Choosing an Electric Fireplace for a Warm Winter

Warm Winter Electric Fireplace

When the winter comes, everybody try to keep indoor as much as possible. Staying indoors, however, does not serve as a bullet proof for winter.

You can still be boot down with the intense cold right in your own home.

But when you have a fireplace in your homestead, it's like having a friend console you when you feel downtrodden. 

Because of the advancement in technology, you can now get an electric fire, which comes with even more benefit than the regular ones.

One of the interesting points about a deep fryer is that not all people have experience using it and when you decide to get one for yourself, you are going to face this same challenge.

But this challenge is no more than using a washing machine or any household item. With a few trial and error and experience, you will soon be a veteran user.

No matter what type of food you are drying, once you nail down a technique, you can pretty much use any deep fryer to achieve your aim.

But there are certain steps you must take if you want to really learn to use a deep fryer or make the best use of your already acquired unit. Taking the following steps should help you achieve your goal.

No Mess

1. Use the proper oil

You can enjoy the same feeling, heat, and warmness with an electric fireplace without suffering from gas smell, packing dirty ashes, or lifting heavy wood.

Unlike the conventional types, you won't also be wasting money on coal, gas, firewood to light up your home and keep the warmness. Instead, you have light bulbs that reflect lights in three-dimensional planes, which replicate those realistic flames and burning any time you turn it on.

The heat is then generated by a set of heating coils and a dedicated fan gently blows the heat around the room.

You don't have watch or tend it to keep the flames flowing instead, you just press a button and everything works automatically.

Choosing the right oil for your deep fryer is half battle won. Once you know the type of oil you want to use, you will need to fill up the fryer with it, taking care not to over-fill or under-fill it.

If you have a model that have a minimum or maximum fill line, it becomes even easier as you have a ready gauge to guide your measurement.

​Environmental Friendly

2. Turn it on and start operating

If you are an allergy sufferer, you will like an electric fireplace more than the other type. Not only is it eco-friendly, it is also friendly to humans as well.

With this machine, you don't have to worry about toxic fumes or inhaling smoke generated from the traditional wood burning or gas generated heat.

To start using your device, you need to turn it on by plugging it in and using the switch button to power it up.

After that, set the temperature and time and ensure that you obtain the right level of temperature for the oil without going over that.

You also need to maintain a temperature between 350 degrees F and 375 degrees F which is the suitable range for most of the cooking you will be doing.

If your device comes with a thermostat, you don't have to bother too much about the temperature as it will automatically determine the correct temperature.

However, if it doesn't come with one, you may have to get yourself a thermometer to select the right temperature for the oil.

Pet Friendly and Childproof

3. Pat your food dry

Traditional fireplaces are effective against cold and valuable items during the winter. But they present another problem: safety issues.

If you have children, you will constantly be concerned about their safety, even if you have a spark resistant screen installed in the fireplace. In an electric fireplace, the flames reflected are not real.

And the coils are set behind a heat resistant unit. The screen is also TV-like so you don't worry about children experience any discomfort or getting burnt when they come close.

And because most have automatic shut-off features as well as thermostat that helps select the right temperature, you are saved from the risk of overheating.

Before drying any kind of food, make sure it is dried and doesn't have any traces of water. You can make use of a kitchen paper towel or cover the food in some dusting to remove any traces of water.

For example, freshly cut potatoes can be wiped with paper towel so that there is no water on it before throwing them into the fryer. Not doing this may cause some dangerous spilling of oil that may be injurious to you or children around.

To Heat or Not

4. Lower the food slowly into the fryer

Another advantage of electric fireplace is that you can use them outside of the winter months. Some models allow you to disable the heat, leaving only the flickering flames and ember.

If you like this view - especially when you have a leisure reading to do or something similar - you will find it relaxing.

Some fryers come with a basket that you can place the food you want to fry and carefully lower it into the fryer and once it's lowered it should lock in place.

However some models don't have this luxury and you may have to use a slotted spoon or your hands to get the food into the fryer. Whichever one you go with, you need to ensure you do it slowly to avoid any hazard.

Electric Fireplace Styles

5. Set a timer or wait

Some of the different styles you can choose from include:

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    Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace: Choose this style if you don't have furniture space where you want to install this. When installed in your living room dining room, they add to the decor and aesthetics. Installation is required to use this.
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    Freestanding Electric Fireplaces: This style requires minimal installation and is suitable for a medium sized room. It looks like a free standing television screen that is mounted against the wall. If you are in a rented apartment where you cannot make any adjustment to the structure, then this is the best for you.
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    Mantelpiece Electric Fireplace: This style closely resembles a traditional fireplace with polished wood, slate panels and oak wood. If you are looking a more fashionable, old-school electric fireplace, this is it.
Depending on the kind of food you are frying, you may have to set a timer or wait till the food is ready to turn or remove from the fryer. Leaving it too long may cause the food to overcook and become uneatable.

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