Best Electric Carving Knife Reviews UK – The Top Rated Models In 2018

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If you are looking for a review of all the best electric carving knifes in the UK, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best electric carving knife models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home.

Below, in the table, the electric carving knife reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pro's and con's for each.

Overview Of The Best 7 Electric Carving Knives On The Market In 2018

The Best Electric Carving Knives On The Market Reviewed

The Russell Hobbs Electric Carving Knife is a low-cost, popular model of electric carving knife. The only available colour is white. It is a corded knife which consumes 120 W of power.The cord wraps neatly and easily. Its serrated blades can be detached for cleaning. It has a comfort grip handle and intuitive thumb tip control button. The unit weighs 880 grams.

The Hobbs brand is known for its quality, style, and innovation and has a reputed history of more than fifty years. Purchase includes the knife, an instructional guide, and a manufacturer’s guarantee card. Buyers should be advised that operation should only be undertaken by those 14 and older with adult supervision, and the knife can only be purchased by anyone of the age of 18 or over.

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  • It is from a trusted, reputed brand.
  • There is a manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • It has a comfort grip.


  • Different blades are not included.

The Kenwood True Electric Carving Knife is a best-seller in its category on Amazon. It is a low-cost corded electric knife. The only available colour is white. This knife has a power consumption of 100 W. The entire unit weighs 740 grams. The blades are made of durable stainless steel. The knife has a safety on/off switch. Purchase includes the carving knife, one seven inch cutting blade, and one frozen blade. The manufacturer, Kenwood, is known for its wide-range of kitchen preparation appliances and tools.

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  • It comes with an additional frozen foods blade.
  • Blades are easy to clean.


  • Users report slow cutting.
  • Manufacturer doesn’t specify a warranty/guarantee.

This Tower Electric Carving Knife is affordable and available for purchase for those 18 or older. An unsupervised child can sustain significant injury by using this automated knife. It is a corded model. The black body is thoughtfully designed; its ergonomic shape is easy on the hands. Further, it is low noise and vibration. It has a safety release and safety switch.

The removable stainless steel blades are dishwasher safe, making clean up simple. It consumes 180 W of power and weighs 798 grams. The purchase includes the knife, manual, and a three-year guarantee. Tower is a well-regarded company known for their kitchen products.


  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • It has an ergonomic design made for comfort.


  • Some users report that the unit becomes very hot with normal usage.
  • There are no additional blades included in the purchase.

This Prestige Meyer Group Electric Carving Knife is a slightly more expensive model. It is available for those 18 and older. The only available colour is black. It is corded and uses a 120 W motor to effortlessly cut through meats, poultry, and breads. Two ultra-sharp stainless steel blades work together to cut and can be safely released for cleaning.

The ergonomic grip ensures comfort and safe operation. The safety on/off switch operate only when both top and bottom switches are pressed together. The unit weighs 762 grams. The purchase includes the carving knife, a care guide, and a protective sheath.


  • It is lightweight and ergonomically built, providing comfort for the user.
  • A protective sheath is provided.


  • There is no stated manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • The dual on/off buttons can be difficult to simultaneously keep pressed.
  • There are no additional blades included in the purchase.

Quest 180 Watt Carving Electric Knife

The Quest electric knife is a compact and lightweight product that is the perfect fit for every meat-craver out there. Made from 24cm stainless steel blades and an incredibly powerful 150w motor, this electric knife is definitely stronger than others of its type, making it easier to cut through roast meats or slice crusty rustic loaves. In spite of its powerful motor, the Quest electric knife is extremely quiet so it will not drown out your table conversation. Other features include a dual safety switch – which means the knife is incredibly safe and sturdy and will give you maximum protection and control – and an easy-to-clean design that is safe for dishwashers.


  • Strong and well-made 24.5cm stainless steel blades.
  • Easy-to-grip handle.
  • Dual security switch.
  • 180w of High Power.


  • May overheat if used continually.

This Judge Electric Carving Knife is reasonably affordable and available in the colourwhite. This corded model has a 150 Watt motor and a sharp, serrated universal blade. The 780 gram appliance is ergonomically designed for comfort. Operation is simple. There are buttons for power and blade release. As with the other reviewed models, this knife is inappropriate for those under the age of 18.


  • Ergonomic design is comfortable to use.
  • It is one of the more powerful motors reviewed here.


  • There is no stated manufacturer’s guarantee.

The Elgento Electric Carving Knife is a low-cost, corded electric carving knife. The knife is exclusively available in the colour white. A 100 Watt motor powers this 15 cm knife to finely carve quickly. The motor is specifically designed to be quiet. The blades are durable stainless steel.

This model minimises vibration, making it one of the more comfortable models of electric carving knives. It is also comparatively light at 653 grams. A smart ventilation hole prevents the knife from overheating with use. The safety switch and blade release button make operation safety.


  • It is a lightweight, low vibration model.
  • A ventilation hole to prevent overheating.


  • There is no stated manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Users report that the knife feels flimsy and tends to have a short shelf life.


Sometimes the very task of sawing through tough, exceptionally hard foods makes us reluctant to cook and eat certain foods, and if we do eat the foods, we often pay someone else to do the difficult part for us. For this reason, sliced meats and chopped hearty vegetables are readily available in our local grocery shops.

However, the added convenience comes with a cost as we pay more for these products. For example, a tub of pre-diced butternut squash will cost significantly more than the whole squash, but you’re likely to pay the extra price to avoid having to labouriously and painfully cut it yourself. An electric carving knife can make these difficult slicing or carving tasks exceptionally easier, that too without having to pay exorbitant prices for either the knife or the food. A low cost electric carving knife can give you the ability to churn out the foods you enjoy eating and serving.

The knives we reviewed are all corded models. With a good length of cord, you can mitigate the issues of having that restriction. Furthermore, most cutting jobs are indoors- either in the kitchen or dining room- both of which are normally outfitted with electrical sockets. The benefit of corded carving knives is that you can cut immediately without the need to charge. There is usually also a power payoff, as well.

For a knife that delivers power and performance, we would recommend the James Martin Electric Knife by Wahl. It comes with two blades, one of which can tackle tough frozen foods. A rubberised grip boosts comfort and safety. This model is also quite affordable. If power is your main desire, consider the Judge Electric Carving Knife. It is comfortable to use and hold. The universal blade is able to cut through a variety of foods and materials.​​

A Mini Guide To Electric Carving Knives

Electric Carving Knives and Their Uses

Popularised in the 1970’s, electric knives still hold a place in kitchens today. More so, current models are more precise, neater, and more versatile. Outside of home use, they can quickly and effectively slice food for which you’d normally require a large carving knife. This makes them well-suited for parties, restaurants, catering, and any setting where time and presentation are important. Electric carving knives create neat, even slices in a short time. This fast-motion video shows you an electric carving knife in action.

Most electric carving knives are composed of two serrated blades that work together in a sawing motion. They’re electrically powered, cordless varieties would run on batteries or a rechargeable battery pack. Some models offer the capability to have both corded and cordless usage. This device eliminates the need for manual cutting, which without a sharp, capable knife and some degree of talent, is a formidable task.

The application of electric carving knives doesn’t end at food. Hobbyists also use them to cut through non-food items such as foam rubber and thin wood. Bakers can easily cut custom-sized dowels with an electric knife to be used to stablise tiered cakes. Further, wood-workers will find that electric knives cut through lightweight wood commonly used for small models and wooden toys. You can use an electric knife to cut foam to size for various pieces of upholstered furniture. Acoustic-tiles used to sound-proof rooms can similarly be cut to the appropriate dimensions. Some people find them useful for floral foam for decorations, pillow stuffing, and insulation modification. Electric carving knives are powerful enough to cut through thin PVC pipes and can help you quickly break down cardboard boxes for disposal or recycling.

To clean them, you can remove the knives and wash with warm soap and water.Replacement blades are available to ensure that you’ll always be cutting properly. Compared with high-quality knives, electric knives can be cheaper (and more effective) than using traditional knives. They also can be safer when trying to cut hardy and slippery foods. Despite their usefulness, electric carving knives aren’t made to be the only knives in your arsenal, rather they’re an affordable tool to get through difficult cutting jobs.​​

Electric Carving Knives as Assistive Devices

Electric carving knives are useful, but they can be godsend for people who have limited hand and wrist mobility. People who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome-type disorders, and injuries may find that their hands and wrists are less taxed by the automation of an electric carving knife, which eliminate the need for painful repetitive motions. Of course, one must weigh the benefit with the tendency of the electric carving knife to vibrate slightly coupled with the greater physical weight of the appliance in comparison to the weight of traditional knives.

What to Consider Before Buying

Before shopping for an electric carving knives, you should review the various options/features available with respect to your needs. To do this, you should consider what uses you may have for the electric carving knife. Do you eat a lot of meats that require frequent carving? Will you be using the appliance for non-food items? Will you be using the knife away from home and away from a power source? Do you prefer a small, lighter knife or a large, powerful one?

Electric carving knives come in corded and cordless varieties. Obviously, corded models are bound to stay close to an electric outlet. The freedom of cutting in any location may drive you towards opting for a cordless variety, however you will be sacrificing some power. Additionally, a corded version is ready to use without the need for prior preparation. Alternatively, a cordless electric carving knife requires that you charge the knife for a set period of time before operating. Many people fail to anticipate this and do not have a working electric carving knife when required.​

Most electric carving knives come standard with a blade for cutting meat. To get the most use out of this appliance, you may want to seek out a model that includes an additional bread knife. These are not interchangeable, you would want to use the meat blade for tougher items and the bread blade for softer items that are prone to collapsing under pressure. If you want both, seek out this specification. Beware that some models will include one, and charge extra for the inclusion of alternate blades. Some electric carving knives also come with wooden storage blocks. You should ascertain that the blades of the knife are removable and easy to clean.

When shopping for an electric carving knife, it is common to look at the specifications and features and make a decision without giving consideration to the handle. This is a mistake. After some time using it, your hand will feel the difference between a good quality ergonomic handle and a poorly-designed, awkward handle. Further, how the knife sits in your hand can determine how bothersome or tolerable the knife’s vibration is perceived on your hand and wrist. A badly-contoured electric knife can be a literal pain for its user. Look for a lightweight unit with limited vibration if this is a concern.

Safety is undoubtedly a concern for both manufacturers and users of electric carving knives. Most, if not all, of the reviewed knives caution against operation of the knife for anyone under the age of 18. Further, manufacturers have purposefully outfitted their knives with a number of safety mechanisms. From sheaths to protected on/off controls, these features promote safe, controlled use of the knives. However, this can also make the knife more difficult and awkward to use. Therefore, you must weigh the value of extra precaution with personal ease of use.​​

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