The Best 6 Candy Thermometers Of 2018 Reviewed

Updated April 2018

It is well known that when you are making candy, you must stay within a certain temperature range.

A candy thermometer helps you do just that, especially if this is your first time making some. The typical temperature range is from 220 degree F to 360 degree F.

A quality candy thermometer comes with different ranges for specific stages of the candy making like soft crack and hard crack stage or the soft ball and hard ball stages.

This is a scientifically based calculation and meaning you must pay attention when preparing candy because you can easily over- or under-heat the candy. This will destroy the whole recipe and wash your effort and expenses down the drain.

Instead of taking all these risks, why not go with one of the candy thermometers reviewed below:

Overview Of The 6 Best Candy Thermometers In 2018

The 6 Best Candy Thermometers Reviewed

Amir Food Digital Thermometer

This digital food thermometer is a great and affordable option for making candy and can also be used for a whole host of other things as it has the heat range that means you can use it for BBQs, poultry and loads of other kitchen tasks. This unit offers an instant reading with a 4-7 second digital readout on the clear LCD digital display.

The folding action of this thermometer means that you can easily store it and the folding action also acts as an automatic on/off switch. This is also an incredibly accurate reading, accurate to 1 degree Fahrenheit. The only downside of this unit is that it does not have a clip to attach to a pan, meaning that it is perhaps not the safest option.

This dedicated candy thermometer is the ideal addition to anyone’s kitchen utensil collection. Most importantly, it has a clip that allows it to be attached to any pan, keeping your hands safely away from any of the sugar mixture. Its range of -40 to 232 degrees centigrade means it is perfect for making a whole range of candy and its high accuracy means that your candy won’t suffer from any temperature mistakes.

One of the great features of the CDN digital candy thermometer is that it has an alert that will notify you when your desired temperature has been reached. In addition to this, it also comes with a 5 year limited warranty showing that the makers really have confidence in their product. This thermometer is an easy to use model that also comes with pre-set temperatures of the different stages of candy making.

This COOLEAD candy and meat thermometer is a great purchase for any person that loves to cook and is looking branch out into candy making. This multi-use thermometer can not only be used for meat, poultry, drinks and outdoor cooking, it is also a fully capable candy thermometer that will work well to help you produce the best candy possible.

With a large LCD display you can easy read the temperature and with a smart auto shut off feature that is activated after 10 minutes, you can use this thermometer for a long time without having to replace the battery. Whilst this unit does not have a clip, it does come with other handy features like a foldable temperature arm and a magnet to attach the unit to a fridge door or magnetic board.

This analogue thermometer is a great option for those that are looking for a candy thermometer to trial candy or jam making and are looking for a fuss free option that gives accurate readings. Easy to use and even easier to store, this thermometer is a great addition to any kitchen and is completely mercury free. Ideal for recipes that use both Fahrenheit and Celsius as this unit has both temperature markings, ranging from 75-400 Fahrenheit and 25-200 Celsius.

Another fantastic multi-use option for those that are looking to make candy and a whole range of foods that make use of a thermometer. With a huge temperature range of -50 to 300 degrees Celsius, this thermometer also has the option to switch the simple and easy to read LCD display to Fahrenheit. It has a fantastic temperature accuracy of 1 degree Celsius and comes with the battery needed to power it. A slightly less compact version than other thermometers, this unit is still an easily stored option that is easy to clean and use.

A highly accurate and easy to use digital thermometer, this option has a wide temperature range and therefore can be used for candy as well as meats and BBQs. Its foldable feature means that it can be easily stored. As is it a digital thermometer it is quick to read the temperature and can be easily wiped clean after use and with a years warranty, you can have confidence in this thermometer.


With so many great options in this list, you can easily find a great candy thermometer that will help you to make delicious treats easily and accurately. If we have to pick our favourite, we would go for the CDN Digital Candy Thermometer. It’s a safe and easy to use option that makes use of a great temperature range and has the added bonus of alerts that tell you when you have reached a certain temperature. So what are you waiting for? Get your candy thermometer and start making sweet treats.

A Mini Guide To Candy Thermometers And What They Do

Candy thermometers are, as you may have guessed, mostly used to measure temperature of a sugar solution whilst cooking. As sugar is heated it goes through stages and a candy thermometer can help you identify which stage of the process is happening, based upon the temperature.

These thermometers are also sometimes known as sugar or jam thermometers as they can be used for a wide variety of sugar based dishes, not just to make sweets. If you have a sweet tooth and love to cook at home, a candy thermometer could be an ideal addition to your kitchen.

Candy thermometers are different from a standard or meat thermometers as they have a much higher temperature range, as this is required in the process of making candy or dealing with sugar syrups.

What Are The Different Types?

When buying a candy thermometer there are a few different types. From the more traditional version to digital models there are a few options when it comes to the best candy thermometers.

Traditional Liquid Thermometers

These are most similar to the thermometer you might be used to using in your home to check for a fever or maybe even checking the temperature outdoors. These thermometers used to contain mercury but now they more commonly contain galinstan, which is a safe alternative.

The advantage of traditional liquid thermometers is that they are some of the more affordable types of thermometers and they can be a great starting point when it comes to working with sugar solutions. The disadvantage of these types of thermometers is that they can be a little slower than their digital counterparts.

It is also worth noting that these thermometers can’t touch the bottom of the pan during cooking, as this can cause the thermometer to malfunction or even break. They also require much more frequent calibration than their digital counterparts.

Coil Spring Thermometers

These work by making use of a bimetal spring as a temperature sensing element that unravels as it heats. This then moves an arm on a dial that clearly indicates the temperature and helps you to see what stage of the cooking process you are at. Like the traditional liquid thermometer, this is a slower option than a digital thermometer, but it is a great choice for those that are looking for the best candy thermometers.

Digital Thermometers

Digital candy thermometers are by far the most accurate type of candy thermometer. They product accurate results in a quick time frame and some even have the ability to make a sound when the temperate reaches a certain point. Digital units are the most expensive option so make sure that you read lots of candy thermometer reviews to make sure that you are getting a thermometer that is worth the money.

What Features To Look Out For

A Clip

When thinking about getting into candy making or anything with sugar solutions, safety is always an important consideration and that is where a clip comes in. Having a clip on your candy thermometer means that you can keep your hands away from the mixture and has the added advantage of helping you to keep a better eye on the temperature, leading to a more accurate process and a better batch of candy.

How It Can Be Cleaned

This is highly important because you will need to clean the thermometer between each use. Most thermometers can theoretically be put in the dishwasher but this can cause problems with manual options and can also lead to the numbers washing off. Look for a unit that can be easily washed by hand.

Power Source

This is obviously not something you need to think about with an analogue thermometer, but if you are considering a digital version it is worth checking to see what type of battery it is powered by.

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