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Seasoned DIY enthusiasts and professionals know that holding a router in your hands for too long is tiring and limits your control over the materials you’re working with. That’s why router tables exist – to add precision to your work and make the router more efficient.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best router tables from integrated routers to table only options.

Best Router Table Reviews

Best Router Tables Comparison Chart

The Best 5 Router Tables On The Market Reviewed

The best router table is the Floor Standing Router Table By Bigger Savings. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

You do not want to miss out on a table router that offers both a versatile and reliable option.

This is why you should go for the Pro Router Table Bench Standing. 

This best budget router power tool is designed to stand firmly on the floor.

This takes away the stress and time required to have it clamped into a worktop or table.

The high point of this table router across many woodworking router reviews is its high compatibility.

Well designed with qualitative materials, this tool is very durable and would last you for as long as it is properly maintained.

Floor Standing Router Table By Bigger Savings

Products Specifications

  • This product weighs about 15.8 kg
  • Has a product measurement of 60 x 81 x 35 cm
  • Its power is NA

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The comfort that is being provided by this router table is impressive. Users working with this router table do not have to worry about their safety. This is because this power router has been very safe to use with a sturdy base allowing for balance and comfort at the same time.

Standout Features

Unlike many other table routers, this product is highly customizable, meaning users can personalize this router. The material of the mounting plate that comes with this router though plastic, but is very qualitative, thereby allowing for easy drilling exercise. With the magnetic feature of this power tool, you can easily have your router removed for cleaning or maintenance and replaced afterwards.

This table router is also well guided on both sides of the tool with adjustable fences that can be moved in line with the measurement of desired cuts. Other features include the inclusion of secure clamps and a rear outlet for dust extraction.

  • Working feels more comfortable with the sturdy floor base of this router
  • Has an impressive handheld feature that allows for comfort while working
  • There has been the inclusion of feather boards for easy positioning.
  • There is the issue of imbalance on some floor which many times result in accidents
  • Much care needs to be exercised when drilling holes

Second place goes to the Portable Router Table By Kreg. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The KREG Precision Benchtop Router Table is known to be the best option for users who look to have pieces of wood shaped and well routed.

This is because this particular product has been well designed and configured for that particular purpose.

Also, this router table comes with one of the most qualitative router fence being made available by any router in the market.

The high innovation and quality of the KREG brand are visible in this product. Do you want the best woodworking router UK coming at a very affordable price, then you should look no further than this fantastic product.

Portable Router Table By Kreg

Products Specifications

  • Comes as a precision table type
  • Has a working dimension of 37.5 x 25.5 x 36.5 inches
  • This precision table weighs about 70 lbs

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The adjustable height feature of this table router makes it very easy for beginners to use it as much as professionals. New users find this tool very attractive because its features have been pre-installed and made readily available for use. Users also can save some cost on this table router as it woodworking routers best buy.

Standout Features

No doubt the quality of the brand itself is said to wear of this product, which makes a high level of innovation in terms of design and structure one of the most features of this router. Asides from that, there are just very few routers in the market today that offers smooth edging and finishing as precise as this tool.

The mitre guide and adjustable fence of this table router have been excellently designed to make working with this tool a lot more convenient. Other features you enjoy working with this tool include the durable aluminium design of the router and sturdy base of the table.

  • A sturdy base has been provided for this router base that keeps it balanced on the floor
  • It also comes with an adjustable height feature making it easy to use
  • There is a floor irregularity compensator provided for to ensure stability
  • This table router is one of professional quality
  • Comes very heavy which makes usage and storage very difficult at times

Third place goes to the Multi Material Cutting Router Table By Evolution Power Tools. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Evolution FURY Multipurpose Table Router is from a qualitative brand.

This cheap wood router comes all handy with additional features.

The design of this table router is such that users do not have to experience any neck pain while working with this tool.

Also, this tool is covered by a warranty plan that has been vetted across many router table reviews UK.

The effectiveness and universality of this tool cannot be exaggerated.

Multi Material Cutting Router Table By Evolution Power Tools

Products Specifications

  • This is a bench top multipurpose table router
  • Its working dimensions measures 13 x 17.5 inches
  • These multi-purpose routers weigh 44 lbs

The Main Reason Why People Like It

This is a very reliable power tool, and that is the main reason why people like it. This power tool has a mitre guide that can be well relied on when looking to make precise cuts on wood pieces. The dustproof feature of this tool also makes sure that dust is being kept away from the users and the workshop at all times.

Standout Features

The dust collection of this table router is not just of very high quality, but one of the most reliable in the market today. The handheld feature of this router is also a notable feature which makes it easy for users to handle and make use of the tool. There is also a well-equipped table with all the necessary features that are needed to facilitate many projects.

Made from solid steel materials, this work tool can last for a long while with low and very affordable maintenance requirements. Other notable features of this Evolution brand are the solid side clamps and user guard that have been provided for.

  • Comes with reliable mitre guide that helps facilitate precise cuts
  • A dustproof switch and extraction adapter has been provided for dust collection
  • No fear of skidding while working as rubber feet is well provided for.
  • Impressive design and aluminium make up means it is a very durable table router
  • The manual guide provided for is very complicated to use and understand
  • Attachments are not so easy to locate around the UK and are very expensive

Fourth place goes to the Bench Top Router Table By Lumberjack. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

For users who are all out for combo that is versatile enough for virtually every routing task, then the Lumberjack router integrated is the best pick for you.

This record power router table is a perfect combination of a router and a router table in one piece.

Coming at a very affordable price, this router table top is effortless to use and install by both professionals and beginners.

With this power tool, you can get even the most onerous task done in the shortest possible time with its great and robust motor.

The rotation and speed of this table router are also second to none in the market today.

Bench Top Router Table By Lumberjack

Products Specifications

  • This table router weighs 19.6 kg
  • Has a product dimensions of 52.5 x 48.9 x 39.6 cm
  • Power voltage is 240 volts

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The comprehensiveness of this router table is the main reason why people like it. However, beyond this, the reliability of this tool, especially for more tasking projects, has also drastically increased its value in the market. Users find this table router a universal one which helps them in saving the cost and space that comes with purchasing any other tool that can carry out the same task.

Standout Features

The two-sided storage compartments of this table router are its stand out feature. This storage compartment helps in making sure that tools kept in this router are very much organized and in their place. Another stand out feature is the inclusion of three feather boards, which among other things ensures that materials are also kept in their place. This router for router table also has included an impressive router fence that is highly adjustable and easily accessible for various projects

  • Installation and usage of this table router is straightforward to effect
  • Its dust collection feature is one of the best made available in the market
  • A safety switch has been provided to keep the mitre guard and guard release safe.
  • The complexity of the manual guide is a significant concern
  • Positioning many times also pose many challenges

Fifth place goes to the Craft Pro Router Table By Trend. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

When buying a router table, one of the many crucial things to take note of is the versatility or otherwise of the tool.

Trend CRT CraftPro is a very versatile router table. 

With this router bench, you can come with all sort of creative designs from the comfort of your workshop.

This is not just the best router UK for you, but one that helps you save some cost on purchase and maintenance.

With a reasonable budget, you can get this router table with built-in motor and enjoy all the fantastic features that come with it.

Craft Pro Router Table By Trend

Products Specifications

  • Has an average weight of about 14 kg
  • This product dimensions measures 13.5 x 73 x 40.8 cm
  • Its power is 240 volts

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The robust performance, quality material build and amazing design of this table router are features that have made it very compelling. Users can count on this tool for large projects because of their power. The quality of its design means it not only enhances the look of the workshop but that it can last for a long while.

Standout Features

There are several reasons why the Trend CRT CraftPro stands itself out from the many other universal router tables for sale in the market. The first is the sizeable laminated MDF table that comes with this table router, which makes it a very versatile option. This makes it possible for woodworkers to be able to work on all kind of projects. Then there is also the quick release aluminium back fence included.

This quality material allows the user to have ultimate control of the power tool to carry out various tasks. Then there is the fully adjustable side finger system which ensures precision without having to put in much pressure as one works with this table router. The ease of setting up this working tool is also very notable a feature as no professional help is needed to get it done.

  • Well known among many professional router tables for its robust performance
  • Comes with adjustable fences that come with safety features
  • Has an impressive dust extraction mechanism
  • The best option for both professionals and beginners alike
  • Mitre fence is said to be very poor
  • The drill holes provided still need many modifications to function effectively

Router Tables Buying Guide

You don’t need a woodwork course to carry out an admirable DIY home project. You need a hammer drill, telescopic ladder, safety boots, table saw, MIG welder, and mitre saw.

Unlike fitting carpet underlay, which is not complicated, some home projects require adding patterns to surfaces such as wood. A router will help with this task, but you need a router table to achieve accuracy and work on tricky corners. We will show you how to choose the best router table on the market.

The Router Table Size

Size has always been and will forever remain one of the dominating factors to be considered when buying a power tool. This is because when you do not consider the size of a tool before getting it, that is just a loophole to many other challenges you are most likely to face when you have finally purchased the tool. In considering the size, you have to take note of two factors.

The first factor is the size of the space of your workshop or the area available to store the router table. Before you decide to go for a router table, make sure you consider your workshop. Then find out if whatever table router you are going for will be able to fit in well into your workshop. Make sure that with the table router, you should still have a generous working space without you interfering with the tool or vice versa.

The second factor is then the size of the router table itself. We have the heavy duty ones, the medium sized ones and the small sized ones. All of these types vary in the kind of work that can be done with them. With the right size of a router table chosen, storage and maintenance become very easy.

The Power Output of the Router

Power of a table router and by extension, every power tool determines the working strength of the router. There is no table router designed that can work more than the power that has been designed with it.

What this means is that you have to be cautious and careful as regards the power output when going for a table router.

As a woodworker, it might be possible that all you need is a just the router while it is possible that you need both the router and table combo in a single piece.

Depending on the projects, the power output of a table router varies. For woodworkers who engage in heavy-duty projects, you need a heavy duty table router.

You need a router with much power, unlike a woodworker whom to carry out an essential task. The latter woodworker will need a router with a moderate or less power than the former woodworker.

The Power Output of the Router

The Dust Collection Mechanism Provided

Working with any power tool as a woodworker means that you will be exposed too much dust. Too much dust has many effects on the work being done and you as a woodworker. Dust offers a lot of health risk to whoever is exposed to it, especially woodworker who work on large projects.

To avoid being exposed to excessive dust and the dangers that come with it, woodworkers need to make sure they have a dust collection mechanism put in place in the table router they are purchasing. This dust collection feature or mechanism makes sure that dust is collected even before they reach you as the woodworker.

While there are a lot of router tables in the market with several dust collection and extraction systems, you have to make sure to select those with highly impressive features. A router with a useful dust collection feature helps to keep your workshop clean and free from dust at all times.

It also ensures that the work environment is safe and free from dust, which can be harmful to your health or that of anyone who comes in from time to time.

Do You Want a Worktop or Stand Alone

There are two ways you can have your record router table. The first is to have it placed on an existing worktop while the second is to have it stand alone. Whichever way you want, it all depends on you. However, it is essential that you make this decision before going out to buy a table router. Generally, the stand-alone table router has been more preferred by users than the worktop ones. This is because it allows users the free will of not always clamping the router table to other surfaces to work with it.

However, it is imperative that your height is well considered when buying a table router. If you are the very tall type, you might find the stand-alone table router very difficult to use. In this case, the best option for you is to go to the worktop table router.

The Table Surface Type

Every work you will be doing with a table router will be done on the surface of the table. What this means is that the surface type of the table router will go a long way in influencing the accuracy and precision of work being done on it. For router tables that don’t have flat surfaces, users are bound to experience some challenges or the other. The major challenge being that edge profiles will turn out uneven.

However, with a flat, smooth and surface, work feels a whole lot more relaxed and much more comfortable. Also, the outcomes of projects carried out on such surfaces are usually more precise and accurate.

The Preciseness of the Fence

The fence of a table router determines the preciseness or otherwise of projects carried out and on it. The more precise the fence of your table router, the more perfect the outcome of cuts being made with the table router.

This is because while working with a router table with a router, the wood is usually being placed against the fence. So the more precise it is, the more adjustable it gets along the way.

Also, when buying, it is vital that users know the various types of precision, especially as it relates to the fence.

There is the one-piece precision, and there is the two-piece precision. If when buying you are not okay with any of these precision types, you can as a woodworker, make your precision fence.

Router Tables Buying Guide

The Base Structure of the Router

The higher the quality of the wood materials being worked on, the lesser the vibrations. When this adds up, woodworkers get so uncomfortable with cuts, especially when they have chosen the wrong base to work with. The base structure of whatever best router table UK there is that you are going for is a safety feature to look out for. Always ensure that the base is very secure and stable before buying.

This way, you will be able to avoid all sort of accidents that is likely to arise from working with such router table for sale. If as a woodworker, you have to worry about safety while working with a wood router table, then there is a high probability that you might not make a precise cut.

The Additional Accessories That Have Been Included

Router tables for sale UK differ based on the accessories that come with them. Do not overlook these additional accessories when buying as they help to make working with the tool a whole lot easier. Make sure that these additional features make working with the simple router table faster and safer.

Also, make sure they help to enhance accuracy and precision at the same time. In other to save costs, it is best to go for additional features that are very much needed for whatever project there is that is needed.

Understanding the Jargons

The best router table review has been written in plain and understandable English. Also, all through this review, there has been no use of any abbreviations that users and buyers are not familiar with.

What Are the Different Features?

Reading through many of the best wood routers reviews UK online, it has been discovered that there are some features users find handier than others when buying a router table. This handy features might not necessarily be one to be fully considered when buying because they only express the luxury of individuals. However, if you want a tool that feels more than a tool, then you should consider these features.

Portability of the Router

Everyone doesn’t want a tool that feels more like a burden. This why users, over time, have always preferred to go for the more portable options when buying router tables. With a portable router, users find storage very easy. Maintaining a portable router is always very less expensive, faster and easier to effect than the less portable ones.

Users also always find it easier to install and understand the working of portable table routers than they do with the less portable ones. Portability has made many router tables much more attractive than others in the market.

The Design of the Router Table

Design is also fundamental, especially for woodworkers who desire to have a beautiful workshop. Users find a DIY router table with a fantastic design handier than those that don’t have because it enhances the look of the workshop. This design also includes among several other things the material design of the router table.

The material design, in turn, determines the durability and reliability of the table router. Table routers with steel construction design are usually more desired than many others with other types of material makeup in the market.

Router Tables Buying FAQs

Q: How to make a router table?

A: It is possible that as a woodworker, you most likely want to make your router table by yourself instead of buying a router table. This is many times done to make a tool that is suitable for whatever task you have at and. In making a router table DIY, all you need is to get wood in the desired quantity and have them shaped into the size you want the table to have.

Measure them against themselves and have them clamped together with nails. Smoothen the surface and make sure to provide it with the desired finish, it needs to give you enough comfort.

Q: How to use a router table?

A: Making use of a powered router table with height adjustment is not as difficult as many people have made it seem. The portable router table has been designed in such a way that to use; you have first to find a spot for it to be placed. Then go on to have it screwed to that spot. When needed for use, put it on by making use of the power on switch provided.

After every use, always make sure to put it off, in the same manner, it has been put on. While using a router table, gently run the wood through the table and have it controlled as you rout it. When the desired routing result is achieved, carefully remove it from the router and turn it off.

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