Best Satellite Receiver Reviews UK 2021 - Top-Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on February 26, 2021

Do you want dreamy HD TV? Then the best satellite receiver is a must. Anyone who is looking to add such TV magic to their home has most likely done a little research on their own, only to encounter an avalanche of models, price tags, and promises. Take off that search hat, sit back, and relax. We have scoured every corner of the Internet to find you the top 10 satellite receivers that are available this year. Enjoy!

Best Satellite Receiver

Editors Choice

Manhattan SX Freesat HD Box

Weight: 458 g

Channels: Almost 200

Special Feature: Subscription-free

Opticum SBOX Satellite Receiver

Weight: 422 g

Channels: ASTRA and HOTBIRD

Special Feature: PVR recording function

OM-26100 Mini Sat Receiver

Weight: 349 g

Channels: 4000

Special Feature: Subtitle support

HD-LINE Satellite receiver

Weight: 399 g

Channels: ASTRA and HOTBIRD

Special Feature: Plug and play.

Mtec Digital Digital HD Satellite Receiver

Weight: 449 g

Channels: ASTRA, HOTBIRD, Turkish

Special Feature: ASTRA, HOTBIRD, Turkish
Special Feature: Sharp HD quality

Best Satellite Receivers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best satellite receiver is the Best Freesat HD Box by Manhattan. This subscription-free TV box will keep your eyes and mind busy with nearly 200 channels of movies, news, sport, weather, and more. If you love HD (who doesn't?), then you might be interested to know that you'll get full HD picture quality with 13 channels. But wait, there are more features that deserve a special mentioning.

You can catch up on your favourite programming with a lovely 8-day guide, browse all the different genres, set up reminders for shows, and create a list of the programs you watch most often. Talk about organized TV viewing!

Manhattan SX Freesat HD Box


  • The product measures 2.7 x 12 x 13.2 cm.
  • A 2-year guarantee.
  • There are 13 HD channels.
  • HDMI output cable included.


  • It cannot record.
  • The remote is small.

This HD receiver is a special customer. Not only is it easy to use but it comes preprogrammed with ASTRA and HOTBIRD satellite options. This means that you can start watching TV on the spot. Yay! The high resolution is also just the beginning of a better TV experience.

The recording function allows you to collect all the movies and episodes that you want. The satellite receiver also has a USB port so that you can watch your photos, videos, or listen to any music tracks that you've stored on the hard drive.

Opticum SBOX Satellite Receiver


  • The product measures 15.5 x 10 x 3 cm.
  • Preprogrammed with ASTRA and HOTBIRD.
  • A great choice for UK viewers.
  • A recording function.
  • A remote control.
  • Sky HD.


  • It has a two-pin plug which might require an adapter plug in certain UK areas.
  • Some of the channels are German-orientated but can be changed to suit UK viewers.

Here's a tiny wonder. Needless to say, it saves a lot of space. This makes it very convenient in small apartments or dorm rooms. But besides bringing tons of movie and series magic to compact spaces, the product comes with plenty of other features. Let's have a look at what's on the menu with this HD satellite receiver.

One of the best perks with this model is the automatic installation feature. It gives quick access to thousands of channels. Even better, your satellite TV will treat you to HD picture quality all the way. You'll also get the same HD quality when you plug in your portable hard drive and view images and movies on the same HD receiver. This model also comes with subtitle support, memory protection, and more.

OM-26100 Mini Sat Receiver


  • The device is very user-friendly.
  • 2000 Channels to choose from.
  • It has a USB port.
  • Low energy consumption.


  • It cannot pause or rewind live programs.
  • No twin tuner.

Everybody loves satellite receivers that give access to free channels. Well, that's exactly what you'll get with this HD TV enhancer. What makes this one of the top TV satellite receivers is the fact that it's user-friendly. How exactly? The setup and components are easy to install. The menu and settings are also very intuitive.

You can also record your favourite movies and series. Just plug in an external hard drive into the USB port and hit that record button. Easy as pie.

HD-LINE Satellite receiver


  • It is user-friendly.
  • It has a PVR record function.
  • Great HD TV viewing.
  • Easy to install.


  • It has a two-pin plug which might require an adapter plug in certain UK areas.
  • All plastic covers must be removed or the appliance might overheat.

Here's another option if you just want to plug in and play. Indeed, this HD receiver comes preprogrammed for Astra but you can grow your channel collection to over 4000 with Turkish TV and Hotbird. But no matter how many channels you end up with, they will all maintain a high-resolution quality. Indeed, the HD with this satellite receiver is so good that it almost has the rights reserved to call itself the HD king. But corny jokes aside, the receiver is compact, high-quality, and has more to offer. Let's look at those features.

The receiver is compatible with both old and new TV ports. So you can catch up on all your favourite programs without needing to throw out any older TV models in your home. Thumbs up to that one. Another welcome feature is the fact that the sound quality is also top-notch.

Mtec Digital Digital HD Satellite Receiver


  • Simply plug in and use.
  • A remote control.
  • 4000-channel capacity.
  • Connects with any TV.
  • Great resolution and sound.
  • Sky HD.


  • There is no record function.
  • For UK viewers, the two-pin plug might need an adaptor plug in certain areas.

Here is another satellite dish box worthy of admiration. Besides already packing Astra and Hotbird, you can also look forward to several other features. There is a twin tuner with multi-stream function and smart card reader. You can also use the USB port to catch up on your home movies and pictures stored to an external drive. There are also enough plug-in facilities to support the Internet and Ethernet.

The receiver is powered by a powerful processor. This ensures that you can change to another channel quickly and enjoy smooth content playback.

Mutant HD60 4K Satellite Receiver


  • Preprogrammed for Astra and Hotbird.
  • Includes a USB port.
  • Can connect to the Ethernet.
  • Easy to use.
  • A remote control.
  • Twin tuner.
  • Sky HD.


  • There are no internal recording features.
  • The plug might need an adaptor to work in certain UK regions.

If you're looking for a receiver without any pre-programmed options, then this could be the TV box for you. It might lack these things, but you can easily use this box to connect to all your favourite satellite services and programs.

An electronic TV guide will allow you to catch up on all that's new and exciting. There are also ports for a USB hard drive and Ethernet, just to name a few. As a bonus, this box is not a power-hungry freak. You can use it without worrying that your electric bill might explode in the mailbox. Finally, for your peace of mind, it also includes a parental control feature to make sure that the cubs in the house are not exposed to improper programs.

ZGEMMA-STAR Twin Tuner Satellite Receiver


  • Includes a UK plug.
  • Includes an electronic TV guide.
  • There are multiple ports.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Parental control.
  • Sky HD.


  • This is an FTA receiver only. It does not come with any channels.
  • One of the more difficult satellite receivers to operate.

This tiny unit is another great choice for someone who needs a satellite box in a small place. Not only will it suit a dorm room but it can also make your TV stand look neater. A scanner will add each channel to your collection, which you can then arrange according to your favourites and most-watched. With this satellite box, you can even enjoy hours of YouTube. The picture quality, across the board, is also high quality. Overall, this is a small box with satisfying features for those who do not want something too fancy or complicated.

Octagon Digital Multistream Satellite Receiver


  • Pre-programmed for Astra and Türksat.
  • A small size.
  • YouTube.
  • A scanner to find a new channel.


  • The plug is a 2-pin affair and might need an adaptor plug in certain areas.
  • No Wi-Fi adaptor.

The previous product was simplicity itself but what if you want something with all the trimmings? Consider your meal served. But hilarious food jokes aside (sorry), this satellite box is truly packed to the rafters with features. Let's dive in and explore the best ones.

With this satellite box, you can enjoy roughly 90 radio stations and more than 1000 TV channel choices. That already makes it worth its price. However, you can also just connect it to your existing dish and use. Your world will suddenly have more sport, movies, series, and news than ever before. With built-in WiFi, this box also caters to those who cannot live without YouTube, Netflix, and Google. That's everybody, right? Of course, everything will come alive in HD with high-quality sound. But best of all, this is a subscription-free deal. There are absolutely no monthly fees.

NEW Quad 4K Android Combo Receiver Freeview


  • The product measures14 x 12 x 3 cm.
  • A remote control.
  • Plug and play.
  • Easy to operate.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Many viewing and radio options.
  • Provides access to YouTube, Netflix, and Google.
  • Ethernet port.


  • The user interface can be a little sluggish sometimes.
  • Requires a separate, external hard drive to make recordings.

This is a dependable choice for anyone who likes a favourite channel list, the weather, Youtube, and more. Indeed, this box comes with Youtube and Weather support, a channel list and a TV guide. But there are plenty of other perks that are included in the price. Here they are.

The built-in WiFi will give you access to all your online favourites like Netflix and Google. There is also a USB port that will allow you to record all the top shows and episodes on a removable hard drive. The TV channel and radio station options are also seemingly limitless. The programs are all in HD and the sound quality is also fantastic. As a bonus, there are reminders to alert you to an upcoming show or episode, parental control, and a card slot (Conax).

Spiderbox 6000 HD Digital Satellite Receiver


  • A remote control.
  • A TV guide.
  • Recording option with an external hard drive.
  • Built-in WiFi.
  • HD viewing and good-quality sound.
  • Program reminders.
  • Parental control.


  • A few consumers found it difficult to set up.
  • The 7-day TV guide is also not very detailed or according to some viewers, not very user-friendly.

Satellite Receiver Buying Guide

Satellite receivers make TV viewing more versatile. We can pick and choose between more shows and often enjoy subscription-free boxes that don't add to the price of a household's monthly bills. But there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing satellite receivers. Here are the top tips to find the right box for your home.

Mind That Subscription

The subscription status of a TV satellite box can influence its benefits and price. Those that come with a subscription often offer the consumer a little extra something. But you also get subscription-free boxes that are worth the lower price. Decide which one is the best for your budget and viewing needs.

What Do You Need A Satellite Box For?

Before settling on a box, consider the features you'd like in your new receiver. Things you might like to look at include the channel options, radio stations, WiFi, hard drives, how easy it is to use and install, as well as what kind of ports are available. The ports can allow for extra recording drives, the Internet, and USB sticks, to name just a few. Some boxes also record while others cannot. Some come with pre-programmed satellite options while others do not. Knowing beforehand what you need in a product is a surefire way to avoid buyer's regret later on.

Let Others Lead The Way - The Value Of Online Reviews

It cannot hurt to look at what others have to say about a product. But to be fair, only consider reviews from customers who actually bought and used the receiver. There's nothing like a ticked-off buyer - or a happy customer - to tell you the truth about something. They'll give you the flaws, the dangers, the shortcomings, the benefits, and the super-duper reasons why you must consider the product they bought.

The ultimate decision is still yours, of course. But taking into consideration the experience of others with the product that you fancy could prevent you from making a big mistake. Or it can help you choose a great receiver. There's nothing like performance in the field to show a product's true colours.

Best Satellite Receiver Buying Guide

A Short Summary

There is no need why buying a new TV satellite receiver should be overwhelming. Or disappointing, for that matter. It's very easy to find the perfect box for you and your family. Just make a checklist of all the features you want, find a couple of quality boxes to put on your shortlist, and see how they performed in real life (thank you, online reviews). When you take all these things into consideration, the chances of purchasing the wrong receiver is truly minimal. Instead, you can look forward to a once-off buy and limitless hours of viewing and recording pleasure.


Q: Which Is The Best Free To Air Satellite Receiver?

A: The best free to air satellite receiver is a product that ticks certain boxes. It must be quality made, easy to install and use, offer great HD and sound, as well as a rich choice of channels. There are several brands of HD satellite receivers that qualify as the best in this regard. Picking the best one should be based on whichever model suits your needs the best.

Q: What Is The Best Freesat HD Recorder Box?

A: The best Freesat HD recorder box is a product that makes recording easy. Look for a model that offers one-button recording and a large hard drive. Some of the best recorder boxes can store up to 300 hours of recordings. Sometimes even more, if it allows the use of an external hard drive.

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