10 Best Stove Fan Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 2019

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Wood burning stoves are a delight and we all love the sound of roaring fire. But unless you’re sitting right in front of one, chances are you won’t be warm.

To properly heat the entire room, you’re going to need a stove fan. This magical appliance helps spread heat throughout the room with zero running costs. Find out below the best stove fan currently available on the market.


Best Stove Fan Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Valiant FIR361 Premium 4-Blade Powered
Weight 721 g
Finish Anodized
Material Aluminum
Fan Small Operation Thermometer Fireplace
Weight 721 g
Finish Anodized
Material Aluminum
Anodized Aluminium Circular Thickened Protection 4 Blade
Weight 449 g
Finish Anodized
Material Aluminum
TOMERSUN 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan
TOMERSUN 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan
Weight 531 g
Finish Aluminium
Material Aluminum
Silent Operation 4-Blade Powered Fireplace
Weight 540 g
Finish Anodized
Material Aluminum

The 10 Best Stove Fans On The Market Reviewed


Our best pick on this top ten list is the Valiant FIR361 Premium 4-Blade Powered stove fan. This log stove fan is known for its excellent design and effectiveness.

Coming in a compact design, this stove fan is able to work at a temperature of about 45 degree Celsius without the use of a battery or an external power source.

The base of this fan is where heat is being conducted through and converted to electricity, which is to be used by the silent motor of the fan.

Asides its design, this wood stove fan is very durable with an anodised finish that automatically causes the stove fan to spoil when the heat burns out.

This is one of the best wood burning stove fans that can be used both in the homes and hubs.

the best stove fan

Products Specifications

  • Compactly designed and doesn't need batteries or external power to operate
  • Able to start at a temperature as low as 45° Celsius
  • It is 4-blade powered that makes it very effective
  • Comes with an anodised finish.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The fact that this wood burner fan doesn't require the need for batteries and external power is the main reason why many people like it. Asides from this, it is also able to operate silently and can work with a moderate temperature.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of the Valiant FIR361 Premium 4-Blade Powered stove fan is its relatively small size and ability to blow hot air which is uncommon to fans for wood stoves. The well-engineered design of this stove fan is also another unique feature of which makes it be able to generate maximum airflow.

  • Well designed to allow for comfortable and reliable use.
  • Works excellently without batteries or an external source.
  • Operates silently without any form of disturbance
  • Maintenance is quite costly and difficult to effect.


Our second pick is the Fan Small Operation Thermometer Fireplace Distribution which is second to the Valiant Premium because of just a few features. Also very compact, this stove fan sits at a height of about 199 mm and operates at a very low temperature.

It is also able to generate maximum airflow which has been out as being 70% more than what is being offered by competitor stove fans.

It also does not require batteries or an external source for it to start and it generates heats from its base that can be transformed into electricity need by the fan motor. With an impressive finish and high performance, this is one stove fan you should have in your home.


Products Specifications

  • Has a height of about 199mm which includes the blade and a width of approximately 180mm
  • Its blade width measures about 110mm and plate depth of 75mm
  • This stove fan complies fully with CE
  • Buyers enjoy a one year warranty that covers the materials and workmanship.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The unrivalled performance of this stove fan among others in the market is the main reason why people like it. It is able to operate at a rate of about 420 feet per minute and starts without batteries or external power.

Standout Features

The standout features of this particular stove fan include:

  • It comes with a thermally controlled actuator: This actuator is what is responsible for its optimum performance as well as protection from overheating.
  • This fan also has maximum motor life, balance and output. Being a 4 blade fan, it is able to operate at a temperature between 80° and 250° Celsius.
  • Very reliable, effective and long lasting stove fan.
  • Offers a one-year buying guarantee to boost buyer’s confidence.
  • Has an excellent design and a thermally controlled actuator is included.
  • The price has been a significant drawback for buyers as it is costly.


The Anodized Aluminium Circular Thickened Protection blade is a stove fan that is made from the best material which keeps it protected.

It is this protection that makes it one of the most durable stove fan that is made available in the market today.

Coming in a straightforward design, this stove fan works really well and doesn't need batteries or external source to power itself.

Though arriving at a high price, this stove gas fan is definitely worth the buy.


Products Specifications

  • The size of this stove fan measures at a width of 110 mm and a height of 125mm
  • It weighs about 451g and is well certified
  • The maximum operating temperature of this stove fan is 340°C while the minimum temperature is 50°C
  • The air flow of this stove fan ranges from 100 to 300 CFM

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The quality of the material type used for this stove fan is the main reason why people like it and choose it above other gas stove fans in the market. This is because everyone no doubts wants a stove fan that can last them a really long while. And this is precisely what this particular stove fan has to offer to people.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of this particular stove fan is its circular thickened baffle design. This design is an imitation of the Circular thickened baffle protection motor design and increases the working of the fans' motor, and also enhances the life span of the stove fan.

  • Made from a very quality material that keeps it protected at all times
  • Able to work without batteries or an external source
  • Comes with 4 durable and reliable blades
  • You need to have a really huge budget to buy and maintain this stove fan.


The Tomersun heat powered stove fan is what you need to benefit fully from your stove this winter.

It will ensure even distribution of heat in your house. For maximum results, position the device near the side or back of the stovepipe.

This stove top fan will ensure less energy consumption while achieving optimal warmth in your house. The device will also promote air circulation in your house.

It is a low cost device that requires little maintenance. 

TOMERSUN 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan

Standout Features

  • You don’t need batteries or electricity for this device. It generates its own power.By utilizing thermoelectric technology, the device will convert heat into electricity.
  • The device will, therefore, utilize the electricity made from the heat on the stove surface to spin. The hotter the stove surface is, the more the fan willspin, circulate more heat, and keep your house with proper air circulation.
  • It will automatically vary its speed depending on the stove surface temperature.
  • The fan comes with a bi-metallic overheat safety device located at the base. If the surface temperature goes beyond 300℃, this bi-metallic strip elevates the front of the fan to protect the TEG and motor from damage.
  • This stove fan is made from aluminium. It comes in a compact size of 8.7 x 6.7 x 3.6 inches and a weight of 531gm. It will have little footprint while delivering excellent results. A metallic handle located at the top of the device makes it easy to move around.
  • It is quiet, causing little disturbance to sleeping babies.
  • It has inbuilt overheat protection that prevents damage on the device.
  • The device is effective in ensuring you benefit fully from the energy used to produce heat for your house.
  • The stove fan does not require batteries or electricity. It is economical and also affordable.
  • The device is compact. You will hardly notice its presence. It is also portable.
  • You will have to maintain the temperature of your stove surface between 85C - 350C. Anything above this will destroy your device.
  • It can get noisy when warming up or cooling down.


The silent operation 4 blades powered. Fireplace fan is one of the wood stove fans on top of the stove that works as much like a machine.

Known to be able to self-power itself without the need of any battery or external source, this stove fan is able to work at a lower temperature.

Regardless of the cold, this fan is still able to deliver the optimal result as it generates heat from its base that powers the fan's motor.


Products Specifications

  • This gas stove is made of the anodised aluminium
  • Its dimensions measures 187mm by 180mm by 93mm
  • Has a starting temperature of 50° Celsius and airflow of 270 CFM
  • Has a running RPM of 1250 RPM and comes with 12 months warranty

The Main Reason Why People Like It

With some stove fans known to make a lot of noise while in use, this particular stove fan is known to be a silent working one, and the quiet operation of this stove fan is the main reason why people like it. The compact design and ease of use all come as other reasons why people love it.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of the Silent Operation 4-Blade Powered Fireplace is its safety device in that it comes with a big metallic safety device located at the base of the fan. This safety device helps to keep the fan at a moderate temperature making it safe for use at all times. Also, the unique blades design of the fan is another stand out feature. This design makes it easy for the fan to work quietly and for air to flow.

  • Compact design, excellent style and high performance
  • Little safety precaution is needed to fully maximise this stove fan
  • No noise as it is able to operate silently
  • It is observed that the price is a significant drawback that puts people off


Yet another product of VonHaus but this time it is the VonHaus Blade Stove Fan Circulation that makes it to the 6th spot.

Known to be a very reliable and compactly designed stove fan, it offers you all the comfort you need of a stove fan while using one.

Very affordable, you can go for this stove fan when you want something elementary.


Products Specifications

  • Comes as a manual stove with twin blades
  • Includes a thermoelectric module that generates power for the fan's motor
  • This stove fan operates between 60°C and 350°C
  • It circulates at a rate between 250 CFM and 320 CFM

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The high performance of the VonHaus blade stove fan is the main reason why people like it. This is closely related to the confidence a lot of people have in the brand as a whole for its excellence and innovation.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of the VonHaus Blade stove fan is its simplicity and compact design. This makes it very easy for anyone to be able to make use of the fan as it has a safety device that keeps the user safe while in use.

  • Compact design and comprehensiveness in one single piece
  • A manual guide is provided that allows you easily disassemble when cleaning.
  • The warranty plan provided for in this product seems not to be comprehensive enough.


The Netta Self Powered Burner Fireplace Circulation is a stove fan that doesn't require the use of batteries or any external source for it to be powered on.

It is a very durable option for homeowners who want to save some costs off buying a stove fan but who still want something with quality. 


Products Specifications

  • Product dimensions measures 20.5cm by 17cm by 10cm
  • This stovetop fan weighs about 0.7kg
  • There is a thermoelectric module that transfers electricity to the fan's motor

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The Netta Self Powered stove fan is not so much of a favourite, but since it has come into the market, it has established itself as a significant stove fan because of how comprehensive it is. This stove fan comes with all the necessary attachments needed on the purchase while still being affordable

Standout Features

The stand out feature of the Netta self-powered stove fan is the advanced anodised aluminium material that it is made of. This material helps to secure the fan base and blade of this stove fan from wear and tear thereby extending the life span of the stove fan.

  • Comes with every gas stove fan attachment needed
  • Made from quality anodised aluminium material, it is very durable.
  • A lot of people lack trust in the brand which reflects in its low purchase.


The size is no doubt a significant factor to consider when buying a stove fan.

So if you are all out for a gas stove fan that offers you all of the sizes that you desire, then you should look no further than the extended size high-quality Anodized Aluminum stove fan.

The size of this fan is one that makes it wished, but beyond that is its material quality which keeps it protected and makes it durable.

With a minimal budget, you can join users globally who own this stove fan.


Products Specifications

  • The product dimensions of this stove fan measures 18.7cm by 18cm by 9.3cm
  • It has CE certification and weighs 545g
  • Runs at 1350 RPM and has an airflow of 200 to 220 CFM

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The high circulation of this stove fan is the main reason why people like it. The distribution of this stove fan allows it to be able to come up to a temperature needed by the stove fan to power itself. This circulation also helps in keeping the room warm.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of this extended size stove fan is how easy it is for anyone to be able to install and use this stove fan. To connect, all you need to do is to place the flat surface of the stove fan on your stove just beside the pipe of the oven.

  • Has an impressive air circulation that keeps the temperature minimal.
  • This stove fan is very easy to install use and maintain
  • Comes with a quality motor that causes the stove fan to operate silently
  • This stove fan is not really safe to use as you have to be extra careful while making use of it.


The 9th pick on this top ten list is the 12.5cm height powered first burner stove fan.

This fan for wood stove comes from a very reliable brand and can be trusted among the many stove fans that are made available.

It offered the user a versatile option has it comes in a size that keeps you secured while making use of it.

Included in the package of this stove fan is a manual guide that makes it easy for you to understand the working of the fan for wood burner top.

Coming at such an affordable price, you are able to purchase this wood burner fan at a minimal budget.


Products Specifications

  • The fan base is made from anodised material which keeps it protected
  • Included in the package is a manual guide that aids ease of use
  • Comes with a temperature gauge and powers itself
  • It has 4 blades of different types and sizes.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The rigidity and stability of this stove fan is the main reason why people like it and find it a good purchase. Other reasons why people like it is its comfortability and durability which makes it suitable for a long while.

Standout Features

The standout features of this wood stove fan include the presence of a 4-blade powered fan which makes it one of the best log fan that can be purchased for use both in the home or outside the house in a small patio or other areas.

  • This stove fan consumes less energy but still works effectively
  • Comes in an innovative design making it very attractive
  • It is very durable and works silently without any disturbance.
  • This electric stove fan begins to malfunction after a long while of use.


If you are familiar with the VonHaus brand, you will know very well why the VonHaus Blade Stove Fan is making it as our 10th pick.

Though the last on this best log burner fan review, it is not the least. Just as it is known of the brand, this stove fan is a very classic one with innovative features ranging from an attractive design to very high performance.

Made from a durable material that helps to shield it from wear and tear, the design of this stove fan makes it very safe and easy to use.

The price of this particular stove fan is also very impressive, especially when compared to its performance.


Products Specifications

  • Weighs between 0.6kg to 0.65kg
  • It is a self-powered blade that has a temperature gauge
  • The number if blades included are 4
  • The blade size ranges from 15.5cm to 19cm

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Going by then stove fan reviews we have gotten from many customers, the innovative design of this stove fan is the main reason why people like it. Other reasons include the quality of the blade material that is being used as well as the design of the stove fan.

Standout Features

The standout features of the VonHaus blade stove fan includes first it being a heat powered fan which helps in increasing the efficiency of your stove, wood burner or log burner to generate a lot of heat. Also, the eco-friendly and self-powered nature if this stove fan makes a thermoelectric stove fan that powers the motor of the fan.

  • Comes in a compact size and does not require any installation
  • It has a black steel construction that makes it very durable
  • This stove fan operates automatically and silently.
  • A lot of safety precautions have to be taken when making use of this stove fan to prevent accidents

Stove Fan Buying Guide

The best thing about having a weather station is that it can help you make a rough prediction about the temperature. For warm temperatures, setting up a trampoline and inflatable hot tub would be great, so is using a BBQ smoker for some delicious meat outdoors. If the patio is dirty, smoking the meat can be unhygienic, get a pressure washer, or use a garden hose to clean up first.

For cold temperatures, you would need to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth from a stove fan. A stove fan is a great energy saver, making it convenient to use at any time. We will show you how to choose the best stove fan.

What You Need To Know

The Stability and Rigidity of the Stove Fan
When purchasing a stove fan regardless of the type or the size, you have to take into account the stability and the rigidity of the stove fan to be able to hold whatever is being placed on it without it falling off. For the size, you can consider the massive stove fan above the small stove fan as it is likely to be more stable and rigid. However, due to a specific need, you might not have to go for any of the two; instead, you could opt for a mini stove fan.

Where the Inlet Connection Is Situated

The position of the inlet connection is also a factor to be considered when buying a stovetop fan. You have to be sure that the inlet connection is situated in a place that is comfortable for you to be able to switch on and switch off the gas burner easily.

When the inlet connection is not in the right position especially when it doesn't favour your hand type, you might have to suffer some inconvenience while making use of that stove-top fan all the time.

Take Note of the Gas Consumption and Energy Saving Abilities

It depends on how much you can afford, but regardless of whether it is a heat-powered fan or an eco-stove fan, you will always want to consider how much gas it consumes. You should also be able to find out how well it is able to save energy.

Some wood burning stove fans do not waste as much gas as others do the same way some heat powered stove fans are good at conserving energy than some others as well.

To be able to detect the gas consumption and energy saving abilities of a stove fan, you need to have a knowledge of different types of stove top fans ranging from the wood burning fan to the thermoelectric fan.


The ISI Certification of the Stove Fan

Every stove fan before being used needs to go through an ISI certification. This certification runs all stovetop fans and logs burner fan through a process. This process determines it being fit or otherwise to be used. If it passes the test, it is issued an ISI certification that proves this. It is always essential that you check for the ISI certification of the stove fan before purchasing it.

Check the Product's Finish

The products finish is very necessary when buying the stove fan. This is because the finish of the product says a lot about the quality of the material that was used, the reliability as well as the durability. What you desire of the gas stove is what you should look for in its finish

The Design and Ease of Maintenance

In more recent times where new gas has replaced the more traditional gas stove fans, everyone has begun considering the design. More often than not, these utensils have also been used as a means to establish a fashion statement than just for cooking. So thinking that the gas stove fan might probably enhance or reduce the quality of your home's aesthetics, you might want to take into consideration the design of the gas stove when buying.

Also, the ease of maintenance is also another factor to consider when buying a log fire fan or the best wood burner fan. Regular maintenance is what helps you to keep your stovetop fan in good working condition at all times.

The maintenance rate depends on how easy it is to effect it. This is why it is best that you go for a stove burner that requires low maintenance to help you save cost and money.

Smooth Operation and Ease of Use

You should also consider the smooth operation and ease of use of the stove fan. Recently, manufacturers of wood burner fans have included in its package manual guide that helps to provide users with all the necessary information and guide to make use of the stove fan. 

This is good because it will make it easy for beginners, in particular, to be able to use the fan for wood burner safely.


Understanding the Jargons

Jargons could mean abbreviations or words used to refer to the products that are not often used.

What Are the Different Features?

There are certain features that people find handy when buying the best stove fan and they include:

  • The Number of blades the stove fan has: With stove fans varying in the number of blades they possess, many people have preferred to go for the 4-blade stove fan. This is thereabouts the most effective stove fan that you can have and use.
  • The eco-friendliness of the stove fan is also a handy feature people consider when buying. This is because an economy-friendly stove fan is always very easy and safe to use than others.

Stove Fan Buying FAQs

Q: How safe is it to buy a gas stove online?

A: The safety of buying a gas stove online depends on the reputation of the online store you are buying the gas stove from. Stores like Amazon have proven themselves to be a quality and trustworthy store offering many products to users globally. Also, the comfort at which you can place an order and receive your item is another advantage of buying online.

Q: The manual or automatic ignition, which is best when buying a gas stove?

A: Basically, it is best to go for the automatic ignition except if for a specific purpose, you need otherwise. With the electronic ignition, you are able to save yourself some stress of constantly igniting the gas. Also, when you consider the safety of use, the stove gas with the manual ignition has always been more prone to accidents than those with automatic fire.

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