5 Best Soundbars Under £200 Reviews UK 2021 - Top Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on February 3, 2021

Soundbars are the in thing. They improve tv speakers’ audio quality creating a cinematic experience and heighten the bass line for better sounding music. Plus, you can attach them to your gaming console to build an out-of-this-world immersive experience.

Are you ready to revolutionise your home entertainment system? Check out our best soundbars for under £200 guide.

Best Soundbar Under £200 Reviews

Editors Choice

Soundbar with Dual Built-in Subwoofers By Yamaha elctronics

Weight 3.8 kg

Dimensions 10.01 x 10.1 x 10.1 m

Wattage 120 watts

surround Soundbar System By Yamaha elctronics

Weight 4 kg

Dimensions 89 x 12.1 x 10.9 cm

Wattage 162 watts

Wireless Speaker System By Panasonic

Weight 1.7 kg

Dimensions 13.2 x 43.1 x 5.2 cm

Wattage 100 watts

Wireless Soundbar with Bluetooth and Subwoofer By Panasonic

Weight 6.2 kg

Dimensions 85.3 x 9 x 6.5 cm

Wattage 200 watts

Bluetooth Soundbar By Lg electronis

Weight 4.47 kg

Dimensions 9.9 x 66 x 5.6 cm

Wattage 160 watts

Best Soundbars Under £200 On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best soundbar under £200 is the Soundbar with Dual Built-in Speakers By Yamaha electronics. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Yamaha is arguably the best player in the consumer market. The Yamaha YAS105BLB Soundbar has all the features desirable for an affordable under £200 soundbar in the market. The bluetooth audio device is made of high quality materials to enable perfect sound quality and alluring entertainment experience.

Soundbar with Dual Built-in Subwoofers By Yamaha elctronicsfor under £200

The Yamaha Bluetooth Soundbar is perfect to be placed anywhere flat to showcase a beautiful interior. You can set it in front of the television or monitor for great audio enjoyment, without it obscuring the view because it is made slim with a height of 53mm to save space. It is best mounted on a wall for it has an attractive body.

The 24GHz head-related transfer function Airsurround Xtreme technology used is responsible for the great wrap-around sound experience. Here, the sounds are internally separated through the front and back of the soundbar to give specific effects that match your audio. When you have this, there is no need for having extra stereo speakers.

This budget soundbar has a Clear Voice Dialogue feature that enables you to hear the audio speeches undistracted and does a really good job. This is useful especially when the soundtrack of the film you are watching exceeds the volume of the dialogue. The YAS105 provides a strong powerful bass sound thanks to the dual-cone subwoofer that is inbuilt together with a bass response cabinet in the unit. 

The subwoofer soundbar is so much easy to set up. It includes a 1.5 m optical cable that you can hook up to your TV on the optical output clearly indicated at the back of the device. You have a TV that lacks the digital optical output, worry not because there are other ways you can hook up with this popular soundbar for great entertainment. 

The YAS105 uses Bluetooth that enables streaming your music from your phone, tablet or any other smart device in your possession. You can get the free software from your application store to have full control of the soundbar from your phone.  

This is the best soundbar under the price of 200£ as you can expect having less remote controls on the table because it has a learning function that you can programme your TV remote to control basic functions. What’s more, it works the best sound base.

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  • Made of good quality material for brilliant sound, powerful bass and good treble
  • This bluetooth sound bar features a beautiful and versatile build with excellent subwoofer
  • Features quality bass that packs a punch
  • Capable for flexible placement
  • This bluetooth soundbar features a TV learning function to reduce the use of many remote controls
  • Clearer sound with the clear Voice option
  • Uses Bluetooth and application technologies for great connectivity and customer convenience
  • Easy set-up, no drivers needed
  • Has plenty of options to link to other media devices so you can listen to music easily


  • The sound when using the analog cable isn’t as clear

Place number two in this category goes to the surround Sound Bar System By Yamaha electronics. We gave this option a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price range and details on the Amazon site link below.

Yamaha is at it again. This time, it’s with the Yamaha YAS93 soundbar and amazing speakers. The soundbar has an integrated system that comes with two speakers measuring 6.5cm each at the front and a dual inbuilt rear subwoofer for great entertainment in your living room.

surround Soundbar System By Yamaha elctronics

To produce bass sound in plethora, this device has Advanced Bass Extension that brings the best sound you need when put on surround mode. Your TV sound is refined since you get high sound quality thanks to the extended straight-shaped volume cabinet.

The duct out on the our pick number two has a shape that helps in containing the sound to reduce wind noise that may interfere with the clarity of the sound. The dual driver (7.5cm) subwoofers cones give powerful bass and loud treble sounds that enable you to enjoy films and music tunes any day.  

The Air Surround Xtreme helps in including the best surround sound effects on the amplified audio that gets to your ears.  This is possible because the YAS-93 is compatible with Dolby and DTS Digital surround that aids to bring these effects. You can fully appreciate watching a movie with this soundbar as the amplifier with the best sound effects it offers.

A Univolume EQ Technology is employed which is used to regulate and maintain the different volume levels in different channels shown on the TV to have consistency in the sound produced. The many remote controls you may have on your table can be reduced when using this soundbar.

This is because it features a learning function where you can programme the TV remote control to be the one adjusting the volume and switching it on and off. Therefore, another remote for the soundbar is not needed since you have the TV controller to work on the two. Our pick number two also has an amazing subwoofer, all that coming at an affordable price.

In the case where the remote used is blocked by this soundbar for TV, the back has a TV remote repeater function (inbuilt IR flasher) whereby a signal is transmitted to the TV for uninterrupted operation. The style of the YAS93 soundbar is great which not only looks good but also makes it easy to use at home.

The best part is that subwoofer soundbar complements the area in which it is positioned. The slim body it portrays makes it suitable to place the soundbar in front of your TV without interfering with the view. You can mount it anywhere above on the wall or place it below your TV on the TV stand depending on the one you prefer. It is nothing but the best TV soundbar you can put your money on. It really makes a difference.

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  • Has dual front speakers and built-in subwoofer that produce perfect sound and deep bass
  • Looks good in the house and lets you play movies and listen to music with deep bass and solid mids as well as high frequencies
  • Has a surround system for powerful surround sound and solid bass regardless of the position
  • Slim build does not interfere with your watching when placed in front of your TV or mounted
  • Has a built-in IR flasher to transmit a signal through the TV remote
  • Has a Univolume to maintain the level of sound volumes and enable easy usage
  • Has a clear voice that has the ability to provide clarity in film dialogues and all sorts of voices


  • These devices can not be connected via Bluetooth or HDMI, not for anyone
  • The devices keep switching off even when in use, which is anything but great

Pick number three in this article is the Wireless Speaker System By Panasonic. We gave this bargain solution a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to review the price deals and detail on the links below.

For high-resolution audio reproduction, the Panasonic SC-SB1EB-K is the ideal soundbar for high sound quality that complements the natural sound of your TV set. This soundbar is powered by a 2.1 channel speaker system that has high quality sound and audio playback, 4K/HDR and wireless audio playback with Bluetooth. With all these in one, you can have the immersive experience you desire.

It is 43cm wide which makes it slim enough for easier setup. The excellent sound reproduced by the digital soundbar is aided by the high-resolution tweeters and the speakers in the speaker cabinets together with a subwoofer box that is placed at the centre slit. According to the TV soundbar expert reviews, this is one of the best compact sound bars under the price of 200£ to be used for minimal audio sound in the homes.

Wireless Speaker System By Panasonic

The Panasonic SC-SB1EB-K incorporates the high-resolution LincsD Amp sound enhancing technology to maximize the high-resolution sound reproduction. The Panasonic digital speakers have the 4K/HDR pass-through function that is responsible for video signals transmitted from other compatible units to the TV. This, in turn, lets you have the high sound quality when you watch tv shows, movies and videos on your television. It can also be connected via ARC HDMI inputs, and users love that functionality.

You can use the TV’s remote access to easily adjust the volume and switch it off and on. That way, you have one remote for all to simplify the work for you. It is Bluetooth compatible so you can expand your connectivity from other equipment like your phones to listen to the audio in high sound quality.

This works so much better because the inbuilt subwoofers provide great audio bass boost which brings you dynamic bass sounds even with external wireless connectivity. The dynamic sound delivered do not cause any vibrations on the bar because the audio performance comes out smooth to avoid distortion. There are many reasons for customers satisfaction everywhere but the main is a 1 year warrany on parts that is included.


  • These devices have a great and compact body and top quality subwoofer for bass audio
  • Supports Bluetooth audio playback
  • Presence of a remote control makes you control the process with ease
  • Features an affordable price point, of course
  • Can be connected via HDMI ARC, which is an advantage
  • Has high-resolution digital sound services
  • This bluetooth soundbar features easy to use functions
  • Has a premium class built-in subwoofer that provides good bass while playing music or movies


  • These soundbars have limited ports/inputs compatibility

Place number four in our top five best buy picks goes to the Wireless Soundbar with Bluetooth and Subwoofer By Panasonic. We gave this option a 4/5 star rating.  You can review the price range and more information on the Amazon page link below.

There’s a lot to say about this particular Panasonic SC-HTB488EBK Soundbar, and the first is that it comes from a famous brand name. The fact that it comes with its own wireless subwoofer means that it has an abundance of sound. It is the best wireless soundbar to use for music since it is a 2.1 channel soundbar with dual speakers and a wireless subwoofer. It is a good alternative to more expensive units, and is enough for needs of an average consumer. 

The combination of the two produces an extra powerful and rich sound which fills the whole room unlike when you depend on TV speakers for all the sound. With an output of 200 watts, you will have no doubt in the quality of sound production with this soundbar.

Wireless Soundbar with Bluetooth and Subwoofer By Panasonic

You can confidently be submerged into the action when listening to your favourite music or even watching a movie with the Panasonic digital soundbar. The subwoofer does not require a lot of wire connections. It operates wirelessly with the soundbar to bring dynamic deep bass and treble no matter where it is positioned.

The compact and discreet style the Panasonic SC-HTB488EBK soundbar displays makes it suitable to be used when it’s standing free near the TV set or mounted on the wall. It is 42 inches wide to fit your style and has a slim nice shape to complement your TV (suitable for 40’’ TV screens and above). It is easy to set up while its elegant case makes the room beautiful at a glance.

There are options at the back of the unit that helps in easy connection. There are the HDMI input option and the optical option where you can just plug into the ARC HDMI socket into your TV. It is so much easier to operate this device.

Also, the wireless soundbar has extended wireless connectivity. This is because you can stream music data from your phone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled units in your possession to comfortably listen to the music in more refined audio. This is done easily when you press the Bluetooth speaker bar and let your Bluetooth enabled device find the soundbar.

When you pair it with the unit, you are good to go to start your games, movies and music enjoyment. The Bluetooth wireless technology applied and the less wired flexibility makes it the best wireless soundbar to own upon reading this soundbar review. 

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  • Excellent sounding cinema experience at a good price, you don't have to spend a fortune
  • These devices feature bluetooth connectivity and they are HDMI compatible
  • Features good subwoofer that provides quality bass when you play music
  • Great value for money, budget friendly so you can enjoy music without breaking the bank
  • This bluetooth soundbar features multiple sound nodes
  • The devices are simple to set up without any issues
  • This model has a great design, and the wireless sub is a nice touch


  • Sound profile platform is not compatible with older televisions
  • Hard to set up a universal remote when having a smart TV
  • Some comments say that it takes long to start when it is powered on

Fifth place in our recommendations review goes to the Bluetooth Soundbar By Lg electronics. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to check for a deal, review the prices and details on the website link below.

LG SJ2 Soundbar has a very beautiful, slim and simple design that complements and can even upgrade the surroundings. It is designed to fit perfectly below your television set. The compact nature also lets you install the LG SJ2 Soundbar on a wall above the television or below. It is designed to match your TV and give it a bit of style.

The front side of these devices has a mould grill design to put a stylish finish on the soundbar. Do you just hate when you have a lot of wiring that makes the connection area look unorganized and sometimes hard to untangle? Well, this wireless soundbar saves you the great trouble of untangling wires since it operates wirelessly.

Bluetooth Soundbar By Lg electronis

It features a separate wireless subwoofer that connects with the soundbar to bring about the cinematic audio listening experience. The LG SJ2 Soundbar features impressive speaker configuration - 2.1 channel speakers and uses 160 watts, to enable you to enjoy a rich audio and music streaming experience from the dual speaker drives and the wireless support subwoofer.

The makings of the tweeter and woofer are enclosed in one single speaker to get the best surround sound when you have this soundbar. You can place the active wireless subwoofer anywhere far away from the soundbar and still get the dynamic bass sound. It has several options where you can connect via USB port and Optical cable.

The LG compact Soundbar is Bluetooth compatible which means you can stream music from your other Bluetooth enabled gadgets freely and seamlessly in a great amplified way. If you have stored your favourite songs on your phone, be assured to enjoy them with great audio when you simply connect wirelessly with this sound bar from LG.

As technology keeps on advancing, the LG wireless subwoofer soundbar is not left behind. You can simply control the surround sound bar with your TV remote control to help have one remote control for one and reduce the number of remote controls on your coffee table. The LG sound bar has a learning function which enables you to programme it to be used with the TV set remote in the living room. It does have great features but don’t expect to find a ton of extra bells and whistles included.


  • This bluetooth soundbar features multi-channel sound with great subwoofer
  • These soundbars feature powerful and clear cinematic sound production without a problem
  • In terms of design - it is simple with external subwoofer that has quality build in order to provide it with long life
  • These devices are wireless Bluetooth enabled and can connect to a bunch of other devices
  • This bluetooth soundbar is easily TV remote controlled
  • Enhanced sound modes that enhance bass while playing music 
  • Has best speakers under £200 price tag (a great all round speaker for a not expensive price)


  • Lack of proper display/bass levels on the surround sound bar
  • Limited connectivity options - not compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant

Soundbar Under £200 Buying Guide

With a 32 inch TV, you can watch your DVD player or Freeview recorder with no problems, especially when the screen is on a TV wall mount. A soundbar under £100 will give you great sound quality, but you could also experiment with soundbar under £200.

We will show you how to choose the best soundbars under £200, and get the best value for your money.

Benefits of buying a soundbar

Sound bars are the best way of getting high sound quality for a cheaper price. Most people always use the sound bars for best results in the audio experience. They are mostly known to have wireless connections which, it’s a good thing because of the less cumbersome wires that come with the best sound bases. In the budget soundbars review, the speakers are perfect to take your amusement to a different high level.

Factors to consider when buying a soundbar

The first thing, among many things you need to take into account before you get yourself one of these top products, is sound production. The best choices use wattage powers ranging from 120W to 300W to bring about powerful sound effects that offer you an extremely impressive experience. 

The power rating in these best soundbars for the price under £200 enables you to fully enjoy your audio without the fear or doubt of distortion. The soundbars that produce the best audio in abundance are those that have a subwoofer of some kind. With external subwoofers, you are sure to get sound on a higher level.

Size is another one of the most important factors that you cannot overlook when choosing a sound bar for your sound system. Our advice, the size of the surround sound bar you choose should be compatible with your TV/monitor. You do not want to purchase one that would be either too small or too big with reference to the horizontal length of your TV setups.

Factors to consider when buying a soundbar

The best thing to do is take the measurements of the width of your TV or monitor then get a sound bar whose dimensions corresponds with this width. Remember that this only applies to the situation where you are getting a decent sound bar to mount on your monitor or TV.

This, however, doesn’t make size any less of a consideration because regardless of whether you are mounting it on a TV or not, you will still need the right one. The design is a crucial factor for almost all home appliances and speakers are certainly not an exception.

When it comes to design considerations, you should first ask yourself if you want one that is TV/monitor-mountable or not. Not all sound bar designs have included accessories that enable you to mount on TVs/monitors yet this is considered by some to be a standard feature in a surround sound bar. 

A standalone surround sound bar design is the best sound bar you can have for great style and how it complements your TV. The features of the surround sound bar should be another key factor to consider. You need to get the value for the money spent when you get products with multiple features.

The soundbars with lots of output provide list of different settings to choose from in your connectivity. Soundbars that are wireless Bluetooth compatible expand your audio amusement horizons since you are able to stream your favourite music tracks from your other Bluetooth enabled device in your possession wirelessly.

Soundbar Under £200 Buying FAQs

Q: How do you operate the soundbar? Does it come with a remote control or something?

A: Most of these best soundbars and soundbases come with remote control and others have an option where you can download the control application from the app store to enable easier controlling of the devices from your smartphone. There are other products that have a learning function that enables you to programme them with your TV remote controls to have one remote control for both your virtual surround systems.

Q: How do you connect with the soundbars?

A: You can connect all your sound system directly to your television set with the cables, boxes and outputs provided. These are mainly the HDMI ARC and the Optical audio output. By using HDMI cable and port, you do not have to keep on switching inputs on your sound devices and your surround sound bar.

Q: Between the best soundbase under £200 and the best soundbar under the price of £200, which one would you recommend?

A: I’d say since both are great sound alternatives to your TV’s natural sound and both have the best features you can wish for in a sound system, let your brands preferences guide your choice. 

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