Factors to Consider When Buying Your Next Steam Cleaner

When you are buying a steam cleaner, your reason for buying and how you intend to use it trump many other factors. However, if you ignore other important factors, you may end up buying a steam cleaner that don’t really match your expectations.

This can happen for a lot of reasons such as value not at par with the price or the product lacking some essential features or not durable enough to serve its purpose.

To prevent all of these from happening, we have written a simple guide to show you factors you should consider before you add the product to your cart.

1. Ease of Use

This is the first thing you should look at. Are other users finding it easy to use?

Are there any other things you have to do after your purchase to make it easy to use?

Ask yourself these questions as you browse through the product description or user reviews. Steam cleaners often come in two varieties: light or heavy.

While the lighter ones are easier to maneuver around the home, the heavier ones tend to have a deeper clean. This is a trade-off any buyer must make. If you prefer the larger/heavier devices for a deeper clean, you may want to stick to the larger models. However, if you are worried about the discomfort of handling large steam cleaners, then you are better off with lighter models.​

2. Noise Level

Although they are quieter than vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners do make some noticeable noise too up to being loud. If you are concerned about how loud your steam cleaner is, consider looking at only those that are advertised to be quieter than usual. You should also read reviews of your fellow users to get hints and different perspectives on the noise level of the model you intend to buy.

While some models list decibel level in their specs, majority often leave this out. If you have a preferred model, then you can often rely on reviews of previous users in determining how loud the steam cleaner is. On a side note, you need to be careful as not all reviews are genuine and original. Some may be sponsored or from users who have reviewed the product after they receive a sample from the manufacturer.​

3. Pressure and Temperature

These two related factors found on how hot the steam cleaner tend to be and the volume of pressure it produces. Look for models with higher temperatures as they often produce more pressure and dryer steam, which kills more germs, deeper clean, and ultimately more efficient.

In addition, the pressure and temperature levels your steam cleaner can reach and how well it maintains those levels is a very important element. If a device is not able to maintain the same temperature and pressure levels throughout, it will do a poor job of cleaning your home. The steam cleaners that have higher temperature and pressure level are often more efficient and often gives a deeper and drier steam – only that they also tend to cost more.​

4. Water and Tank Size

Like an iron, your steam cleaner can produce steam so much as the amount of water in its tank. On the one hand, smaller models have smaller tanks and may require constant refill, causing you unnecessary stop throughout your cleaning. On the other hand, larger models tend to have bigger tanks so the steam last longer, but they make you wait longer before they heat up.

Ultimately, you would have to go for one and when you decide on which one you like, consider comparing the sizes of the water tank on the different models in the category you have chosen.

For example, if you are going for a handheld steam cleaner, the water tank maybe smaller with more refill between cleaning while a cylinder type will have bigger tank that last longer.​

5. Attachment and Accessories

If you are looking to sanitize different areas of your home, you will often be faced with difference surface types which may require certain functions/features on your steam cleaner. Accessories and Attachment are often designed to help with this kind of issues.

Most manufacturers have an array of attachments or accessories you can buy separately (some do come with enough accessories that you don’t need to buy extra) to accent these features on your steam cleaner. If you are looking at a couple of models, compare the number of attachments that come with each as well as what is available for you to buy alongside the product.​

About the Author Jess Cartwright

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