10 Best Popcorn Maker Reviews UK 2021 - Top Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on March 7, 2021

Everyone knows that a good movie becomes so much better when you’ve got some tasty popcorn to go along with it. But homemade popcorn can be a chore to make especially if you’re using a stovetop popper. An electric popcorn machine such as an air popper is generally the most convenient way to get your popcorn done. If you’re in the market for a popcorn popper, you’re probably looking for one that can make delicious, healthy popcorn in no time at all. Here are 10 of the top picks to choose from:

Editors Choice

Hot air mechanism means you don’t have to compromise your healthy lifestyle to enjoy a bit of popcorn now and then

Extremely fast popcorn – your popcorn will be out and ready to eat in less than three minutes which is way faster than using a microwave or a pan.

Nice style – If you like the retro style, you will enjoy having this popcorn maker around as part of your décor

Easy to use for all ages – suitable as a gift for both children and adults

This is a very powerful machine that will pop almost every single kernel

Best Popcorn Makers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The Global Gourmet popcorn maker is a modern, hot air popcorn maker that is easy to use for both adults and children. Without having to use any butter, margarine or other oils, this popcorn maker will serve up some delicious popcorn in no more than 5 minutes. It is also highly portable which means that with this popcorn maker, you can make your popcorn while you watch your movie or hang out with your friends.

Standout Features

The main features you will love on the Global Gourmet popcorn maker are its use of hot air which ensures that the end product is healthy popcorn, as well as the high degree of convenience provided and its ease of use for all. All things considered, this is one of the best popcorn makers available.

This popcorn maker from Geepas is another great option for making some healthy and delicious popcorn for your movie nights and family gatherings. This popcorn maker also uses hot air technology so you don’t have to use any butter or oils, which is a healthy feature you’re sure to love.

Standout Features

This popcorn maker from Geepas is particularly noteworthy because it works with hot air, is very convenient to use and is very efficient with a power rating of 1200 Watts.

The red and white-styled Savisto vintage popcorn maker is a nice option to have for people who like vintage products or enjoy a retro style. Style aside, this popcorn maker ticks the most important box, as it uses hot air technology. Like the previous two, this means that you are guaranteed to enjoy healthy, low-calorie popcorn. You can also flavor your popcorn to taste, using butter, sugar, salt, caramel or whatever else you would like to try.

Standout Features

The Savisto vintage popcorn maker’s standout features are its use of hot air for cooking the kernels, additional 6 cinema-style boxes which mean you won’t need to use serving bowls and its efficient power usage at 1200 Watts.

The Fusion hot air popcorn maker is so easy to use that it comes highly recommended as a great gift idea for children around the age of 10. All you have to do is pour the kernels in, switch the machine on, then sit back and await your popcorn. Another benefit of the Fusion popcorn maker is that it does not leave a mess, partly thanks to the fact that it does not need any butter or oil to make the popcorn.

Standout Features

This popcorn maker stands out with its use of hot air which means you can enjoy healthy, low-calorie popcorn. It is also highly portable.

Aicok’s popcorn maker is another option to consider when it comes to getting a healthy popcorn maker. As it uses hot air to cook the kernels, you don’t have to worry about eating too many calories from butter or other oils typically used in making popcorn.

This aside, this popcorn maker is highly portable and also very easy to clean which makes it a really good choice for people who might want to host an outdoor event such as a picnic or a child’s birthday party.

Standout Features

The standout features of the Aicok popcorn maker are its use of hot air technology, as well as its high power delivery.

The Giles and Posner popcorn maker is a standard option with all the basic features that you would expect of a modern popcorn maker. It uses hot air technology so you don’t have to worry about using butter or other unhealthy oils unless you prefer to use them.

Standout Features

This popcorn maker comes along with a very handy measuring cup which makes it easy for you to make precise quantities of popcorn.
It is also very easy to use and is therefore suitable for both adults and children to use.

The Waves popcorn maker is a great option to have for your homemade popcorn. It uses hot air as the other popcorn makers on this list, so you can be sure that the end product will be healthy popcorn unless you choose to add some butter or oil to suit your taste.

Standout Features

This popcorn maker stands out from the pack though, as it is quite efficient, and will scarcely leave a corn kernel unpopped, particularly if used with the recommended 120V/60Hz power outlet.

The Savisto hot air popcorn maker is a similar product to the Savisto Vintage popcorn maker, which also features on this list. As its name implies, this popcorn maker also uses hot air to cook the kernels, and this results in a healthier, low-calorie snack that cooks faster and is suitable for everyone to eat.

Standout Features

This popcorn maker comes with an efficient 1200 Watts heating system, as well as 6 additional popcorn boxes.

Here’s yet another great option to have for your parties and hangouts. The Gadgy popcorn maker is very easy to use as you simply have to pour in the desired quantity of popcorn kernels, and press start. It uses hot air to cook the kernels so you won’t have to add any extra butter or fat unless you prefer to do so.

Standout Features

The standout feature of this popcorn maker is its use of hot air technology to produce high quality, healthy popcorn quicker than you could with a pan or microwave.

This popcorn maker from Bargains-Galore is another option for people who like the retro look. Like all other popcorn makers on this list, this one also uses hot air to cook the kernels so it’s a great option to have for people who like to eat healthy food. It is also very simple to use though it takes a bit longer to cook the kernels than most of the other popcorn makers we have considered. The typical production time for popcorn using this machine is about 6 minutes.

Standout Features

This popcorn maker’s main feature is its use of hot air technology to make your popcorn in a healthy and fast manner. It comes with a retro red and white style that some might appreciate.


There you have it! These 10 popcorn poppers are all fantastic options to have, and as you might have noticed, they generally share the same features. They all use hot air technology to cook the kernels so that the finished popcorn is healthy and cooks significantly faster.

Since there isn’t so much difference in the actual product functionality, we’re going to recommend that you try the Bargains-Galore popcorn maker since it’s much more affordably priced than the other popcorn makers on this list. You can buy the Bargains Galore popcorn maker on Amazon.

Popcorn Maker Buying Guide

If you are entertaining friends or watching a movie on a cold day, popcorns will blend well with your favourite soup made with the best soup maker. If it is hot, use your blender to make some smoothie, freeze it in your mini fridge, and you have yourself a healthy snack. 

The perfect popcorns get better when you add seasoning from freshly ground salt and pepper grinders. You can also make it more exciting by adding your favourite fresh spice, ground with a spice grinder.

However, perfectly made popcorns don’t come easy, you need the best popcorn maker and we will show you how to choose one.

The Best Oil to Use in Popcorn Machines

Air popped popcorn is generally the healthier alternative, but it tends to be drier and less tasty. You might prefer to use a bit of oil with yours, to enhance the ability of salt or sugar to stick to your popcorn. Here are some of the top picks:

1.    Snappy Popcorn colored coconut oil

Coconut oil is generally the type of oil most movie theatres use with their popcorn, and there is a good reason why. To get that traditional buttery flavor, without actually using any butter, Snappy Popcorn colored coconut oil is a great choice. It also contains generous amounts of beta-carotene which is a powerful anti-oxidant for the skin. Snappy oil also does not contain any trans fats.

2.    Snappy Popcorn Pure Peanut Oil

This oil from Snappy makes it possible for you to enjoy your popcorn with a unique peanut flavor. Snappy Popcorn Pure Peanut Oil does not contain any trans fats and can be applied to your popcorn after it is already popped. 

3.    Snappy Popcorn Butter Burst Oil

Just like Snappy Popcorn colored coconut oil, Snappy Popcorn Butter Burst Oil gives popcorn a nice buttery taste and contains good amounts of beta carotene without containing any trans fats. An additional benefit is that it can be applied after the popcorn is already made. 

4.    Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Oil

Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn Oil is an excellent choice of popcorn oil as it doesn't have any trans fats and is gluten-free. Not only is it great for making your popcorn but it is also ideal for all your other frying needs. 

5.    La Tourangelle Organic Canola Oil

La Tourangelle Organic Canola Oil offers is quality oil for general cooking purposes, and can also be used for your popcorn. The oil is a healthy option as it contains a healthy amount of Omega 6 and polyunsaturated fats.

Important Features to Consider Before Buying a Popcorn Machine

Like all electrical appliances, not all popcorn poppers are the same or work in the same way. This is something you should know before you go out there and make an investment in one.  Even if two different poppers are priced identically, there could still be fundamental differences between them. Here are the important factors to consider:

1.    Convenience

This one is easy to overlook but a clunky popcorn popper might take too much space in a crowded kitchen, and certain types of poppers such as aluminum stovetop poppers require more effort to clean. 

2.    Output/capacity

If you’re going to be making popcorn for yourself alone you might not care about how much popcorn a popper can produce in each batch. But if you plan to host events or gatherings of more than one or two people, output capacity should be an important factor to look into before you buy.

3.     Efficiency

When it comes to popcorn makers, efficiency refers to how well the popper can cook the entire batch of kernels. You don’t want to end up with a popper that leaves behind a lot of unpopped kernels which would be a waste. 

Different Types of Popcorn Makers

Before you go out there and order a new popcorn popper for your home, you need to know that there are a few different types. Each one is more suitable for a different purpose and has its advantages and disadvantages:

1.    Stovetop popcorn maker

This one is the more traditional way of making popcorn. It is generally more expensive than the other types of popcorn makers as it is usually made from stainless steel and is generally of higher quality. A stovetop popcorn popper is a good option to consider if you don’t mind the investment and flavor is important to you.

2.    Microwave popcorn popper

Microwave poppers are easy to use and are the cheapest of the lot. A microwave popper is a container made out of microwaveable material, into which the corn kernels are placed and then cooked in a regular microwave. Microwave popcorn is a suitable alternative to stovetop popcorn as it cooks faster but still has great flavor.

3.    Air Poppers

Air poppers use hot air and a fan system to cook the corn kernels. With air poppers, you do not need to add any butter or oil, as the hot air is sufficient to pop the kernels without them sticking to the surfaces of the popper.

4.    Commercial popcorn makers

As the name implies, these units are meant for larger scale popcorn making, and can easily produce several batches of popcorn in one go.

Advantages of Popcorn Makers

There are some traditional methods of making popcorn that don’t require the use of a dedicated popcorn maker. For example, you could pop your corn kernels in a pan on a stove or simply use a microwave. However, there are some distinct advantages to using a dedicated popper:

1.    Convenience: 

Modern poppers are easier to use and you have less risk of burning your popcorn

2.    Portability:

Modern air poppers can be carried with relative ease and you can even choose to make your popcorn right in your living room while watching a movie

3.    Healthier:

Modern air poppers do not require the use of any butter or oil and are therefore much healthier alternatives to popcorn prepared on a stove.

Care and Maintenance of Popcorn Machines

Proper care and maintenance of your popcorn machine will be essential for its longevity. The routine you should follow generally depends on the type of popper that you have. Stovetop poppers are more straightforward to take care of, however, with an air popper or another electric popper, the process is slightly more complex. Here are the steps to take:

1.    Unplug the machine

2.    Allow it to cool down for at least thirty minutes

3.    Extract the kettle from the unit and clean it with a damp rag

4.    Do not use an ammonia-based cleaner!

From time to time, you may need to perform a more thorough cleanse, particularly if you have been using your popper with oil or greasy fluids. Here are the steps to take to perform a thorough cleansing of your popper:

1.    Fill the kettle with dedicated kettle cleaner mixed with water

2.    Switch on the popper and allow the mixture to boil

3.    Switch it off and unplug the unit

4.    Check the instructions on the cleaner to see how much time you should allow before you empty the cleaner.

5.    Rinse the kettle

Popcorn Maker Buying FAQs

Q: How essential is the heat lamp or a warming deck?

A: If you’re planning to keep your popcorn for a while then this a heat lamp or warming deck is an essential feature. The thing about popcorn is that once it cools down tends to condense and become chew. To prevent this from happening, you need a way to keep the popcorn warm without cooking it some more. That’s why you need a heat lamp or warming deck or both.

Q: What wattage should I look out for with popcorn makers?

A: It depends on what your goals are, but generally, popcorn makers with higher wattage are more efficient and can be relied upon to produce a higher load in a shorter period. Anything from 640 watts upwards is generally good enough but the 860 – 1200 range is ideal.

Q: Do popcorn machines get rusty?

A: Yes. Depending on the material the kettle is made from, if you do not clean them properly they may get rusty. The best way to avoid rust is to use only the cleaning agent recommend by the manufacturer or don’t let the kettle soak in water or other liquids for lengthy periods.

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