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Your big, slim and sleek TV is great, but the sound quality not so much. Luckily, you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy quality sound from your television.

Check out our best soundbars under £100 review and buying guide for the low down on great speakers that will give you big sound on a budget.

Best Soundbar under £100 Reviews

Best Sound Bar under £100 Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Slim Soundbar With Subwoofer By Sharp
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 6 x 80 x 6 cm
Wattage 180 watts
2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar By LG Electrionics
Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 88.4 x 8 x 6 cm
Wattage 100 watts
Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar By 1byone
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 80.2 x 7 x 7cm
Wattage 120 watts
Remote Control Bluetooth Soundbar By Goodmans
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10.2 x 3.4 x 10.3 cm
Wattage 120 watts
Stereo Bluetooth Soundbar By Trust
Weight 726 g
Dimensions 7.5 x 47 x 7.5 cm
Wattage 60 watts

The 7 Best Sound Bar under £100 On The Market Reviewed

The best soundbar below £100 is the Soundbar With Subwoofer By Sharp brand. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Do you have a television that has an HDMI port or 3.5mm auxiliary connection? Then this is the right universal soundbar for you. You can either mount it on the wall, position it on a table stand or below a television set. It has a width of 80cm making it a small soundbar to be used with TV screens with the maximum size of 40-43” and below.

The nature of this unit (which measures 6cm) allows you to set it unnoticeably below your screens or monitors. The small soundbar has a separate subwoofer that is wire-connected which produces a solid rear bass that fills the whole room.

Slim Soundbar With Subwoofer By Sharp

You can stream audio from your smart TV, phone or any Bluetooth compatible device through the Bluetooth function to play through the speakers. It features a remote control that makes operating it easy aside from using the buttons available on the unit. When connected through the HDMI ARC/CEC, you can use the remote control meant for the TV.

This device has a maximum power output of 180W for great sound performance. It is the best soundbar to use for your gaming since the cinematic sound produced brings about an excellent immersive experience.

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  • Works well with medium sized TV sets
  • Remote operated, multiple sound modes
  • Produces cinematic audio for the best listening
  • Has an external wired subwoofer for powerful bass sound and great main unit treble
  • Can be connected wirelessly with other devices through the Bluetooth-in feature
  • Slim body to fit unnoticeably below the monitors and TVs.
  • People don't like that it is expensive, and the bass unit is not built-in

Second place goes to the 2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar By LG Electronics. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to look at the prices and details on the link below.

LG is known for producing the best sound systems around the world. This LG LAS260B Soundbar is no different. It has a 2.0 channel and uses 100W to produce the best sound to watch your movies, show or listen to your music or voice recordings in style.

The ultra slim body it portrays goes well with your Television set. It measures 17cm by 101cm by 14.5cm making it compact and wide enough to fit underneath your monitors and TV.

2 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar By LG Electrionics

This unit has a Bluetooth connection support which allows you to stream your favorite music through the wireless Bluetooth-enabled devices that you have your music stored. To operate the device, there is an LG Bluetooth remote application you obtain from the App store on your smartphone to control it.

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  • It has smart Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ultra slim and beautiful to complement your TV
  • Uses 100w for best sound production
  • 1 year warranty for this midrange soundbar
  • When the volume is high, it sounds a bit distorted
  • It’s not the best value soundbar since you get optical cable separately

Third place goes to the Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar By 1byone. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

1byone Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar is able to blend perfectly into your entertainment setup. It is designed to be mounted anywhere in your house in accordance with your desire. The two wall brackets that come with this device enables you to attach it to the wall above your TV.

The sound produced is of high volume thanks to the 2.0 channel double 20W speakers. With its Bluetooth technology, you are allowed to stream your favourite music from a smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled devices in your possession.

 You can connect it using AUX (RCA), Line 3.5mm and an Optical input on the soundbar. This multiple connection port makes it the preferred product because you have many options to pick from.

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Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar By 1byone
  • Dual speakers
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Produces crisp high-quality sound
  • Flexible mounting
  • Wireless connectivity
  • It’s quick to set up
  • It takes longer for this decent soundbar to load music from a USB connected devices.

Fourth place goes to the Remote Control Bluetooth Soundbar By Goodmans. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to search for a deal, or look at the price range and details on the link below.

With 2.0 channel audio, the Goodmans soundbar is known to bring about just the right music experience for your entertainment. It fits perfectly for use in your sitting room area or with your monitor given its slim dimensions (10.2cm x 3.4cm x 10.3cm). Its Bluetooth technology allows you to stream music and audio without a lot of stress.

You can also connect your smartphone or tablet for it to amplify the audio as loud and clear as you want. It is including a remote control which makes it easier for you to operate. You will love its 3.5mm jack and 3.6mm line cable which help in expanding your connectivity.

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Remote Control Bluetooth Soundbar By Goodmans
  • Classic high power
  • Operate with ease
  • Powerful production
  • Flexible audio
  • Affordable
  • Good soundbar for TV
  • Fully remote dependent

Fifth place on our list goes to the Bluetooth Soundbar By Trust. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Do you struggle to hear audio from your computer, phone or tablet? Then this Trust 22257 Asto Wireless Soundbar is the best cheap soundbar to use to get a rich, mellow sound for your entertainment. The horizontal shape gives it an attractive design can set it perfectly below your TV screen or PC monitor.

You can expect to save space when you mount it on the wall for excellent sound amplification. It uses peak power 12W (6W RMS) to produce rich sounds around the room for your amusement regardless of the position placed. Its Bluetooth technology enables wireless connectivity so that you can playback music and other media from your other Bluetooth-enabled units.

Bluetooth Soundbar By Trust

You can also expect a direct connection to your PC or TV with the connectivity wires provided if you prefer the wired connections. Volume and other settings can be adjusted by the use of the illuminated control bar. It has other connectivity options (headphone and microphone) on its side so that you can enjoy your music to the fullest.

You don’t have to worry about power loss when you leave it on in your absence. It has a smart power management function which automatically switches off when no longer in use after 30 minutes. You can come back and continue using it.

  • These speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiple connecting ports
  • Illuminated control bar
  • These speakers are simple to use and control 
  • Popular soundbar
  • The Trust 22257 Asto is a Small soundbar

Sixth place goes to the 20W Wireless Soundbar By Trust. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating. Feel free to review the price range and details on the link below.

For you to experience live music and captivating dialogues, the Trust Lino Bluetooth Wireless soundbar is perfect for this use. The sound produced by the speakers is powerful and rich. Its compact build fits perfectly below or above your PC or TV screen to create a stylish look in your room.

With its peak power at 20W (10W RMS), you can expect a clear virtual surround sound experience every time. You can connect it with other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets any time to fully enjoy your favorite music on a higher volume.  

20W Wireless Soundbar By Trust

Also, there are other ports to connect the speaker to 3.5mm aux inputs, micro-SD (integrated MP3 player) or USB cable. It has a very large, visible and easy to reach volume knob. It can run for 10 hours non-stop when fully charged with the cable that is included.

  • 20W peak power (10 W RMS)
  • Long hours of music listening  
  • Sleek case
  • Visible and easy to reach volume knob
  • Delivers powerful, stereo rich sound
  • Works wirelessly
  • Great space saver thanks to the compact design it has
  • Only connects with 3.5mm jack
  • Only requires a USB cable for power

Seventh place goes to the USB Powered Stereo Speaker By Trust. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price range, deals and details on the link below.

The Trust B103497 Asto PC Soundbar Speaker is perfect to use in your office or home. Its impressive design makes it blend in perfectly and discreetly below your monitor and does not interfere with your work in any way. It is placed horizontally to save space on your desk. With the 12W peak power, the sound produced is powerful and rich.

You do not require wall power for this Trust Asto to function since it is powered by a USB cable. This is one of the digital devices that is simple to install because it does not have any technical difficulties or drivers and it’s a one-man’s job. You only need to connect and start using it. 

USB Powered Speaker By Trust

It has ports that allow you to listen to high-quality music at all times. Also, its volume can be adjusted through the illuminated button at one end for greater convenience.

  • Easy to install in your office and to control
  • Great mellow sound produced
  • Has microphone and headphone connection for your convenience
  • Great design to give your desk great style
  • USB powered
  • A small soundbar meant for limited sound production

Sound Bar Buying Guide

Watching your Freeview recorder or DVD player on a 32 inch TV is great. But it gets better with a soundbar under £200 and gets more interesting if the screen is on a TV wall mount. It will feel like you are in a cinema.

If you are looking to save some money with a soundbar below £100, ensure you get a quality model. We will show you how to go about it.

Benefits of getting sound bars under £100

Most times we struggle with the sound produced by the television set and PCs or even smartphone and tablets. Having a soundbar helps improve the sound quality. So having a soundbar makes audibility easy.

The soundbars are very affordable if you do not have enough to get a huge sound system, this is the ideal option you have to try. There is the best cheap soundbar in this soundbar review that has all the features that you require. Most of these sound bars come in a great design to complement your television/PC set up design.

Factors to consider when buying a soundbar under £100

The level of sound produced the best soundbars below the price £100 discussed can match a 20W peak power and are 2.0 channel audio for mellow, rich and powerful sound for immersive experience. The too loud sound bars are best used in homes where you want to experience live music, movie streaming or hyped experience.

The size and design of the soundbar determine how and where you place the soundbar. For discretion, small budget soundbars work best. The design of the soundbars lets you know if you can mount it on the wall above your TV screen or below.

best sound bar under 1000

Soundbars for TVs are best mounted horizontally. Choose the best budget soundbar that lets you conveniently position as you desire. Connectivity of the soundbar matters to expand your entertainment horizons. The above-discussed soundbars below £100 can be connected wirelessly by Bluetooth and the best sound bars have multiple ports where you can connect your audio devices for sound amplification.

Sound Bar Buying FAQs

Q: How are these soundbars operated?

A: Some of the soundbars add a remote that controls them and others have control panels on the devices.

Q: Are the soundbars easy to operate?

A: Yes, these top soundbars below the price of £100 are so much easier to install and operate. You just need to connect to the unit that needs sound amplification.

Q: Which is better between a soundbar and a sound base?

A: It is not easy to find the best budget soundbase. However, this is never the case with a sound bar as it is readily available and in many brands and varieties.

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