10 Best Treadmill Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 2020

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Do you want to keep fit, or work on some rehabilitation exercise, but the weather is cramping your style? Perhaps you can’t stand being in the middle of sweaty gym goers?

It’s time to free up some space in your home for a treadmill. Our best treadmill review covers budget and high-end treadmills, highlighting their unique features to help you make an informed purchase.

Best Treadmills Reviews

Best Treadmills Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Treadmills On The Market Reviewed

The best treadmill is the Treadmill With Running Absorption System By Branx Fitness. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Branx Fitness Elite runner pro treadmill is one of the best profitness machine with high-end features suitable for home use. With this in mind, you are sure to get gym-quality performance with the pro machine.

The programming on the machine makes it have plenty of users for it provides ease of use even with first-timers. Say goodbye to joint problems with the cushioning on the deck. This works by reducing joint stress on impact. A running machine for sale with top speed of 23kph (14.3mph) is ideal for high-energy workouts and runners can add high intensity with the 22 degree automatic incline function.

The Branx Fitness 'Elite Runner Pro' has a large running deck area with dimensions of 140cm by 48cm where it can support even larger users up to 160kg (25 stone/350lb) in weight. The only comparison to other brands with lower prices is the running area.

Treadmill With Running Absorption System By Branx Fitness

With a large 5.5’’ LCD screen on this heavy duty treadmill, the speed, distance, time, calories burnt, pulse and incline levels are displayed for easy viewing. In addition, you get to have entertainment choices while on the walker machine with the mp3 player input and high-quality built-in speakers. This machine gets it power from the 3.5CHP continuous/ 6.5HP peak motor. On treadmill reviews, the Branx Elite runner Pro is one of the running machines for sale that exhibit maximum speed with plenty of workout programs to meet the user’s expectations perfectly.

  • It is big and sturdy
  • Larger users have confidence using it
  • On the reviews online, it is the most rated heavy duty treadmill
  • It comes at a very high price
  • It has limited stock availability on treadmill sales

Second place goes to the Home Use Digital Treadmill By Jll. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Looking for a treadmill machine that has multiple workout features, the JLLS300 digital folding treadmill is a good choice. With 15 training programs with the digital control technology, you get to reach a maximum speed of 16kmph accelerating your training intensity and with the 20-level incline. Here, you get to burn up to four times the fat and calories when walking only on this fold flat treadmill.

Your elevation can be adjusted with the incline buttons on the handrail for easy and fast access. To add to it, it has great speed and with a cushioning system where impact on the joints is greatly reduced to maximize on your workout intensity.

Like the best treadmills on sale, this walking treadmill comes with high power speakers, AUX input for your phone and an MP3 or USB interface for music. 

Home Use Digital Treadmill By Jll
  • It has a large running surface area
  • Folds and unfolds easily
  • It has advanced cushioning system to relax the joints
  • It comes at a high cost

Third place goes to the Digital Folding Treadmill By Jll. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Those looking for the best treadmill that offers great running ability features, the JLL T350 folding treadmill is the best choice to have. With dimensions of 121cm by 41cm, the running area supports all running abilities. Equipped with a lot of advanced technology features, you get high-end service when using the machine.

Running on the road can have some adverse effects on the joints whereby they get sore on impact. With this machine, you get to experience soft and smooth feeling on the joints thanks to the digital controller technology and the 16 point cushion deck system on the foldable treadmill.

You have the freedom to change the speed for a smoother feel on the 5” LCD adjustable brightness display. You are able to listen to music via Bluetooth wireless connection and also charge your phone.

Digital Folding Treadmill By Jll

With this motorized treadmill, you get 20 programs and 20-level incline to help in fast weight loss. The touch sensitive pressure point equipped console eliminates the need for buttons since you can just tap on the display for all the information you require. It displays time, speed, incline, distance, heart-rate and calories burnt to know your progress. It has a starting speed of 0.18 mph and the highest is 11.2mph therefore, the running belt is made of high quality material for endurance on the strenuous workouts. When you are done using the treadmill, it is foldable and drops with the hydraulic arm which then locks it in place. This foldaway treadmill is best used by people with limited space.

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  • It is easy to set and use
  • It is stable and durable
  • It is equipped with advanced technology
  • It provides safety with the advanced shock absorber feature
  • The cushions reduce the sound up on stepping
  • It comes at a high price
  • It is heavy to lift

Fourth place goes to the Bluetooth Pro Treadmill By Nero Sports. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Nero Bluetooth Treadmill is elegant and highly versatile. It will be your ideal tool for achieving your fitness goals at the comfort of your home.

Standout Features

  • The machine has a Smartphone App control that allows you to log training activity for either indoor or outdoor. You can run real world google satellite road maps and compete against other users globally.
  • It features 12 auto programs and a manual program. It has an LED that shows time, speed, distance, calories, and scan mode. Its maximum speed is 10km/h and can take a maximum weight of 100Kg.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity, and you can connect and control the machine from Android, iPad, and iPhone.
  • The machine features a 3 level adjustable incline for different intensities of exercise.
  • It has pulse sensors.
  • The device is fitted with an emergency stop tag and suspension system for safety.
Bluetooth Pro Treadmill By Nero Sports
  • The machine is very easy to assemble and also folds away easily for quick storage.
  • With the use of the app, you can be able to track indoor and outdoor running progress.
  • It has an LCD that shows important information that guides your workout.
  • It can get loud as you increase the speed.
  • The machine isn't fit for those who wish to conduct their workouts at a speed higher than 10km/h.

Fifth place goes to the Powerful Motor Dynamic Treadmill By Prestigesports. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The XMPRO Dynamic TREADMILL is the latest model with advanced features that make it top-notch. With a look and specification to match the modern tag line, it is, without a doubt, a must have walker.

It exhibits standard hardware and shape features but with the smart console and other additional features, you get professional gym experience. 

Upgraded with the modern specifications, this motorized treadmill offers great performance and value at a reasonable budget. It uses the grip belt technology and 3 level manual incline feature to tone the body while reducing impact on joints.

There is a large running surface of 110cm by 40cm and a 1.5CHP 1100W powerful motor where you get 14KPH maximum speed.

Powerful Motor Dynamic Treadmill By Prestigesports

You get entertained during your workouts with this XMPRO Dynamic TREADMILL where you can listen to music via Bluetooth connectivity and inbuilt speakers. In addition, there are drinks holders on each side of the slim treadmill, towel rail, hand controls, heat sensors, calorie counter and a magnetic safety key for easy access. The auto lube function makes it easily foldable. It is also lightweight with a compact design and wheels for easy storage to fit in a small room.

  • It has a simple large LCD display full of features
  • It has a large running area
  • Compact and easy to store
  • No assembling required
  • It is the best folding treadmill for use at home
  • It is not as quiet which is quite a turn off to some people

Sixth place goes to the Motorised Folding Treadmill By V-Fit. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Are you new to exercise and want a machine that you can use with confidence? Well, the V-fit Fit-Start Motorized Folding Treadmill offers great deals for any beginner. With trade-off features and settings for great fitness goals, this electric machine comes at a relatively cheaper price.

With so many cheap treadmills for sale on the market, you have to choose a cheap treadmill that has the right specifications to help you achieve your fitness goals. V-fit Fit-Start treadmill machine comes with a 6-function LCD display with 4 auto speed programs to display the distance, calorie burnt, hand pulse readings, speed and time. This aids in keeping track of your progress while on it.

Featuring a 0.75 hp continuous/1.25 hp peak motor with 500W, you get to have 0.5 to 8kmph speed with V-fit Fit-Start Motorized Treadmill. Unfortunately, this speed only works for fast-walking and jogging.

Motorised Folding Treadmill By V-Fit

It has three-position frame incline to help in increasing the workout intensity and a 7% rear frame decline. The maximum weight that this small treadmill can hold is 100kg. You can easily fold the treadmill quickly and store conveniently. Fitted with small wheels, you can transport the machine to any place in the house.

  • It has a solid construction
  • It has numerous features for great value
  • It folds easily for convenient storage
  • It is quiet
  • It has lower speeds
  • Lacks entertainment features

Seventh place goes to the Compact Walking Running Machine By Fit4Home. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Olympic Motorized folding treadmill is in the same category of cheap running machines that provide practical results for home use.

There is 100cm by 32.5cm belt size surface which is pretty small for commercial gym treadmill.  

You get to select the working speed up to 9.9km/h with this treadmill and while at it, you can monitor the speed, distance, time and calories burnt with the onboard digital computer monitor.

For safety, there is an emergency stop system to automatically sense danger and stop.

In addition, there are 3 preset fitness programs for various workouts. Transportation is made easy with the wheels and also, it can fold away easily to save space.

Compact Walking Running Machine By Fit4Home
  • It is easy to use 
  • It is a great space-saver
  • It comes at a cheap price
  • It has a small running surface
  • Lacks adjustment on the incline

Eighth place goes to the Motorised Electric Running Machine By Premierfit. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

PremierFit T100 treadmill is here to provide great workouts at home. With features which make it easy to use even for beginners, this is the best home treadmill to have. It is equipped with all the necessary requirements to achieve perfect workout results.

The motorized treadmill has a wide range of programs that enable the users to easily operate it. These include 12 built-in exercise programs and 3 manual programs. Featuring a large LED display, one is able to see clearly and have the readings easily.

The display shows the used and remaining time, speed, calories burnt and an exercise program information for the user to keep track of all the weight loss activity. Planning your workouts can be done with the pre-set exercise programs where you get to choose between high and low exercise intensity.

Made with entertainment in mind, The T100 has a built-in iPad holder for you to watch a video and an AUX input for music.

Motorised Electric Running Machine By Premierfit

You don’t need earphone with this fitness machine because it comes with high-performance integrated speakers to amplify the audio. Also, there are two bottle holders on each side so that you can have your drinking water whilst jogging on the tredmil. The speed on the tredmill ranges from 1 kmph minimum speed to 10kmph maximum speed. It is also safe to use this tred mill for it has an emergency cut off cord to sense when in danger. You can easily fold the electric treadmill to store away for space-saving reasons.

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  • It has numerous and great features for ease of use
  • There are wide range of workouts and data to aid with the fitness progress
  • Assembling is made easy with the detailed instruction guide and also the home treadmill is a good space saver
  • The treadmill tends to shake therefore reducing the workout intensity

Ninth place goes to the 12 Programs Bluetooth Treadmill By Prestigesports. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Attaining your dream body at home cannot get any easier. The Prestige Sports XM-PROII Treadmill is a modern machine that is versatile and sure to bring results.

Standout Features

  • It has a running surface of 1000x360mm and can take a maximum user weight of 100Kg. Its maximum speed is 10Km/hr and has a three-level manual incline.
  • It features a powerful 1.0CHP motor and an extreme grip belt technology. It comes with 12 auto programs and one manual program.
  • This model also has pulse sensors and a calorie counter. An LED will show your speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse.
  • It is a smart machine that will use the iFit Show app to track your running progress. The app allows you to set fitness goals, use training sessions, and run on real world google maps.
  • The app also allows you to rank your performance against other users worldwide. It also enables you to control the machine from your phone or tablet.
  • It comes with a drink holder, fruit infusion bottle, and three free e-books.
12 Programs Bluetooth Treadmill By Prestigesports
  • It is built with a fold-away design with rear wheels that make storage easy.
  • The iFit Show app feature adds excitement to a home workout.
  • Its speed is limited to 10km/h.

Tenth place goes to the Automatic Incline Treadmill By Premierfit. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

PremierFit T330 treadmill comes with 12 built-in exercise programs and 3 manual programs to give out 15 different workouts.

You can use this machine with confidence because the multi-point cushioning system together with SX plus shock absorption work to reduce stress impacted on the knees, muscles and joints.

This T330 has 20 incline levels and a micro-adjustable speed range of 0.8 to 16km/h. This way, you are able to sprint and run at the highest speed.

Entertainment is important during workouts and for this reason, the machine features USB/SD/AUX inputs where you get to play music and listen to it through the inbuilt speaker system.

Automatic Incline Treadmill By Premierfit
  • It features numerous safety features to provide confidence
  • It comes with helpful settings
  • Great entertainment system
  • It is heavy to move

Treadmills Buying Guide

Obesity is a global problem, and continually looking at the bathroom scales without doing anything about it does not help much. But with a cross trainer, exercise bike, or vibration plate in the house, squeezing in a daily home workout is easy. A Sunday family out using hoverboards is also fun and helps burn calories.

An electric shower can provide a warm massage after the workout, while a foot spa will massage the feet after a session on a treadmill. Treadmills are effective in keeping you fit and healthy. We will show you how to choose the best model for your fitness objectives.

What You Need To Know

The first consideration when buying a treadmill for home use is your fitness objectives. Treadmills are used either to enhance athletic performance, for healthy living and fitness or rehabilitation.
Once you identify what you need from a treadmill, then you start thinking of the cost. You should get one that offers great performance and at a cost that suits your budget. Most of these treadmills come at a high price and if you are lucky, you get these machines at a discount. 

It’s only the best that offer quality performance, durability, high speeds, steeper inclines and larger running surfaces. And for this, you will have to spend an extra pound to get one. For a cheaper model, be ready to spend more in terms of maintenance and repair.

JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill

The treadmill motor horsepower also matters when buying a treadmill for home use. For effective results, the horsepower on the drive motor will determine the quality of workouts. The best there is on the market is one with a continuous duty motor with minimum horsepower of 1.5. Frequent running requires 2.5 to 3.0 horsepower. And also, your weight will determine the motor on your treadmill. All around the world, Proform treadmills are known for great horsepower deals.

Lastly, the minimum specifications really matter when buying a treadmill. These include the belt size, the speed and incline, cushioning to absorb shock, stability and easily accessible control panel. The running area should be large enough to fit your workouts. If you want a treadmill to tread on, run, sprint etc., the speed matters. With a machine that has an incline that goes up to 10% higher, you get to experience the best workouts.

Treadmills Buying FAQs

Q: How frequent should one use the treadmill at home?

A: For best results, you are required to use the treadmill on a daily basis. Especially when losing weight, this machine should be your daily companion since it is home with you and is the cheapest way to lose weight.

Q: Which is a better running machine to use between the motorized and the nonmotorised?

A: According to most reviews on Amazon, motorized treadmills are better because they come loaded with great fitness features and have good construction to enable one to cut off extra pounds. With the non-motorized treadmill, more effort is put into a workout since the belt doesn’t have self-movement. It is totally dependent on the user to supply the power to move it whereas the motorized use electricity.

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