7 Best Tens Machine Reviews UK 2021 - Top Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on January 17, 2021

Are you in need of pain relief? The TENS machine is one of the best and safest ways to treat sport injuries, chronic pain, back pain, arthritis and even labour pain.

But with so many TENS machines in the market, the challenge becomes finding the right one. Our comprehensive review of top-rated tens machines share the unique features of each, to help you choose the best one for you.

Best Tens Machines Reviews

Best Tens Machines On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best tens machine is the Dual Channel Tens Machine By Quille. We gave this electric current machine a 5/5 star rating.

Dual Channel Tens Machine QUILLE Pain Relief Machine is the most talked-about TENS machine online. It comes with dual-channel pulse massager included and you can place two sets of electrode pads at different places where there is pain and instantly, it starts working concurrently to treat any sort of pain. 

It usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes utmost to receive pain relief treatment. This electric device has great benefits aside from pain-relieving in that, it also works by stimulating muscles and in turn, you get to stay fit and healthy. The dual-channel QUILLE TENS machine comes with 16 pre-programmed massage modes to relieve specific physical pain on the body.

For instance, there is the Tuina, acupuncture, shiatsu, rubbing, vibration, pinching, foot reflexology, ear kneading options to reduce lower back pain, frozen shoulder, etc. These programs when activated treat a specific pain in the area where you get pain relief in no time. Unlike other models where the modes are limited to certain conditions, this TENS unit offers a wide range of modes to use on any pain condition.

Dual Channel Tens Machine By Quille

For instance, there is the Tuina, acupuncture, shiatsu, rubbing, vibration, pinching, foot reflexology, ear kneading options to reduce lower back pain, frozen shoulder, etc. These programs when activated treat a specific pain in the area where you get pain relief in no time. Unlike other models where the modes are limited to certain conditions, this TENS unit offers a wide range of modes to use on any pain condition.

The QUILLE TENS device features 20 levels of intensity variables to optimize sensitive control for pain area relaxation by adjusting the electrical impulses width and electrical impulses rate controls. On it, there is a pre-programmed timer that sets the duration from 10 up to 60 minutes. It automatically shuts down at the end of the preset duration.

The good tens machine comes with reusable pads or electrodes with multi-layer technology that offer good conduction to eliminate the use of gel. You get to use these pads 15 to 20 times before you replace them. On a single charge, the machine has a run time of 10 hours of uninterrupted use. Charging is done via USB cable when low battery levels are experienced and an indicator is there to show for it.

Built with portability in mind, the QUILLE rechargeable machine has a compact and lightweight design. This is useful to fit in the pocket and enable one to use it on the go. The screen even has a digital backlit feature that makes for easy visibility. Almost every doctor is sure that the pain relief treatment from this unit will improve your condition.

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  • It is an effective pain management method with 16 physiotherapy programs
  • Comes with reusable pads/electrodes included that are safe for body and skin
  • Treatment from this simple electric unit will last for hours and improve your condition
  • This best buy provides a good and natural pain relief method
  • This tens unit is easy to use and control the digital display which shows the current operation mode
  • This good pain relief unit is compact and lightweight


  • It lacks a belt clip to attach to the belt as you walk, making the pocket the only place to carry it where one can easily drop it

Second place goes to the Tens Machine For Labour By Babycare Tens. We gave this best buy a 5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and more information on the Amazon site links below.

The pain women feel when in labour is unbearable. The contractions of the baby can take longer than expected which caused the woman intense pain. So many activities are performed by the women just to help decrease and manage the strong pain they feel, and does it go away? No.

Therefore, having a machine that helps in such situations to reduce the pain and make the whole labour period manageable is always the best idea. The Babycare TENS- Elle TENS machine is the best tens machine for early labour. Being an award-winning maternity TENS machine, every doctor and midwife highly recommend it.

What better machine to use to reduce the strong labour pain than this machine with all the right features to work efficiently. The settings on this Babycare Elle machine are pre-set for ease of use. During labour, the pain gets so intense that the woman cannot stand a complicated and difficult-to-operate pain relief device.

Tens Machine For Labour By Babycare TensS – Elle TENS Maternity

Featuring the latest Optimax technology, an extra pulse of pain encountering power is released in the final stages of labour (this is when the intensity of the pain increases and the pain reliever most needed). This Optimax technology features both the Elle TENS2 and the Elle TENS+. Also, there is a boost button for contractions to enable maximum pain relief any day.

The well made TENS unit comes with instructions for use, 4 large maternity electrode pads, 2 lead wires, 2 AAA batteries, neck cord, a carrying pouch and a free woman's manual for natural, drug-free pain treatment. Treatment from this electric unit will last long and improve your condition. These are the complete requirements needed to start using the machine immediately. This machine is safe to use since it doesn’t affect anything on both mama and baby.

Therefore, most women who have used the Elle TENS can attest to the magic of this small yet effective device. To add to this, it won’t cost you much to get this machine and for the work it does, the price is worth it. In fact, another good thing about this product is that you can always put it up for hire when you are not using it.


  • It is the best tens machine you could use for labour pain
  • Provides good treatments for pain in and around the painful area which are going to last for hours and improve your condition
  • This simple tens unit is safe and easy to use and control
  • Using a TENS for pain is a great option if you're trying to use an alternative pain reduction method and better treatment
  • This pain relief unit has reusable pads or electrodes that are attached to the skin


  • Some may find the price a bit expensive

Third place goes on our list to the new Pain Relief Tens Machine By Medfit. We gave this best buy a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the Amazon site links below.

Med-Fit 1 Dual Channel Tens Machine is the ultimate pain reliever machine that is the best selling because of the features it exudes and is easy to use for fast effectiveness. Most people go through chronic pain and conditions like sciatica, arthritis, lumbago, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, fractures, knee inflammation, etc.

This becomes so unbearable even pain medication has little effect in such situations. While that may be true, Med-Fit 1 Dual Channel is the best TENS machine to use in such cases. It has an analogue design that enables users of all walks of life to use with ease and with no complications to achieve the targeted TENS pain relief.

Featuring 8 pads or electrodes that are attached to the skin and a dual-channel output, you are able to treat two different spots concomitantly with this Med-Fit medical unit. This is great for when one is having pain in different parts of the body because the pain will be reduced faster and more efficiently.

Pain Relief Tens Machine By Medfit

There are 3 program settings, namely constant, burst and modulation modes. These modes are controlled by a simple switch on this tens machine. No wonder it gets easy to use this machine because the independent channel controls allow sensitive control of intensity, frequency and duration.

Also, there is a variable pulse rate and a variable pulse width to measure specific changes in time between successive heartbeats. This is relevant because you are able to know how constant your heartbeat intervals are. The medical tens machine from Med-Fit works like a charm to remove all the body aches because it is simple to operate and use.

The Med-Fit pain relief TENS unit has a small design, robust and supplied with a belt clip for you to walk around with it. Supplied with 8 top quality adhesive pads that are attached to the skin (each pad measuring 5 by 5cm), you will have everything you need to start your pain-relieving process and improve your condition. For this reason, most people love using this product to have fast pain relief in their homes and while on the move without a problem.

The Med-Fit 1 dual channel TENS machine is fully compliant to the medical directive class 2a for great service. When you think of the best buy TENS machine, this is the right device to consider since it’s the best and has received a lot of positive reviews on Amazon and other online selling platforms. In the box, you will get 8 electrodes, 2 patient leads, 1 9v PP3 battery and an instruction manual for TENS.

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  • This tens unit has treatment that provides great pain relief that will last long and improve your condition
  • This medical device comes at an affordable price, enabling you to save some money
  • Controls allow sensitive control of intensity, frequency and duration.
  • This tens unit is safe and easy to use with reusable pads or electrodes that are attached to the skin for the best patients experience
  • This pain relief unit received a lot of positive reviews on selling platforms - many of them say it has amazing nerve stimulation


  • There were some comments that found this pain relief machine might have a low battery life

Fourth best pain relief unit you can buy is the new 5 Modes Digital Tens Machine By Medfit. We gave this pain relief option a 4.5/5 star rating.

Med-Fit is a brand that is known to produce the best TENS devices that are effective and offer ease of use. The Med-Fit 3 Digital Dual Channel Tens Machine is just the machine to use in relieving adverse pain thanks to the great accuracy of the digital controls of the units. Using this machine is made super easy with the large and clear digital display.

On the display, you get to read and adjust the settings of the frequency, intensity and duration. Featuring five modes, the unit allows one to select the right mode to use to maximize the pain-relieving process. Plus, with the large display, you are able to select the mode you want to use like the burst, constant and modulation.

5 Modes Digital Tens Machine By Medfit

Also, there are the SD1/SD1 anti-accommodation modes that are used to relieve pain for a wide range of symptoms like lower back pain, arthritis, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tendonitis and lumbago. However, the unit is not suitable to use on labour pain.

Med-Fit 3 Digital Dual Channel Tens unit comes loaded with the best accessories. In the box, you receive 1 pack of adhesive pads measuring 5cm x 5cm, 2 patient leads, soft case, and instruction manual, 9v PP3 non-rechargeable battery and the unit itself.

With these accessories, it gets easier to use this TENS unit for back pain with ease. The pads or electrodes are easy to place on the affected area with little to no assistance, but with the manual supplied, you get to perfect it. Treatment from this electric unit will last long and improve your condition.

It is compact and lightweight for easy portability and comes with a robust steel belt clip which enables you to walk around with TENS pain relief machine clipped on the belt. Many consumers have highly rated this health care product for its accuracy.


  • This pain relief unit has a large clear display
  • Treatment from this unit will last long and improve your pain condition in any back area
  • This medical device comes with many modes for maximum pain relief in short time
  • This tens unit is safe and easy to use with reusable pads
  • It is a compact and lightweight machine, you can close it in a carrying case
  • These pain relief devices come complete with everything to start you off


  • Some reviews may find the TENS therapy machine to have a low battery life

Fifth place goes to the Home Use Tens Machine. We gave this best buy a 4.5/5 star rating.

A top quality pain-relieving machine that is versatile in that, aside from performing its sole purpose, it promotes muscular relaxation. The TPN 200 Plus TENS Machine exhibits such features.

This Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation TENS machine is able to perform this by releasing small electrical impulses that are safe for body and nervous system to be transmitted down the cables and to the self-adhesive pads. Then after, a tingling sensation is felt whereby the tense muscles relax and also blocks the pain from reaching the brain.

Home Use Tens Machine By Performance Health Inc

This muscle stimulator TENS machine features 4 pads and three pre-set programs where you get to choose the mode to use on the targeted pain relief. These are the constant, modulation and burst modes. First, before using this machine, our advice for you is to identify the cause of your pain and its type so that you will be able to know whether the TENS unit is ideal for use on the area or not.

Its variable pulse rate ranges from 2Hz - 150Hz while the variable pulse width is between 30μs and 260μs to enable the machine work on a wide range of pain problems. TENS works by relieving the period pain, neck and muscle pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, back pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, just to name a few.

There is no stopping what this machine/ muscle massager can do in the first session because it has cutting edge technology. Operating the TPN 200 Plus TENS Machine doesn’t require rocket science because it has the analogue operation to make it easy to use.

Featuring a flip-down cover, the controls are safely protected from any movement and the belt clip on the machine enables easy portability. The top quality machine comes fully packed with leads, self-adhesive electrodes, a 9V battery and also a TENS instructions manual and the unit enclosed in a soft case. Once you purchase the machine, you are able to use it right away. Overall, this high quality pain relief TENS machine gives great value for the money and is something you would try for pain relief.


  • This popular medical device is used to provide effective day to day treatments that last long
  • This top quality machine is used to fight chronic pain, acute pain, muscle pain, etc.
  • This pain relief machine has a robust build
  • These TENS units are compact and lightweight
  • These pain relief devices feature self-adhesive pads
  • You can close the tens unit in a soft carrying case


  • Some people may find the analogue design of the case and pads disconcerting

Sixth best pain relief machine you can buy is the new Rechargeable Tens Machine By Kinetik Wellbeing company. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

For those that love a smaller machine to relieve pain in no time, the Kinetik Wellbeing Dual Channel Tens Machine is a great choice. The St. John ambulance with Kinetic Wellbeing is used hand in hand to empower many to be keen with their health and know how to handle an emergency without the use of drugs.

For this reason, the Kinetik Wellbeing leads in producing pain relief units to help in instant pain relief tens treatment. All that is needed is to insert the cables into the machine, power it on and adjust up to the desired intensity and let it work the magic.

Rechargeable Tens Machine By Kinetik Wellbeing

The TENS pain reliever with 4 pads is powerful and works instantly with the clinically proven technology by stimulating the release of pain relievers called endorphins that work naturally to stop the pain message from reaching the spine, spinal cord and the brain.

This nerve and muscle stimulation can improve blood circulation. Coming with 20 intensity levels per channel, the user can adjust the settings to maximize the pain-relieving process. Also, there are 8 therapeutic modes with a 10-60 minute timer and 4 pads for each channel to enable the user to feel free using the unit on different areas at once.

In terms of the design, this Kinetik Wellbeing Dual Channel Tens Machine is compact, lightweight and easy to use anywhere you may be. Most people love using this electric device because it provides the effectiveness required and it’s reliable when needed. With a simple press on the dials, you get to use this mini tens unit easily and enable high-frequency and low frequency muscle and nerve stimulation.

This tens unit comes packed with all the necessary accessories required to start you off immediately. In the box, you get 4 adhesive gel pads, mini USB cable for charging, the unit and a quick start manual. The pads are also reusable for at least 30 times before replacing.


  • This tens unit has numerous effective programs for acute pain and chronic pain relief
  • This transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device is compact and easily portable
  • Excellent reusable pads make sure to provide great pain relief services when used
  • Can also be used to fight pain in back muscles
  • This pain relief machine comes with rechargeable batteries


  • This pain relief unit may have low battery life when used frequently

Seventh best unit you can buy is the Clinically Approved Tens Machine By TensCare. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

TensCare Perfect TENS Pain Relief Machine is a great device used to diminish physical pain sensation in a particular area on the body. This effective TENS pain relief machine is suitable for use on a wide range of conditions like chronic pain (back and hip, knee, rheumatic pain, joint pain, lumbago, sciatica, osteoarthritis pain, arthritis pain), musculoskeletal pain, training injuries and acute pain like dental and facial pain even migraine and neuralgias.

It is very easy to use to provide effective performance. With this good looking model in your possession, any kind of pain is easily combated in no time. For the best effectiveness, this TENS Pain Relief Machine has two channels with 8 preset programmes including the burst, constant and modulation modes, a HAN electrical stimulation programme to enable users to adjust for individual needs. You will also get access to a manual programme.

Clinically Approved Tens Machine By TensCare

With plenty of programmes, the user is able to make numerous setting choices and for this reason, the TENS machine is shown for clinical trials. It is safe and comfortable to use this model for it provides gentle TENS stimulation with 60 intensity adjustment steps.

Also, when the electrode pads are not safely secured on the body, the Open Direct Detection feature automatically resets the strength to zero to put an end to any changes in the output if reconnected. This TENS Pain Relief model has an attractive ultra-slim design with independent intensity controls and a clear large LCD display to show the data.

This model for period pain is easily portable because it is lightweight weighing only 75 grams. With dual channel and a programme timer, the user is able to keenly follow the targeted pain relief plan with much ease. You can enable a 20, 40 and 60-minute session time on the device depending on the pain you feel.

There is an automatic keypad locking function that is used to lock the device if unused for 30 seconds to prevent any changes in the settings. The box contains the TENS unit with a belt clip, 4 self-adhesive adjustable electrode pads, 2 lead wires, 2AA batteries, an instruction booklet and a storage pouch. Users are advised against using this model during the first trimester and late stages of pregnancy.


  • It is simple to use with adjustable electrode pads to make sure to suit every need
  • Can be used to fight chronic pain and acute pain
  • It can also be used to fight pain in back muscles
  • It is a top quality model used to suit different kinds of pain due to a variety of programmes
  • This transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device is slim and attractive
  • This professional unit comes with 2 year warranty to make sure of customer convenience


  • The on/off button needs a bit of effort applied to it to switch on and off

Tens Machines Buying Guide

There are numerous home-operated solutions to health issues. For neck pains, using only a memory foam pillow at night cannot provide relief, invest in a pillow for neck pain. Using a foot spa after work will relax your mind and keep stress and depression away. Having a blood pressure monitor within arm’s reach helps you monitor your blood pressure, especially during pregnancy.

Like heated rollers, every lady should have a TENS machine. They are efficient and help with relieving pain, including menstrual cramps. We will guide you through picking the best TENS unit.

What You Need To Know

Purchasing these pain reliever machines doesn’t cost much. The price is greatly reduced to make them affordable by everyone. Therefore, the cost of the little machines doesn’t matter too much. But then again, if you feel like the given price is still unaffordable, please search for a machine that works within your budget.

Most of the best TENS machine comes at a slightly higher cost than others. This is because they offer great results, effects and other factors that are discussed below. The modes the machine comes with really matters on results. For ease of use, some units have pre-set modes so that even the first-timers can use.

Having a machine that is easy to use is always ideal, especially one that deals with urgent matters like pain conditions. Also, the number of pads and electrodes attached to the TENS machine determine the simultaneous usage of various parts of the body. A tens machine with dual-channel lets you choose independent settings for at least 2 pads, therefore, having one with these features is ideal.

TENS Machines Guide

The level of intensity of the TENS unit also is a great factor to take into account when purchasing the device. Having the freedom to set the intensity is good to choose different intensity levels depending on the pain you feel. Then, you should be able to establish how to use a TENS unit.

Some TENS machines are easy to operate with buttons available and most digital ones have touch settings. Our advice is to get a tens machine that is easy to control the settings. Also, the size of the display really matters because it is where you do most of the reading. It should enable one to read clearly.

Portability of the TENS machine should also be a key factor because, as mentioned, pain can strike anywhere. With this purpose in mind, one should be able to take the small unit and use it conveniently on the go or in the office.

The ones that come with a belt clip ensures easy usage of the device while walking. Lastly, another great factor is the kind of battery the TENS machine uses. Those that have the rechargeable battery option (like a wireless TENS machine) offer the service conveniently.

TENS Machines Buying Guide

However, there are those that need to be plugged in to work. Also, the type of battery determines the run time of the device. It is recommended to choose a tens machine that offers longer hours of run time.

Tens Machines Buying FAQs

Q: How does a TENS machine work?

A: TENS machine delivers small current electrical impulses to the body through electrodes on the skin to work by blocking the body from sending pain signals to the brain via nerves and the spinal cord. Therefore, when the pain signals are blocked by the electroshocks of the machine, the brain receives fewer to no pain signals from the source of pain.

Q: Can TENS machines be used by everyone?

A: A TENS machine is a good unit to use for there are no side-effects experienced by the user, proven by research studies and enough evidence from using TENS units. However, when you have not determined the cause of pain, you should not use the device. Also, there are a number of people who are not recommended to use the tens machine like pregnant women – unless of course, by medical advice or during labour, pacemakers, the epileptic or those with certain types of heart conditions.

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