Common Problems With a Milk Frother and How to Fix Them

There are several problems that your milk frother could encounter that may tamper with its functionality. When this happens you will suffer from the frustration of not being able to make your favorite white coffee drinks and this could be really annoying. So the options are either fix it or look at our milk frother reviews for a new one, which can be found here

Your first port of call should be to fix it. That's is why it is important to have an idea of the most common problems that your milk frother could run into and how you can fix them if at all they are fixable.

More often than not, a frothing problem is usually caused by a dirty component (wand) in the milk frother or poor alignment of components.

There are very rare cases where the frother malfunctions due to a major problem with the machine.

Dirty Frother

Dirt may cause serious damage to your milk frother especially if it’s left unattended for a long time. The only way dirt may become an issue in your milk frother is if it is left to accumulate over time. The main form of dirt in a frother is crusted milk residue. This dirt accumulates and eventually clogs the machine causing the frother to perform poorly. If you want to correct this mess, the simplest thing to do is clean the frothing machine thoroughly. The cleaning procedure is pretty simple probably because it does not require any complicated or hard-to-access equipment.

Poorly Aligned Wand

You can tell if the wand in your frother is poorly aligned by performing the steam test. This test will also help you to rule out the possibility of a major problem causing the frother to malfunction.

If you have used the frother for a considerable length of time, you probably know how much milk it can froth at a time and the consistency of the froth. 

Therefore, you definitely will tell if its performance degrades in any way. It is advisable to carry out a steam test using a cup of water. If you realize a problem with the steam function, the right thing to do is check the wand for dirt or misalignment. 

Fixing a dirty wand is as simple as cleaning it. However, if you realize that the wand is misaligned, then the right thing to do is follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and restore the correct alignment. Be sure to follow the correct guidelines because this is the only sure way to avoid future problems with your milk frother. Perhaps you are wondering how you are going to be able to tell if your wand is dirty or misaligned. Well, it is very simple. Just carry out a thorough inspection of the outer case of the wand especially the small hole at the bottom. If the hole is covered, then there are high chances that it is covered with dirt.

You may not realize a reduction in the performance of a frother but this does not automatically mean that it is 100% fine. Sometimes the performance may be fine but the taste of your frothed milk could tell you that your frother has a problem. If you realize that the taste of your milk is somehow different, then you need to inspect the milk carafe or the piping in the frother for dirt. Sometimes too much dirt in the milk tank or the piping could affect the taste and hence the quality of your drink.

The best way to find out if your frother has a problem is by inspecting it manually. The earlier you find out a problem, the easier it is for you to fix it because you are in a better position to prevent it from escalating.

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