Distinctions of Electric Knives from Convention Knives

If you are remotely a buyer of different knives, you may have come across a debate: electric knives versus manual knives. Both sides are full of fans with lots of love for their professions and knives.

Whether you are an ordinary kitchen user, a recognized chef or a carver, you know the importance of having a functioning knife at your disposal. 

And most likely, you have more than one or have the intention of adding more to your toolbox. 

Now the question is, should you add an electric knife or a tradition one? You most likely have a rough idea of what you need but there is no harm if you read an exposition on the good and bad of each model to come clear of which one you need to add to your arsenal.

If you are a craftsman, you will love to always have your knives in top conditions: smooth, clean, and sharp. And when you have an idea of chopping a poultry animal such as a bird, you simply come to terms with the use of a knife. 

In most cases, you can get the best cut when you use an electric knife.

In cutting and sliding through a chicken or turkey, many people have found joy in the comfort of an electric knife.

While a regular knife might tear, pull, or shred your turkey as you try to maneuver the bones and joints, an electric knife will go through with smooth motion thanks to the quick sawing-motion of the serrated blades.  

If you are a realist, you know that when something works, you say it point blank that it works. Electric knives work and are far better than your regular knife.

The 80s or 90s may have entirely depended on the regular knife for their daily activities, but this can't deny the fact that electric knives are taking over. They are always useful in all situations: cutting your newly roasted animal, producing slice from your loaves, and a whole lot of other benefits.

Even if you swear by your regular knife and cast all your life trust on it, there is no harm in adding an electric knife to your tool box. You may or may not like it at first, but your first use will determine whether you want to make the switch head and toe.

To drive home the point further, these are just a few things you can achieve with the electric knife: 

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    Looking for wooden dowels for your tiered cake? An electric knife can help you get the job done
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    Using an electric knife, you can fit foam to headboards or upholster wooden bar stools
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    Styrofoam can be cut in straight line
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    Floral foam can be cut for your next holiday decorations
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    Cut down thin PVC pipes with ease or make it fun
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    Recycle large cardboard boxes by cutting them down into smaller pieces
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    Want to add a memory foam mattress to your bed frame? Cut through to the desired size with great accuracy

Thanks to the electric carving knife, you can achieve these feats and more. You don't even need to be a professional. You have been using knifes all your life and there is not much difference between this and your regular knife when it comes to usage.

About the Author Catherine Wheeler

Hey, I'm Cath :) Iv'e got two beautiful young girls who mean the world to me. I used to be a head chef over at my local restaurant but I gave that up to look after my girls. I decided to put my culinary experience to use here by bringing that wealth of kitchen related knowledge and sharing it with you guys.