Electric Fireplace Safety Tips

After writing a guide on the best electric fireplace here and giving you another guide on how to select and purchase the best one for your home, the next post is on the safety tips for your newly acquired fireplace.

While you may be excited to install your new gadget, it is more befitting that you exercise some safety precautions so that you can prevent injury and hazards that may be caused by your electric fireplace. 

Some of these will be covered in this article and at the end of the article; you should be well acquainted with what you should do before installing the fireplace and what to do during and after using it.

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Never use an extension socket with your fireplace.

When the fireplace is far from the power socket that supplies electricity, it is natural to want to opt for a quick fix - to use an extension lead. Because of the powerful capability of the electric fireplace, it can overload the extension lead and lead to fire outbreak.

The best option is to move the power socket closer to the fireplace itself or have a handyman move the fireplace close to the power socket. If you have a freestanding model, this is easier done with a partner on your own. But if it is wall mounted or similar design, you need the help of an electrician.

When the fireplace is on, the heating element is going to be very hot.

In any case, the surround materials including the casing of the electric fireplace will be hot too. It is important to take care that you or the children don't touch the casing at this period as it can cause serious burning.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the fresh air vent that brings in cool air into the fireplace and warm air vent that releases warmer air. Make sure you don't block any of these as they are required for effective air circulation.

When the fireplace is not in use, turn it off.

This routine should be adhered to whether you have children or not. Consequently if you really have children then be vigorous with this and make sure it is done. Children are naturally inquisitive that they may try to press buttons on this while it's in operation. But when it's off, then can on it inadvertently.

You need to supervise your children or animals while the fireplace is in operation.

Children might try to poke items into the vents and if successful might cause a fire outbreak. This step is synonymous with the above but since it is equally important, we have decided to have it here separately.

Check the plug and power cords frequently.

It is not uncommon for cords to get worn over repeated use and because a fireplace uses lots of power while working, the cords or wiring may be quickly damaged. If you notice any worn out cord, you should stop using the fireplace and call in a professional to repair it.

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