Features That Are Installed on High End Bathroom Scales

Features That Are Installed on High End Bathroom Scales


​Losing weight can be quite challenging. Often, we rely on what people tell us about our weight when they notice slight changes after exercising. This guess work is what was being avoided with the invention of bathroom scales. Bathroom scales are instruments used to determine the weight of a person. These gadgets offer accurate results when used correctly. You can have one of them at home so that the trips to the gym or clinic, just to measure weight, can be reduced. There are different types of bathroom scales and they are categorized into digital and mechanical bathroom scales. The high-end scales have a variety of features to help in leading a healthy life.

​Body Composition Weighing

​Premium bathroom scales come with advanced features that make it easy to read a wide range of results. A scale that monitors weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass and body mass, is just perfect to help you know if what you consume is enough or too much. For instance, when the scale displays a high body fat percentage, higher than the last time you checked, you will want to do extra workouts so that the results come back positive. Exercising helps to burn out fat and moderate the inner mechanisms of the body. Therefore, you can get this kind of service when you invest more in a bathroom scale.

​Large Display

The invention of digital scales came at the time when people were struggling to read the tiny interpretations on their scales whenever they wanted to determine their weight. Digital scales with a larger display let the user get a quick reading of the weight at a glance. Most high-end bathroom scales have a backlit LCD display to ensure clear visibility when taking their readings. You are able to see the readings even in poorly lit bathrooms where they are placed. 

If you prefer a scale with an analog display, the best come with an oversized, easy-to-read and large dial platform to enable you to get quick readings.

Features That Are Installed on High End Bathroom Scalesfeatures-that-are-installed-on-high-end-bathroom-scales-3-​large-display

​Large Maximum Capacity

​Regular bathroom scales have a standard weight capacity that when reached and passed, the weighing instrument breaks or stops functioning correctly. This is due to the limited maximum weight capacity. The good news is, with the best bathroom scales, you can measure up to 400 pounds load without the risk of it breaking.

​Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Connectivity

Features That Are Installed on High End Bathroom Scales ​Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Connectivity

The best way to know how you are progressing, weight-wise is through getting alerts on your phone. Most high-end bathroom scales allow you to sync them to your phone to help you keep track of the progress of your weight. This is done by transferring your weight data through WIFI and an app made for the bathroom scale.

Constant notifications via your phone help you to stay fit by knowing where more work is required. Through the app, you can also set your health goals and the bathroom scale will help you achieve them. In addition, the best one can have enough memory to accommodate up to 15 users.

​Long-Battery Life

​Batteries are what these bathroom scales run on. Therefore, it is wise to have a bathroom scale with a longer battery life. Whenever the batteries are changed, the bathroom scale will need some resetting which clears the history of the scale. A bathroom scale with a long-lasting battery prevents that bit of the problem and it can only be found when you spend extra to have the best in your house.

​Water-Resistant Feature

​Since the scales are mostly found in or near the bathroom (a place characterized by high humidity levels), they should have a water-proof material. Those that lack water-resistance properties often have faults and they pose an electrical risk to the user. The best are made with a high-quality material that is totally water-proof to avoid such risks.


A bathroom scale helps a lot in measuring one’s weight. To exercise, one needs daily motivation so that they can achieve the set goal. High end bathroom scales have features that enable one to use them with great enthusiasm. They offer the right motivation to staying fit and healthy. So if you want the best out of your bathroom scale, try the high-end model, you can find our guide on the best ones here

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