10 Best Wooden Airers Reviews UK 2020 - Top-Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on September 8, 2020

An air rack is a good way to add more drying space to the laundry room. There are many plastic models on the market. But let's face it, wooden airers are more special. They just look and feel more natural.

If you're on the hunt for an airer, you'll quickly run into an avalanche of different kinds. These proverbial muddy waters make picking the best one more difficult. No worries. We've collected the best wooden airers for your convenience.

Best Wooden Airers

Best Wooden Airers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2020

The best wooden airer is the Traditional Clothes Horse by Family Motoring & Leisure. This indoor clothes airer is a great choice for consumers who need something that can fold for easy storage - and offer plenty of drying space during the times when it's being used. This rack is made of three hinged panels that can be pushed together to make the item small enough to store behind a door. When opened, the 3 tier bars make this wooden clothes rack a versatile airer.

The item is also suitable for those who love hand-made and traditional things. Sure enough, this wooden clothes horse is both. But that doesn't mean that the quality is old-school. The wood is well-crafted and high-standard hinges connect the panels.

Family Motoring & Leisure Traditional Clothes


  • The product measures 64 x 6 x 100 cm.
  • Weighs 5 kg.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Three panels.
  • Among the top 3 tier clothes airers.


  • The wood is untreated.
  • It is more suitable for smaller laundry, like tea towels.

This indoor clothes airer is good for buyers who are looking for the following. Wood that was ethically sourced, a drying rack that will last for decades, and something a little different than the traditional models. If so, then you can take this one home.

The airer consists of six parallel bars. They are ethically sourced pine that is capable of carrying heavy loads of laundry. The varnished wood is also connected with cast-iron fittings and a pulley-system that raises clothes to the ceiling.

Why? The idea is ingenious, in fact. In most homes, warm air collects near the ceiling and when you use this indoor clothes airer, it's so effective that your clothes will dry within a few hours. Finally, the quality of the airer means that it will last for generations.

Clothes Airer Ceiling Pulley Clothing Dryer


  • The product measures 200 x 56 x 14 cm.
  • Weighs 4.8 kg.
  • The wood is ethically sourced.
  • A good and energy-friendly alternative to a tumble dryer.


  • The pulley system needs to be installed.
  • Requires some effort to work the system.

If you liked the brand and product of the previous entry but want more options, let's have a peek at this one.

You will get all the perks, including the ethically sourced pine, varnished bars, durable cast-iron fittings, and a pulley system that pulls your laundry to the ceiling where the hot air turns the device into a drying rack.

But what is the difference between the two products? While the quality materials and fine craftsmanship remains the same, this one has a different colour. The pine bars are also shorter, making it a good alternative if your home needs a ceiling rack but there's not enough space for the bigger model.

Clothe Airer Ceiling Clothing Dryer


  • The product measures 180 x 56 x 14 cm.
  • Weighs 4.5 kg.
  • The wood is ethically sourced.
  • Suitable for smaller spaces.


  • The pulley system requires installation.
  • Requires a little manual labour to work the system.

Alright, maybe you don't need stuff swinging from the ceiling. Maybe you like your washing to dry on a clothes horse that's actually on the floor. Here's one that not only keeps your laundry at hand-level but it also gives you plenty of space to use for different pieces of clothing. Indeed, when the math is added up, the drying racks provide 27 feet for drying clothes. You can hang small and delicate items to large towels and blankets on this versatile drying rack.

The airer has a sleek and natural look. In fact, it will look good anywhere in the home and even in the garden, where it can dry the washing with the help of wind and sunshine. The drying rack is not only easy to set up but once you're done for the day and no longer need it, the item folds up for easy storage.

Household Essentials Collapsible Drying Rack


  • The product measures 38.1 x 76.2 x 106.7 cm.
  • Weighs 1.46 kg.
  • It provides around 27 feet of hanging space.
  • Folds away for easy storage in a small space.


  • You must assemble the airer yourself.
  • Some consumers find the clothes drying racks aren't as sturdy as they'd like.

Anyone who adores the classic clothes airers might appreciate this one. It offers a classic zig-zag look and the tower of drying racks offer over 5 meters of drying space. The entire piece has an attractive beechwood finish. But besides the old-school charm and plenty of space, the airer won't be in your way when you don't need to use it. As a collapsible device, you can simply fold this one away and store it.

As the wood is also untreated, one gets the choice to paint the clothes airer before use. This is optional but if you'd like a white or perhaps other colours to fit with your laundry room's decor, then whip out that paintbrush and decorate to taste.

Abditive Stylish Wooden Folding Clothes Airer


  • The product measures 62 x 52 x 146 cm.
  • There are two height settings.
  • You'll get 5 meters of drying space.
  • A classic look.
  • It can be painted in any colour you prefer.


  • The wood is untreated.
  • The clothes horse cannot hold a lot of washing.

If you need something similar to the previous product but want to look at more choices, then perhaps this drying airer is the best alternative for your home. The item also has a classic retro look and a tall tower that comes with two height settings. This allows you to adjust the airer for longer washing items like blankets and towels. Similar to the previous guy, this stand also brings a neat beechwood finish to any room in the home.

The rods provide roughly 5 meters of drying space. This is another model that can be folded away to store or to take along on a camping trip. While folded, the airer doesn't need much space in the luggage compartment. This makes it a welcome clothes airer for locations where there are no washing lines for laundry. 

Amazing New Wooden Folding Clothes Airer


  • The product measures 62 x 52 x 146 cm.
  • A double-height setting.
  • Over 5 meters of drying space.
  • Perfect for camping and other trips.


  • It needs self-assembly before it can be used.
  • The wood is untreated.

When it comes to classy materials, bamboo ranks highly among the best. It's sturdy, sleek, and lasts for a long time. So if you adore bamboo products and is currently hunting for the best clothes airers, this might be the stand to get. It also has a traditional design - the concertina sort that pulls up in a clothes tower. You can adjust the height with slots on the top of the airer. The fact that they are located near the top, and not at the bottom like most other clothes airers, means that you'll have more control when you are adjusting the height for a fully-ladened tower. This will prevent accidental collapse.

The four tiers can also be folded up once you no longer need it. This saves space and makes the home look neater. Overall, this is a more environmentally-friendly product, with plenty of drying space for washing, and a dependable bamboo beauty for all your washing needs, big and small.

HOMION Bamboo Wooden Traditional Wooden Folding Clothes Airer


  • The product measures 40 x 72 x 137 cm.
  • Made with solid bamboo.
  • There are four tiers.
  • The airer has lots of drying space.


  • Assembly is required before use.
  • Some consumers found the instruction manual for assembly too difficult to follow.

This four-level product is useful if you're looking for clothes airers that can hold washing indoors and outdoors. The four levels provide plenty of drying space for clothes. The airer has a full 3 tier structure and an additional open V-shaped top that you can use for extra clothes or even damp shoes. You can also adjust the clothes airer with two height settings and additionally, this product offers over 5 meters of drying space to use.

The item is indeed vintage-looking but not too old fashioned. The beechwood is simple and yet sleek, functional, and yet pleasing to look at. This won't be an eyesore while the clothes are out drying in the back garden. When it's time to fold the laundry away, you can fold the airer away too and tuck it into a small storage space.

Traditional Wooden Folding Clothes Airer


  • The product measures 60cm x 50cm x 115cm to 145cm.
  • Full 3 tier structure with an extra open top level.
  • It's suitable for indoors and outdoors use.
  • More than 5 meters of drying space.
  • Easy to fold away and store.
  • A vintage-looking clothes airer.


  • The product must be self-assembled before use.
  • A few consumers reported unstable rods.

If you get a thrill from classic or vintage furniture, then here's another treat. The stand has an old-school appearance and the wooden design is also fully functional. Like many other designs, this clothes airer has two height settings but it also offers the small benefit of a settings lock. Once you choose your height, you can lock the stand in a position to ensure that it doesn't collapse.

The beechwood construction also offers over 5 meters of space for your clothes. It's suitable for everything from socks, T-shirts, to towels. The surface is also non-slip while the product is easy to fold away, store, and to keep clean with just a few wipes.

AQS Vintage Retro Wooden Folding Concertina Clothes Airer


  • The product measures 61 x 52 x 146 cm when open.
  • The product measures 61 x 51 x 13 cm when folded.
  • It's easy to use and to get clean with a cloth.
  • The airer has a 3 tier structure.
  • A safety lock.
  • A retro look.


  • The drying airer must be self-assembled.
  • Suitable for light laundry loads.

Buying Guide

A clothes drying rack is useful in several ways. It can help clothes to dry inside the house when the washing line outside isn't optimal or even broken. Heck, this tool is invaluable when there's unexpected rain on laundry day. They also work perfectly well inside small apartments or outside when you go camping and need to air a few clothes.

As with everything in life, there are good and bad products. The wooden air dryer is no different. Some are very flimsy and will take a clean load of washing to the ground, which, needless to say, is very inconvenient. Here are the top tips for buying the right wooden airer for your home.

A Clothes Airer Must Have Quality Materials

This is a big reason why your freshly washed bundle will topple to the ground - poor materials. We're talking about rods that break when they feel the weight of a sock. Or rods that keep slipping out of their sockets. Maybe the whole thing just falls over and splinters. It's been known to happen.

Luckily for you, these things have happened to other people and they're quite vocal about it where they are allowed to leave reviews. Avoid the products that persistently get terrible reviews. The best airers will also look solid and receive great comments.

Wooden Airers Buying Guide

A Clothes Airer Has A Limited Capacity

Some designs can support a lot of laundry. But these are the larger, sturdy ones that have a robust look. The mistake many first-time buyers make is the assumption that all wood airers can take any weight. That is unfortunately not true. The more old-school and classic designs cannot support a wet duvet, for example. When shopping around for such a device, it's important to keep in mind that, while they can do their job, most airers cannot be overloaded. If you want an airer because you plan to use it in place of a washing line, then it's best to get a more expensive, robust model.

A Clothes Airer Has Treated Or Untreated Wood

There are two kinds of airers on the market (when it comes to the wood variety). The ones that are treated and the wood that is untreated. 

The latter needn't necessarily be ignored as bad products but they need extra attention after you purchase them. If you do not varnish them, the moisture of the damp laundry will enter the wood and cause mould to grow.

After a while, the wood will turn nasty. Treated wood saves you the trouble. So why are there even untreated airers?

Well, some people like the beechwood look or want to paint the airer a specific colour to match the decor.

Wooden Airers Buying Guide

Take Your Time To Choose A Clothes Airer

At the end of the day, a patient choice will deliver you the best product. There's no need to rush any purchases. Instead, carefully look at the models you like and those that suit your needs. Read the reviews to see how other people experienced their positive and negative points. Once you're sure that the airer is big enough, sturdy enough, and never fell apart on other customers, then go ahead and place your order!


Q: What Are Wooden Clothes Airers Used For?

A: Wooden clothes airers are used for air-drying laundry. They have bars or rods on which to place the damp clothes. The structure can be used indoors or outdoors, especially when it's windy and sunny outside.

Q: Are Wooden Clothes Airers Better Than Tumble Dryers?

A: Wooden clothes airers are better than tumble dryers when tumble dryers are not an option. They are more portable, lightweight, and also more replaceable when there is a malfunction or complete breakdown. Clothes airers, under the right conditions, also allow clothes to completely dry out while some tumble dryers cannot get all the moisture from the fabric and leaves you with damp laundry.

Q: Which Are The Best Clothes Airers?

A: The best clothes airer is a product that's made from quality materials, suits your needs, and lasts a long time. It's hard to pin down any single product as the best, since many companies produce excellent models that excel at drying clothes inside and outside of the home.

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