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If you are looking for a review of all the best MIG Welders in the UK, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best MIG welder models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your workshop.

Below, in the table, the MIG welder reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pro's and con's for each.


Best MIG Welders Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Welder Portable Inverter Torch with Warranty
Professional No Gas Welder
Sealey SUPERMIG 180 Amp Professional Welder
Welder Inverter Gasless IGBT Machine
GYS EASYMIG Process Inverter

The 10 Best MIG Welders On The Market Reviewed

1. The Best MIG Welder - Professional No Gas Welder


The Professional No Gas Welder is our top pick on this top 10 best MIG welding machines of ours.

As a gasless MIG welder, this MIG welder comes at a very affordable price and is made from top quality materials.

Are you looking for a welding machine for sale that you can trust?

Then this MIG welder is what you need to carry out your professional task.

best mig welder in the uk

Products Specifications

  • Included is a 10-ft work cable and clamps
  • This MIG welder weighs about 68lbs
  • It has a wire feed speed of about 50 – 720 IPM

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The quality material of this gasless MIG welding machine is the main reason why people like it. In the market where there are several MIG welders for sale, buyers always want one that can serve them for a long while.

Standout Features

The Turbofan that is provided for this gasless welding machine is an innovative feature that stands it out from other DIY MIG welders. This feature helps to provide for an internal cooling system that prevents overheating.

  • Very easy to use no gas MIG welder
  • A turbofan is provided to ensure durability
  • Innovative features to ensure the security of use have been provided for.
  • The wire feed system of this no gas welder is a bit complicated.


The welder portable inverter torch with a warranty is our second pick on this top 10 ranking.

If you ever find yourself confused as to which is better between inverter welder vs MIG, then you should try this portable MIG welder. It not only comes at an affordable price but comes with all the necessary attachments needed to use it safely.

This is one of the most affordable and comprehensive portable welders in the market today.


Products Specifications

  • The input voltage ranges from 220V to 240V
  • Amp voltage ranges from about 20A to 150A
  • An industrial warranty plan is provided

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The portability and affordability of this welder. Coming as a small welder, users find it very easy to move from one place to another. This way, they can make use of it for other daily activities asides being used at home.

Standout Features

The excellent design of this inverter welder does not only stand it out from others but also makes it the best welder for home use. Just a few of the best MIG welder under £300 provides for the 3-year comprehensive warranty plan that this welder provides for.

  • The design of this MIG welder is not just quality but makes it easy to use
  • It also has a high performing output and a manual guide for easy understanding
  • The 3-year comprehensive warranty makes it a very safe purchase.
  • It sometimes gets complicated when it is being used for necessary welds.


Professional tasks always demand professional tools to carry out the task effectively.

This is why we have included the Sealey SUPER MIG professional welder in this ranking of ours.

Made by a reputable brand that is known for quality welders ranging from mini welders to the home welder up to the best welder for cars.

This professional welder is made from quality materials and has thermal protection provided for it.


Products Specifications

  • The duty cycle of this MIG welder is about 20% on 90A and 40% on 180A
  • The net weight measures at about 50lbs
  • Its wire-speed can go as fast as 360 IPM

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The clean finish of this professional MIG welder is almost second to one. This makes work carried out with this MIG welder seem much more professional and neat. Of the many DIY MIG welders in the market, this is the best DIY MIG welder in terms of its finish and is the main reason people like it.

Standout Features

Coming in an innovative design, this MIG welder is designed with a well-suited grip. This grip makes it very easy to handle this MIG welder comfortable. The excellent design which includes a firm hand grip is a stand out feature of this welder and the best MIG welder for beginners.

  • Comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty plan
  • A well designed and comfortable grip is provided for
  • A very versatile welder that can be used both at home and at work
  • Sometimes not the best for active welding materials.


There has been a long debate between inverter welder and MIG.

This has been along the line of ‘which is the best welder for home use?’ moreover, ‘which is the best welding kit for beginners?’

The GYS EASYMIG process inverter provides a qualitative answer to both.

Working well as a hobby MIG welder, it can be used in the home. 

Due to its simple design, it is said to be one of the best welding kits for beginners. 


Products Specifications

  • Able to handle materials as thick as 3/16 inches
  • An auto spool gun detect is provided
  • Can weld 24 gauge at a time

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The simplicity of this MIG welder alongside its affordability is the main reason why people like it. As a small and straightforward MIG welder, users, particularly beginners find this more of a hobby welder than they would with several other MIG welders out there. Asides this, it is also a best budget MIG welder UK with an impressive price to quality ratio.

Standout Features

This particular GYS MIG welding kit combines the features of the more expensive MIG welders with that of the inverter welder to provide a blend of both. This makes this welding machine a more versatile one than others and still coming as a cheap MIG welder.

  • Manufactured with high-quality materials that make it durable
  • Very easy to use and maintain MIG welder
  • A comprehensive warranty plan is provided for and included
  • Gets messed up at times when burning through some material types


High performance is the major characteristics of this gasless welder and its brand as well.

There has been much innovation that has been put into the welder that makes it one of the best welders out there.

This inverter welder works just like a gas welder and with an excellent price to quality ratio, it is a cheap welder.


Products Specifications

  • Works through a 5-position voltage control selector
  • Its input voltage ranges from 110V to 120V
  • Has a 1-phase input phase

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Going by the many gasless MIG welder reviews, it is clear that the accessories and attachments provided for this inverter welder is the main reason why people like it. These attachments can be easily replaceable and can be found within the UK.

Standout Features

The thermal protection provided for by the maker of this inverter welder is not just of quality but is also very much needed. This has not only to stand this inverter welder out from others in the market but has also contributed to its increased purchase.

  • Comes with a fantastic design that makes it easily navigable
  • Thermal protection is top notch providing for internal cooling
  • It comes all comprehensive with accessories like a mask and clipping hammer
  • Absence of manual guide might make it difficult for beginners to use.


Coming 6th on this best MIG welder ranking of ours is yet another product of Sealey.

This time it is the Sealey SUPERMIG 140 welder. 

This is popularly referred to as the beginner MIG welder because of its simple design.

Coming in various colours and sizes, it is as impressive in performance as I am in size. 

When you put together the price, the quality and portability, this is the best MIG welder for beginners that they will find easy to use.


Products Specifications

  • Works at a voltage of 115V
  • Has an amperage output of about 25 to 140V
  • Able to weld ¼ inch of mild steel

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The strength and durability of this mig welder are the main reasons why people like it. The strength makes it the best welding machine for various tasks. As a durable machine, you can make use of this welding machine for as long as it adequately maintained and this costs less.

Standout Features

The standout features of this MIG welder is that it has been designed to be super healthy. This is mainly due to the quality of materials used to design this particular MIG welder. The comprehensiveness of this MIG welder is not just a standout feature but is what has helped to improve its price to quality ratio.

  • Super active MIG welder that can be used for the most onerous task
  • Has a manual guide and instruction manual included on purchase
  • Comes all compact and comprehensive with attachments needed for welding
  • After a long while of use, this MIG welder many times begin to overheat.


Sealey is one brand that you can trust when it comes to mig welders, and this is why another of this brand's product makes it our 7th pick.

This gasless MIG welder is a high-quality one with excellent design, excellent internal cooling system and a manual guide.

This manual guide answers questions like 'what is a MIG welder?' and 'what is mig welding used for?'

This perhaps is what makes it the best gasless MIG welder


Products Specifications

  • Has a 30% hassle free duty cycle
  • 55 to about 500 IPM wire speed control
  • Works with a 230 voltage power

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Reliability is key when choosing a MIG welder, and this you'd get to see when you read through the buying guide. The reliability of this MIG welder is the main reason why many people like it.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of this MIG welder is first its impressive wire drive motor. This wire drive motor doesn't just work effectively but has been designed in a simple way that beginners can understand. The internal cooling system provided for this MIG welder is also very top notch leaving users with so much to desire this gasless MIG welder.

  • Highly durable and reliable MIG welder
  • The wire drive motor works excellently well
  • Quality thermal protection is provided.
  • The voltage is not always displayed which affects work rate


Are you looking for a very portable gasless welding machine at a price that is worth the buy? Then the Auto Jack Portable Baseless Welding Machine which is our 8th pick might just be all you need to get that welding job done.

It is highly user-friendly making it one of the best mig welders for beginners. Well designed with safety features included in the various compartments of this gasless MIG welder.

Why not save yourself some cost while you still have quality guaranteed by going for this machine?


Products Specifications

  • Its amperage ranges from 30A to 140A
  • Has a net weight of about 5 pounds
  • Runs a one phase input phase

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The affordable price tag that comes with this gasless MIG welder is no doubt a good reason why people like it. From reviews, users keep testifying of its attractive price to quality ratio especially when the features that are provided are considered as well

Standout Features

The excellent and well layered design of this gas less mig welder is an outstanding feature. Many users still find how the manufacturers of this mig welder were able to incorporate all the features it has into a very portable well looking machine. Also, a thermal overload protection is provided to prevent overheating and ensure safety of user while welding.

  • The quality design makes it very fashionable
  • Thermal overload protection assures the safety of use
  • Very durable for professional tasks.
  • Might not be your best option if you need a home welder.


Our 9th pick is the Combination Smooth Welder Accessory Wheels.

Coming from a brand that has established itself as a quality one to the market, this is the best mig welder for car restoration the UK.

Get your budget together, get a space for it, and get this mig welder.


Products Specifications

  • Has an input voltage of 200 to 240 voltage
  • Its net weight is measured around 80 lbs.
  • Its duty cycle is about 30% at 130A

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The attractive and portable design of this combination mig welder is a reason why people like it. However, beyond that, users like the welding mask that is being included. This helps to shield sensitive parts of their face while welding to prevent any accident whatsoever.

Standout Features

The refund policy that users enjoy buying this mig welder is a stand out feature. This refund policy provides a one-year guarantee/warranty plan. So if any defect is spotted as regards the performance of this mig welder within this time frame, users can get a refund of the purchase price

  • Comes all portable and light making it comfortable to move from one place to another.
  • Very exceptional welder with a welding mask provided for.
  • Buyers enjoy one year guarantee that covers the performance
  • The constant upgrade is needed to have it work effectively.


Coming 10th but not the least MIG welder is the Dirty Pro Tools TM Professional Accessories.

This mig welder comes with standard spare parts that are replaceable on default. Also, it comes all complete as a mig welding kit and is very affordable.

If you have a minimal budget but still don't want to lose track of a quality mig welder, then you should get this welding machine from a dirty pro.


Products Specifications

  • Has a multiple voltage settings
  • Able to weld 1/3 inch work piece
  • Its duty cycle measures about 35% at 90A

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The extra cost buyers get to save from getting this mig welder is the main reason why people like it. Notwithstanding the spare parts that are being provided for, this mig welder still comes at a very affordable and attractive price.

Standout Features

The standard extra torch spare parts that are being provided for and included in the purchase package is a standout features. These additional parts make it easier for beginners to make use if this welding kit and also replace parts that are likely to affect its overall function. The good thing about these parts is that they can be found within the UK which helps in saving the extra cost and prevent the risk of not getting.

  • A standard extra torch spare part is included
  • It is not just high performing, but a quality welding kit
  • The comprehensive design makes it easy to use across varying tasks
  • Except higher amp power is provided, you can’t use this welder for tough tasks


A MIG welder is one of those tools that can either be used in the home or taken from one place to another to be used for many other professional tasks. This is a machine that is best for DIY projects as it produces not just effective, but also actual outcomes. All of these can be ruined if you are not aware of MIG welders before going out there to get one. In other to keep you informed, we have put together this review on the best MIG welder UK. Here we have been able to put together the leading MIG welders the UK in the market looking out their specifications, pros and cons.

As regards our recommendation, we recommend to you the Welder Portable Inverter Torch with Warranty. This is because this is one of the high performing MIG welders in the market today. It is a very versatile machine with a comprehensive warranty that guarantees its quality.

Never regret a purchase.

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MIG Welders Buying Guide

A MIG welder can be desired to be used in the home to carry out basic DIY projects or can be used to carry out basic professional tasks outside the home. In the home, it can be used in making picture frames, clothes rack and other tools in the home.

Whichever purpose it is that you are getting MIG welder, there are certain features to take into consideration when buying to be sure you are buying the best MIG welder that will serve you for a long while. In this buying guide, we shall be examining some of these basic features in other of its importance.

It is essential you as a buyer pay attention to this buying guide as much as you do to the review of the best 10 MIG welder.


The Place Where It Is To Be Used

When buying a MIG welder, the first and the most important consideration is where you will be using the MIG welder. This will help go a long way in helping you pick the best MIG welder for you. MIG welders differ in that some come best to be used in the home while others are to be used for other professional tasks. Knowing where the MIG welder will help you know the features to look out for that will make its usage in such place very safe and comfortable. To have your MIG welder work effectively, you have to go for one with an option that best suits the place it is to be used.

The Weld Type

After the place where the MIG welder is needed has been established, then you will also have to consider the type of weld that is needed in such a place and for the task ahead. The type of weld that you will be doing there will help in determining the output, material and power supply that will be needed to power the MIG welder effectively. Generally speaking, when you go for a MIG welder that has a very thick material, you will need to know that such material type will require more power for it to function effectively. Also, the higher the voltage used, the more power will be needed to keep it functional.

The Finish of the Welder

When buying the right and best MIG welder, one of the significant thing to consider is the safety and security that comes with making use of the welder.

The practicability of using the MIG welder is also very important because it helps you in knowing the sort of finish to expect from its usage. 

A clean finish allows for your job be it at home or otherwise look more professional. The Pulse MIG welder is known to have an excellent finish and drastically reduces the risk of metals used getting burnt. Other MIG welders in the market are considered to have a clean finish.


The Thermal Protection of the Welder

Over-heating of the welder can not only damage the tool but can also result in unprecedented accidents. Over-heating of a MIG welder often happens when the project that is being worked is one that requires much time for it to cool. In other to check and avoid unnecessary over-heating of the MIG welder, it is essential that you consider the thermal protection provided for the tool you are getting. MIG welders with UV thermal protection provides for an internal cooling system that prevents the tool from over-heating even when used for a long time.

The Time Duration or Duty Cycle

The duty cycle provided for every MIG welder lets you know how long the tool can run per time. This is an essential feature to consider when buying. After knowing what purpose and where you will be using the MIG welder, you need to look at its duty cycle. Make sure the duty cycle and the task to be carried out with the welder are reasonable. The more expensive a MIG welder is, the higher its duty cycle. The less expensive welders usually have a short duty cycle and are not suitable for welding thicker materials.

The Cost of Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the MIG welder helps to keep it functional at all times. From regular maintenance, you will be able to spot any irregularity with the tool in terms of defects. This makes it very easy for you to rectify the same and restore your welder to the perfect working condition. Considering the role maintenance play in ensuring the effectiveness of the MIG welder, it is essential that you go for a MIG welder with a straightforward and low maintenance plan. This way, you would not have to spend a lot of cost and time maintaining the welder. The MIG welders with simple design are always easier to maintain than those with a more elaborate design.

The Warranty Plan Provided For the MIG Welder

Generally speaking, a product that comes with a comprehensive warranty plan always puts the buyer in a safe buying place. When buying machines especially a MIG welder like this, it is always essential that you consider the warranty plan that is being provided for.

When doing this, it is necessary that you also take note of how comprehensive the warranty plan is to be sure it is valid. 

Most of the warranty plan provided for MIG welders always cover the performance of the machine or any other defects that the manufacturer is liable for. So when your device at any point in time stops working, provided it is still within the time provided, you can enjoy the warranty.

Understanding the Jargons

Written in plain and simple English.


What Are The Different Features?

Reading through several MIG welder reviews, we have discovered that there are certain features buyers find handy when buying a MIG welder. While it is not possible for us to reproduce all of these features here in this review, we shall be examining some of these features quickly.

The Ease of Finding the Spare Parts

When buying the best MIG welder UK, it is possible that you have a minimal budget and as such, you are not able to get one with the right features that you desire. It is also possible that you missed out on one with a comprehensive warranty plan. You can make up for all of these by considering the parts when buying. Users all over who have not been able to buy the best MIG welder UK in terms of features, find those with replaceable parts handy made within the UK. When you buy a MIG welder whose parts cannot be found within the UK, finding them might be tough.

The Short-Circuiting Protection Provided For

It is evident that users of MIG welders take safety both of the machine and themselves very seriously. This is why they always find handy any feature that provides for or secures their use of the machine. One of these protective features that people find handy in a MIG welder is the short-circuiting protection. With this, your work is not going to be affected even when a short circuit issue occurs. If you are lucky to get a MIG welder from a reputable brand, you will be secured with this. This is because a number of these reputable companies always make sure to put in place all of this protection.

The Size and portability of the MIG welder

For users who go for the best home MIG welder, they always find the size a handy feature. Even though it is not always possible to get a tiny home welder, users always still prefer those with a very reasonable size. For users who prefer the MIG welder that can be used for professional purposes, they always find portability handy. With a portable MIG welder, moving it from one place to another is not just important, but also very easy to effect. All in all, a portable and very comprehensive MIG welder is always more desired by users than the many other types of MIG welder for sale.

MIG Welders Buying FAQs

Q: Which is a better purchase between a gas MIG welder and a gasless MIG welder

A: Both MIG welders can be a good purchase and a wrong purchase as well if purchased wrongly. You have to know what you need a MIG welder foe before deciding whether to go for a gas MIG welder or a gasless one.

Q: Are the top quality MIG welders always the expensive ones

A: No, price and quality are two different things entirely. It is possible for you to find the best budget MIG welder UK that has all the features that you are looking for.

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