The 7 Best Toasters In 2017 Reviewed

What’s so special about toast? How has it managed to earn its reputation as the most beloved, comfort food for the past decades?

Well, it is because it is versatile, easy to make, cheap, and just plain delicious.

I’m going to introduce you to some of the best toasters that can make this come true for you. What’s more, these models are inexpensive and are very reliable when it comes to making tasty, delicious toast for you and your family.​

Overview Of The 7 Best Toasters In 2017

The Top 7 Best Toasters On The Market Reviewed

This four slice toaster measures 29X25X21 cm and weighs 2.3 kg. It’s one of the most compact four slice toaster in the market today. This toaster’s body comes in a black and silver stainless steel finish that’s easy to clean. Removable crumb trays make this unit easy to clean and maintain

The Morphy Richards accents four slice toaster features a number of useful settings that give you more control over the toasting process. The variable browning control allows you to choose whether you want a light, medium or dark brown toast. The frozen setting allows you to start toasting your slices straight from the freezer without defrosting.

Once the toasting is complete, eject and high lift features come in handy. This toaster has a wattage rating of 1800W and comes with a convenient cord storage and cool touch feature.​

The first thing you’ll notice about the Russell Hobbs 18096 Texas 2 slice toaster is its shiny stainless steel exterior with black accents. It measures 19.81X29.39X19.2 cm and weighs 1.4 kg. At 980 watts rating, this toaster is more energy efficient compared to competing 2 slice toasters.

The 18096 Texas toaster has a cool touch exterior which protects you from burns. The polished exterior and removable crumb tray make it easy to clean this toaster. Like many of the best 2 slice toasters, the 18096 Texas is designed to give you unmatched control over the toasting process. It includes features such as browning control, defrost, reheat and high lift which enable you to get your toast just as you like it.​

If you’re a Warburton’s fan, the Breville 2 slice toaster is specially designed for you. It’s a 2 slice toaster that comes in a compact polished stainless steel body. For a 2 slice toaster, it’s a bit large and measures 24.8X32X24.5 cm and weighs 2.1 kg. However, despite its size, it comes with an assortment of features that make it one of the best toasters UK consumers can get.

Its electronic browning control, reheat function and lift and look feature give you more control over the toasting process. An extra high-lift feature enables you to toast and remove small snacks such as bagels and crumpets without needing wooden forks. Its variable toast width slots make it easy to toast different size slices evenly and from bottom to top. Other useful features include a removable crumb tray, convenient power cord storage, defrost function and non-slip feet.​

A well designed and efficient four slice toaster, the 22400 from Russell Hobbs measures 25.6X32.8X23 cm and weighs 2.5kg. It’s rated at 2400 watts. Its body is made from polished stainless steel that’s easy to clean.

This toasters extra wide slots makes it ideal for toasting slices of different widths and a variety of different pastries. A removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean. Its high lift levers make it easy to retrieve your toast without the need for forks. A reheat and frozen bread function allow you to reheat your bread if it has cooled and toast bread straight from the freezer without defrosting respectively. The variable browning control gives you more control over the toasting process.

The VTT233 from Breville has a unique stretch design that measures 38.2X16.21X18.21 cm and weighs 1.59 kg. It features two slots with a four slice capacity. The body is made from high grade polished black plastic. For a 4 slice toaster, it has a relatively low power rating of 1400 watts.

The Breville VTT233 toaster is fitted with a removable crumb tray which makes cleaning easy. A reheat and defrost function make it easy to heat toasted bread and defrost frozen bread before toasting respectively. A mid cycle cancel feature allows you to stop the toasting process easily. Other useful features you’ll find on this toaster include browning control, high lift function and red illuminated buttons for easy control.​

The TT550015 is an innovative appliance that combines a 2 slice toaster and egg maker. It measures 22.8X20.4X40 cm and weighs 2.4 kg. It’s a 1200 watt appliance.

The toaster has 2 wide slots which enable toasting slices of different widths as well as different snacks like bagels and muffins. A removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean off any deposited crumbs. The toaster also includes features such as browning control and high lift which give you better control over the toasting process.

If you love having your toast with eggs, this appliance includes a poaching, steamer and warming tray which makes cooking your eggs and heating food easy. The trays are also easy to clean. The TT550015 also comes with a convenient cord storage.

The De’longhi CTJ4003 4 slice toaster combines an attractive finish with efficiency. It comes in a 29.01X30.99X19.99 cm plastic body and weighs 2.3 kg. The black plastic body has attractive chrome accents which will look great on any countertop.

Like many of the best 4 slice toasters, the ctj4003 includes a host of useful features like a removable crumb tray, browning control and defrost. This toaster has variable width slots and extra lift levers which make it easy to toast and retrieve pastries of different widths and sizes. Rated at 1800 watts, its one of the most energy efficient 4 slice toasters. Its energy efficiency is further enhanced by the fact that you can choose to use only two slots to toast your slices.​


Whether you choose a two slice or four slot toasters is largely a matter of personal preference and how much toast you want to prepare each morning. Each of the seven toasters reviewed have its own unique features that make it among the best. However, as with any review, there must be a clear favourite. We opted to go for a four slice toaster with a stainless steel body since it has a higher capacity, has more features and, is durable. Of the two four slot stainless steel appliances, the Morphy Richards accents four slice toaster offers better value for your money. It’s lighter, smaller and more energy efficient compared to the runner up, the Russell Hobbs 22400 wide slot four slice toaster. Its also fairly priced compared to four slot and two slot toasters. You can view the toaster here.

A Mini Guide To Toasters

Toasters are electrical appliances which are used to brown slices of bread. The toasting process uses radiant heat to make the slices firmer, crunchier and easier to apply toppings on.

Types Of Toasters

There are three main types of toasters, pop-up, conveyor and toaster ovens.

Pop-up toasters are the traditional small toasters you’re likely to buy for your home. They have two, four or even eight slots. Each slot toasts a single slice at a time. This best toasters review will focus on the pop-up toasters type.

Conveyor toasters are usually large units which have two main parts; a top compartment for loading bread and a bottom compartment for delivering toasted slices. Due to their size and output (hundreds of slices per hour), they’re commonly used in the catering industry.

Toaster ovens are hybrid kitchen appliances that work as toasters, ovens and microwaves. Most are countertop appliances and come with many features that make it easy to customize the toasting process.

What To Look For When Buying A Toaster


The size of the toaster is largely determined by the number of slots it has. If you have limited countertop space, 2 slice toasters are the best option. You should also consider the toasters weight when looking at size.


If you’ll only toast standard size bread slices, a simple toaster will do. If however you want to toast a variety of snacks, a toaster with large slots and settings such as high lift and browning control is your best option.

Ease of use

Today’s toasters will feature a number of useful settings. This however doesn’t mean that the best toasters are those with the most bells and whistles. You should only go for the appliance with features that you need. Some of the features to look out for include defrost and convection heating.

Ease of cleaning

Generally, go for toasters with a removable crumb tray and an easy to clean exterior.

Power consumption

The best toasters are energy efficient appliances. You don’t want an appliance that consumes a lot of power for every few minutes it’s in use.

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