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Last Updated on September 28, 2020

Warming drawers aren't precisely the new craze in the UK, as many people believe that they're impractical and not worth it. However, thousands of exuberant Amazon customers would beg to differ, as stores worldwide are packed with eager buyers who love the convenience of a deliciously warm meal. Why bother with microwaving or using the oven after each family member, when you can easily use a warming drawer that not only keeps food warm but locks all of its nutrients in too. Are you not convinced yet? Why don't you head over to the best warming drawers section and see for yourself?

Best Warming Drawers Review

Editors Choice

Electric drawer for heating the dishes

Dimensions: 29 cm (H), 59.7 cm (W) & 51.7 cm (D).

Maximum Load: 21 litres.

Special Feature: Non-Slip Base.

Beko DRW Heating Drawer

Dimensions: 14 cm (H), 59.4 cm (W) & 55.4 cm (D).

Maximum Load: 22 Litres.

Special Feature: Telescopic Handling.

AEG KD91405M Warming Drawer

Dimensions: 12.5 cm (H), 59.4 cm (W) & 54.9 cm (D).

Maximum Load: 20 Litres.

Special Feature: Fully Detachable Drawer.

Hoover HPWD1401X Warming Drawer

Dimensions: 14 cm (H), 59.5 cm (W) & 54.5 cm (D).

Maximum Load: 20 Litres.

Special Feature: Handleless Door.

Whirlpool Built-In Warming Drawer

Dimensions: 13 cm (H), 59.5 cm (W) 54.8 cm (D).

Maximum Load: 25 Litres.

Special Feature: Three Temperature Settings.

Best Warming Drawers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2020

The best warming drawers are manufactured by Smeg, and they represent the CR329X range. The fantastic unit operates with a power of 400 W, at a voltage of 220 - 240 V. The stainless steel warming drawer is designed with a non-slip drawer liner and a protective grille that helps to stop the plates from moving and prevents safety hazards with the heating element. The unit is very easy to use, as all that's required is setting the temperature knob to the desired mode and letting the Smeg drawer do the rest.

The best warming drawer keeps the plates warm at extended periods thanks to the 80°C temperature scale it operates with. Besides the conventional warming function, the drawer can also defrost and reheat your recent meals, thus cutting back on microwave use. And for those of you who want to kick-start their dough proving, the Smeg warming drawer will do what's needed to prepare the most delicious bread there is!

Electric drawer for heating the dishes


  • It comes with a two-year part and labour warranty by Smeg.
  • It is fit for mounting under microwaves or coffee machines.
  • It has designated cup and dish warmers.
  • It has a large capacity of 21 litres.
  • It has an anti-fingerprint coating.
  • It opens and closes with a push & pull operation.


  • Its installation isn't very straightforward.

Beko's 11401fx model is another phenomenal warming drawer that's granted to kick any kitchen up a notch. The elegant silver appliances are coated with a sleek, glassy exterior that is as practical as it is chic. If you have finished cooking and have your hands full, you can push the drawer, and it will open fully, welcoming the delicious plate to keep it warm. The warming drawer can sustain up to 22 litres, which is ideal for larger families and bigger dishes. 

Beko DRW Heating Drawer

The Beko warming drawer has a temperature range starting from 40°C up to 80°C, giving you more control over keeping food warm. Overall, the easy to use drawer has five functions that include defrosting, pre-heating, plate warming, dough proving and keeping warm. A handy electric control panel operates the warming drawer, so whatever stage your cooking is in, Beko has got your back. 


  • It is cheaper yet sturdier than its competitors.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Beko.
  • It has a helpful indicator light.
  • It is very easy to use and maintain.
  • It is very durable.


  • It doesn't have an interior light, which makes it hard to see at night.
  • It has a cramped front height mounting.

Another phenomenal product that's designed with a narrower height is AEG's built-in warming drawer that is made of high-grade materials. This stainless steel range of drawers will keep food warm for extended amounts of time thanks to its remarkable heat circulation. The integrated fan within the warming drawer disperses the temperature evenly throughout its internal space, resulting in consistently heated plates for the entire family.

The AEG product is especially useful as it employs a detachable warming drawer that can be fully extracted when needed. This makes the warming drawer easy to clean while giving you flexibility with changing its location whenever you please. Letting the dough rise is another feat you can take advantage of, as the warming drawer accommodates a handy proving function to turn your home kitchen into a full-on professional bakery. 

AEG KD91405M Warming Drawer


  • Good value for money.
  • It comes with an anti-slip mat for better stability.
  • It has a temperature range of 60°C.
  • It has six heating modes for different dishes.
  • It has a Push-in & Pull-out feature for opening and closing.


  • It doesn't have a front coating, so you're going to need an additional cabinet panel.

Hoover is one of the best kitchen appliances manufacturer, and that can also be noted on its 14 cm product that will undoubtedly make you check their website out. The excellent warming drawer employs a capacity of 20 litres, which is just enough for several plates, bowls and even cups. Following the standard range of measurement, the sophisticated drawer will neatly fit with most kitchen types, posing as a beautiful yet functional addition. 

Hoover HPWD1401X Warming Drawer

This range of warming drawers is very easy to use because it can make space for six different dish settings. Supporting a temperature range of 30°C - 70°C, the Hoover drawer will efficiently keep food warm while you proceed to make the dessert or have that well-deserved nap. The stainless steel product is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain since its handleless design and non-stick interior contribute to a full user-friendly experience. 


  • Good value for money.
  • It comes with a one-year part and labour warranty by Hoover.
  • It can be combined with the Hoover oven for an added convenience.
  • It has easy to use rotary controls.
  • It is very reliable in the long term.


  • It doesn't have a dough proving function.
  • It doesn't come with a power cable. 

The best five warming drawers list is concluded with Whirpool's stainless steel product that employs a shorter height but more extensive capacity. The 13 cm warming drawer can fit up to 25 litres of food with a temperature span of three levels. As instructed by the manufacturers, you can use the lowest setting (40°C) for heating cups, the medium setting (60°C) for keeping plates warm and the maximum setting (85°C) for handling crockery or heavier dishes.

Because the warming drawer is manually operated, it supports an easy to use rotary dial that controls the power settings and the temperature levels. The product is also easy to clean for thorough procedures, as it requires minimum effort to be detached from its brackets and put back again. The drawers' indicator light will also guide you throughout the entire procedure, ensuring that you won't miss a hot plate of food ever again. 

Whirlpool Built-In Warming Drawer


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Whirpool.
  • It operates with a power of 450 W, so it is very robust.
  • It's coated with scratch-resistant iXelium materials.
  • It has a comfortable Push & Pull operation.
  • The heating element is placed at its back to promote a faster heat-up time.


  • It is smaller than the standard cupboard size.
  • It is relatively simpler than its competitors.

Another great product is brought to us by Rangemaster, and it indeed excels in keeping food warm for a relatively long time. The renowned warming drawer measures at 14 cm in height, 59.5 cm in width and 54.8 cm in depth which will fit most kitchen varieties. With an overall weight capacity of 21 litres, the Rangemaster warming drawer can host six different place settings that include plates, cups, larger dishes, or even cooking saucers.

Rangemaster RMB45WDBLSS Warming Drawer

This range of warming drawers is coated with a stainless steel finish that makes the product very easy to clean and maintain. As for its functionality, you'll be pleased to know that the interior of the drawer operates similarly to an oven, by circulating hot air through a sophisticated warming system. You can further keep food warm in a wide variety of temperatures, as the warming drawer supports a controllable heat range of 30°C up to 60°C. 


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Rangemaster.
  • It has a 'touch to open' feature.
  • It is lined with a non-slip drawer lining.
  • It has a very efficient defrosting function.


  • It doesn't have an external indicator for when it is in use.

If you need a warming drawer that emphasises on high-performance and variability, then KKT Kolbe's product may be the best choice for you. The machine employs overall dimensions of 14 cm (H), 59.5 cm (W) and 53.5 cm (D) as well as a load capacity of 25 kg. The kitchen appliance is constructed with stainless steel materials and a black glass finish that work together to provide a reliable, elegant and low-maintenance product.

One of the best hallmarks of this warming drawer lies in its adjustable temperature scale that goes from 40-80°C. That means that you don't have to use the warmer for only keeping food warm, but also for defrosting, thawing, proving and even slow-cooking particular food. You can also keep track of the cooking process by using its timer for added support. The WS1503S series of warming drawers correctly function as independent devices, but if you want, you can also link it up with a compatible oven or stove. 

Built-in heat drawer


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by KKT Kolbe.
  • It works with an operating power of 1000 W.
  • It is adept in sterilising dishes and plates.
  • It has a hot-air fan system.
  • It is operated by a Touch-Select feature.


  • It is not very energy-efficient.

This warming drawer is actually a New World product sold under the Belling brand, both of which are distinguished for manufacturing excellent home appliances. The UWD14 kitchen unit measures at the height of 14 cm, a width of 59.5 cm and a depth of 56 cm. All of its metal components have a protective coating that is designed to keep scratches, damage and fingerprints at bay. The interior and exterior space of the warming drawer is coated with stainless steel materials, whereas its control panel and front-facing side are lined with a glass build.

Newworld UWD14 Warming Drawer

As with the best-upgraded kitchen tools, this range of warming drawers functions by using a touch-screen control panel that is exceptionally rich in terms of settings. Whether you need to keep food warm, change the temperature levels, or warm plates and glasses, the drawer will guide your way. And if you want to get lost in space and time but don't want your house to burn down, you can switch its timer on and get lost in your fantasy. 


  • Several customers were happy with its fast delivery.
  • It is adjusted with a self-closing mechanism.
  • It has an anti-slip mat to keep the kitchenware in place.
  • It has a temperature range of 40-80°C.
  • It's fit for purpose with low-temperature cooking.


  • Some customers noted that its controls are somewhat hard to get.
  • It was noted to make a whirring noise when in use.

Another stainless steel collection by Smeg is brought to us through the CPR315X model that's both economical and practical. Thanks to its advanced air ventilating system, the entirety of the device's space will heat up consistently, which will always result in tasty dishes and warm food. This warming drawers set supports overall dimensions of 13.5 cm in height, 59.7 cm in width and 55.6 cm in depth, so they fit most kitchen counters perfectly.

Smeg Electric Drawer for Heating Dishes

The stainless steel kitchen appliance has a fingerprint-proof finish that makes cleaning a breeze. As for the warming drawers' practicality, its built-in knob uses one of the most effortless operations to date. All you need to do is to rotate the controls and choose between its keep-warm function, reheating feature, defrosting operation, or dish & mug warming hallmarks. The warming drawer has a temperature range of 30° to 80° C so that you will get variability with your choices. 


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Smeg.
  • It employs a Push & Pull opening mechanism.
  • It comes with a silicone anti-slip mat for stability.
  • It has a damage-resistant coating.


  • It supports a smaller weight load of only 15 litres.
  • It doesn't have an outer pointer for when in use.

No kitchen appliance list can be fully complete without including Cookology, a brand that focuses on manufacturing home tools that make our lives easy, our food tasty and our wallets full. Its budget-friendly CWD14 warming drawer is issued with one of the best prices on the market, so you should make space on your checklist right away. These warming drawers employ a height of 14 cm, a width of 59.5 cm and a depth of 54 cm so that mounting won't be an issue.

Cookology CWD14 22L Warming Drawer

With an adjustable temperature scale of 40°C -80°C, the stainless steel drawer will give your food an enhanced taste that everyone will need to get a bite out of. Whether you need to keep your food warm, heat-up plates or cups, prove bread, defrost food or soften it, the Cookology drawer will deliver with the best results. And in case you're in a friendly home that frequently welcomes guests, the device's 22-litre load capacity will ensure that every single one of them will get a taste of your delicious warm cooking. 


  • It is the best budget-friendly choice on the market.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty by Cookology.
  • It has an easy to read touch control in its LED display.
  • It operates with a convenient Play & Pause feature.
  • It has a time-tracking feature to keep an eye on the cooking.


  • Its interior space is relatively shallow for proving larger doughs.
  • It is not very durable in the long term. 

Warming Drawer Buying Guide

Warming drawers are a relatively new trend in private homes as they have been exclusively linked with the professional kitchen. Ensuring the food is always warm, heating cups and plates, defrosting meat and fish and even proving dough are some of the most significant advantages that a warming drawer brings to a kitchen. And in a world where ease and comfort are sought continuously, a warming drawer is the best shortcut. Considering that they're a relatively new manufactured product, many things can go wrong upon buying. Here's what you need to look for.

Size and Capacity

One of the biggest mistakes that buyers make when ordering warming drawers is related to dimensions. Warming drawers are typically designed to fit most kitchen cabinets, but that doesn't mean that will be the case with all kitchen types. You should always measure the dimensions of the desired kitchen surface and double-check afterwards because most manufacturers aren't very generous with their return policies.

Warming drawers usually employ a height from 13 cm to about 30 cm, so you should find the best fit for your kitchen somewhere along the line. This brings us to another important factor that is the warming drawer's load capacity. If you have a large family or you always have people hovering on your kitchen, you're probably going to need to preserve quite some food. A more massive warming drawer usually indicates a giant load, which can go from 12 litres to a whopping 30 litres. Be careful though, because you don't want your drawer to eclipse the oven and make manoeuvring harder. 

Best Warming Drawers

Temperature Range

As we have recounted continuously through the article, a warming drawer doesn't just act as a low-performance oven that keeps dishes warm until they are ready to be served. A warming drawer also defrosts, heats crockery, warms pastries, proves bread and in some cases, even slow cooks certain meals. To do that, different temperatures have to be supported, and they usually extend from 30° C to 80° C. More sophisticated products can also reach higher temperatures, but they typically function as oven substitutes and are mostly found in restaurants.


If you have been in the kitchen for long enough, you will know that maintaining a clean oven, fridge, microwave, or stovetop is usually a daily challenge. Such is the case with warming drawers because they are continually being used, stained and scratched. Usually, manufacturers design their products with a stainless steel coating that is ideal for easy maintenance. Still, you can go a step further and look for drawers that have a glassy finish. Glass is easily cleaned and less prone of being permanently stained with fats, oils or other hard to remove substances.

Some warming drawers also have a specially composed non-scratch surface that is both fingerprint-proof and stainproof, but they usually cost more. This coating is applied both on the exterior of the drawer as well as its interior, so the kitchenware doesn't damage the base while heating. The interior is also protected with silicone mats that are also useful in preventing the dishes from moving while the drawer is opened and closed. If the product you're interested in doesn't have this non-stick coating, we advise you to make a DIY one or purchase it additionally because it's going to be worth it in the long run. 

Best Warming Drawers Buying Guide

Heating Fan

Typically, a warming drawer is manufactured with a sturdy heating element that's positioned in its base surface. This way, plates and cups are heated in an upwards motion that is similar to a stovetop. However, some models also include a heating fan that is placed at the top of the drawer or somewhere along its walls. This fan produces more heat which is evenly dispersed on its interior. This helps to warm the food thoroughly, so burning hot plates and cold pizzas don't occur.


Q: Are warming drawers worth the money?

A: That depends on the cooking dynamics of your home and the time spent on entertaining guests. A cooking oven is not always ideal, especially when dealing with smaller amounts of food or more delicate recipes that suffer the risk of overcooking. On the other hand, warming drawers make up for an excellent kitchen appliance because they pose a safer measure of warming or defrosting food and proving bread while being ideal for multi-course meals

Q: Where do you put a warming drawer?

A: The essential thing to note about positioning warming drawers is that convenience should be a priority. Typically, warming drawers are sold as a duo with an oven or stovetop as to help with the cooking process, especially in the case of batch food. A lot of customers prefer placing a warming drawer on eye level, so they can easily keep an eye on their food. However, any cabinet surface will do, as long as the correct measurements are taken and the dimensions between the two units fit with one another. Of course, you need to make sure that you have a power socket closeby because warming drawers aren't usually manufactured with long power cables.

Q: What temperature should a warming drawer be?

A: The standard temperature scale of warming drawers is somewhere between 30° C and 80° C. This range is perfectly fit to keep food heated without the risk of overdoing as it happens with an oven or a microwave.

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