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Summer is here and your hedge is a tall overgrown mess in need of trimming. How will you reach the top branches?

A long reach hedge trimmer is the answer. It allows you to chop off tall hedges with your feet safely on the ground. Check out our long reach hedge trimmer reviews that will help you choose the right tool to show these rowdy bushes who is boss.

long reach hedge trimmers

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmers In 2020

The best long reach hedge trimmer goes to the Cordless Telescopic Hedge cutter By Bosch. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

You will get unmatched performance when using this Bosch Universal Hedge Pole trimmer. First off, you can work with this lightweight Bosch device when standing horizontally to reach the farthest branches. This can be achieved because it has a telescopic pole to reach high ends with a 135 degree pivoting head. It is annoying and time consuming when you keep bumping into hard branches while trimming with these tools.

Cordless Telescopic Hedgecutter By Bosch

More often than not, the gardener's machine jams a bit and you will have to restart it every time. For this reason, you have to get a powerful tool to get the job done with minimal effort. This light cordless pole hedge trimmer is right for the task since it has a sturdy build that provides powerful and continuous 4m/s cutting speed. The anti-blocking system used together with 2200 SPM blade speed and double sharp blade head enables this.

The best cordless telescopic hedge pole trimmer is powered by a lithium-ion battery with 18V power to get maximum performances of the tool. This unit will provide a light continuous performances thanks to the durable batteries. It features an adjustable length telescopic pole ranging from 2.1 to 2.6 meters to trim your gardens. This allows you easy control depending on the height you are working on. The pivoting head has a tip protector to secure maximum protection. Using this cordless extendable hedge and shrub trimmer is made easy since it is a lightweight telescopic hedge trimmer measuring 3.6kg. It weighs less compared to most wire free design cutters in the cordless long reach telescopic hedge trimmer reviews. This feature reduces the strain on arms and shoulders when in operation.

  • It has powerful performances on hard branches
  • It has high battery life with quick charging system
  • It provides fast cutting results
  • It is the best lightweight hedge trimmer and it simple to use
  • It is quite costly

Second place goes to the Electric Hedge Trimmer By Terratek. We gave it a 5/5 star rating in our review.

If cost is your main concern in long reach hedge trimmers, the Terratek features an affordable price tag among these tools, and it is a good choice. You will get professional and versatile performances with it. This is because it is designed with a 18v motor that handles difficult hedges the best.

Moreover, a popular 1300mAH Lithium-ion powers the motor to deliver a 45-minute continuous work in a single battery life. There is a 120-degree adjustable pivoting head that can be set in five positions that enables breezy trimming at any height.

The long arm hedge trimmer has a 1.8m size aluminum pole length that extends up to 2.4m making it suitable for long reach areas and bad shrubs. 450mm twin action fastens the steel blade with aluminum blade head support.

It also has a 14 mm maximum cutting diameter to have you trim the areas fast.

Electric Hedge Trimmer By Terratek

Using the pole hedge trimmer is made simple with the best handle on the market. First, it is a lightweight cordless hedge trimmer weighing slightly over 3kgs. The handle on the long reach cordless extendable pole hedge trimmer features a one-hand power trigger with a safety switch for preventing potential accidents. Since it is cordless, it doesn’t restrict movement around the garden. You can easily cut through tall and short hedges without even tripping over cables. Also, sound emission is kept to the minimum while in operation to provide peace of mind to the surrounding. It has 82.8Db sound pressure level and 97.0dB sound power level that enable silent operation.

  • It is a versatile trimming tool with five locking positions
  • The weight is light for maneuverability
  • It is a silent operator
  • It is cordless for maximum reach
  • High and powerful operation
  • Safe to operate, good price
  • It is quite difficult to balance the length of this garden hedge trimmer

Third place goes to the 18V Telescopic Cordless Hedge Cutter By Garden Gear. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating in our review.

If you struggle to use a ladder to reach high up places when trimming, then turn to this pole hedge long reach trimmer from Garden Gear. It is a versatile 18V telescopic pole hedge trimmer that enables you to easily cut through the long hedges and prune standard trees with minimal effort.

The powerful motor is lightweight and designed to secure you get through difficult branches in simple steps. Furthermore, it features a standard light adjustable pivoting head that tilts and secures in place into five positions. This enables you to adjust to the highest position to easily use on difficult to reach hedges.

The long blade hedge trimmer for gardens features the main rod made with the best rustproof fiberglass and the telescopic pole with aluminum material which is resilient and long lasting.

18V Telescopic Cordless Hedge Cutter By Garden Gear

These materials have small size and lightweight design to comfortably use the unit with much ease. Since there is a lithium-ion attachment on the unit, dealing with tangling wires is eliminated. You get to use this power machine for almost an hour at full battery. Also, you can always use a spare battery to extend usage. It comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to operate at the highest height extension. However, weight distribution at this position is greatly minimized making it heavier to use for an extended period of time. It has an oil tank with a capacity of 85ml where it automatically lubricates the chain.

  • You can reach higher places effortlessly
  • High performance
  • No messy wires to deal with
  • Weight distribution is minimized at the highest extension
  • Reaching the power button while holding it is quite difficult

For the fourth place we pick the 500 W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer By Einhell. We gave it a 4/5 star rating in our review.

You can have your garden in best shape and beautiful when using the Einhell GC-HH power hedge long reach trimmer. Not only can it trim bad hedges, but it can also be used on the bushes, shrubs and prune small branches, so it is the best choice. This is because it is equipped with a powerful 500W motor to ensure unbeaten performance.

The best laser-cut ground steel blade teeth are designed to ensure you get accurate and sharp results on your garden landscape. These blades measure 585mm and are extra-sharp to deliver exceptional results each time you put them to use. Also, they have a 20mm interval space length features. With a 470mm cutting length, you get 3300 cuts per minute. Gearing is made of long lasting metal material.

The telescopic handle on this electric long-reach hedge trimmer pole measures 47cm and can extend up to 2.4 meters. You can adjust the features however you like to enable you to work with your preferred height. A secondary handle attachment is easily adjustable to ensure a comfortable working height for every user. There is also an adjustable shoulder strap that keeps you from getting tired while performing the trimming task.

The shoulder strap is designed with quick release for usability and convenience. Also, the cutting angle can be adjusted to work comfortably with the unit. This electric pole long-reach hedge trimmer has a strong guard that protects the tool when storing or transporting.

500 W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer By Einhell
  • It is easily adjustable to different positions
  • It delivers accurate results with the extra sharp blades
  • Durable metal gearing
  • The handle extends high enough
  • Sturdy guard for storage and transportation convenience
  • It is difficult to use since it is heavy

Fifth place goes to the Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole By Ryobi. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

You can have your long hedge and high trees well maintained with this Ryobi corded long-reach hedge trimmer with great blades. This is because it has plenty of tools that enable great cut on both low and high bad hedges. First, it has a powerful 450 watts motor that delivers high cutting performances even on difficult and high branches. It features a 2.6-meter length that you can easily adjust to trim at different angles.

This means that it provides reach up to 4 meters. The material on the handle is pure rubber which makes it easily extendable and collapsible. Furthermore, there is a 135 degree rotating head with four adjustment positions to enable versatile trimming. There is a 45cm blade length with a 400mm bar length which provides clean cut results with 18mm cutting capacity.

Having a corded working trimmer that enables ease of use is always handy seeing that you complete your task fast and with minimal effort. This gardening long-reach hedge trimmer features 3 separate sections enabling you to use it with or without the middle section.

Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole By Ryobi

Here, you can use the extending pole long-reach hedge trimmer to trim in all heights and adjust. The handle provides a soft grip which makes it so much easier to work with. Also, the warranty safety switches are put closer to each other to enable effortless usability. While Ryobi provides great cutting on each use, this long reach garden hedge trimmer has a heavy cutting head. This, therefore, prolongs the time taken to cut through long areas. However, there is a shoulder strap which simplifies how you carry the heavy-duty garden long-reach hedge trimmer.

  • It has a resilient design
  • Sharp blade for clean cut
  • Variable head angles for easy reach
  • Has improved safety switches close together
  • It has a heavy cutting head
  • The middle section makes the extendable hedge trimmer too long when included and too short when excluded

For the sixth place on our review we pick the Long Reach Telescopic Pole Chainsaw Pruner By eSkde. We gave it a 4/5 star rating in our review.

The eSkde corded long-reach pole hedge trimmer packs the best features that enable superlative performances. To start with, it has a well-built design that enables long lasting efficient work with multiple garden tools. People can keep using it for many years and it will still deliver the best results as it did in the beginning. It is a corded 2 in 1 long reach garden hedge trimmer where you get two cutting heads on one telescopic aluminum handle.

People can cut larger hedges as well as prune the trees all using one kit. The long-reach hedge trimmer features a powerful 450W electric motor that is responsible for delivering unsurpassed cutting. Furthermore, the corded telescopic electric garden hedge trimmer has 16mm super sharp cutting blade teeth that deliver even cut at 1600rpm load speed. The quality cutting head can be adjusted from 60 to -80 degrees to ensure you reach different angles with much ease.

Long Reach Telescopic Pole Chainsaw Pruner  By eSkde

Weighing only 3.8kg, the electric power pole hedge trimmer is easy to carry so that you get to trim higher trees. It has a powerful 600W electric motor. Equally important, it features an adjustable angle articulating head of 300mm with chain cutting length of 250mm. The metallic power chain never rusts or experience any of friction while operating for the reason that it uses the 100ml automatic chain lubrication mechanism. This is a corded garden hedge trimmer with a 10-meter long cable which enables the best maneuverability. You will notice that this long reach hedge trimmer is heavy upon carrying because the main weight sits in the motor and quality blade. Fortunately, the long trimmer comes with a strap with a thick grip that minimizes tiredness while working with the electric branch cutter.

  • Well-built for durable work
  • Sharp blade for cleaner cuts
  • A wide range of adjustable cutting head angles
  • It is versatile for use on all garden needs
  • The weight is heavy without the straps
  • The cord can tangle up in the process

For the seventh place we recommend the Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer By Flymo. We gave it a 4/5 star rating in our review.

Flymo Sabrecut XT cordless model garden hedge trimmer is yet another budget hedge cutting trimmer that produces powerful results.

Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer By Flymo

It features 18V NiMH interchangeable battery that delivers high, professional work. When fully charged, you get up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted cutting. Also, it has a tilting cutting articulating head with 15 different positions that you can easily adjust to a suitable working height. Also, there is a telescopic handle that extends reach up to 3 meters where you get to deal with high and bad hedges easily. This feature also makes it a great hedge trimmer for low cover trimming without necessarily bending down. You will work faster and effortlessly to cover a wider area.

The quality blade on this angled hedge trimmer has 42cm cutting length with a gap of 16mm to ensure you cover a wider area at once. It uses the dual action system on the blade to ensure you get sharp and even results. What’s more, you can use this telescopic garden hedge trimmer for a long time as the blades are fitted with tip protector for maximum sharpness. Most importantly, all telescopic long reach hedge trimmers from Flymo come complete with a battery charger to readily recharge when low on power.

  • It has powerful performance
  • The tilting head provides usability convenience
  • You get nicely done cuts results with the twin action blades
  • Durable blade
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • The battery and metal motor make the weight heavy

Eighth place goes to the Multi-Tool with Pole Hedge Cutter By Bosch. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating in our review.

Bosch makes an appearance on the long reach telescopic hedge trimmer reviews yet again. But this time the AMW 10 drive unit from Bosch is a multifunctional machine that can tackle different assignments in your home. It combines the AMW HS Hedgecutter attachment to provide versatile cut.

There is a pole pruner with larger heavy duty grass trimmer attachments included. With it, you can trim bushes, prune trees and cut bad hedges. Powered by 1000W motor, you get excellent cutting performance on any task you use this unit on. Working with this trimmer is made easy with the 180-degree adjustable angle setting on the hedge.

This way, you get to clean cut above your hedge effortlessly. The 43cm blade with 15mm tooth opening enables you to cut medium weight branches with much ease.

Unlike most pole garden hedge and shrub trimmers, the Bosch AMW is comfortable to work with thanks to the shoulder strap featured.

Multi-Tool with Pole Hedge Cutter By Bosch

What’s more, the handle is adjustable to make sure you are well balanced when using the unit. These features are responsible for distributing weight across the whole unit in your hand to make sure you don’t tire too quickly. Since you don’t want to leave anything untouched, this will enable you to cover a wide area without getting tired. You can easily switch from one attachment to the other because the pole hedge trimmer doesn’t require complex tools to make the transition. The whole process is fast and easy to save you more working time.

  • It is versatile
  • It has a powerful motor
  • Easily adjustable
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • Quite heavy

Ninth place goes to the 18 V Lithium Cordless Extendable Hedge Trimmer By Einhell. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating in our review.

If you are struggling with tall hedges and long branches in your garden, then this Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T kit is your perfect solution. For starters, it is a powerful tool that trims overgrown hedges and branches including the higher ones when you are standing on the ground. It is a cordless model trimmer that allows effortless work since there are no wires that get in the way.

This garden hedge trimmer is powered by an 18 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3.0 Ah that is responsible for the long life of the device. It has a Power x-Change battery system to reduce energy consumption and pollution by 25%. In turn, you get long lasting service, thanks to the metal gearbox that provides protection to the whole unit. Most importantly, it uses Oregon quality blade and chain to achieve clean cuts on the hedges.

For a device to produce excellent results, that means it is strongly built for the task. There is a 90 degree swinging extension to make sure you have effortless results when standing horizontally.

18 V Lithium Cordless Extendable Hedge Trimmer By Einhell

The motor head has seven settings where you can tilt it to any angle that works for you. Also, the main handle features 4 settings that allow you to adjust the height for your needs. The handle is made from aluminum with height range of 880-1820mm to enable continuous telescopic adjustments. This extendable hedge trimmer also comes with an extra adjustable handle together with a quick fastener for additional benefits. There is a tank on the telescopic hedge trimmer to lubricate the chain automatically.

  • The chain enables continuous cutting
  • Uniform results
  • Effortless work with the extendable handle
  • Cuts thicker tall hedges effectively
  • Durable
  • Has a fast charging system
  • Uses one battery on all garden tools
  • The unit is not light
  • The power button is located too low on the shaft which minimizes effortless working

Tenth place goes to the Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer By BLACK+DECKER. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating in our review.

The vibration produced by most long reach hedge trimmers is often destructive and a nuisance. Therefore, you need the a telescopic hedge trimmer that produces minimal vibration. This will enable you to work in a peaceful and serene environment. For that reason, BLACK+DECKER 18V lithium ion rechargeable hedge trimmer will deliver the best work. It features 8’’ dual action blade that trims dense branches with 7/16’’ thickness. A powerful 18V NiCad battery powers the long reach hedge trimmer to provide 2400RPM speed for best services. You are able to cut high and low grown branches with this cordless hedge trimmer all thanks to the 180-degree pivoting head. This articulating head can be set to five different adjustable positions for convenient use.

The extendable cordless hedge trimmer has a handle that can reach up to 11 feet to allow you easy trimming even above the high edges. Furthermore, the rust proof fiberglass sections on the handle interlock so as to give a sturdy and secure connection. You can extend the length on this heavy-duty hedge cutter up to 1.98 meters. Also, the handle has a soft grip to enable comfortable use. There are no cords to trip over when working. You can trim up to 130sqm per battery when working with tall thicker hedges. When you are done using it, it disassembles easily for storage and transport.

Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer By BLACK+DECKER
  • Powerful
  • It is cordless to prevent harmful emissions
  • It covers a wide area per battery
  • The length once extended, doesn’t shorten for use on lower areas

A Guide To Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Keeping your garden clean and neat will prevent unwanted animals and insects from building habitats and breeding in your garden. There are many devices you can use to trim your hedges, such as a cordless hedge trimmer, garden shears, and a garden shredder. You can then use a garden vacuum to collect the waste and burn it using a garden incinerator.

For the high hedges, a long reach hedge trimmer will help you trim the area. It is beneficial in areas where the fence has grown tall. We will show you how to choose the best long reach hedge trimmer there is.

What to Consider When Looking for a Long Hedge Trimmer

Types of long-reach hedges

There are three main types of long reach hedge trimmers namely, electric, battery-operated or cordless and petrol hedge trimmer long reach. If you want a cost-effective, continuous use, lightweight and silent operator, then the electric one is the most ideal solution. You will not be interrupted to charge while using this option. Furthermore, they are more affordable and easy to maintain. In addition, this type is the best hedge trimmer to provide moderate powerful performance and environmentally friendly. However, the cords will limit reach and are messy to deal with especially when they get all tangled up.

The cordless ones are strong, also silent and have reduced vibration. If the cordless hedge trimmer reviews were anything to go by, then this type offers convenience in usage. You can reach as far away from the power outlet to cover a wider area with ease. Battery hedge trimmer reviews reveal the main drawback being the limited run time. You can only use the trimmers for utmost 60 minutes. In addition, recharging takes up too much time to achieve full charge. However, if you get a spare battery, you can get more time to finish the task at once.

What to Consider When Looking for a Long Hedge Trimmer

Gasoline or pole hedge trimmer petrol type is the most powerful option and will work on all sizes of thicker hedges fast and efficiently. With a petrol telescopic hedge trimmer, you no longer mess with cords or batteries to keep recharging or replacing. Once you put the best petrol hedge trimmer to use, you will cover a wider area without any interruptions. The main drawbacks to long reach hedge trimmer petrol are that it is noisier and heavier compared to electric and cordless. It is almost difficult to find a lightweight petrol hedge trimmer even on the modern models. In addition, it produces a lot of vibrations and exhaust fumes to the surrounding. Long reach petrol hedge trimmer reviews show that a long reach petrol trimmer will require a lot more maintenance than the electric type.


The main part of any hedge trimmer is the blade. How you get your trimming work will depend on the design of the blade on long reach hedge trimmer petrol, electric or cordless. Mostly, the longer the blade, the faster the performance.

However, the main complaint on reviews (including petrol hedge trimmer reviews) is that a longer blade is heavier and difficult to use. Double-sided blade, on the other hand, are versatile and produce neater results on the contours of your landscapes. Single-sided are lightweight and not as versatile.

Weight is also a factor to consider as it determines how you will use the long hedge trimmer you get. Petrol pole hedge trimmer is the heaviest option and it will take little time to get you tired. Also, the weight distribution will affect your balance as you trim the thicker hedges.

What to Consider When Looking for a Long Hedge Trimmer

However, the heavier the model, the more powerful it is. The market is filled with long reach hedge trimmers with tilting heads. With a rotating head, you get to use the trimmer in its normal position to cut horizontally and vertically. You will not get tired when using it.


Go for hedge trimmers that provide utmost protection when in operation. Whether it is an extendable hedge trimmer petrol or cordless or even electric, a hand guard will come in handy. This feature prevents debris from getting back into the blades. A dual switch will prevent starting the machine accidentally as well as using both hands to have it up and running. In addition, an automatic brake in the trimmer prevents accidents since it instantly stops the blade as soon as it is off.

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer FAQs

Q: Is there a petrol long reach hedge trimmer that is lightweight?

A: Yes. There are modern brands that have lightweight options to make the work easy.

Q: How often should I oil my hedge trimmer?

A: To get the best performance, it is suitable to lubricate the blade every time you use the trimmers. This will prevent debris from getting stuck on the blade.

Q: How should I oil the blades on my trimmer?

A: That will depend on the type of hedge trimmer you have. For an electric trimmer, spraying is most ideal. The cordless and petrol trimmers require dipping the blades into the lubricant.

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