How to Choose a Metal Detector

If you are looking to buy a new metal detector, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself. When you provide answers to these questions, you should have a clear idea what how to go about selecting the right detector for yourself.

Issues to Consider When Deciding on a Metal Detector

Don't buy a metal detector just because someone (maybe a close friend) suggested that you buy one. Since you are going to be using it for a long period of time, it is important that you put a lot of thought into your selection.

Granted, old time users of detectors often tend to stay with a particular brand. This is because of the quality of the brand and because they are not really familiar with other models or new brands.

However, newer brands of metal detectors have been released in recent years. It is vital that you research the different models available before making a buying decision. The fact that there is a wide variety of this equipment makes it more crucial.​

How Often Do You Intend to Use the Metal Detector?

Do you want to buy this product to keep it and use it on the occasion that a need for it arises? Or you want to buy it for regular use? Remember, the usefulness of your metal detector is tangential to how you want to use it. Moreover, knowing how often you will use it will help you choose the right model for your purpose.

If you are serious and want a metal detector for a new hubby, you might spend considerable time researching and making sure what you select is able to do what you are buying it for. You may also need to spend more money to arrive at the right one.​

Where Do You Want to Use Your Metal Detector?

There are general purpose metal detectors just as there are specialty based ones. If you are in an area close to a gold prospecting country or where there are prospects of relics and coins, you may want to select a special purpose detector.

The advantage of this type is that they have a multiple modes of operation and can be used for wide variety of detecting activities. The main thing that often differentiates a special purpose detector from a general purpose is the features.

Typically, specialty metal detectors are often more sophisticated and usually come with advance features to handle more intensive projects. Some detectors are lightweight while others are heavier.

Some have variety of speed levels while others lack this feature. Another vital feature you should look for is how many parts a detector can separate into as this will determine how convenient it is to travel with.​

Are You the Only Person to be Using this Detector?

If you are buying this detector for family use, you need to consider the size and safety feature of the detector. This is even more important if children are going to touch or attempt to use it.

If you are buying just for yourself, choose a detector that allows you to adjust the detector to fit your preferences. If you are not sure, you can go with a specialty type since it will be more useful than the generalist type in a lot of cases.​

What's Your Budget?

In the past, only the elites have access to metal detectors because they are too darn expensive. Nowadays, they are very cheap and you can get them for a couple hundred of dollars.

One way of looking at this purchase is to look at how much you are comfortable spending. You should also measure this against other appliances or things you buy. If you just want to try a new hubby without getting on the train, then you can spend less on a detector.

If you like to see some bells and whistle on the detector, you should be ready to shed more money. But if you are more concern about the price, there are a couple available at lower prices but with some feature limitations. Remember that you may need to set aside some funds for accessories like trowels, coil covers, etc.​


One of the difficult parts of purchasing a new metal detector is deciding on which type to buy and which brand to settle down with. Although it can be overwhelming at first, carrying out your research will help you narrow down and cut through the many options available on the market.

When you read reviews, user ratings, recommendations, you will be able to discern which models are popular and whether or not you should invest in a particular brand. Check our best metal detector article which will help steer you in the right direction.

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