10 Best Multi-Region DVD Player Reviews UK 2021 - Top-Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on March 3, 2021

If you've ever purchased a really good film abroad but quickly realised that it won't play on your cheap DVD players back home, you'll understand the importance of an all-region DVD player. Equipped with hallmarks that not only bring your favourite features to life but also enhance picture quality, sound quality and overall watching experience, a DVD player that plays all regions will certainly make your life much easier at a small price.

Furthermore, that begs the question of which region DVD for UK best fits your needs - a question that we have answered meticulously on the article below.

Best Multi-Region DVD Player

Best Multi-Region DVD Players On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best multi-region DVD player (UK) is the DP542H model by LG Electronics. Thanks to its high-quality HDMI cable, you'll be able to watch DVDs from all over the world, in the best way intended. The 1080p upscaling enhances your standard quality discs from your old machine and brings them to near HD quality. Moreover, the progressive scan technology that this DVD player employs makes it possible that are the colours in the screen are projected instantly, so you won't need to worry about the needless flickering and low-density picture quality.

The LG DVD player all regions compatible offers a wide variety of features that promote a fantastic standard under a very reasonable price. 


Additionally, thanks to the multi-format playback function on the LG system, you will be able to play everything from CDs to DivX videos including DVDR/RW, CD, MP3, WMA and JPEG formats. Another great advantage that will surely make this device a great contender for your new DVD player, lies in its USB port function. All you're going to need to do is just plug a USB memory stick that's loaded with films, music or photos and you will surely appreciate the content thanks to its stunning video and sound quality. 


  • The Dolby Digital audio decoders in this LG player promote a graded good quality.
  • The package contains the machine, a remote, a 1.5 metre HDMI cable, and a Panasonic/Lumic original wallet for you to keep your digital accessories.
  • Consuming a total amount of 9W when in use and 1W when in standby mode, this series of DVD players ensure maximum efficiency while offering great quality.
  • The device is incredibly easy to install, and the instructions are provided with the box.


  • Some consumers have reported that they encountered some issues with the video-sound sync, so they had to rewind the DVD for the content to get back in order.
  • The device won't turn your SDs into full HD picture quality, but it will improve them proportionally.

Being among the best devices of 2021, this multi-region DVD player with HDMI employs an upscaling technology that will make your video DVDs increase their picture quality significantly. The Grouptronics player can accommodate any TV type, due to its HDMI, scart or component cable suitability. Moreover, the USB port further helps in playing your favourite videos, films, pictures or audio - straight from your USB. Supporting an incredible list of file types, the GTDVD-181 can play DVD, CDs & VCD discs, as well as home-made CD-R/RW & DVD±R/RW including MP3 & WMA tunes or JPEG pictures.

Grouptronics GTDVD-181 DVD Player

Another innovative feature that this series of DVD players employs is the microphone joint that's positioned on the side of the device and can be used as a karaoke CD or DVD player. You can easily turn your GTDVD-181 device into a Karaoke machine by simply inserting a karaoke disc and watching it on your TV. If you're rather keen on that, you'll be pleased to know that Grouptronics also offers a package containing the machine, a Karaoke ultimate pack as well as a dynamic wired microphone. 


  • The LCD screen in this machine allows you to see which chapter you're on, observe the viewing progress and the other playback information.
  • The internal features in this device also contain the repeat play, zoom, slow play and step through scene by scene.
  • The picture and sound quality remain elite on whichever video format you use, so scart connection compressing won't be an issue anymore.
  • The DVD player is compact and lightweight, so moving it around will be a no-hassle process.


  • Some consumers have reported that the USP port is rather tight on the edges, so it's more prone to damage on the long run.
  • The remote contains hard to see numbers and icons, which might be a deal-breaker for some people.

Another multi-region DVD that proudly makes its way on the best products available, is the 2016 BDP-S1700 model by Sony. Equipped with capabilities of playing DVDs and BlueRay discs from all regions, this HDMI powered series of DVD players ensures maximum efficiency all around the world, thanks to its auto-switching 100-240V 50/60Hz voltage that's compatible worldwide. The conveniently placed USB socket also allows you to play the media discovered in your USB drive, which is a fan favourite feature. 

2016 SONY BDP-S1700 Free Blu Ray

Moreover, you can also connect this DVD player with an internet connection either by LAN or WiFi, although the latter option needs to be purchased as an addition - which is at a very modest price. You can also cut back at the number of the remotes by simply using the TV Sideview app on your smartphone or tablet. This app contains dedicated switches that allow you to instantly start your preferred streaming platforms on your Sony DVD player, including Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, and more.


  • The device is suitable for all DVDs formats including CD-R/RW & DVD±R/RW as well as data formated disks such as MP4, Avi or FLV.
  • The DVD player contains a USB port that functions with a Dolby Digital function, so your photos, videos, films and music will be played with reliable high quality.
  • The device is very compact and modern designed, so it will perfectly fit wherever you decide to place it.
  • It is very easy to set up and install, and all the instructions are provided within the easy to read manual.


  • Some consumers have reported that the DVD player is somewhat erratic, in that it stops playing video randomly by leaving the screen blank for a split second.
  • It was noted that the device is prone to buffering while using streaming devices such as Netflix or Youtube.

Panasonic further proves that it's the best at what it does, and that is providing good resilient devices that stand the trials of time. Furthermore, the stylish and compact design on this series of DVD players makes this device a must-have for all of you who simply need an uncomplicated player for your home that matches up the new digital features but is easy to use and operate as well.

Panasonic DMP-BD84 Smart BluRay Player

Allowing you to play DVDs or music CDs from all around the world, this multiple region DVD player offers a wide variety of online contents due to its built-in internet apps. All you need to do is simply plug an ethernet cable to your Panasonic device and you're good to go. You can rest assured that all your favourite films and videos will be played with the best possible condition, due to this DVD players' integrated upscaling features that enhance the media sound and picture quality. 


  • The USB port allows you to freely enjoy your stored content on its external HDD Playback function.
  • This DVD player allows for somewhat obscure tones emitted from several DVDs to be constantly reproduced with natural depth and true-to-life atmosphere - so it gives a satisfying experience.
  • The installation and features settings are very easy to get around, so it should be great for all ages.


  • This series of DVD players was noted to perfectly play all regions of DVDs, but only UK-based BlueRay media.
  • Some consumers noted that the DVD is rather noisy while operating, which may be annoying for some.

Another series of wonderful multi-region DVD players by Grouptronic include the GTDVD-1000 compact model that's ready to play your media straight out of the box. Its metal build that opposes the usual plastic components in digital devices makes this DVD player one of the best sustaining products on the market. Moreover, the manufacturers have included an RCA cable that makes the device suitable for TVs that don't employ an HDMI system.

Besides coming at a great price, the Dobly Digital DVD player contains two additional sockets that can fit up to two microphones for a splendid night of Karaoke fun.

Grouptronics GTDVD-1000 HDMI DVD Player

The easy to use Groupotronics system will showcase your CD's lyric video splendidly while accompanying it with entertaining visuals that make the whole experience worthwhile. You can also play your media straight out of your USB, in a wide variety of formats such as DIVX, MPEG4, DVD (+, R/RW), CD, VCD, SVCD, MP3, JPEG & Kodak discs. 


  • The enclosed metal case aids with cooling and guarantees a stable driver that preserves its durability for longer periods of time.
  • Grouptronics offers one-year warranty support and help from their dedicated UK centre.
  • The GTDVD-1000 DVD players employ the 'last memory function' that allows you to simply power off the machine and have your media be resumed where you left it off when you turn it back on.


  • Some consumers reported that they encountered some freezing with their USB media.
  • Several people noted that the instructions provided are not very clear, so you might need a techno-friendly mate to set this DVD player up for you.

As we're all familiar, LG Electronics is a champion of home entertainment devices and consumers usually aim for their products because the brand has established a longstanding reputation of providing new features and overall high quality at a very reasonable price. The DP132 model is very ergonomic on its compact size while being practical and suitable with multiple media formats like DVD, DivX, CD and MP3.

Additional features that are somewhat unique with this model include the easily operable zoom capability, the new screen saver option and the parental lock function which will come in handy if you need your kids to stop meddling with your favourite films. Offering you maximum feasibility, this unit comes with a phono to scart connection lead and a full-function remote, so all you're going to need is to plug an additional HDMI cable and you'll be set.

MULTIREGION LG DP132 Multi-Format Compact Size


  • The USB 2.0 playback function allows you to connect a USB storage tool to view photos, watch videos and listen to music at the click of a button.
  • The DP132 model contains a very helpful feature that plays your video right where you left it off when you turned on the machine, so you won't have to search for the duration anymore.
  • Several customers have noted that considering all the features and components it employs, this multi-region DVD comes at a fantastic price.


  • Some consumers reported that the machine tends to overheat with heavy use.
  • It was also noted that the eject button tends to freeze, causing the CDs to be stuck inside for longer than intended.

Conned as the best Amazon choice for HDMI DVD players for Smart TVs, this model by MAJORITY doesn't fail to deliver what it promises. The manufacturers promote a high detailed spectrum of picture quality thanks to its HDMI upscaling features and impressive Dolby Digital sound enhancements from your chosen DVDs - all at a very good price. Moreover, the machine will play almost any disc or format including DVD (R, RW) CD Video, Mpeg4 or DivX. 

MAJORITY Scholars Compact DVD Player

You can also enjoy your favourite home videos, pictures and recordings thanks to its flexible USB port. Additional features rely on maximum suitability provided by the HDMI and RCA connections, that make this product play media and DVDs on any TV. With an additional modest price, you can order the machine accompanied with an HDMI cable so you can get to business ASAP!


  • MAJORITY offers full technical support for every digital product, including a comprehensive 36-month warranty period upon registration.
  • Several consumers were impressed with the [lack of] sound that this player operates with.
  • Great value for money.


  • The DVD player isn't suitable to play BluRay or full HD videos.
  • Since the product is mostly made of plastic, it is more prone to damage and reduced longevity.

Among the best DVD players that employ several helpful features under easy to use conditions stands this Slimline model by Akai. The Akai Pro Series offers four different product types that you can choose from, including a classic player, a compact-sized one, a portable player, as well as a swivel screened video player that share similar features but differ in design and style.

The machine is also compatible with most video formats including DVD (+, R, RW), VCD, CD (R, RW), MP3, MP4, Kodak, JPEG and MPEG4. 

Akai Slimline DVD Player

The USB feature further ensures that you can play your family's favourite videos, and enjoy the superior 5.1 channel Dolby Digital sound surround system. Furthermore, the easy-to-read LED display with orange illumination intends that you can easily watch and operate your DVDs, even in dimly lit rooms. 


  • It is compact and easy to set up, with all the information meticulously provided on the instruction manual.
  • The DVD player initially comes with a one-year guarantee, which can get extended to a two-year warranty upon registration.
  • Being among the best budget-friendly players on the market, you can rest assured that this machine will not only satisfy your digital requirements but be kind on your wallet as well.


  • Some consumers have reported that the battery compartment in this machine is prone to damage and bulging.
  • Unless played on the surround system, it was noted that the sound in this DVD player is distinctly lower than with conventional machines.

Following the great line of durability enhanced products, this Toshiba DVD player allows you to watch your favourite films from all around the world at an exemplary resolution. Compatible with DivX, USB, MP3 and JPEG media formats, you will also be able to use this player as a USB convertible tool to showcase all your family's pictures, music, videos and films. All you need to do is plug the drive into the USB port and start playing your favourite media.

Generally, this product is also fit with different formats such as CD Audio, Video CD / SVCD, DivX playback, CD-R / CD-RW, DVD-R / DVD-RW, DVD+R or DVD+RW, so you won't need to get preoccupied with wondering if your DVDs are gonna play properly with this machine. Another additional advantage to this series includes a Bluetooth headset that's supplied with the package, so you will get to listen to your favourite tunes as soon as you unpack the box. 

Toshiba Multi Region Dvd Player


  • The playback quality in this player is above the average standard.
  • The compact-sized dimensions make fitting this product a very easy ordeal.


  • Some consumers reported that the DVD pauses unexpectedly every now and then.

If you've been in search of a portable multi-region DVD player that's also mountable to save up space and invest on your decor, then this product is the right choice for you. The Upscaling DVD player offers a BluRay 1080p resolution that enhances all your standard DVDs to their best possible quality. Moreover, the integrated Dolby Digital decoder in this machine ensures that the sound in your film matches the video.

Besides the various sound and picture settings, this DVD player contains several other features that include a convenient zoom feature, a slow-motion, angle and repeat function as well as the respective mute features. Additionally, the USB socket in this machine is ideal for playing your personal films, tunes, pictures or videos and be engulfed with the incredible surround system that will surely improve the digital experience to a great extent. 

Denver DWM-100 Multi Region Upscaling DVD


  • The DVD player operates with a convenient 110-230V power supply, so it's compatible with most countries' power constructions.
  • The package comes with the wall bracket, RCA cables and its own power supply - which makes the installation process relatively easier.
  • Thanks to its slim and compact design, the DVD player can be discreetly placed anywhere you want it to.


  • Unfortunately, the DVD player can't read BluRay discs, so it will only work with DVDs.
  • The magic eye sensor is on the front of the machine, so you might experience some difficulties with operating it by remote if you place it behind your TV.

Buying Guide

Generally, DVD players that showcase region-free features are straightforward in their intended use. As long as the product you're interested in promotes its suitability with multiple regions, then you're basically good to go. However, there are a few things that you should look for when buying.

  • Upscaling Feature - This function refers to a DVD player's ability to enhance the SD quality on your DVDs by bringing them to a near HD resolution.
  • Compatibility with Various Formats - The more formats your DVD player is compatible with, the fewer issues you'll have with playing different DVDs or other media. A good machine should be suitable with DivX, Xvid, MP3, MP4, WMA and JPEG file formats.
  • USB Playback - As you might've noticed, the best DVD players contain a USB socket that allows you to plug in your external drive and play your personal media on the machine. This will come in as particularly handy feature when you want to play music, photos or videos one after the other without having to change the CDs.
  • Internet Feature- With the constant updating of digital devices, several manufacturers have constructed their devices to include an internet feature that basically turns your DVD player into a smart device that's compatible with playing media from popular streaming devices such as Netflix or Youtube.


Q: What is a multi-region DVD player?

A: Most DVD players are normally manufactured by comprising a region code which ensures that only compatible discs can be played in the respective device. For example, a UK regions DVD containing the number 2 can only be played on specific DVDs (UK region supported) that also contain the number 2, and it won't play on other devices. As with region free DVD players, they are compatible with all numbers while being labelled as the region 0. This means that your multi-regional DVD player is not only compatible with number 0, but all areas from 1-6 as well.

Q: What is the best region free DVD player?

AThe best region free DVD player is the DP542H model by LG Electronics that's easy to install, provides an exemplary picture and sound quality, all the while being a good value for money.

Q: Which DVD players are multi-region?

AAll the DVD players listed in this article are, including:

  • The DP542H HDMI model by LG Electronics
  • The GTDVD-181 Compact Player & Karaoke Player by Grouptronics
  • The 2016 BDP-S1700 line by SONY
  • The DMP-BD84 Smart BluRay Player by Panasonic
  • The GTDVD-1000 Compact range by Grouptronics
  • The DP132 Compact series by LG Electronics
  • The Scholars Compact DVD Player + HDMI cable by Majority
  • The Slimline DVD Player by Akai

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