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Are you looking for a power tool that can cut accurate angles in wood, plastic or metal? Look no further than the mitre saw.

These bad boys are ideal for DIYers and professionals and can be used to cut all kinds of angles when working with skirting boards, door frames, general woodwork and furniture pieces. Our best mitre saw review takes an in-depth look at some of the top models.

Best Mitre Saw Comparison Chart

The Best 10 Mitre Saw On The Market Reviewed

The Evolution RAGE 3 is a double bevel sliding mitre saw from one of the market’s most reputable brand.

With all the features needed to make effective cuts, this double bevel mitre saw is the best among the many sliding mitre saws for sale. 

Comes all handy with all the mitre tools needed by a woodworker to get various cuts done or workpieces.

A careful analysis will help you appreciate this mitre as a best value mitre saw and one you should look forward to purchasing.

Products Specifications

  • Has a 2,00-watt motor able to power 10 inches blade
  • The maximum cutting width is 12.5 inches at 320 mm
  • Straight cut dimensions measure 320 x 80 mm

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The main reason why people like this best mitre saw for sale is because of the availability of features. These features have been so designed that they make this mitre saw a high-performance mitre saw. They also enhance the user-friendliness of this saw, making it one of the best mitre saws UK.

Standout Features

The patented, versatile cutting blade of this mitre saw is a stand out feature. This 12-inch mitre saw comes with a blade that doesn’t need to be replaced for specific purposes. It is made from the carbide material which is one of the most quality material any mitre chop saw can be made of.

  • Comes with a laser cutting guide that has a power switch included in it
  • Has a patented, versatile cutting blade that can be used for various cuts
  • The blade is designed with high technology that optimizes heat
  • The blade is a general purpose blade that many times don’t work well for specific tasks

Users who want quality don’t just stop at desiring.

They go for whatever it is they desire, and if there is any power tool to be desired, it is the Evolution Multi-Material Sliding Mitre. 

This high-performance power mitre operates at a watt motor speed that provides the blade all the speed it requires.

This largely contributes to the pace at which this power mitre can get cuts done. Asides from coming at an affordable price, this mitre saw sliding is easily stored and maintained at all times.

Products Specifications

  • 2000 watt motor at a speed of about 4500 RPM for 10 inches blade
  • The maximum cutting width is about 12 inches of 300 mm
  • Can make a bevel cut of 300 x 30 mm to the left and right

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The main reason why people like this slide mitre saw is because of the relative affordability and the angle depth adjustors that have been provided for. This makes this sliding mitre saw much convenient to use effectively. Also, users have gained confidence and trust in this brand for the quality blades it provides across different

Standout Features

The quality blade material and aluminium base of this slide compound mitre saw are beautiful features. These features not only make it the best power tool for making massive cuts, but also for effective cuts. Reading through compound mitre saw reviews, you will discover that these features make all the difference in your cutting.

  • Comes with excellent build quality which includes solid casting and aluminium base
  • The best and most adequate option for tough wood cutting jobs
  • Has angle and depth adjustors included
  • Certain features have been compromised because of the price

Are you looking for the best budget mitre saw from an established brand?

Then you should look out for the Makita MLS100 Electric mitre saw. 

This crosscut mitre saw is the best compound mitre saw being sold in the market today.

Where there has been some claim by users that certain features of this saw have been compromised, its reliability and affordability are a major advantage.

Products Specifications

  • Come at a lightweight of about 14.7 kg
  • Has a 1500 watt motor able to generate a speed of about 4200 RPM
  • Mitre cut dimensions measures 90 x 75 mm to both the left and right

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The sturdiness of and balance of this power tool has largely increased this mitre saw sale across several platforms. Users find it a very comfortable compact mitre saw to use. Among other electric mitre saws, it has also been able to establish for itself a place of excellence with the high-quality carbide blades being provided.

Standout Features

The most important and attractive feature of this product from the Makita brand is the inclusion of a transparent blade guard. This serves a two-way benefit to the woodworker. First, it allows the woodworker to be able to keep track of the cut, which enhances precision. Then also, it ensures safety while working as the user will be able to know when to keep hands away from the blade.

  • Has a sturdy extension arms support that makes working on large workpieces much easier
  • A transparent blade guard is included to enhance visibility
  • A soft start and electric brake is also provided to ensure security while in use
  • Not the best option for users who don’t make wide crosscuts frequently

The Evolution FURY6 Multipurpose Table Mitre saw is a dual table and mitre saw.

Though coming a bit weighty, the excellent design of this tool has been a notable feature.

This design allows for users to be able to place all the tools needed to work with the power tool before work commences.

Also, notwithstanding the plurality of features, this is still the best budget mitre saw coming with a mitre cut and a carbide blade.

Products Specifications

  • The straight cut dimension of this mitre cut is 225 x 45 mm
  • Bevel cut dimensions to the left measures 225 x 35 mm
  • Mitre cut to the left and right measures 170 x 45 mm

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The sturdy adjustable blade of this mitre table saw is the main reason why people like it. Users find it very convenient to use as they can adjust it while working with it to suit the task. Being an adjustable blade, users do not need to have to change it from time to time for specific tasks.

Standout Features

The most outstanding feature of this mitre saw is the rotating calibrated gauge to keep the rotation in check. This way, users don’t get to miss out on the actual size and type of crosscut that is to be effected. The laser guide and laser lights that are also provided for are a new stand out features. These features make it easy for users to work with this tool even at night.

  • Comes with a sturdy blade guard that protects the blade and the user while in use
  • Its table rotating calibrated gauge for effective and controlled rotation
  • Laser guide and LED lights provided for convenience and accurate outcomes
  • The material build is such that the reliability is only for a limited time

Another mitre saw from the Evolution brand makes it as our 5th pick, and it is the Evolution Multi-Material Sliding Mitre Saw.

This has across several sliding mitres saw reviews qualified as one of the best sliding mitres saw under £200.

Notwithstanding the affordability of this sliding mitre saw, its features are still intact and very much reliable.

Coming as a 10-inch mitre saw, this is the best value mitre saw for every woodworker.

Products Specifications

  • Multi-material build and colour types provided
  • Comes with a 10 inches, 255 mm blade
  • Able to cut workpieces as full as 300 mm

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The mere fact that this mitre saw has all its features compact and utterly irrespective of the price it is being sold is the main reason why people like it. Users also find the price to quality ration, which is one of the best in the market very attractive as well.

Standout Features

The high-quality material in terms of design and blade are notable features of this mitre saw. These features, by extension, are what makes this power tool user-friendly to both professionals and beginners alike. Also, it allows for safety as a safety lock is being provided to keep it locked and prevent it from accidentally coming up while not in use.

  • Made from a high-quality material which makes it a very durable and reliable mitre saw
  • User-friendly features make it easy and safe to use at all times
  • Complete and comprehensive features not compromised for price
  • The maintenance cost and design of this mitre saw is still an area that needs to be worked on

The Einhell TC SM 2131 Double Crosscut Mitre Saw is one of the many powerful tools that is being made by the Einhell brand.

Just like other tools, this mitre saw is made from quality material and can be relied on for all woodworking projects that require for crosscuts.

A motor of about 2,000 watts that generates a speed of about 4,000 RPM on its blades has been well provided for.

This small mitre saw is a hand compound mitre saw that can be used by professionals and beginners alike in woodworking.

Products Specifications

  • This mitre saw weighs about 14 kgs
  • Comes with a motor of 1200 watt generating a speed of about 4,000 RPM
  • Mitre cut measurement is 150 x 300 mm to the left and the right

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The versatility, compactness and weight of this mitre saw are trinity reasons why people like it. The versatility means that users can be able to save some cost on this tool as it can be used for several cutting tasks. Its versatility also means that users can store up some space in the workshop. The lightweight of this mitre saw also means that it can be easily stored, manoeuvred and subsequently maintained.

Standout Features

The lightweight of this mitre saw is a stand out feature. This makes it very easy to use and manoeuvre through workpieces – both large and small. Also, the precision of the blade of this mitre saw allows for effective cuts and beautiful finish.

  • Versatile, very compact and lightweight mitre saw
  • Comes with effective power batteries that are uniform with that of other products
  • Generates much power on the blade for more precise cuts
  • Relatively high price and reliability issues have been significant downsides

Our 7th pick on this best mitre saw reviews the UK is the Compound Powerful Performance Mitre Saw of the Vonhaus brand.

The versatility of this mitre saw has been expressed mainly by subsisting users across many compound mitre saw reviews online.

As a woodworker, depending on your workspace, it is always best that you create space for your comfort.

Having too many tools can make your workshop all choked up. This is why the best option is to have a tool that can carry out more than one task at a time.

This Vonhaus mitre saw is one of those versatile tools that can help you save time and cost.

Products Specifications

  • Generate a power of about 4200 RPM and does it silently
  • Straight cut measurement is 120 x 40 mm
  • Bevel cut measurement to the left is 120 x 20 mm

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The high power generation of this mitre saw is one of the main reason why people like it. This is because it makes work a whole lot easier and faster for woodworkers. The durability of this mitre saw is also another reason why people like it. Thanks to the sturdy aluminium material that was being used in its design.

Standout Features

The quality carbide blades have been well designed in such a way that it helps to keep one's hands away from the tool while working with it. Also, there is the provision of a safety lock to prevent it from coming on mistakenly. There is also the inclusion of LED lights to ensure safety and accuracy at all times.

  • An excellent and reputable brand known for quality blades
  • Inclusion of a safety lever lock to assure security while not in use
  • Compact and quality aluminium material makes it very durable
  • Reduced price to quality ratio has widely discouraged users from buying this mitre saw.

Another Einhell product is yet on this list again, and this time it is the EINHELL TC MS Compound Mitre Saw.

This compound mitre saw is known for its innovative design, which is unique to it.

The ease of using this mitre saw is also a plus which culminates in it being able to be maintained at a little cost. The best mitre saw option for making precise straight cuts.

All features needed to work effectively with this mitre saw have been adequately provided for, and a 2-year comprehensive warranty plan has also been included as well.

This warranty covers not just any technical default in the tool alone, but also the performance of the mitre saw as well.

Products Specifications

  • Has a 1500 watt motor generating a speed of about 4000 RPM driving 10 inches blade
  • Its diameter blade measures 255 mm 10 inches
  • Straight cut dimensions measure 120 x 70 mm

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The main reason why people buy this compound mitre saw, is because of the quality of the producing brand on one end and the guarantee that comes with purchasing this mitre saw. Also, the mitre adjustment feature that has been provided for this mitre saw has stressed its versatility, putting it ahead in the market as well.

Standout Features

The easy to spot laser guide and very bright and durable LED lights that have been provided for this mitre saw are a stand out feature. Also, the quality of all the parts of this mitre saw is also top notch. This way, you do not have to worry about the timely breakdown that might lead to you having to change its parts.

  • Comes with a laser guide and LED light for efficiency
  • 2-year warranty on performance and technical default of the mitre saw
  • Allows for easy mitre adjustments while working on the workpiece.
  • Beginners find this power tool challenging to use because of its design

The Evolution Multi-purpose Compound Mitre saw has enjoyed a place across many reviews online.

This is because irrespective of the growing trend in the mitre saw market, users still appreciate the versatility.

First, because of the cost that can be saved and the use of only one tool for several tasks helps to save space.

This is, however, not all about this compound mitre saw as it also comes in a fantastic design that enhances the overall look of your workshop while still getting the work done.

Products Specifications

  • Maximum width of 200 mm and a diameter blade of 8.5 inches
  • Generates about 4,000 RPM that drives its blade
  • Has a bevel cut dimension of about 120 x x50 mm to the left

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The fantastic price to quality ratio of this mitre saw is the main reason why people like it, especially that they are also able to enjoy some features being possessed by the expensive ones. This affordable cost also stresses to its maintenance as a little cost is needed to maintain and keep this mitre saw in top working condition at all times.

Standout Features

The sharpness of the blade of this mitre saw is a stand out feature. This means that users do not have to replace blades to get specific work continuously done. A sheath is also being provided to help shield the blade from accidental contact by third parties while not being in use.

  • Excellent features and affordable price
  • Low cost of maintenance and easy to use features
  • A fantastic design which makes it easy to manoeuvre on a workpiece
  • Replacing the blade is very difficult and gets it gets blunt quickly.

Silverline is not a household name in the mitre saw market, but every product that has been provided for by this brand has been known to be of top quality and high performing in nature.

The Silverline 262705 Compound Mitre Saw is a 1400 watt motor mitre saw that fits in well for different woodworking cutting projects.

It is made up of adjustable blades, safety locks and a sheath to keep the blade safe while not in use.

It comes at a very affordable price but has its weight pose a significant challenge. Its weight makes it a bit difficult for users to be able to manoeuvre the tool while working with. Overall, this is an affordable, reliable and durable power tool.

Products Specifications

  • Has a maximum width of 210 mm and a diameter blade of 8 inches
  • Effects a straight cut of 10 x 55 mm
  • Compound cut measures 80 mm x 55 mm to the left

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The reasonable budget in which this compound mitre saw comes is the main reason why people like it. This means that professionals, DIYers and beginners can be able to purchase this power tool for their individual use. Also, the ease of replacing parts is another reason why people like it. The parts of this mitre saw can be purchased easily anywhere in the UK

Standout Features

The sturdy and robust base of this mitre saw is an outstanding feature in that it provides all the balance a user needs while working with the tool. This way, users do not have to be scared of the tool tilting to one side while in use, thereby resulting in unprecedented accidents.

There is also the inclusion of a lock off lever to ensure that the mitre saw is not accidentally switched off by children or third parties not familiar with the tool.

  • Very solid and sturdy mitre saw
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty that covers the performance of the mitre saw
  • A moderate budget saw for DIYers
  • Maintenance of this mitre saw is very high and time taking


Just like every other working tool, quality determines efficiency. Many times, to get a very quality type of this tool, you need to have your budget planned as they always require a whole lot of money to purchase. However, when putting your money into any of the tools reviewed above, it is essential that you go for one that will produce the desired results and last a while.

To facilitate this, you have to know why you are getting a mire saw and how often you will need one. Also, considering technological innovations more comprehensive mitre saws have been introduced into the market. With this, it is necessary to look beyond the basic mitre saws to the compound ones which are known to be more versatile.

This review is comprehensive enough to ensure that you are buying the best mitre saw UK being sold in the market. For further guidance, pay attention to the buying guide that has been provided for mitre saws purchase. As regards our best pick, going by the versatility and reliability of the tool, the Evolution RAGE3 DB Double Multi-Purpose Sliding Mitre Saw is our recommended pick.

Never regret a purchase.

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Mitre Saw Buying Guide

You should undertake every home project with the utmost seriousness. Whether you are fitting carpet underlay or building a dog house, the right tools will ensure that you get everything right. Get the best hammer drill, telescopic ladder, table saw, MIG welder, and router table. For your safety, get the best safety boots.

A mitre saw, especially, will get every cut and angle perfectly. But not every mitre saw will provide such preciseness, you need the best model, and we will show you how to select it.

Buying a mitre saw goes beyond knowing what type of mitre saw you need or why you need one. You have to make sure that you look into the tool for certain features. These features vary from one buyer to another. To come up with this buying guide, we have conducted researches into manufacturer’s review and expert opinions. All these put together is what has been incorporated into this best mitre saw guide.

When buying a mitre saw, make sure to consider these factors:

Is the Mitre Saw Corded or Cordless?

The first and one of the essential consideration to make when buying the best mitre saw is to determine whether you want a corded or cordless tool.

In making this decision, you have to consider the cost to be incurred and the comfort you desire. Cordless mitre saws are known to be in vogue and more purchased in the market today.

This is because of how easy to move around and use they are. Getting a cordless mitre saw requires a lot of cost and some additional costs that come with purchasing other accessories like battery and charger.

The corded mitre saws, on the other hand, are helpful for individuals who do not want to face issues of power shortage.

They are also known to be very durable and less expensive than the cordless mitre saws.

When buying a corded mitre saw, make sure to pay attention to the power lead and ensure it is quality or go for an extension lead. For the cordless, it is best to buy from a brand that offers a range of product sharing similar batteries to cover up for the expensive cost it comes at.

The Power of the Mitre Saw

There is a direct and very delicate relationship between the blade of a mitre saw and its power. Also, cordless and corded mitre saws differ in power. Mitre saws with top quality blade types are usually more powered that those with fewer quality blades or the wrong blades. The material combination of the blade and the mitre saw can also affect the power of the mitre saw.

Corded mitre saws generally come with a blade of about ten inches or its equivalent. This type of mitre saws works at a power of 15 amps, which is not so with the cordless mitre saw. Since batteries are powering cordless mitre saws, their power strength depends on the voltage of the battery that is powering them. Cordless mitre saws are being generally powered by a battery of 18 volts running a power speed of about 5,000 RPM.

The Weight of the Mitre Saw

The type of mitre saw largely determines the weight of mitre saws. This variation is what makes it very important for buyers to take into consideration when buying. Mitre saws are broadly divided into three types, which are the basic, the Compound and the sliding Compound. The weight of mitre saws also moves in this same progression. The basic saws are usually of a lightweight when compared to the compound mitre saws.

Conversely, the sliding compound mitre saws are usually always weightier than the compound mitre saws. The cordless mitre saws are usually lighter than the corded ones. Cordless mitre saws with high battery capacities are usually always heavier than those with less battery capacity.

The weight of the mitre saw usually determines ease of storage and usage. Lightweight mitre saws are known to be more user-friendly and easy to store than the heavyweight mitre saws.

The Blade of the Mitre Saw

Generally, every mitre saw type comes with a particular blade designed to fit such saw. This is why it is essential that you buy from a reputable brand with a blade history that can be trusted. It is not always good to change the blades that come with mitre saw often. This because incompatibility of the blade can affect the overall functioning of the mitre saw.

However, changing the blade might be inevitable when it gets blunt, or a blade needs to be fit for a specific purpose. Blades differ, but experts think that it is always best to go for mitre saws with carbide blades. Also, when buying a mitre saw, make sure to buy one whose blade can be easily purchased. This makes replacement very easy and effective if and when the one that comes with, it goes blunt.

Understanding the Jargons

No jargons or unfamiliar abbreviation has been used in this best mitre saw review. This review has been written in everyday and single use for all and sundry to understand and appreciate.

What are The Different Features?

When buying the best mitre saw, there are certain features that people find handy. These features are essential features that a mitre saw should have for comfortable and practical usage. This handy features in a mitre saw includes an electric brake, a comprehensive warranty plan, a lever lock and a laser guide amongst others.

Comprehensive Mitre Saw Warranty Plan

Power tools are tools that can be prone to defect from the manufacturer. So for users to be sure that they are protected when buying, they always like to go for a mitre saw with a warranty plan. Buyers over time find mitre saws with a comprehensive warranty plan handier than those that lack them. These warranty plan could vary from 2 years to 3 years or 5 years as the case may be. An extended warranty can give you all the security you need when buying a mitre saw.

A Safety Lever Lock

Safety is one major factor to consider when using power tools as a mitre saw. This safety is a three-way thing which includes safety for the user, safety for the power tool and safety for the third party. This is why a safety lever lock is a convenient feature in a mitre saw. This safety lever lock keeps the mitre saw firmly locked while not in use. This way, it doesn’t get to turn on accidentally, especially when being tampered with by children or third parties not familiar with its operation.

An Electric Brake and Laser Guide

An electric brake and laser guide are additional features that not all mitre saws in the market possess.

The electric brake helps to bring to a pause the mitre saw while in use. This helps to control the speed of the blade, especially when a type of cut is required.

The laser guide, on the other hand, helps in keeping the user in check per time.

With the laser guide, a more precise cut can be achieved and an excellent finish as well.

Mitre saws with these additional features are usually always more expensive than others and also more functional.

Mitre Saw Buying FAQs

Q: What is a mitre saw?

A: Saws are of different types, one of which is a mitre saw. Mitres saws also come in various types which include the basic/ standard, the Compound and the sliding Compound. Mitre saws are used to cut wood pieces into desired shapes in the most precise way possible. They are either corded or cordless, and they come in various shapes and sizes.

A mitre saw is mostly used for cross cuts, straight cuts and angled mitre cuts among others. It is the best tool for professional and DIY projects like framing, flooring and trimming, among others.

Q: What is a compound mitre saw?

A: A compound mitre saw is a type of mitre saw that comes with a rotating saw table and a tilted arm’s angle of descent. What this means is that the blade of a compound mitre saw unlike that of a basic mitre saw can tilt to both sides. This tilting ability is what allows for single bevel and double bevel. With a compound mitre saw, a woodworker can work several cuts without having to reposition the workpiece from time to time.

The only limitation to a compound mitre saw is its blade. The longer or shorter the blade of a compound mitre saw is, the longer or shorter its cut will be.

Q: How to use a mitre saw

A: In using a mitre saw, you have to know first that unlike other power tools, it is a very versatile tool. With its versatility comes a high sense of care, which makes safety the first consideration when using a mitre saw. Before starting with a mitre saw, make sure that you are well clothed with the appropriate clothes needed to get the work done. These clothing should include safety glasses, face masks and ear defenders.

When safety has been secured, go on to prepare the work environment. To start work, secure your piece with your hands to keep the piece firmly attached to the fence. Set the mitre angle and bevel to what is desired for the workpiece and clasp together firmly. Power the saw and wait until the blade attains full speed before driving into the wood until the cut is complete as desired.

Q: How to make a mitre box

A: Making a mitre box can be done through a crosscut using a mitre saw. First, you start by measuring the workpiece and cutting them into the desired sized. Then each angle is bevelled up against the other and then you cut. After cutting each side of the piece is fastened against the other until your mitre box is created.

Q: Table saw, or mitre saw

A: Saws are of different types, and as much as we have mitre saws, we also have table saws. Table saws are not just the most massive power saws but are also the most common amongst woodworkers. Table saws are either bench top or stationary. The smaller and portable versions are the bench top while the larger ones are stationary.

While table saws are very common, mitre saws are very much versatile. Mitre saws can do almost everything that can be done with a table saw and even more. This is why it is best for a woodworker to opt for a mitre saw above saw – to save cost and avoid plurality of tools.

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