material such as that could lead to fire for safety to be ensured at this level.

Choosing the right oil for your deep fryer is half battle won. Once you know the type of oil you want to use, you will need to fill up the fryer with it, taking care not to over-fill or under-fill it.

If you have a model that have a minimum or maximum fill line, it becomes even easier as you have a ready gauge to guide your measurement.

​When should I not leave on the fireplace?

2. Turn it on and start operating

Since fireplaces are usable all year round, the only period you don't leave it on is outside of the winter months and when the temperature level is normal. However, you have to remember that maintaining electric fireplace costs money. The more you use it, the more power it consumes.

And the more power it consumes, the more your energy bills go up. If you are trying to save costs or watching your energy bills, you will want to only use it when it is absolutely necessary.

To start using your device, you need to turn it on by plugging it in and using the switch button to power it up.

After that, set the temperature and time and ensure that you obtain the right level of temperature for the oil without going over that.

You also need to maintain a temperature between 350 degrees F and 375 degrees F which is the suitable range for most of the cooking you will be doing.

If your device comes with a thermostat, you don't have to bother too much about the temperature as it will automatically determine the correct temperature.

However, if it doesn't come with one, you may have to get yourself a thermometer to select the right temperature for the oil.

Are there additional benefits to an electric fireplace over traditional fireplace?

3. Pat your food dry

Yes, there are many advantages of using an electric fireplace compared to a wood burning fireplace.

You can choose from different styles and settle on one that matches the rest of your room decor.

Electric fireplace don't burn fuel so you don't incur additional costs on fuel repeatedly.

Moreover, it doesn't produce fumes and harmful gasses in the air which can be detrimental to your health.

You can walk and feel around an electric fireplace without worrying about certain embers jumping out at you. It is better not to touch them though, as they might be very hot at some point.

Cleaning is minimal with an electric fireplace. All that is needed is a simple wipe, which saves you time and stress compared to a wood burning fireplace.

Before drying any kind of food, make sure it is dried and doesn't have any traces of water. You can make use of a kitchen paper towel or cover the food in some dusting to remove any traces of water.

For example, freshly cut potatoes can be wiped with paper towel so that there is no water on it before throwing them into the fryer. Not doing this may cause some dangerous spilling of oil that may be injurious to you or children around.

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