10 Best Paper Shredder Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 2019

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Identity theft is on the rise and while most of us worry about online security, we forget about the personal paperwork we have lying around that can easily be stolen and used to commit fraud.

If you want to effectively destroy personal information, check out our best paper shredder review. We highlight some of the best models on the market plus their unique features.

Best Paper Shredder Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Its simple functions make it convenient to use and maintain
It has a safety feature which makes it stop, if you accidentally force anything in it
Its noise level is very low. So its ideal to use it in a quiet environment
If it exceeds the run time it will turn off to avoid overheating
It has a P4 security level according to DIN standard

The Best 10 Paper Shredder On The Market Reviewed

It's great for personal and business use. It cuts the paper in small pieces which makes it secure. Due to thermal Overload feature, it works without getting hot.

It will work without jam if you're using 10-12 sheets at a time. In the case of jam, reverse function clears it.

Also, it has a safety feature. The shredder stops at an instant if a finger or anything gets forced in. Buyers don’t have to lift the heavy machine due to castors. People who bought this love its wheels which make it convenient to move it to the desired place.

It has excellent performance and elegant design at a low price.

Standout Features

The cross-cut paper shredder cuts staples, paper, and credit card with ease. It has a separate slot for shredding CDs and DVDs. It stands out due to its big waste pull-out basket. The basket has a capacity of 18 liters and a viewing window. Its safety feature makes it user-friendly and reliable.

  • It can shred DVDs and staples with ease
  • It has an auto mode
  • It has a safety feature which makes it stop at an instant if you accidentally force anything in it.
  • Wheels make it convenient to move around and use.
  • Its a little noisy

Its a cross cut shredder. It's perfect for the home office. It shreds the 12 sheets of paper in one go. The micro-cut shredding secures personal and confidential information.

It destroys CDs, DVDs and credit cards. The reverse system helps to clear out jams. Its wastebasket has a huge capacity of 21 Liters.

Customers love it for its simple attributes. The handle on top makes lifting easy.

The suppliers on amazon provide a fast delivery within 2 days.

They provide excellent customer service. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Standout Features

The handle on the top makes it stand out from other shredders. This feature makes it convenient to empty the shredder. The micro-cut shredding gives you peace of mind keeping information safe. In auto start mode shredding begins when the paper is inserted. Its thermal protection feature protects the motor from overheating. The machine will stop and cool itself.

  • It has an automatic cooling system.
  • In auto mode, automatic shredding starts.
  • Its simple functions make it convenient to use and maintain.
  • Its size and design make the transport comfortable.
  • When it overheats and takes more than 20 minutes to cool down.
  • It doesn’t sustain a high level of continuous shredding

A perfect product for a small office or home to protect sensitive data. It's safe to use for sensitive data. It cross cut paper and credit card into small pieces. There's a separate slot for CD. The CD unit has its separate wastebasket.

If there is a jam automatic return feature clears it. The LED indicator on the machine shows three operating status. It has a waste level indicator.

Users can see the waste level from the front through a clear window. Removing the housing top will make it convenient to empty 18 Liter waste-basket.

HSM 5 Sheet Paper shredder is a good value for money. This product has received few reviews on Amazon. Most of these reviews are positive. Users love it for its white color and low noise level.

Standout Features

The low noise level makes it perfect for a quiet workplace. It's efficient and convenient to use. Its separate CD slot has its waste basket. It has an LED indicator and level indicator for a waste container. It provides high P4 security level.

  • Its noise level is very low. So its ideal to use it in a quiet environment.
  • It has a nice white color
  • It has a low capacity. You can use 4-5 sheets at a time.

The cross cut shredder can shred 10 sheets at once. It shreds staples and credit cards. It's a brilliant shredder with no noise. It's convenient to empty its huge waste basket.

The auto-start and stop feature makes it user-friendly. Users don’t have to worry about paper jams due to its reverse feature. Its transparent window help users see when the basket is full.

The thermal protection system protects the motor from overheating. It's convenient to move it around with wheels.

It gives user best experience with one year warranty. Customer reviews show it shreds credit cards in long strips. They find it a good value for money for medium use.

Standout Features

The wastebasket has a large capacity of 21 liters. You can check the bin from the transparent window. It has 4 minute continuous run time and needs forty minutes to cool. The handle on top makes the waste disposal easy. The auto-start feature senses paper. The reverse system help to clear paper-jams.

  • Its quiet doesn’t produce much noise
  • If it exceeds the run time it will turn off to avoid overheating
  • The waste basket has a large capacity of 21 liters.
  • It has no separate slot for shredding Cds or DVDs.

It meets the General Data Protection Regulation. It has won the price and performance winner award. It's user-friendly due to its Automatic start sensor.

You can get rid of your data with this cross cut shredder without worrying. 

It shreds up to eight sheets in one go. It will need one hour to cool down after three minutes of continuous working. The pull out wastebasket has a capacity of 14 Liters.

You don't need to remove the blades to take out waste paper. It's convenient to move the shredder with its four wheels.

It's convenient to assemble this shredder. Most customers have given positive reviews on Amazon. They love shredder's performance for personal use. Its a good value for money.

Standout Features

Its simple functions make it perfect for personal and home use. It has a separate container for Cds. It's convenient to empty the pullout wastebasket. It will go wherever you need it with four 360 degrees wheels. The thermal cut out option saves it from overheating.

  • You can throw shredded paper in the bin without worry.
  • It fits under any desk due to its size and dimensions.
  • It has a P4 security level according to DIN standard.
  • Its nice and quiet.
  • No LED lights to indicate switch on or off.

It’s a high security micro-cut paper and credit card shredder. It protects classified data and confidential records.

It has a capacity of shredding six sheets at once. In auto mode, it senses the items and starts working. 

Anything which goes through the slot becomes useless. Its fine shredded paper creates dust in the bin. The manual reverse feature helps to clear paper jams.

It's ideal for shredding confidential and sensitive data. Its good value for money for light use. It's backed by one year warranty.

Standout Features

The high security shredder shreds credit cards, CDs, and DVDs one at a time. It can handle staple pins on papers. It needs half an hour to cool after three minutes of continuous run time. Its thermal protection will auto shut off protecting the motor. It has an auto start and manual reverse feature. It has a low noise level.

  • This micro-cut shredder cuts six times smaller pieces as compared to other shredders.
  • It has a high level of P4 security.
  • It has 30 minutes of cooling time. This is a short cooling period as compared to other shredders.
  • It creates dust in the bin due to powerful shredding. This needs to be cleaned with extra care.

Fellowes 5 Sheet Paper shredder is a cross cut personal shredder. It's brilliant for small household use. You can use it to shred junk mail and bills.

The machine doesn’t take up much space. Its cutting blades look strong and sturdy. They’re powerful enough to shred papers with staple pins. The lift head bin holds 12 liters of waste.

You need to empty it on regular basis to avoid jams. The safety lock system prevents accidental activation. Customers suggest oiling it after every full bin of shredding.

It's a good machine to consider for light use. The compact design and size make it perfect for small personal use.

The safety systems turn it off if you try more sheets at once. Fellowes is good value for money for short frequent use.

Standout Features

Its safety lock keeps children safe from it. Its bin has 12 liters waste capacity. Its manual reverse systems overcome the issue of paper jam. It has internal safety feature and thermal overload protection. It runs non-stop for two minutes and needs twenty minutes cool time.

  • It's safe to use in a house with children due to its safety lock.
  • It small in size with a compact design
  • It doesn’t have transparent window to check bin .

It's a sturdy strip-cut shredder. It shreds CDS and credit cards one at a time.

It works at an impressive speed. It's ideal to use it for envelopes and bank statements. 

There’s no need to remove staples and pins. It has operations due to auto-start mode. It can fit under the desk or workstation.

It needs 15 minutes cool time after two minutes of running.

Its good value for money if you're looking for a light-duty strip-cut shredder

Standout Features

It has 8 sheets capacity and shreds in long strips. It's auto mode sensors make its use easy. The separate slot for Cd cuts them in four pieces. The 12 liter capacity of wastebasket is a relief. Users can use the reverse feature to clear jams. In case of overheating, it will automatically shut off.

  • Its light-duty strip-cut shredder.
  • It needs a short 15 minutes of cooling time.
  • The wide strip cut property don’t secure sensitive information.

It cross cut documents in tiny pieces. Users can ensure the shredding of confidential papers. Its lightweight and size make it tuck under the desk.

Due to its compact design, you can hide when not in use. It's ideal for home use and shredding bank statements.

It performs excellent with low volumes of shredding. The reverse system rotates the cutters backward to remove the paper.

It needs oiling after each full bin for maintenance.

This shredder fill meets personal needs. According to the amazon reviews, it's a good value for money.

Standout Features

It shreds papers, credit cards and staples ensuring security. It has safety lock feature which prevent from accidental activation. It shreds for continuous three minutes before cooling down for half an hour. It has a spacious 11-liter waste-basket.

  • Its safety locks give peace of mind if the user has children at home
  • It has an electronic reverse system.
  • It doesn’t make much noise.
  • It needs lot of maintenance. You need to oil it each time after emptying a full bin.
  • The tiny transparent window makes it hard to see the bin.

It cross cut documents in tiny pieces. Users can ensure the shredding of confidential papers. Its lightweight and size make it tuck under the desk.

Due to its compact design, you can hide when not in use. It's ideal for home use and shredding bank statements.

It performs excellent with low volumes of shredding. 

The reverse system rotates the cutters backward to remove the paper. It needs oiling after each full bin for maintenance.

This little shredder helps you protect from identity theft. It meets the P3 security level. According to the Amazon reviews, it's a good value for money.

Standout Features

The shredders safety cover acts as a stop for forced entries. It shreds papers, credit cards and staples ensuring security. It has safety lock feature which prevent from accidental activation. It shreds for continuous three minutes before cooling down for half an hour. It has a spacious 14-liter waste-basket. The shredder cover works as it handles to lift.

  • It has an convenient to lift the waste-basket
  • It has a big viewing window to see when the bin gets full.
  • It's necessary to carry out frequent maintenance. It needs to lubrication after each full bin.

Paper Shredder Buying Guide

No adventure should be without a budget action camera, no home should lack a rechargeable torch, and every gamer should have a quality budget gaming chair. Similarly, every office should have a paper shredder.

It gets rid of sensitive documents that cannot be disposed of in a dustbin, to keep them from falling in the wrong hands. We will show you how to choose the best paper shredder for your office.

How to Choose a Paper Shredder

It's necessary to check the sheets capacity of the shredder. Offices need shredders with a large sheets capacity. Whereas shredders with small capacity are suitable for homes. We have learned from review to use fewer sheets than its capacity.

A paper shredder can be dangerous. Check additional safety functions. It should auto stop if fingers touch the slot.

Buy a shredder with a warranty. It should have a standard one-year warranty.

The buyer should check the average run time of the shredder. It will depend on your need and use. The time varies between 2 -40 minutes. If you're looking for a shredder for personal use then 5-10 minute is good enough.

Some shredders don’t shred items other than paper. A buyer should check this before buying. For office use its important the shredder shred nonpaper items.

Different shredders have different cuts. Choose the shredder according to your security needs. If you want to shred sensitive data then micro-cut is the best choice.

Paper shredders with pull-out bins are convenient to use. You can empty the bin by pulling out the drawer.

Features to Look Out for in a Paper Shredder

• Busy offices need a shredder with continuous motor duty. It has long run times and doesn’t need to cool down.

• A shredder can be dangerous. It's necessary to look for safety functions. These include auto mode, overheating and overfeeding.

• Many shredders make a lot of noise. No one wants to work in a noisy environment. Look for the shredders with low noise levels.

• A shredder should have castors if you keep shifting furniture. They make transport easy.

• You need to check the security level before buying. Shredders with high security features cut the paper in smaller sizes.

• Speed is an important feature for office use. No one wants to sit back and wait for the shredding. You should look for a shredder with high speed.

• The buyer should check the bin capacity. Shredders with large bin capacity save the time of changing bags.

• It should have an anti-jam and reverse feature.

• Check for the self-oiling and self-sharpening functions of the shredder. These functions increase the service life of the shredder.

Types of Paper Shredder

There are three types of shredders based on cuts.

Strip-cut: They use rotating blades to cut the paper in long strips. They're less secure. Someone with patience can reveal the information from these long strips. You can use them for shredding the non-confidential document.

Cross cut: They use blades to cut the paper in tiny square or diamond shape. They are popular shredders for personal and business use. They shred documents and credit cards. Many shredders have separate slots for CDs. They're available with different functions.

Micro-cut: They shred the papers in tiny particles. It's safe to use them for sensitive data. Agencies use these shredders to secure their confidential documents. It's impossible to retrieve the information from micro-cut shredding.

Durability of a Paper Shredder

Many durable shredders have self-oiling and self-sharpening feature. Regular cleaning improves shredders service life. The durability of paper shredder depends on the volumes of sheets. It overheats in the long run and needs breaks to cool down. Its life can decrease with continuous use. Don't push anything with force in the shredders. Industrial heavy duty shredders are reliable and durable. They have large trays for feed and can work for long run time.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Paper Shredder

We have listed the factors below to keep in mind before buying a shredder.

• You should know the reason for buying the shredder. It's vital to know your need. You can decide to buy a heavy duty shredder for industrial use. For normal use buy a standard office shredder.

• Keep security factor in mind. It helps you decide which type of shredder to buy. Micro-cut shredders ensure high security level. Buy this shredder to dispose of documents and credit cards.

• Make sure your shredder can shred pins, staples and other thick non-paper items.

• Paper jam happens with frequent use. Make sure your shredder has an anti-jam feature. Paper jamming slows down the shredding process.

• One vital factor includes speed and power. For busy offices, you need high speed and power.

• It's necessary to check additional functions of the shredders. These functions include auto-shutoff, safety feature and more.

Paper Shredder Buying FAQs

Q: How do I use a paper shredder?


  1. 1
    Paper shredders power shred the document in tiny pieces.
  2. 2
    Plug the paper shredder.
  3. 3
    You should know if your paper shredder can shred the staple and paper clip. Otherwise might break the shredder.
  4. 4
    Place the paper sheets in the slot and don’t force push. The shredder starts taking the paper as the paper touch the blades. Don’t fold the sheets.
  5. 5
    Don’t exceed the sheets capacity mention on manual. In the case of paper, jams use the reverse system. It clears the jam.
  6. 6
    Insert Cards and CDs in their separate slot.
  7. 7
    The small paper pieces may start falling back from the bin. Empty the waste-basket before its full.
  8. 8
    Keep your fingers and other sharpened materials away from the shredder slits.
  9. 9
    Don’t run it more than suggested time on manual. It will shorten its life. Give it a break to avoid overheating. Most shredders will have an auto cool system.

Q: How can I clean, maintain and sharpen my paper shredder?


  1. 1
    It's important to clean the paper shredder regularly. Unplug the shredder before you start cleaning. Lift the lid and wipe the dust. You can Clean the lid or any ink marks with a paper towel. You can use a cotton swab for hard areas. Use Dish soap or lukewarm water and let it air dry. Paper pieces start falling back if the waste-basket is full. You can run the reverse function to clear out paper pieces jammed. Avoid putting papers with glue on them.
  2. 2
    Oil all paper shredders for maintenance. Use shredder oil to ensure its full efficiency. Lubricating the shredder increases machine life. Oil the machine when you are not using it. Squeeze the oil bottle on blades and. Run the machine in reverse function and it should only take a few minutes. You can shred a few papers afterward to remove any excess oil. You can coat shredder oil on paper sheets and feed them to the shredder for oiling. Using oil other than shredder oil will damage the machine.
  3. 3
    Shredder’s blade starts wearing down after some time. Few shredders have self-sharpening blades. You can use aluminum foil to sharpen if its self-sharpening function. Run a few sheets from the shredder and it should sharpen the blade. You can repeat this after a few weeks. You can replace the blades with newly sharpened blades for complete efficiency.

Q: What are things that a paper shredder can shred?

A: A paper shredder shreds papers and documents in three cuts. These three cuts are cross cut, micro-cut and strip-cut. Many shredders have a separate slot for shredding CDs and DVDs. Users should know the shredding limitations of their shredder. Most shredders can shred few staples, paper clips, and credit cards. Only heavy duty paper shredders can shred cardboards. Don’t put many sheets of cardboard.

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