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If you are looking for a review of all the best kitchen bins in the UK, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best kitchen bin models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home.

Below, in the table, the kitchen bin reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pro's and con's for each.

Best Kitchen Bins Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Brabantia Touch Bin
Weight 4.06 kg
Material Metal
Capacity 60 litres
Brabantia Touch Bin New
Weight 4.58 kg
Material Stainless steel
Capacity 30 litres
axentia Double Recycling Waste Bin
Weight 1.8 kg
Material Plastic
Capacity 23 litres
Brabantia Silent Pedal Bin with Plastic Inner Bucket
Weight 4.08 kg
Material Metal
Capacity 30 litres
Swan SWKA4500GRN Retro Square Sensor Bin
Weight 3.32 kg
Material Metal
Capacity 45 litres

The 10 Best Kitchen Bins On The Market Reviewed

Brabantia has expanded globally in letting our interiors look superb and attractive. With their range of modern household products, there is the Brabantia Touch Bin to be kept in the kitchen. The great sleek design the bin portrays makes it the best to fit in the busy kitchen to help maintain cleanliness your kitchen deserves. With a capacity of 60L, the bin is certainly best used in the kitchen where there is the production of most kitchen wastes. The larger the capacity, the wider the opening to make waste disposal an easy task. The opening makes it easy to drop the wastes on the dustpan without spilling. It is the best kitchen bin.

Brabantia Touch Bin is made of durable rust-resistant materials and the lid on top made of stainless steel that is easy to remove. The materials used in the construction are very strong and robust to avoid damage on impact. The part that touches the floor is made with a protective ring which prevents floor damage. The lid is made to open easily with a soft, smooth touch at the top. With this bin, you are sure to have a noiseless operation in the kitchen waste disposal. You can remove the whole lid when the bin is full and it’s time to empty the bin bag and replace with a new one. The sides have a sturdy handle that makes moving the bin easy. When placed in the kitchen, the bin looks perfect where it is.

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The best kitchen bin
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Large bin for large kitchens
  • Easy to use
  • Operates silently thanks to the soft-touch of the closure lid
  • Durable
  • The lid is not fingerprint proof

Brabantia has improved the look and design of their bins. The 30l touch bin carries the recent design.  The sleek design that this Brabantia bin gives it an attractive display in the kitchen.

The lid at the top opens at the smoothest touch and the opening is so silent, you will not feel disturbed. The bin has the perfect height of 70.5cm when closed so that it is reachable by all the members of the house that operate it.

To move this kitchen bin, it is fitted with a sturdy carrying handle on the sides to make this happen. It is easier to move it and clean the floor underneath it.

The body of this touch bin is made of corrosion-resistant materials that make it a durable bin. The floor underneath it is not damaged no matter how long the bin stays in that same position.

This happens because of the protective ring around the base of the bin.  These kitchen rubbish bins from Brabantia come in different stylish colors, 13, to be precise, to choose from depending on the theme of your kitchen display. The availability of the removable bin bucket makes it a good kitchen recycle bin to have.

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  • An attractive design
  • Easy to open
  • Comes in different colors
  • Has a carrying handle for easy movement
  • Made to last long
  • Has a removable plastic inner bucket
  • It is smaller for a bigger kitchen
  • The lid retains fingerprints on touch

Talk about technology applied to kitchen bins. This Swan SWKA4500GRN Retro Square Bin incorporates infrared technology that enables automatic opening of the bin when a hand approaches the bin top. The lid flips open at the sense of a hand detected and automatically closes when there is no disposal activity going on. This way, your hands remain clean since there is minimal use of them. All these happen with the aid of battery power and the sensor fitted in the bin. This convenient automatic operation makes the bin the best automatic sensor bin to have.

The body of the bin is made of iron that is color-coated for great look and durability. The compartment where the batteries are placed is hidden for perfect display. It has a capacity of 45L to be used in big family and office kitchens. The large capacity is good because it reduces the number of times needed to empty the bin. The lid design is of square shape whereas the body is rectangular in shape. The rectangular kitchen bin fits perfectly in the corner of your kitchen. Sensor bins are the best to use in busy kitchens to maintain the high level of cleanliness.

  • Motion sensor bin
  • Automatically opens and closes
  • Large kitchen bins
  • Great design
  • Discreet battery compartment
  • Uses battery power to activate sensor motion
  • The lid is oversensitive

This Brabantia bin is almost the perfect bin to use in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or any other place in your home. It has an extra-tall size that fits 30 liters of waste in capacity. The bin is made of strong corrosion-resistant materials that enable it to have a long life using it.

The lid is made of fingerprint-proof Matt steel that makes it possible to avoid the prints that make the bin look unclean. At the base is a foot pedal that enables easy operation since you just step on the pedal to open and close. The interior has a plastic bucket that is easily removable to empty the full bin.

This pedal bin has a lid fitted on a solid metal lid which ensures the bin does not produce bad odors. Having a bin that brings about bad odors from the wastes is somehow a turn-off. This is the perfect solution for your kitchen wastes. The opening and closing of the bin happen silently. When opened, you will finish the disposing and manually close it using the foot pedal.

On one side, the pedal bins are fitted with carrying handles that enable easy moving. The base has a protective rim made of plastic that aids in preventing damages to the floor. The non-slip base makes sure that the bin does not slip when tilted or moved around on wet slippery floors.

  • Beautiful design meant to be placed anywhere in the house
  • Odor-free bin
  • Fingerprint-proof
  • Durable
  • Non-slip base
  • Silent in operation
  • Easy to use the large pedal bin
  • Totally dependent on the pedal for closure

For functional waste separation, the axentia Double Recycling Waste Bin is the perfect solution. This dual bin is ideal for the house and office because of the design it portrays. You can have the different waste matter put in the double compartment bin for sorting convenience.

The two containers of the bin can be removed separately for emptying since there is no guarantee that they get filled up at the same time. The buckets are fitted together on the ground to provide a secure stand.  The dual kitchen bin uses one lid to enclose the wastes and odor that might arise from the waste matter.  

The two containers mean, there is more room to fill up the waste bins for kitchen, therefore you will have extended time to when you will empty it. The compartments have the capacity of 23L each.

To open the double recycling bin, there is a typing function found on top of the lid for easier operation. You just need to softly press the front button and it automatically opens. Closing is done manually with your hands. There is a strip on the top edge of the bin that when removed, you can fit the bin liner and then returned to provide a secure position of the bags. This bin saves a lot of space since you can have it do multi-functional waste storage. There is no need to have another bin for a different task when you have this dual recycling bin in your household. The bin is made of all plastic material which makes it flexible and easy to be moved.

  • Double kitchen bin
  • High quality plastic kitchen bins
  • Ecological recycling
  • Fingerprint-proof
  • Easy to maintain
  • Long lasting
  • Odor-free bin
  • Easy touching lid
  • The lid tends to rock side to side
  • A small kitchen bin

The method used in the construction of the Curver Deco Bin is responsible for the long-lasting, unique design of this bin. The body is made to look like it’s purely made of metal but in the real sense, it is made of plastic material that gives it a perfect metal effect finish. The materials used are rust-resistant and dent-free damage on impact. You can easily clean the exterior with a simple wipe. When you touch the bin, it does not leave fingerprints all over the exterior. This bin is perfect to use at home or in the office since it makes one of the best indoor bins.

This bin is one of the waste bins for kitchen with a large waste capacity of 50L. The bin uses the pedal mechanism for opening and closing of the lid silently.  The pedal is made large for easily accessing and comfortable upon stepping. The large pedal bin liner has retainers that hold it in place inside the interior of the bin. The rectangular kitchen bin sits well against the kitchen wall or in the corner to provide more space in the kitchen area. The bin has dimensions of 39cm length by 29cm width by 73cm height which is reachable by most users in the household. It is made of lightweight material that makes lifting easy.

  • Made of high-quality plastic material
  • Great metal effect finish
  • Rust and dent-free exterior
  • Large pedal bin
  • Pedal mechanism
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Durable
  • Pedal sticks on pushing after sometime

Simplehuman Profile was first seen in the last two decades to ensure that trash management is done properly. And since then, it is praised for the slim, simple design to fit in the bathroom or under a desk at work without using up too much space.

The body is made of pure stainless steel which means, it is rust-resistant (this means no amount of water applied can cause the bin to corrode). The same steel is used on the pedal to provide smooth stepping and durability. The lid is made of a sturdy plastic material that makes it dent-proof and does not leave fingerprint marks after touching.

The slim kitchen bin comes with an inner bucket that easily lifts off to enable fast emptying. You can also fit in a carrier bag if you prefer since the bucket of the slim bin is compatible with all custom fit liners of the same size as it.

You might think that since thе materials used in the construction of the bin make noise when hit, the bin is noisy. This is not the case with this slimline bin since the lid opens and closes silently. This is thanks to the Shox technology incorporated which controls the lid to make a slow and silent closure.

  • Sturdy and practical bin
  • Looks smart wherever you choose to place it
  • The pedal works up to 150,000 steps without failure
  • Durable and rust-resistant body
  • Easy to maintain when you use simple human bags
  • Has small capacity

The kitchen needs an easy to access bin when operating on the high counter of the kitchen.

The simplehuman CW1643 was made to be used in these situations where they are hooked onto the kitchen door, near the counter for easier access for kitchen refuse to be disposed of.

The frame of this bin is made of heavy-duty steel so that it can be securely hooked or permanently mounted.  The bin is made narrow to fit in the cabinets. It has a minimum depth of 23cm.

The bin bucket is made of durable plastic that is easily lifted to empty the contents of the bin. The narrow bin can also be fitted with carrier bags perfectly. When you throw in the wastes, there is no bouncy effect experienced.

  • Cabinet easily mountable
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • It is a narrow kitchen bin

The Brabantia Built-in Bin is made of 100% corrosion resistant materials that make it durable and ideal to be used in wet areas. With measurements of 33o x 260 x 210 mm, it is in the small kitchen bin category.

It has a capacity of 10 liters. It is ideal for people who don’t like their space being interfered with and want to keep it that way with this space-efficient built-in cabinet bin.

The bin can easily be mounted in the cabinet thanks to the compact design.

It can also be fit on the doors of most cupboards. 

To empty the bin, the inner bucket simply slides out to let out the wastes and clean it. You can also fit bin liners that match the size of the kitchen swing bin.

  • Durable
  • Cabinet-worthy
  • Space saver
  • Easy to fit
  • Easy to use
  • Small kitchen bin

The dining table is always busy at mealtime.

Having a waste bin that can be placed on top of the table makes it easy to dispose of food wastes easily without having to stand and walk all the way to the kitchen bin. KitchenCraft Le'Xpress Mini offers the greatest solution to having the whole table look great and untidy. With dimensions of 9cm x 12cm x 16cm, it is surely a mini bin and sits perfectly on the table top.

The body is made of stainless steel which makes it corrosion free and durable. It has a capacity of 300ml that is perfect for coffee pods and teabags and other small kitchen wastes to be put.  

The lid at the top of the bin swings and can be removed to enable quick emptying and cleaning. Cleaning, you can just wipe with a wet cloth to maintain the shine.

  • Beautiful design to sit seamlessly on the table-top
  • Durable
  • Swing top lid
  • Too small


Kitchen bins are highly useful containers. They help in organizing and maintaining cleanliness in rooms and offices. Having a bin lets you dispose of wastes correctly. The Brabantia Touch Bin is the best bin to use since it has the most modern features and is big enough to let you empty it once a week or more. A smaller bin is ideal to use in the bathroom, office and in the bedroom due to the small wastes that you get from these places. The bins made of stainless steel materials last longer so that you do not have to replace them frequently. The kitchen recycling bins remain top in maintaining a clean and perfect environment.

Never regret a purchase.

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Kitchen Bins Buying Guide

Benefits of Having a Kitchen Bin

Kitchen bins are the perfect solution to having a clean and tidy kitchen. The meals made from kitchens produce a lot of wastes that need to be disposed of immediately. Having a kitchen bin makes it possible to have a place where you can put the waste for cleanliness convenience. Wastes that have a bad smell make the kitchen an unbearable place to be. The best kitchen bins are designed to contain the smell of the wastes to retain the good scent of the kitchen. When there are bins in the house, waste matter is surely put in the right place to avoid scattering and untidiness in the house.

Kitchen Bins Buying FAQs

Q: Is it easy to clean the bins after some time?

A: Yes. The materials used in the construction of these bins make it possible to allow easy cleaning. To avoid regular cleaning, you can fit the bins with carrier bags so that it gets easier to clean less frequently.

Q: Are all the bins easy to carry and move?

A: Yes they are. These modern kitchen bins come fitted with a handle to enable smooth movement.

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