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Do trampolines remind you of a time when you were young, free and could jump and scream without a care in the world?

It’s time to extend the same pleasure to your kids and while you’re at it, join the party. We’ve scoured the market for the best trampoline to get you jumping for joy one more time.

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The Best 10 Trampolines On The Market Reviewed

A top pick for fun-hearted kids all over the UK, Zero Gravity provides products that guarantee maximum excitement and joy! Ultima 4 surpasses all expectations and offers impressive features that make it the best trampoline for kids all over.

A brand name with more than 30 years of experience in the field, Zero Gravity continues to produce a premium quality with trampolines with unrivalled superior standards every time.

Excellent quality and value are some of the reasons why Zero Gravity features in lots of trampoline reviews worldwide. Ultima 4 is crafted to guarantee safety and enjoyment in every use. Made from the highest quality materials, its kids-friendly design is assured of having your children giggling with every bounce. Ultima 4 is not just a great trampoline. It’s an excellent trampoline. Make your kids happy by getting them one today!

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 10ft
  • Height: 200-270cm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 50-100kg

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Ultima 4 makes protective provision for prospective customers upon manufacturing. The trampoline comes with internal netting feature that doesn't expose the kids to the frame. Zero Gravity imposes this feature because they know trampolining can be a very distracting activity. This is handy most, especially because children tend to get carried away when having fun. Many parents find this extremely useful and relaxing, which influences their consideration for Ultima 4.

Standout Features

Virtually everything about Ultima 4 makes it the best trampoline you can get. It features a super strong trampoline with thick safety PVC padding to cushion every prospective fall. The metal frame network is welded to ensure extra durability. The trampoline also features a unique quick release function on the netting enclosure, allowing you easily take it down. Moreover, it stands on metal legs evenly spaced for optimum stability.

The frames are of quality metal, fashioned for strength and longevity, as also are the jumping springs. Assembling Ultima 4 is can be done with essential household tools. This home trampoline also comes in a variety of sizes to suit your ideal purpose. Ultima 4 is also a fold up trampoline, making it easy to store. EN-71 certified for strength and durability.

  • Strong, weldless frame network for strength
  • Thick, PVC coated safety pad
  • Quick releasing safety netting for easy collapse
  • Foldable trampoline
  • Comes in a wide variety of sizes
  • Not very easy to set up

Ranked as the ultimate choice for safety, Kanga Premium trampoline is a great purchase. One of the best trampoline brands on the market, Kanga, is renowned for making top quality products.

It’s a great addition to your yard and a sure bet for maximum bouncing fun. Kanga Premium trampoline offers excellent quality features and at a great price. Get your family jumping in excitement with this fantastic outdoor trampoline.

When looking for the best trampoline to buy, it’s essential to consider safety, and none guarantees it like this product. Kanga Premium trampoline offers you all the fun and security you can ask for in one package.

It comes in a wide variety of sizes so you can choose whichever you prefer. Long lasting, durable and fun all the way, Kanga Premium is an assured option.

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 10ft
  • Height: 180cm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120kg

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Kanga Premium is rated as the safest trampoline to purchase on the market. This trampoline is CE, GS, TUV and EN71 complaint, making it the number one choice for safety. Its overall design is specifically fashioned for safe use. It offers durable features that guarantee users maximum fun without worrying about getting harmed. This fact attracts many trampoline enthusiasts to this product, especially parents.

Standout Features

Kanga Premium trampoline comes with a 14mm thick cover padding made from UV resistant PE materials. It also features inner EPE foam, which combines with the cover padding materials to meet safety standards. The frame tubes and jumping springs are made from galvanized steel, well known for strength and durability. Also, the trampoline comes in various sizes, all with enough room that will surely suit user preference.

Kanga Premium also offers free safety features that include a safety net, anchor kit and ladder. The trampoline can carry up to 120kg, making it ideal for use by both kids and adults. A rain enclosure is also included, to protect the trampoline from weather elements and guarantee its longevity. So the instructions on assembling Kanga Premium come in easy-to-read English, as also do the safety procedures.

  • Comes with complete enclosure net, anchor kit and ladder
  • Full safety rating and certification
  • Rain enclosure included
  • Tube frame made from durable galvanized steel
  • High maximum weight capacity
  • Might be challenging to fit ladder into place

Hardly is there a trampoline review that doesn’t talk about Ultrasport products.

Moreover, the reason is simple; kids love it! With its amazing features and guaranteed durability, Ultrasport offers what we consider the best garden trampoline on the market. It combines excellent quality features into a design that makes it irresistible to kids. Ultrasport Uni-jump Garden Trampoline meets your every need, making it one of the best trampolines for kids.

Ultrasport Uni-jump Garden Trampoline ensures users enjoy total reliability in all their products, and this is no exception. With it, kids are assured of safety and full enjoyment with every use.

Ultrasport Uni-jump comes at a pocket-friendly price to ensure these super fun features do not pass you by. Mount one of these on your yard and watch your kids thank you with radiant smiles at every leap!

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 183cm
  • Height: 200cm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 100kg

The Main Reason Why People Like It

For additional protection, Ultrasport Uni-jump Garden Trampoline covers its poles and edges with a padded material. Combined with the safety net, you rest assured knowing your kids won’t come in contact with the hard surfaces. Many people are happy with this feature, as they know their children are guaranteed maximum protection as they catch fun. It is also why Ultrasport Uni-jump Garden Trampoline easily qualifies as an ideal kids trampoline.

Standout Features

Ultrasport Uni-jump Garden Trampoline comes with a thick, super-durable, UV-resistance coated polypropylene jumping mat. The jumping springs and metal frames are made of high quality galvanized steel for long-lasting quality. The spring frame has thick padding, as do the steel poles. Also featured is an enclosed safety net with durable zipper entry for access to the trampoline. The trampoline is set at a lower height, for easy kids’ access.

Another unique feature that sets Ultrasport Uni-jump Garden Trampoline apart from most kids trampolines is its assemblage. It comes with its special personal tools just for this purpose. Combined with its instructions, you get straightforward guidelines on how to set it up. Ultrasport Uni-jump comes in a wide range of sizes, so you have a broad spectrum to choose from and enjoy.

  • Stable build with enclosed safety net and spring cover
  • Durable jumping sheet made from UV-resistant coated material
  • Long lasting frame made from high quality galvanized steel poles
  • Padded steel poles for additional protection
  • Comes with its unique assembly tools
  • No rain cover or anchor kit

A brand that provides the highest quality trampoline in the industry, Zero Gravity offers you a fantastic rectangular trampoline. Ultima 5 is one of the most impressive premium trampolines you can get your hands on.

Made under OEM, Ultima 5 uses the latest technology, offering you a long-lasting trampoline design. A product packed with great features, Ultima 5 is an excellent choice for those who seek the best.

Known for decades of producing top-notch trampolines in the market, Zero Gravity is a brand to be trusted. Ultima 5 displays the best of the brand’s capacity in one beautiful design that is perfect for the experienced trampolinist.

Also, it comes at a price that makes it appealing to users. It is no doubt that users are assured of having a fun and safe jumping experience with Ultima 5.

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 10ft
  • Height: 15ft
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 130kg

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Ultima 5 offers you two types of safety enclosure options. You can select the inner enclosure, which can be attached to the edge of the jumping mat. Alternatively, you can go for the outer enclosure which can be fixed on the frames outside. This feature allows you to extend the jumping space on the trampoline, giving you flexible options. Users find this option very interesting, as they get the option of deciding how much people the trampoline can take at a time.

Standout Features

Ultima 5 comes in a barrel-shaped rectangular form with a curved frame. This design is well-known for ensuring increased resilience and stress reduction on the trampoline components. The stands of the trampoline are also increased at the contact points to reduce movement of the structure when in use. The trampoline frame and jumping springs are made of durable steel and the safety padding, PVC with thick EPE foam protection.

Zero Gravity Ultima 5 comes with a safety enclosure net to protect users from falling off while jumping. The netting is made with sturdy, yet contact-friendly material, to prevent fabric bruising. Also, this pro trampoline comes with an assembly guide that provides easy-to-interpret instructions for users.

Overall, Ultima 5 allows a maximum weight limit of 130kg, allowing it to tolerate an extensive amount of use. Ultima 5 combines all these features to give you what we regard as the most resilient of all rectangle trampolines.

  • Two enclosure type options to choose from
  • Padded steel frames and jumping spring cover
  • UV-resistant PVC padding
  • Stronger, resilient, barrel-shaped design with an elongated, curved outer shell
  • Increased leg contact points for extra stability
  • Slightly more substantial size, yet smaller jump space

Greenbay is one brand name synonymous with perfect trampolines, and it’s further proven with this product. Merging top quality materials by manufacturing standards, Greenbay offers you one of the most impressive garden trampolines available.

This product is of superb quality and design, featuring some of the best attractions you could ask for. Set at a price worth its value, Greenbay delivers smiles and giggles to every home.

Greenbay Garden Trampoline comes extra fitted for your full comfort and security. It responds smoothly to all requirements ranging from fun to fitness.

With Greenbay, you get a super quality outdoor trampoline for kids. Firm, bouncy and great value for your money, Greenbay Garden trampoline is a sure eye-catcher.

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 10ft
  • Height: 200cm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 95kg

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Greenbay Garden trampoline offers many amazing features, but there is one that makes it an easy user favourite. The cell foam comes closed, making sure that the trampoline does not absorb mildew or mildew. As these elements can hasten the deterioration of the trampoline, this protective feature is a great advantage. Users love that they don’t have to worry about this, should the trampoline get drenched or covered in dew.

Standout Features

Greenbay Garden trampoline comes in a functional oval shape with stable metal stands. The metal frames, stands and heavy duty jumping springs are made of super durable galvanized steel. The metals are insured with rust free protection, to preserve the trampoline frame, even in wet conditions. The combination of the frame, jumping springs, metal stands and rust protection give the trampoline a sturdy, long lasting build.

The trampoline also comes with a 15mm thick cover padding for guaranteed protection against the metal springs. The entire trampoline design is EN71 and CE approved, ensuring the best of quality and safety in use.

Greenbay Garden trampoline also comes with free rain cover and shoe bag for your convenience. It is offered at a wide range of sizes for you to pick from. Overall, you get one excellent quality trampoline kids cannot ignore.

  • Durable galvanized steel frame and leg stands with rust-free protection
  • Heavy duty jumping springs
  • UV-resistant jumping mat
  • Closed cell foam to prevent water or mildew absorption
  • Free rain cover, safety enclosure and shoe bag
  • Low weight capacity.

We R Sports Bounce Extreme comes with all the superb features anyone would wish for in a trampoline. Featuring an incredible, design with quality build materials, it easily qualifies as one of the best trampolines to buy.

The Bounce Extreme is specially fashioned to give you maximum fun and excitement with every bounce. Durable and affordable, it is one of the best garden trampolines you can get your hands on.

Bounce Extreme trampoline offers a sure means of fun and enjoyment to both kids and adults. Join your kids as they bounce and cheer in excitement on this sturdy trampoline. Bounce Extreme is extreme, yet user-friendly, giving you super long lasting satisfaction with every use. Set at quite a very affordable price, Bounce Extreme trampoline is a sure fun addition to your garden.

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 12ft
  • Height: 8ft
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 180kg

The Main Reason Why People Like It

We R Sports Bounce Extreme has a somewhat extensive weight limit, considering its price. At 120kg to 180kg, it’s pretty impressive when compared to most other trampolines UK markets display at its price. This easily attracts many people as they realize they can get almost the same value at a less pricey trampoline.

Standout Features

We R Sports Bounce Extreme comes in a round shape design that improves its usability. The frame and stands are made from high quality double galvanized steel. This material is also used for its jumping springs, as it is known for super toughness and durability. The iron stands also compliment the trampoline with super stability due to the nature of the build material.

The trampoline itself is made up of UV resistant Permatron jumping mat to protect it from sunlight deterioration. The pad is 12mm thick with PVC covered closed cell foam that prevents water absorption and deformation. Its 72 galvanized springs give it super bounce capacity. It also features a net protective enclosure that keeps you from falling off the trampoline when jumping.

We R Sports Bounce Extreme also comes with a free ladder for your kids can mount it quickly and a rain cover. The overall product is TUV, EN-7, GE and GS approved, ensuring you maximum safety and quality.

  • Double galvanized steel frames and leg supports
  • Closed cell foam to prevent water or mildew absorption and deformation
  • UV-resistant jumping mat
  • High maximum weight limit
  • GS, GE, TUV and EN-71 certification
  • Rain cover only most suitable for storage as it doesn’t work quite well with safety netting

BodyRip is one brand that is well known for building some of the most innovative trampolines on the market. Quality and superb designs aren’t exactly new to this brand, which is what makes this trampoline so unique.

BodyRip offers the full package guaranteed to lift the hearts of your family and kids with every jump. Its advanced designs and build qualifies it as one of the most attractive trampolines around.

Let your kids enjoy a fun-filled time with this large trampoline in your yard. BodyRip features all the good stuff, a factor the brand name is renowned for. So a bonus of affordability also makes this excellent trampoline a sure choice for your kids. If you’re looking for the best product to surprise the kids with, BodyRip trampoline is the surest way to go.

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 8ft
  • Height: 55m
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 91kg

The Main Reason Why People Like It

BodyRip Complete Set lives up to its name upon delivery. At the very affordable price tag offered, it comes with a ton of features that rival other products of higher cost. It features both safety and additional accessories most other trampolines would suggest you purchase separately. The combination of all these extras with the price makes it very appealing, especially to users shopping on a budget.

Standout Features

BodyRip Complete Set features a durable and sturdy build. The frame and support stands are made from galvanized steel with rust-resistant properties. It also features 42 jumping springs made from the same metal material. This gives the frame, stands and jumping springs a long lasting service life build. Also featured is a heavy-duty, UV resistant PP jumping mat perfectly stitched to ensure safety and durability.

The spring cover mat is made of 12mm thick PE material that comfortably cushions your every landing. Also featured is a safety enclosure netting made from PE nylon mesh material. The net come with foam sleeves, and it perfectly connects with the spring cover for extra protection. The entire trampoline has a weight limit capacity of 91kg that is ideal for long term use.

  • Sturdy, galvanized steel frames and jumping springs
  • Heavy-duty PP jumping mat with UV resistance
  • PE nylon mesh safety enclosure with foam sleeves
  • Durability-ensured stitching on jumping mat
  • Thick spring cover cushion
  • Difficult to assemble alone

Why let the elements restrict you from having the most fun on your trampoline? Ziada comes to offer you a great addition to your bouncing experience with this trampoline tent. Its user-friendly design and attractive colour add to your kids’ excitement and joy as they bounce in its shade. Ziada 8ft trampoline tent lets you cover up your trampoline, allowing your kids to play outside the sunny weather.

Ziada trampoline tent fits snuggly over the enclosure, providing extra protection from the elements when in use. Its new design allows you to use it without worrying about losing bouncing space. With Ziada, your kids get enough protection and room for the best bouncy fun they could wish for.

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 8ft
  • Dimension: 88.01 x 35.99 x 10.01 cm

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Ziada trampoline tent does not in any way hinder or disturb the trampoline space. Its unique design allows it to fit snuggly over the trampoline enclose without interrupting jumping activities. This makes it an additional protective element for trampolines of various sizes. Many users like how efficiently this colourful tent supplements the protective netting enclosure that comes with the trampoline.

Standout Features

Ziada Trampoline Tent comes with strong canopy support poles made from fibreglass. The tent itself is made from polyester taffeta fabric with UV resistance. It features an entry/exit door with mesh-covered screen windows to allow ventilation. The tent design makes it suitable for all circular tents with 3 to 6 poles. Plus, it is ideal for enclosures of up to 166cm tall, giving enough clearance for bouncing around.

The fabric and design make Ziada trampoline tent also suitable for a den, play area or sleepovers. It comes in an attractive colour pattern that kids will love. Ziada trampoline tent offers not just shade but also keeps dirt and leaves from messing up the jumping area.

  • Additional protection for netting enclosure
  • Durable fibreglass support poles
  • UV resistant, polyester taffeta fabric
  • Attractive circus colour pattern
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not efficient under torrential downpour or snow

Little kids should not be left out of the bouncy fun, and this is what Greenbay makes sure of with this excellent children's trampoline. This product is ideal for introducing the little ones to the fun sport.

It comes packing every necessary feature needed so younger kids can get familiar with trampolines from a young age. Plus, it’s super safe, making it an excellent children's small trampoline.

Greenbay Kid Trampoline comes in a portable size that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It rocks top quality safety features to ensure your children get maximum excitement from every use.

Its small size and extra reinforced protection make it a perfect trampoline for toddlers and younger kids alike. No doubt, Greenbay Kid Trampoline is an excellent buy for any parent.

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 4.5ft
  • Height: 38cm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 45kg

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Greenbay Kid Trampoline features a safety enclosure netting that is fitted internally. This design ensures that your kids have the maximum fun without worrying about colliding with the poles. Knowing that toddlers are new to this experience is enough to make any parent worry about safety. Having this feature pre-set on the trampoline is, therefore, a huge relief, making it the best trampoline for kids below six years.

Standout Features

Greenbay Kid Trampoline comes with a durable, long-lasting, rust-resistant steel frame with powder coating. It also features a UV resistant PE mesh safety enclosure with access zipper for entry and exit. A heavy-duty, no-spring bungee system is employed for maximum safety of toddlers. A total of 30 pieces of elastic strings are provided, especially for this purpose, and the cover mat is padded with cushion and foam.

With a maximum weight limit of 45kg, Greenbay Kid Trampoline is perfect for toddler parties. Assembling the trampoline is also very easy to carry out. The entire structure stands on six leg pieces, giving it superb stability and sturdiness. Moreover, its overall design is manufactured to EN-71 and CE approval standards.

  • Double galvanized, rust-resistant, powder coated steel frame
  • UV resistant, internal enclosure netting
  • Safe, heavy-duty, no-spring system
  • EN-71, CE approval
  • Limited jumping space

Olypla stands out when it comes to designing trampolines for toddlers, and this is further proof of that fact. The Kids First is an excellent option for introducing your children to trampolining.

This top-notch product is perfect for first-timers and offers features guaranteed to make their earliest bouncing experiences unforgettable. Olypla Kids First features an incredible jumping environment that ensures fun and safety all in one.

For those who wish to start their toddlers into the exciting sports of trampolining, this is a great buy. Olypla Kids First is super ideal for improving the physical development of children. Combining exercises of strength, balance and coordination in on fun activity, trampolining is a great training tool. Also, since all great activities require the best, your children deserve Olypla Kids First.

Products Specifications

  • Diameter: 4.5ft
  • Height: 50cm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 45kg

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Olypla Kids First offers all the great features you could ever want in a children’s trampoline at virtually giveaway price. For parents willing to start their toddlers in this jumping venture, this is a great option. Its high performance compliments its cost-efficient pricing. Many users have come to realize that among all the cheap trampolines for toddlers, this is the highest in quality.

Standout Features

Olypla Kids First features a 55” jumping mat with an internal safety enclosure netting. The netting position is specially designed to keep the toddler in a safe jumping zone throughout the activity. Zipper entry at the side of the enclosure allows access in and out of the trampoline The entire frame is made of double galvanized steel pipes with rust-free protection.

Both the steel frame and jumping springs are covered with thick foam pads to ensure maximum child safety. The foam pad on the jumping mat is fitted to cushion any fall on the trampoline. Overall, Olympla Kids First has a maximum weight limit of 45kg and comes with GS and EN-71 certification.

  • Durable, double galvanized steel frame with rust-free protection
  • Internal safety enclosure fitting
  • Padded steel frame and spring cover
  • GS and EN-71 approval
  • Assembly might seem complex


So many ways exist to provide a fun environment for children but hardly are there many as exciting as trampolines. Not only are these super enjoyable, but they’re also a great fitness tool. Very few avenues are available that provide both playtime and workout time for kids as these. Trampolines are great for building stamina, coordination and balance in children and teenagers.

These unusual apparatus are not just fun for older kids alone. Toddlers can be introduced to the fun sport, using the opportunity to develop their strength. Plus, it’s also a great way for mums and dads to spend playtime with the kids. I mean, who doesn’t love bouncing up and down all day long? Trampolines are so much fun; they’re hard to outgrow.

It is for this and many more reasons that we advise parents to always consult a review and buying guide before shopping for trampolines. As there are so many out there, you need to be sure of what to look for. To assist you, we’ve prepared a detailed list based on research and customer reviews for your consultation. We’ve also included a buying guide for better clarity on the subject.

We strongly advise you sue the buying guide and review as each product is carefully selected after much scrutiny. Use the information to direct your decision when shopping. However, if you wish to know which the best trampoline to pick is, we suggest Kanga Premium Trampoline. It is by far the safest by any standards and guarantees your kids complete protection and fun.

Never regret a purchase.

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Trampolines Buying Guide

To give your kids the perfect holiday, get a quality and safe trampoline. It would be a great distraction from television during summer breaks. As for you, rather than staying indoors by the stove fan, setting up an inflatable hot tub can keep you warm as you listen to music. Using a BBQ smoker would also be a great option.

A quality weather station can tell when the weather is right for using the trampoline. And cleaning the outside surfaces with a pressure washer makes it clean and hygienic to carry out the activities

You need a quality trampoline to guarantee the users’ safety as they play. We will show you how to make the best choice.

It is imperative to have adequate knowledge of any product before setting out to purchase one. Trampolines are no exception. It is essential in their case as these apparatus are somewhat risky business. It is ill-advised to pick a trampoline on a whim. Not only do you risk yourself, but your kids as well.

Quality alone isn’t the only thing to look for when shopping for a trampoline. Getting the maximum satisfaction from using these things requires a detailed understanding of how they work. Strong knowledge on their parts, designs and specifications must be given top priority. This is why buying guides exist. A useful buying guide must feed you with enough information on the do’s and don’t’s of trampoline shopping.

Fortunately, we have gone out of our way to provide just that for you. We have compiled the most important factors to consider before carting away that trampoline kit. This information is vital as it’s the difference between setting up a great product and an accident waiting to happen. Therefore, we strongly advise you to put them to heart and use them meticulously when shopping for trampolines.

Safety and satisfaction of every prospective trampoline user is our priority. It is for this reason that we emphasize the importance of the buying guide. We hope you will strictly follow these guidelines so you can get the most out of your shopping experience.

When looking for the perfect trampoline for your family, especially your kids consider these features;


Trampolines are not built the same, and as such, come in various configurations. Each shape design is unique in its function and as such, differs from the other. Trampolines come in five basic shapes namely;

Round Trampolines- which are the most common types. They are usually considered recreational trampolines and are the easiest and safest to use, making them perfect for beginners. Sizes may range from 6ft to up to 16ft. For kids and toddlers, a round trampoline is most suitable.

Rectangular Trampolines- which are considered the bounciest. They tend to be mostly used by professionals, specifically acrobats and gymnasts, and this makes them somewhat pricey. They tend to be larger than round ones, in any case. A rectangular trampoline usually comes with lots of springs positioned in such a way that enhances the bounce.

Square Trampolines- these combine the factors or both round and rectangular ones, offering you a great balance. The design gives them a better bounce than round trampolines but not as much as rectangular ones. They’re also very space-efficient, fitting comfortably in places too small or big for their other counterparts. The bounce response makes them suitable for intermediate users, but they’re also costly.

Oval Trampolines- these make up the largest sized trampolines available. They tend to have good bounce and lots of space, making them perfect for multiple users at a go. Oval trampolines are ideal for parties, gatherings and trampoline games. For the single user, the large mat size of an oval trampoline means more effort to achieve a high bounce.

Octagonal Trampolines- these are fancier shaped trampolines with excellent bounce quality, almost as that of rectangular ones. However, what they have over rectangular trampolines however is their safety. Octagonal trampolines are also ideal for beginners.

As each shape determines how bouncy, space-consuming or expensive a trampoline would be, you must choose based on your preferences. In summary, octagonal and round shapes are safer for newbies. Square and rectangular ones are perfect for regulars and professionals. So oval ones are best for group activities.


Also, an important note to consider when purchasing a trampoline is its type. Trampolines come in different designs, each determining how they function. While coming with a base which requires a metal frame network to keep it up, others are inflatable.

It may also be specified if the trampoline is meant for recreational or professional use. Some may come springless or using springs, and others still are inflatable with water.

There’s also the mini trampolines or rebounders; smaller sized trampolines designed in any of the basic shapes available.

These are used in home gyms and activities requiring lesser effort. Then there’s the option of in-ground or above ground trampolines. 

The former, requiring you dig a hole to set it in, and the latter only needing a stand. Moreover, while in-grounds are safer, above ground types are more comfortable to set up.

Parents who are super concerned about the safety of their younger kids and toddlers can purchase kids trampoline with handle. These types provide support for the beginners, allowing them to learn most efficiently. For toddlers who are already accustomed to the apparatus, a small trampoline with enclosure is perfect. These come with safety netting for complete protection of the toddlers while jumping.


You also need to consider the overall size of the trampoline before you buy. This is because your choice of a trampoline depends on three things;

The Size of Your Space

The number of users you plan on allowing at a go and;

The Age Range of the Users

Having this in mind, you need to bear the following dimensions in mind; the diameter of the jumping area and the height of the trampoline. Trampolines come in a wide selection of sizes, ranging from 8 ft to 15 ft in diameter. They also differ in elevation, with ranges from 80cm to 120cm off the ground.

Smaller sized diameters are only suitable for one user at a go, ergo the term ‘uni-jumper’. For multiple users, 12ft and above are ideal for use. Of course, trampolines with a larger diameter would take more space in your yard. Also, the size of the trampoline tends to affect the bounce height.

Those with higher height will require a ladder if children are to use them. Teenagers can cope with trampolines that are much higher above the ground. Smaller kids, however, will need something much lower.

Spring Count

The number of springs under the jumping mat is also significant. This is because it is the springs that determine the bounce power of the trampoline. Trampolines with more springs tend to be bouncier than those with less. However, spring count can also mean larger jumping mat, ergo larger trampoline.

Weight Limit

It is important to note just how much weight the trampoline is capable of bearing at a go. All trampolines come with minimum and maximum weight capacity, which differs significantly.

The weight capacity of the trampoline heavily depends on various factors. These include the strength of the jumping springs, jumping mat, frame and sometimes, even the size of the trampoline.

It’s imperative to never load a trampoline beyond its weight limit for both your sake and that of the apparatus. If you plan on having lots of people at a time on the trampoline, purchase one with a high weight limit. For example, a120kg maximum weight trampoline can only be used by a total of users weighing precisely that.


The safety enclosure or protective netting is perhaps one of the most critical parts of a trampoline. Why? Because without it, you might fall off the trampoline and sustain serious injury. There are two types of safety enclosure; the external and internal standard. The former fits around the metal poles while the latter fits just outside the jumping mat.

The latter is much safer as it shields you from direct contact with the metal poles. However, there are versions of the external enclosure net that come with foam padding. The thicker, the better, should these be your preference.

Build Material

The most durable trampolines are made with double galvanized steel pipes. In some models, the arrangement is weldless, offering more strength. Also, the jumping springs must be made of powder coated galvanized steel to ensure longevity. If you prefer springless models, go for those with lighter flexible rods. These offer more elasticity but are quite expensive.

Also, the jumping mat and foam padding must be made with rigid EPE for comfort landing. It would help if you even considered UV resistance as this prevents the trampoline from getting damaged by sunlight. Most enclosures are UV resistant while most metal frames are rust-free. Plus, closed cell foams prevent water and mildew absorption, ensuring the longevity of trampolines.

Trampoline Pad

The jumping mat and spring cover tend to have padding to protect you from landing impact. It is crucial you go for trampolines with much thicker padding for maximum safety. Also, check if the material used is UV resistant. This is important as it ensures your trampoline isn’t so prone to environmental attack. Weatherproof and anti-absorbent features are handy in this regard.


Some trampolines come with accessories upon purchase. These include a rain cover, enclosure, ladder, shoe bag, tents and anchor kit. Other sporting accessories may be available so if you’d prefer accessories, find out if your apparatus uses any. Make sure only to purchase merchandise that is compatible with your trampoline. Also, check if some accessories are mandated as some important assemblage parts might be sold separately.

Understanding the Jargons.

EN-71 - a European Standard that specifies the safety requirements all toys sold in the EU must comply with.

CE - A certification mark that indicates a product conforms with the health, environmental protection and safety standards within the European Economic Area.

GS - Gold Standard

TUV - Technischer Überwachungsverein (Technical Inspection Association); German inspection and product certification organization.

PVC - Plasticized polyvinyl chloride; a robust and lightweight plastic commonly used in construction.

PP - Polypropylene; a thermoset used in many applications ranging from textiles to packaging and toys.

PE - Polyethylene; the most common plastic polymer used in making items.

EPE - Expandable Polyethylene; low density, semi-rigid, closed cell foams made from polyethene. They’re used for cushioning and impact-absorption purposes.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer; a manufacturer that produces items another company can resell under their name and branding.

What are the Different Features?

Most users go after size. Many people know the larger trampolines come with more jumping springs, so they purchase these to maximize fun. Others still consider height. The height difference from the ground as well as the total jumping space is deemed to be handy. The latter determines how close the safety enclosure would be to the jumper. The former determines whether you need a ladder, especially if you’re buying for kids.

The weight limit is also considered a handy feature amongst users. Before buying, users look out for tells that indicate how much a trampoline can carry at a go. As rectangular models tend to belong trampolines, these provide more space and allow more weight. Even those shopping for kids look out for small trampolines with a significant weight capacity. This way, they can enable playmates to bounce along with their kids as well.

Also considered a handy feature is the shape. Most users purchasing for kids would prefer round trampolines. Oval ones attract those who use trampolines in groups. Parkour stuntmen and acrobats go for the more professional rectangular shapes. So square designs easily attract teenagers and the more enthusiastic intermediate groups.

Many also consider spring or spring-free features handy. Users who do not mind spending more prefer to purchase models with flexible rods, as they’re rated the safest. Others, however, prefer the more traditional designs and consider looking out for extra padding on the cover foam. Plus, they know these are more affordable and offer almost as much bounce as the springless models.

Trampolines Buying FAQs

Q: How to get a good bounce on a trampoline?

A: You can use various tips and tricks to get a good bounce on a trampoline. Add more springs as these increase the jump capacity of your trampoline. Also, ensure you replace old springs as these can reduce bounce as they wear out. You can also rearrange the springs in patterns that enhance the bouncing capacity of the trampoline.

You can use the X, V or W patterns to reassemble the springs around your trampoline. Also, employing anchor springs can help as they allow you to add more springs to your trampoline and make it bouncier.

Q: How to safely use a trampoline?

A: There are several tips to consider so as using your trampoline safely. First, make sure you include a safety enclosure. This shields you from falling off. It is also essential to secure the stability with the aid of an anchor kit. Also, never use the trampoline on your own if you’re not very familiar with it. Practice under adult or professional supervision.

Do not use a trampoline when the mat is wet and clean up before every jump. Also, avoid jumping in rain or snow as you can slip and get injured. Clean the mat before every use to eliminate debris. Also, be sure to use rain enclosure or fold up when not in use. Also, make sure no children or pets are under the jumping mat when the trampoline is in use.

Moreover, most importantly, never exceed the weight limit of any trampoline. Doing so can cause the elements to break easily and lead to severe injuries. Also, do not attempt a trampoline trick unless you’re very familiar with it.

Q: What are spring free trampolines?

A: Spring free trampolines or springless are those that employ the use of flexible, non-metal rods to provide bounce to the trampoline jumping mat. These designs were introduced following the reports of injuries sustained by users from contact with metal jumping springs. Springless trampolines also employ Flexinet enclosure to prevent the jumper from falling off.

Springless trampolines are considered safer than most traditional trampolines though debates still exist over which is the bounciest. They’re also the most expensive types.

Q: What is best to wear for jumping on a trampoline?

A: It is essential to wear athletic clothing- tracksuits, tights, leotards and t-shirts. Free clothing like baggy jeans or shorts is also all right. You can also purchase unique custom socks that provide extra grip on the jumping mat. Also, avoid wearing hard and sharp accessories like rings, belt buckles, necklaces, clothing studs and shoes.

Q: Should you jump on a wet trampoline?

A: While it might seem tempting to jump on a wet trampoline, it is not advisable. Jumping on a damp trampoline mat can make you slip and fall the wrong way. It's even worse when you have multiple users in such cases. The best advice is to clean the jumping mat with a dry towel or wait until it gets air dried before use.

Q: Can you use a trampoline in the winter?

A: Using a trampoline in the winter is very safe. Not only do you get to have fun, but you also generate heat from the bouncing activity, keeping yourself warm. The trampoline may get frozen in the winter and such cases, you may remove the snow before use. You can also try some snow tricks to spice up the activity.

However, if the weather seems too cold, you can move the trampoline indoors if you can. Alternatively, you could get a trampoline tent that fits over the safety enclosure. However, make sure you wear the right footwear before using the trampoline in the winter. Also, wear stretchy clothing to allow heat generation and circulation around your body during the activity.

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