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If you are looking for a review of the best petrol lawn mowers in the UK, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best petrol lawn mower models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your garden.

Below, in the table, the petrol lawn mower reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pros and cons for each.


Best Petrol Lawn Mower Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Hyundai HYM460SO 4-Stroke Cutting Propelled Lawn Mower
Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 150 x 520 x 110 cm
Special feature Easy start
Izy HRG 466 SK Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 147 x 49.7 x 98 cm
Special feature Self propelled
Murray EQ500 Self-Propelled Lawn mower
Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 92 x 54.5 x 51.5 cm
Special feature Durable steel deck
Tiger TM5120SP Propelled Stratton Collection
Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 123 x 50 x 45 cm
Special feature Powerful briggs
Hyundai HYM510SPER Propelled Petrol Roller
Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 140 x 52 x 105 cm
Special feature Unleaded petrol

The 11 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers On The Market Reviewed


Coming first in this best petrol lawnmower ranking of ours is the Hyundai HYM460SO 4-Stroke Cutting Propelled Lawn Mower.

This petrol lawnmower prides itself among other petrol mowers in the market today for its versatility of use and high performing abilities.

Being one of the best self-propelled petrol lawn mowers, it comes at a very affordable price to quality, unlike many other self-propelled petrol lawn mowers.

Petrol self-propelled lawn mower sale has increased since this mower came into the market.

the best petrol lawn mower

Products Specifications

  • Easy to assemble lawn mower
  • Has an adjustable height feature
  • Included is a foldable handle.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Of the many amazing features of this petrol lawn mower, and the main reason why people like it is because of the presence of a large bag located at the rear of the mower. This makes it easy for this machine to easily mulch and discharge as it goes through the surface of the grass.

Standout Features

The adjustable height setting of this petrol mower which provides about 5 different levels is its dominant feature. This adjustable height feature makes it very easy for you to cut grass at the same level thereby bringing about uniformity. This adjustable height feature also makes it easy for you to cut through rough terrain.

  • This petrol mower is very easy to assemble, start and use.
  • Comes with an adjustable heightened feature that makes it user-friendly
  • The 4 stroke engine of this mower does not require that you make use of oil for it to function
  • The design sometimes make it complicated especially for beginners


The Izy HRG 466 SK Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is our second pick on this list because of its ease of use which makes it a user-friendly small petrol lawnmower self-propelled.

Being one of the best petrol lawnmowers for sale, this lawn mower works well for virtually every lawn type and can be easily stored and maintained after every use.​

As a small petrol lawn mower, this will be a fantastic machine for you.


Products Specifications

  • Very easy and quick to assemble
  • Comes with a manual guide for setup and use
  • Included is a speed lever to control speed.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The fact that this petrol mower allows for users to be able to drop their clippings as they cut is the main reason why people like it. This is because this allows you to keep the nutrients present in the lawn as you cut through the lawn. The ease that comes with starting this petrol mower also makes up for reasons why people like it.

Standout Features

The ease of connecting the different parts of this petrol mower is a significant stand out feature. Also, the speed of this petrol mower stands it out among many other petrol mowers in the market. It is also very compatible and allows you to make use of other attachments to ensure ease of use.

  • Simple design makes the mower very easy to understand
  • The adjustable height feature just means you can adjust the height to suit the task at hand
  • Has an awe-inspiring mulching ability
  • Users keep requesting a comprehensive warranty plan to secure their purchase


Hyundai is known to be a brand that produces top quality petrol lawn mowers, and with the Hyundai HYM510SPER Propelled Petrol Roller, this brand did not disappoint.

A user of this best small petrol mower is recorded to have said 'I never knew a petrol mulching mower could be this amazing until I tried this.'

This is no doubt one of the best petrol mowers you can buy for the price it comes at, and still, enjoy the quality that it offers.

Why not get your budget together and purchase this petrol lawn mower which is a cheap petrol mower?


Products Specifications

  • A self-propelled petrol lawn mower
  • Comes with dual heavy duty wheels
  • An engine is potent and reliable

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The presence of dual heavy duty wheels is the main reason why many people like and purchase this petrol lawnmower above others in the market. Also, the wheel's height of this petrol lawnmower also impresses users as it allows for the mower to manoeuvre it quickly.

Standout Features

The affordability of the unit is a stand out feature of this petrol lawnmower. Asides that, the powerful engine of this mower means that it cannot only work for small area lawns, but also large areas delivering the same level of precision and uniformity. Are you looking for cheap petrol lawn mowers for sale? Then you should try this excellent product of Hyundai.

  • This mower responds immediately, it is started without any stress
  • The 8-inch wheels of this mower allow it to manoeuvre easily through the lawn.
  • With an instruction manual provided, setting up this mower is easy and quick.
  • The price of this petrol lawnmower has been a significant turn off for users


Our 4th pick on this best self-propelled lawn mowers for sale is the Murray EQ500 Self-Propelled Lawnmower.

Known for its strength which makes it one of the most durable of the many petrol rotary lawnmowers out there, you can rely on this mower for the tough tasks.

Deficient maintenance is also needed to keep this best petrol lawn mower with rollers functioning, and beyond just being a mower, it can be used to express a fashion statement as well.


Products Specifications

  • Comes a self-propelled and powered mower
  • Foldable handles are included to enhance storage
  • Quite easy to assemble and set up.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The main reason why people like this petrol lawn mower is that it offers users with a minimal budget a chance to enjoy the quality performance. This lawn mower expresses a statement that a minimal budget doesn't necessarily translate to a substandard lawn mower.

Standout Features

The presence of a foldable handle is a standout feature of this petrol mower. This foldable handle makes it very eat for you to operate the mower, and also store it after every use.

  • Comes in a very lightweight which makes it easy to move from one place to another
  • Very easy to store as it comes with foldable handles
  • Setting up doesn't require professional knowledge as all the parts of this petrol mower are compatible.
  • This petrol mower has many times been found wanting in the force of daunting tasks.


When you think strength and reliability, think no other than our 5th pick which is the Tiger TM5120SP Propelled Stratton Collection.

Produces by a very reliable brand, this petrol lawn mower has enjoyed increased sale since from coming into the market. 

Posing a stiff competition to other best lawn mowers in the market, this lawn mower is very easy to use, store and maintain at the same time.


Products Specifications

  • Powerful engine for any landscape
  • Comes with an 8-inch tire wheels
  • Also included are a speed lever and folding handles

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The powerful 4-stroke engine of this petrol lawn mower is the main reason why people like it. With this engine, users can make use of this lawn mower on rough terrain without having to go through any stress whatsoever.

Standout Features

Very of the best lawn mowers in the market, today can compete with this lawn mower of Tiger in terms of power strength. Known to be one of the most potent mowers available, less stress is needed to get the job done when working with this lawn mower.

  • Offers a potent engine which makes a good option for difficult cutting tasks.
  • The 8-inch tires allow for easy manoeuvring and comfortable cutting
  • A speed lever is provided which allows you to control the speed of the mower.
  • The engine type makes it cumbersome and difficult to move from one place to another.


Webb is a renowned petrol lawnmower producing company with a track record of quality and reliability.

One of the most celebrated lean mowers of this company is the WEBB Petrol Wheeled Steel Lawnmower.

This lawnmower comes in a compact design that makes it resistant to wear and tear.

With adequate and timely maintenance, you can be able to use this petrol lawn mower for a long while.


Products Specifications

  • Setting up is easy and brief
  • Comes in an average size that makes it movable and effective
  • An adjustable height feature is included

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The price to the quality ratio which makes this petrol lawn mower with all of its heightened functionality very affordable is the main reason why people like it. This lawn mower combines the excellent features of top lawn mowers with the affordable price of the lesser ones together.

Standout Features

The size of this lawnmower is a standout feature of it. This is so because this petrol lawn mower is not so large, and not so small. Instead, it comes in average size. The speed control lever with 4 different settings that this petrol lawnmower comes with is also another standout feature.

  • Very impressive petrol mower with a reasonable price to quality ratio
  • Best for beginners and homeowners as it easy to start and use.
  • The adjustable heights add to its effective functioning
  • Not being self-propelled is still a significant challenge.


Our 7th pick on this top 11 beat petrol lawn mower reviews is the Einhell Propelled Petrol Lawnmower Cutting.

If you are conversant with lawn mowers generally, you sure would have one way or the otter come across this brand.

This propelled lawnmower comes affordable and is best for homeowners because of its size.

Allowing for attachments, this is the best lawnmower you will enjoy using.


Products Specifications

  • Ease of set up and use
  • Low cost of maintenance and easy storage
  • The locking mechanism is included for effectiveness and safety

The Main Reason Why People Like It

It gets tiring when you have to spend a lot to maintain any machine especially when you got such a machine at a high price. This is why the low cost of maintenance required by this petrol lawn mower is the main reason why people like it.

Standout Features

This Einhell Propelled Petrol Lawnmower Cutting stands itself out with the ease that comes with unboxing and setting up the mower. All of these can happen within 15 minutes.

  • This petrol lawnmower is easy to assemble and use
  • Minimal maintenance is needed helping you save cost and time
  • A locking mechanism is provided for which makes it a very smart lawn mower
  • Its durability becomes questioned after a long while of use.


Another petrol lawn mower of WEBB makes it as our 8th pick, and this time, it is the WEBB R46SP Propelled Petrol Lawnmower.

This petrol lawnmower is less expensive but very powerful and is a good pick for beginners.

Coming with an instruction manual, users can understand the working of this mower easily.


Products Specifications

  • Comes as a self-propelled and powered lawn mower
  • All parts are compatible and easy to set up.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The quality established by WEBB over the years and seen in the products provided has helped in building confidence in the mind of buyers. The trust people have in the brand, is the main reason why people like this particular petrol lawn mower.

Standout Features

The stand out features of the WEBB R46SP Propelled Petrol Lawnmower includes a foldable handle that allows users to be able to move it from one place to another, and also to be able to store it. To do this, all you need is to have the lock snapped and the handle folded.

  • Comes with handy features like foldable handles
  • A cutting swatch and trimmer handles make this petrol mower very easy to use.
  • The unit of this petrol mower can be used to clear grass in Rocky terrain.
  • The comprehensive plan that comes with this petrol mower is just makeup.


Occupying the 9th spot on this rating is the P1PE 4-Stroke Lawnmower Propelled P4600SP.

This petrol lawnmower is a self-propelled lawnmower with excellent design, compact size and a comprehensive plan.

It offers to user more flexible features and comes at a very affordable price.


Products Specifications

  • Self-propelled lawn mower with excellent design
  • Flexible in use, storage and maintenance.
  • Storage feature is included in the design

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The flexibility in terms of use, assembling and disassembling this lawn mower is the main reason why people like this petrol mower. Users have also found this lawn mower attractive in design and affordable in price.

Standout Features

The storage feature provided for by the manufacturers on this lawn mower has helped in making it one of the most desired petrol lawn mowers in the market today.

  • It is straightforward to use with vast storage capacity
  • Movement from one place to another is natural because of compact design
  • This petrol lawn mower is not so durable.


The McCulloch M410 120 Classic Collect Cutting also makes its way to this ranking even though it has drastically dropped down the rank.

This decline has been mainly because of the design and production of more flexible petrol lawn mowers.

Regardless of this, this classic lawn mower is still one of the best that can be used primarily by homeowners today.


Products Specifications

  • Very easy to set up and comfortable to use
  • Comes with a locking mechanism and speed lever

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Silently making its way from the top, the affordability of this petrol lawnmower is still the main reason while some users prefer to go for this lawn mower.

Standout Features

The versatile design and comprehensiveness of this petrol lawnmower is a standout feature. The water hose feature of this lawn mower is also a standout feature as it makes it easy to be able to clean it.

  • One of the cheapest petrol lawnmowers in the market
  • Easy to use and best for beginners and homeowners
  • Not suitable for stone surfaces as it can get damaged.


The WEBB R41HP Push Petrol Lawnmower is our last pick as it offers fantastic feature and performance than many other petrol lawnmowers in the market today.

Are you working on a minimal budget and want something straightforward, then you should go for none other than this particular best lawnmower.

Products Specifications

  • Compact and comprehensive design and structure
  • Attachments including water hose are included.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The simplicity of this lawn mower is the main reason why people like it. This simplicity is expressed in the ease of use, storage and maintenance of this lawn mower.

Standout Features

The simplicity of this lawn mower is the main reason why people like it. This simplicity is expressed in the ease of use, storage and maintenance of this lawn mower.

  • Simple to use, and affordable to maintain
  • Beat for small lawn areas as it provides a uniform cut
  • This lawn mower has proven not to be so durable.


A lot has been said about petrol mowers in this best buy mowers review starting from a brief description on what our top 11 best petrol lawn mowers are, to factors to consider when buying a petrol mower. With all of these provided, you are sure to get the best petrol mower in the market that will help you cut through your lawn and give it that lovely look that you desire it to have.

However, it is critical to reiterate that when choosing a petrol lawn mower, all ways make sure that you have the purpose for which that lawn mower is needed for established first. This understanding makes it very easy for you to plan, your cost, know the mower size and type that will work best for you. Enjoying the best of petrol mowers reviews and ratings, the Hyundai HYM460SO 4-Stroke Cutting Propelled Lawn Mower is outlets best pick because of its versatility and high performance.

Never regret a purchase.

Get instant access to our latest reviews, helpful tips and exclusive deals.

Petrol Lawn Mower Buying Guide

From the many petrol lawn mower reviews made available, we have been able to put together some of the most important factors to take into consideration when buying a petrol lawnmower. These factors are what serve as buying guide for anyone who looks to buy not just one of the many petrol lawnmowers available, but one that can serve them and the purpose it is needed for. Asides from petrol lawn mowers reviews, we have also been able to sort the opinions of experts and manufacturers of petrol lawn mowers as to what is to be considered when buying. Regardless of each product description provided above, it is critical that you read through this buying guide before going all out for a petrol lawnmower. Factors to consider when buying the best petrol lawnmower includes:

Size of the Lawn Mower:

Every user depends on what purpose the petrol lawn mower is needed to have a different choice of sizes. However, it is essential that you know the size of the petrol lawn mower before purchasing one. This way, you are sure the size you are purchasing will be able to carry out the work for which it is needed effectively and comfortably. Also when choosing the size, it is imperative that you go for a size that you can operate. For a small garden, it is best to go for a small lawnmower while for a large garden, you can go for the best petrol lawnmower for large gardens.

The Lawn Mower Type:

The petrol lawn mower type is also another factor to take into consideration when buying a lawnmower. These mowers come in different sizes all of which serve different purposes. It is always important that the purpose for which the petrol lawn mower is needed is established first as this helps in deciding a lot of other factors.

These other factors include first the size of lawn mower that is needed, and then also the lawn mower type to be used. Generally speaking, there are some petrol lawn mower types, but we shall be looking at the three main types.


1. Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mowers:

The self-propelled petrol mowers are the commonest types and still the most effective. They are referred to as self-propelled because of their ability to draw power from the mower's engine to propel their wheels to function effectively. With the presence of vast swath, they released best for large lawns and the most tasking lawn cutting activities. Though being very effective, you might not get comfortable with the loud noise that it produces as well as the emissions as well.

2. The Riding Petrol Lawn Mowers:

Next, to the self-propelled petrol lawn mowers are the riding petrol lawn mowers. These lawn mower types are used to cut through lawns by having you drive them yourself and many times come as key start petrol mower. As you drive through the grass in the order, you want it to follow, and this lawn mower cuts it effectively and accurately. It is also known to feature a large swath which means it can be used to cut large portions of grass at a go in the most convenient way. The downside of this petrol lawnmower type is its inability to make quick turns and the difficulty that comes with eventually having to do such.

3. ZTR Lawn Mowers:

The ZTR petrol lawn mowers are the more recent inventions. They are an improvement of both the self-propelled and the riding lawn mowers. They are known for their impressive manoeuvring abilities which allows them to easily and conveniently cut through the grass. If you have a good understanding of how lawn mowers operate, then going for this particular lawn mower type can be an excellent pick for you.

Cost of Petrol Lawn Mower

Everyone who looks to get any petrol lawn mower does so with a budget. Your budget is what determines the petrol lawnmower type you will go for. The cost of the petrol lawn mower is, therefore, a significant factor to note when buying.

Always make sure to go for the best budget petrol lawnmower at all times. You should take note of two things when contemplating the cost. First is that not all expensive lawn mowers are best for you.

So, never mistake a high price for a quality mower. It is possible for you to get the best petrol mower for you at a very affordable price. Secondly, is that when buying, it is vital that you stick to your planned budget.

To ensure you have an idea of this petrol lawnmower before buying is the reason why we have provided you with our top 11 picks above.


The Engine Type of the Mower

Generally speaking, all petrol lawn mowers come with either a 2 stroke, 3 strokes or a 4 stroke engine. However, it is important to know what area you are sometimes working. It is not always necessary to go for a 4-stroke petrol lawn mower if a 2-stroke engine will still get the job done. Remember that the larger the engine, the higher the price of the petrol lawnmower. Also, larger engines always limit comfortability because it makes the lawn mower heavy.

The Adjustable Height of the Lawn Mower

Not all petrol lawn mowers have adjustable height as all lawnmowers have their height set from the factory. However, to be sure that what you have a versatile petrol lawn mower, it is important that you go for one with an adjustable height. This is because when it comes to petrol lawn mowers, height is a critical factor to consider.

Understanding the Jargons

ZTR has used in this article, is used to mean Zero Turn Ratio which is a feature that allows for a lawnmower to turn smoothly and comfortably. This feature also enhances its ability to manoeuvre through grass surfaces as it carefully cuts through.

What Are the Different Features?

Users over time who have purchased a petrol lawn mower have found some features handy. We were able to highlight these features from the many reviews that have been provided by users over time, and they include:

The Electric Start of the Mower

Users find the electric start of a lawn mower handy because it helps in saving much stress, and makes the mower more user-friendly. With an electric start, you will no longer have to go through the stress of pulling a rope or cord to start the mower. To start a lawn mower with an electric start, all you need to do is to press the start button located somewhere on the lawn mower, and you have the engine of the mower come on.

The Presence of Folding Handles

Beyond making use of a lawn mower, is being able to store it. To facilitate easy storage, users find the folding handle very handy. With the folding handles, all you need to do is to fold up the mower after it is used and store it carefully in its place.

The Washout Port Feature

The washout port feature is also another feature users of a petrol lawnmower find quite handy. This is because this feature allows you to be able to plug in a water hose to the mower which allows for easy cleaning of the machine at all times before and after use.

Petrol Lawn Mower Buying FAQs

Q: How can I best maintain my petrol lawnmower to keep it functioning effectively for a long while?

A: Maintaining the petrol lawn mower is an excellent way to keep it functioning for a long while. However, the demands of maintenance vary from one petrol lawn mower to another. Timely maintenance which will mean you are cleaning both the interior and exterior parts can be beneficial.

Q: Are there safety precautions to adhere to when making use of a petrol lawnmower?

A: Yes, the petrol lawn mower is a machine just like every other that requires safety precautions when using and storing it. These safety precautions include among others that you put on all protective clothing needed and keep children away from the machine.

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