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Last Updated on October 19, 2020

For many people, having a gorgeous manicure or pedicure is essential. Whether it's charming red gel polish or a sleek white gel shine, it can rightfully enhance the look of the wearer on any occasion. A trip to the nail salon is often therapeutic, but it usually costs a fortune. That's why investing in a DIY curing lamp will not only help with your economics, but it will also give you a unique hobby to help with managing the trying times we are going through. So, think no further and choose one of our best-reviewed UV nail lamps of 2020.

Best UV Nail Lamp

Editors Choice

LED Nail Lamp Kit

Power: 80 W.

No. of LED Beads: 42.

Special Feature: Painless Mode.

Crenova UV LED Nail Lamp

Power: 72 W.

No. of LED Beads: 36.

Special Feature: Memory Function

UV Led Nail Lamp Nail Dryer

Power: 72 W

No. of LED Beads: 36.

Special Feature: 180° Heat Dissipation.

48W UV LED Gel Nail Lamp

Power: 48 W.

No. of LED Beads: 21.

Special Feature: Overheat Protection.

42W Fast LED UV Nail Dryer

Power: 42 W.

Feature 2: 21.

Special Feature: Anti-Tanning.

Best UV Nail Lamps On The UK Market Reviewed In 2020

The best UV Nail Lamp is Awardroom's 80W kit that includes a significant number of handy tools for either personal or salon use. With an incredible budget-friendly price, you will get a high-grade LED UV nail lamp, two nail separators, one nail cutter, one steel plush, one cuticle fork, a dead skin shear, one nail file, one sponge polishing strip, ten art soak off clippers, and 200 pieces of cleaning cotton. The UV nail lamp itself is designed with an ergonomic handle for easy carrying and a detachable bottom plate for easy cleaning.

Thanks to its dual-source construction, the best LED nail lamp (UK) uses 42 beads to provide with a record-breaking curing time of only 30 seconds. As for its temperature settings, the best UV lamp for nails offers four time-modes that include durations of 10, 30, 60 and 99 seconds. One great advantage to its low heat setting (99s) is that it triggers the LED nail lamp to gradually increase its power until it reaches the definite painless mode. All that's left of you is to buy that gorgeous gel nail polish, invite your girlfriends over and have an unforgettable night of beauty makeovers. 

LED Nail Lamp Kit


  • It comes with a one-year warranty by Awardoom.
  • It's chosen by Amazon for being the best gel nail kit.
  • It employs a LED service life of more than 50,000 hours.
  • It has a smart sensor that indicates when the hand or foot is in or out.
  • It has a double-power function with 365 nm and 405 nanometers.
  • It has an incredibly fast curing time.


  • Some customers reported that their lamps stopped working unexpectedly.
  • It is less efficient on dark gel nail polish.

The Crenova UV nail gel lamp operates with a 72W motor and uses 36 LED beads to dry off gel polish flawlessly. The 72 W series of LED lamps for nails uses two superior light sources for effective performance and reduced drying time. For more practicality, the Crenova LED lamp has a removable bottom and a large drying space of about 22.4 cm (8.9 inches). This means that you can fit your whole hand or foot without having to worry about an irregular curing time.

As with the best LED lamps for nails, this unit functions with four easy-to-use timer settings. The 10 seconds mode is ideal for lighter gel nail polish, whereas the 30, 60 and 90 seconds are destined for more complex salon use. If you feel that's not enough, you can use the gel UV lamps' 120-second default mode that can be terminated anytime you see fit. The Crenova lamp also senses when hands or feet are inserted or retrieved, so it is very energy-efficient in that way. And thanks to its convenient grab-handle, you can take the nail lamp anywhere with you - whether it's at your gals' place, camping, vacations and even festivals. 

Crenova UV LED Nail Lamp


  • It can be used as a portable unit.
  • It saves the last-used time setting, which is applied to the next use.
  • It shows the remaining time for a precise curing control.
  • It has a varnish coating that protects it from damage.
  • It has a vast inner space that's very comfortable.
  • It has an air dryer feature that helps with the gel nail polish drying time.


  • Its grab handle is rather fiddly and may be prone to damage.

Awardroom brings us another range of UV lamps for nails that operate with 36 dual-source beads to deliver a flawless curing performance. To provide consistent curing, the LED UV lamp evenly distributes the heat on a 180° pattern inside the unit. This ensures that the nail lamp runs with little to no noise because it removes the need for drying fans - a feature commonly found in standard UV and LED nail lamps. Thanks to its infrared induction feature, the LED light lamp senses when the hand or foot is in, thus triggering its activation unit to start the curing time.

The gel lamp for nails employs four timer settings for curing nails. These settings include a low heat mode (10 seconds), standard LED mode (30 seconds), high LED mode (60 seconds) and UV mode (99 seconds). By pressing the easy-to-use double-heat button, you can also reveal its hidden gem feature that operates with two heat settings to cure the gel manicure more efficiently. And due to the integrated LED display, you can easily keep track of the remaining curing time as you're working on your nail masterpiece. 

UV Led Nail Lamp Nail Dryer


  • It has a removable magnet panel.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty by Awardroom.
  • It has a memory function for the last timer settings.
  • It contains a removable tray for feet manicure.
  • It has an anti-glare feature for a smooth eye experience.
  • It has the ideal balance between curing speed and painless experience.


  • It can't dry regular gel nail polish.
  • Some customers reported light flickering after some use.

This LED lamp for nails uses a lower UV radiation, but it makes up for it with a significantly larger curing space. Its evenly distributed LED beads are efficient in curing all kinds of gel manicure including (but not limited to) CND, OPI, soak-off, UV or LED nail polish, extended, hard-builder or sculpture gel - in both top and base coating. The 48W DIOZO nail lamps are ideal for home use where there's no customer demand since the low wattage is both safer and more comfortable than more sophisticated devices.

If you get the wide-styled LED lamp for nails, you will also get an incredible convenience along with it. For starters, the unit will instantly activate when you bring your hands in, so you won't ruin your gel nail polish with twisting and turning. Then, you can choose one of the three timer settings that start with 30 seconds, include 60 and end with 99. With each layer, the LED UV nail lamp will let you know how much time left is needed, so you can easily manoeuvre on the gel nail polish. And after you're done, the UV nail lamp will turn off by itself - thus concluding the great experience of home-based beauty work. 

48W UV LED Gel Nail Lamp


  • Good value for money.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty by DIOZO.
  • It has a large opening for the whole hand.
  • It has an estimated working time of 50,000 hours.
  • It's made of high-grade ABS plastic that's very durable.
  • It only weighs about 200 grams so that it can be used as a portable device.


  • It is very bright, so it may not be ideal for sensitive-eyed folk.
  • It has a relatively slow curing time.

Another UV nails lamp that uses low heat settings is brought to us by Kisspet, and it uses 42 watts to cure gel nails. Its futuristic design and easy-to-use features make this curing lamp one of the best choices for those who are just getting acquainted with LED lamp UV nails in their home. The Kisspet nail lamp functions with a dual-optical technology which means that it uses two different light sources to cure the gel nail polish to perfection. This feature also promotes a fast curing time that applies to not one, but several gel nail polish types.

These LED nail lamps integrate an intelligent infrared sensor too, so you won't have to worry about having burnt the house down. All you have to do is plug the nail lamp, select the timer settings and place your hand inside the nail dryer lamp. 

42W Fast LED UV Nail Dryer

There are three time settings for you to choose from, starting from 30 seconds for the low-heat mode and moving your way up to the 60 & 99 seconds for higher temperatures. And thanks to its digital LED screen, the unit will notify you on time left for each session so you won't have to worry about drying your nails too little or too much. 


  • It comes with a one-year warranty by Kisspet.
  • It has an anti-glare feature for protecting the eyes.
  • It has a skin-protection function that prevents tanning.
  • It will provide with over 50,000 hours of working time.
  • It has a wide design for fitting the whole hand.
  • It comes with a long power cable.


  • It has comparatively slow curing times.
  • Some customers noted that its LCD display stopped working unexpectedly. 

This range of UV nail lamps is manufactured by LKE and sold under an incredible price on Amazon. The easy-to-carry combo of LED and UV nail lamp uses a motor of 36 W to cure gel polish as safely as possible. The UV nail lamps operate with a total of 12 LED beads - so, even though speed is not a priority - long, healthy, beautiful nails are more than assured. The low-maintenance unit works on all gel polish as long as they are compatible with UV lamp nails.

One feature that makes the LKE LED UV nail lamp stand-out is the USB plug it hosts. The gel nail lamp is tiny, so it can be efficiently charged anywhere (and with anything!), as long as it has a USB port. Whether you want to use your PC, laptop, charger or power bank, you can take the UV and LED lamp anywhere with you. As for its operation, the curing lamp delivers three timer settings from 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds. And to ensure maximum protection for all its users, the nail dryer supports an automatic shut-off feature that conveniently stops the device when done. 

LED Gel Nail Polish


  • It is recommended by Amazon in the UV nail lamp category.
  • It has a 180° coverage for better curing.
  • It has a painless mode for sensitive skin.
  • It is very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.
  • It employs an infrared sensing feature.
  • It has an overheat-protection capacity.


  • It doesn't support fast curing times.
  • Its USB plug isn't provided.
  • It's not very durable.

LKE is so confident in its UV and LED nail lamp that it has coined it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee label. If we combine that with the wide array of customers on Amazon praising and loving the product, you will get a nail dryer that's very hard to disappoint. The LKE curing lamp that's sold under the LetGo Shop merchant operates with a 36 W motor and 15 LED beads. With an anti-tanning feature and eye-glare reduction, the nail dryer is just as safe as your regular flash. These nail lamps are charged with USB plugs so that you can use them just about anywhere.

Because the UV and LED lamp use a double light source, you will gain an even curing that eliminates dead angles. That way, you can say goodbye to halfsies on gel nail polish that make you want to throw the machine in the trash. Besides the rapid 30 seconds, these LED lamps can also provide with other settings that include 60 seconds for a standard cure and 90 seconds for a painless one. You can easily keep track of the nail dryer by using the LCD display that shows remaining times on all modes, easing your labour and boosting your fun. 

USB UV LED Nail Lamp


  • It comes with a one-year warranty by LetGo Shop.
  • Good value for money.
  • It has a reduced burning-sensation as compared with other products.
  • It has an infrared sensor for when hands are inserted.
  • It has good ventilation throughout the unit.
  • It's compact-sized and handy to carry.


  • It has a small interior that won't fit the whole hand.
  • It can only be charged with a USB plug.
  • It doesn't provide the USB plug.

We have seen high-performance UV nail lamps and compact-sized ones, but what about those that can be folded? Zhjdongtuo manufactures such a LED UV nail lamp, and it uses a USB connector to power through its 6 W motor. Because the mini LED gel nail lamp operates with minimal power, everyone at home can get a turn of creating beautiful nail art. These UV nail lamps are only 13 cm in diameter (equal to an iPhone 6), so you can get them in your pocket, find a USB cable and use it anywhere you go.

To use the nail dryer, you simply press the "on" button and choose one of the timer settings. Because these LED nail lamps are generally more limited, they only host two modes that include 45 and 60 seconds. As far as safety measures go, this gel curing lamp will protect both your skin and your eyes, thanks to the low LED light it emits. According to the manufacturers, the foldable nail dryer can also support about 50,000 hours of use - so you can always count on it. 

UV LED Gel Nail Lamp Mini


  • It has a very convenient foldable design.
  • It has six high-grade LED light beads.
  • It comes with one set of nail art dotting tools.
  • It has a simple one-button operation.
  • It has a fast curing rate considering its power capacity.
  • It weighs just about 100 grams, so you can take it anywhere.


  • Its USB port is somewhat fiddly.
  • Its foldable legs can be easily damaged.
  • It is relatively small, so it won't fit your whole hand.

There's just something about Awardroom that has made us start and finish this list by including them. Maybe it's the practicality of design or the wide variability with different gel nail polish - but whatever it is, we're just glad to use it. Our best-budget pick of UV and LED nail lamps is the 36 W unit that is designed with a foldable layout, similar to the previous product. However, this home curing lamp uses 12 LED light beads to distribute heat alongside its 12.5 cm interior, which is just enough to cure gel nail polish without heat being sensed by the skin.

Moreover, the UV nail lamp employs a 180° lighting that removes dead spots and gives a full-range cure to your gel nail polish. What's even more interesting is that these LED nail lamps employ a low heat emission that is safer on eyes and skin, while also being more reliable in the long term. The UV nail lamp is very easy to use since you can get it to work by simply pressing one button. The timer settings that this nail dryer supports include 60 and 120 seconds, which are just enough for layering any gel polish that include the main base, double coating and third coat. 

UV Gel Nail Lamp 36W


  • Good value for money.
  • It is charged by 2V or 5V USB cables.
  • It can be used by being held up while the hand is hovered.
  • It has a handy foldable layout.
  • It reduces the boiling sensation of UV lights.
  • It won't fit the whole hand.


  • It cures polish for longer times.
  • Some customers noted that its cable was loose. 

UV Nail Lamp Buying Guide

For a lot of people, going to the salon for a nice mani-pedi is both enjoyable and therapeutic. You get to have a relaxing time, inquiring chat and lovely-looking nails at a reasonable price. The emerging health crisis and required lockdown rules have made us all too stifled in all areas of life. However, thanks to the online marketplace, you can now bring the salon right into your home! Manufacturers worldwide have designed LED UV lamps that bring that gorgeous salon look with the utmost ease. You should also beware because alongside these manufacturers are a lot of frauds who sell cheap products that aren't worth their while. Here are the most important things you need to know.

LED or UV?

LED and UV refer to the type of light produced by radiation. This radiation is made practical by being fitted on light bulbs that are usually positioned on top of nail lamps. This way, the gel polish is targeted while the rays produced by the curing lamp penetrate the nails. This procedure ensures that the gel is dried off completely, which results in what we now know as a beautiful manicure.

Even though both UV and LED nail lamps emit radiation, they differ slightly on the direction of the said radiation's waves. UV lamps radiate on a broader range, so they are more dispersed and less concentrated. However, they are more cost-effective than their LED counterparts while being more fit for home use. On the other hand, LED lamps emit more intensive radiation that precisely targets the UV nail, so they support faster curing times. A UV lamp is more durable, accurate and faster, but it has a very low range of gel polish that it is suitable for. To get the best results, you should opt for an integrated LED & UV nail lamp that is specially customised to fix the faults of either end. 

Best UV Nail Lamp Buying Guide

Power Capacity

A nail dryer functions by using a power source that translates to a specific amount of capacity. This capacity represents the ability of the nail lamp to cure gel polish within a particular duration. We measure this ability in terms of watts (W) because it helps us see how powerful our desired nail dryer is. You can find nail lamps that start from 5 W and go up to 100 W, depending on their aim of home or commercial use. The general rule of thumb is that a unit lower than 36 W is going to be relatively slow, will have fewer timer settings and may not always be fit for purpose. High wattage nail lamps are faster and ideal for the perfect results, but they should be used with caution because as a beginner, you may not know your way around radiation.

Beads? What are they?

A gel nail dryer is only as good as its components. To efficiently radiate light on the nail surface, a nail lamp is coated with LED bulbs or beads that emit this radiation. Because an external source powers on a gel nail lamp, these bulbs are built to sustain longer times. On average, a LED gel nail lamp is believed to last for about 50,000 hours of use, but this is positively affected on user maintenance and reliability of the brand. UV nail lamps work differently because its bulbs are detachable and can be replaced. The standard longevity of UV nail lamps is for about 100 hours, which can then be replaced for about £20. Don't panic, though, because even though 100 doesn't compare to 50,000, it is quite enough when you compare it with a five-minute session for each manicure.

Best UV Nail Lamp Buying Guides

Are you looking to upgrade your beauty cabinet?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but so are heated rollers, lady shavers and epilators. Whether you're working from home or making busy trips to the office, you deserve to feel and look good. If you found the gel nail dryer guide helpful, you can head over to our beauty-range reviews that are specially tailored to fit your needs. A beautiful pedicure is only as good as the feet attached to it, so make sure to read our guides for taking care of your feet and ensuring they are soft. And for when life gets too hard to handle, you can read Productspy's foot spa article and tens machines review, along with a handy guide on soothing your feet after a long day of work.


Q: What is better UV or LED nail lamps?

A: The answer to which is better is somewhat subjective and mainly depends on your needs. Besides curing speed, LED lamps are more reliable, last longer and don't need bulb replacing. However, UV lamps are cheaper and can cure more nail polish types compared to LED lamps. Considering the variability in the marketplace, your best bet might be combining the two into one. That way, you can get the best of both worlds in the form of UV LED nail lamps.

Q: What's the best UV or LED Nail Lamp UK?

A: The best-reviewed UV and LED nail lamp (UK) is Awardroom's 80 W kit that includes everything needed for a manicure. The set consists of a nail cutter, steel plush, cuticle fork, dead skin shear, nail file, sponge polishing strip, soak off clippers, nail separators and cleaning cotton.

Q: What UV light do nail salons use?

A: The baseline for UV lamps in-salon use is usually 36 W, because that amount of radiation is just enough to cure nails at a regular rate. More competitive salons also combine LED and UV nail lamps of more than 70 W, but these units are advised to be used by professionals. Certain health risks are attached to higher UV rays, so you should read guidelines carefully before making your choice.

Q: Is UV nail lamp dangerous?

A: UV lamps use radiation to cure gel nail polish, which, if not directed - can harm the skin surrounding the nails. UV nail lamps that use high wattage and don't employ a protective coating can irritate the eyes as its light is too bright. According to the FDA, increased exposure of UV radiation can cause early wrinkles and age spots that begin as 'tanning' but progress to more severe health risks. Whether you cure your nails at home or the salon, prolonged use can result in weaker, thinner and damaged nails. That's why you should always aim for nail lamps that take the required measures to protect the eyes, skin and even nails of its users.

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