Best Kettle And Toaster Set Reviews UK 2021- Top-Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on February 26, 2021

We have become too accustomed to friends and nutritionists telling us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we don’t always time to give it proper care. Household chores, getting ready for work and taking the kids to school make us forget about eating, which then results on a bad day.

In those cases, a kettle and toaster set is ideal because it can sneak right into your tight schedule and give you a boost for the rest of the day. Wondering what the best kettle and toaster sets are? Read on below and find out.

Best Kettle And Toaster Set

Editors Choice

Breville Impressions Kettle & Toaster Set

Kettle Dimensions: 16.19 x 20.69 x 25.49 cm.

Toaster Dimensions: 19.3 x 26.4 x 19.1 cm.

Special Feature: Lift and Look (T).

Salter COMBO-3648 Toaster Set

Kettle Dimensions: 25.5 x 23 x 17 cm.

Toaster Dimensions: 28.5 x 16 x 18.5 cm.

Special Feature: Variable Browning Control (T).

Russell Hobbs Luna Red Kettle and Toaster Set

Kettle Dimensions: 22.49 x 15.79 x 24.49 cm.

Toaster Dimensions: 28.99 x 16.89 x 20.09 cm.

Special Feature: One-Cup Boil (K).

Tower Blush Pink Glitz Toaster Set

Kettle Dimensions: 15.59 x 22.69 x 24.99 cm.

Toaster Dimensions: 18.42 x 30.22 x 19.84 cm

Special Feature: Heat-insulated Lid Cover (K).

Russell Hobbs Lincoln Kettle and Toaster 21830

Kettle Dimensions: N/A.

Toaster Dimensions: 17.5 x 28.2 x 19 cm.

Special Feature: Perfect Pour Technology (K).

Best Kettle And Toaster Sets On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best kettle and toaster set is manufactured by Breville, and it is the no.1 bestseller on Amazon regarding electric kettles. The energy-efficient kettle has a 3 kW heating element capable of bringing the kettle’s 1.7-litre capacity to a full boil in no time. The easy-to-use kettle has a blue-illuminated water window lined with measuring marks for added convenience. The Breville two-slice toaster follows that line of thought, since it supplies with a “Lift and Look” feature that lets you see how your toast is doing anywhere along the cycle. The kitchen toaster also provides with a defrost and reheating function that will come especially handy with night cravings.

Breville Impressions Kettle & Toaster Set


  • It has a durable textured design that’s glossed with chrome.
  • The kettle has a wide spout for easy pouring and a comfortable lift-off lid.
  • The kettle supplies with a removable limescale filter that can be cleaned under the tap.
  • The toaster has a “High Lift” feature that makes removing smaller pieces of toast easier.


  • Its interior layout doesn’t have a stainless steel coating.
  • Some customers noted that they couldn’t get rid of the plastic taste on the kettle.

The second toaster and kettle set showcased here will most definitely enrich your kitchen thanks to its special titanium coating that makes it look exquisite. The 3000 W kettle will effortlessly boil 1.7 litres of water that can fill up to eight cups at a time. The functionality of the kettle and toaster set is further maintained by the ergonomic design that ensures a nice pour, easy fill and smart measure. The stainless steel toaster is powered through its 850 W motor that also supplies with defrosting, reheating and cancel functions anytime through its toasting operation. And if toasts aren’t your cup of tea, you can always make bagels, panini or even sandwiches - all thanks to the vast, ample slots it has.

Salter COMBO-3648 Toaster Set


  • The toaster has six levels of browning levels of variable control.
  • The kettle has a Strix controller and a 360° base.
  • The kettle has an anti-scaling water filter that can easily be replaced.
  • The toaster has a handy indicator light and a removable crumb tray.


  • The kettle is rather loud while boiling.
  • Some customers reported that the toaster toasts unevenly on both sides.

Russell Hobbs is one of the most distinguished manufacturers for kitchen appliances because they take different measurements for providing the best user-friendly experience. The Luna kettle uses the power of 3000 W to make delicious beverages while also saving up to 66% of energy compared to standard ones. If you get this toast and kettle set, you don’t have to settle with boiling the full 1.7-litres since electric kettle supports a “one cup” operation that boils about 235 ml in just under 45 seconds. The comparison with regular devices is maintained with the toaster, since the Luna range of kettle and toaster sets can operate with a 50% faster speed.

Russell Hobbs Luna Red Kettle and Toaster Set


  • It has a boil dry protection feature that doesn’t start the unit if the water isn’t filled.
  • The kettle has a water window that’s coated with measuring marks.
  • The toaster supports the “Lift and Look” technology for checking the progress without stopping the operation.
  • The toaster’s slots are spacious, which is ideal for wider pieces of bread.


  • The kettle has a hinged lid that can be an inconvenience while cleaning.
  • The toaster’s heat settings are relatively high, even on the lower settings.

If you’re looking to get a kettle and toaster set that will give your kitchen a new sparkle, Tower’s Blush Pink Glitz model may be the best choice for you. The rose accents on this stainless steel set enhances its heating element coating that transforms the kettle and toaster set from a highly functional unit to a stylish one.

As for the specifics, the kettle operates on a 3000 W motor that can boil a 1.7-litre capacity of water, filling about seven cups at a time. The two-slice toaster has a centring function that prevents burnt toast by applying a consistent heating production on either side of the tray. To promote more variation with toasting, Tower has integrated seven browning options that are guaranteed to compose the best texture for your bread.

Tower Blush Pink Glitz Toaster Set


  • It comes with a one-year warranty by Tower.
  • It has an automatic shut-off feature for its kettle.
  • Its kettle utilises a boil-dry safety measure.
  • Its toaster can reheat and defrost bread straight out of the freezer.


  • The kettle is rather noisy when heating.
  • Several customers reported that the kettle heats-up from the outside too.

For those who are more interested in the classic kettle and toaster sets, the Lincoln range by Russell Hobbs might be the best fit. The sturdy duo is composed of a stainless steel coating that resembles a stylish black & white design. The 3 kW Lincoln kettle has a 1.7-litre water capacity while asserting the ability to boil single cups at just 45 seconds. This kettle has been manufactured with the “perfect-pour” feature that ensures a maximum water conservancy. The coordinated Lincoln toaster is also energy-conscious because it promotes seven ranges of temperatures to prevent the accumulation of overheating bills.

Russell Hobbs Lincoln Kettle and Toaster 21830


  • It is Amazon’s Choice for toaster and kettle sets.
  • The kettle has a rapid boil zone that fills one to three cups at a time.
  • The kettle has a washable filter that counteracts limescale build-up.
  • The toaster offers a range with reheating, defrosting and cancelling options through each cycle.


  • Some customers reported that their kettle lids came off.
  • The kettle doesn’t have a water gauge.

Another great kettle and toaster set that highlights an easy-to-use interface and matches it with long-standing stability is Haden’s Tunbridge series. The simplistic design makes this unit a must-have for anyone who wants to upgrade their kitchen at a budget-friendly price. The Tunbridge 3000 W kettle uses a water capacity of 1.7 litres while being supported with an all-turning swivel base that’s convenient for both left and right-handed folk. Conversely, the Tunbridge toaster uses the condensed layout to provide a double-ended unit that hosts four browning modes, reheat and defrost features and a detachable crumb tray that can be taken out for hassle-free cleaning.

Haden Tunbridge Kettle and Toaster Set


  • The kettle has a removable lid for added convenience.
  • The kettle is designed with a water viewing window aligned with handy measurement marks.
  • The toaster has a crumb-tray that’s very easy to remove and clean.
  • The toaster has a duration timer for the browning duration.


  • The kettle has a rather noisy running operation.
  • Some customers noted that the slice toaster has a fiddly build.

The professional kettle and toaster set by SQ Professional is the ultimate home investment for which the kitchen will endlessly thank you for. The pink kettle has a 2200 W motor supplied with a large water capacity that can boil up to 1.8-litres at a time. On its exterior, the Epoque kettle has a water level indicator and a sleek timer control that showcases the water temperature levels throughout the boil. The toaster is also beautifully designed, and it hosts two wide slots with an equal temperature distribution. The crispness level you require won’t be a problem either, because the Epoque two-slice toaster will accommodate six different timer settings for all the family to enjoy.

SQ Professional Epoque Breakfast Set


  • The set comes in three different colours to match any kitchen.
  • The toaster has a hand gliding plunger with a high lift feature.
  • Both the kettle and toaster have soft-touch handles.
  • The kettle has a removable cleaning filter.


  • Some customers reported leakage with the kettles.
  • The kettle is relatively loud while boiling.

Sabichi might be a less renowned brand in the UK market, but these kettle-toaster sets that are coated with a stainless steel finish will surely make you change your mind. The black glossy kitchen kettle has a capacity of 1.7 litres, which is aided by the helpful water gauge with measurement markings. The stainless steel kettle is cordless so that energy consumption won’t be an issue. Concurrently, the two-slice Sabichi toaster has an operating power of 720 W and stores six different browning functions for your toast. Its plastic housing is made of robust materials, so you can rest assured that the kettle and toaster set will accompany your kitchen for quite a long time.

Electric Cordless JUG 1.7L Kettle and Toaster Set


  • The kettle has a safety cover lid and a boil-dry protection feature.
  • The kettle has an on and off switch with light indicators.
  • The toaster is manufactured with a cool-touch feature that prevents it from overheating.
  • It is the best cheapest kettle and toaster set.


  • Some customers reported that they received an unmatching kettle and toaster sets.
  • The release levers on the toaster are rather fiddly.

As prestigious as its name, this kettle and toaster set will undoubtedly get you in the mood for visiting your kitchen more often. With a 3 kW fast-boil heating element, this kettle uses stainless steel materials that align its merit in design with the one in durability. The 1.7-litre kettle is very easy to operate, as it has a non-slip base and a cool-touch handle. The two-slice toaster is also manufactured with non-slip feet that ensure the unit stays put while you perform your cooking masterpiece. The stainless steel set also supplies removable trays for both crumbs and limescale residue, so all that will be left of you is enjoying the fresh addition to your upgraded kitchen.

Prestige 53232 Create Breakfast Set


  • It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty by Prestige.
  • The toaster has defrosting and reheating buttons on its layout.
  • The kettle's swivel base that can be rotated to 360°.
  • Good value for money.


  • The toaster is compact-sized so it won’t fit large loaves of bread.
  • The lid on the kettle only opens halfway.

Last but not least, we have L-Feng’s duo set that applies a modern design to their highly efficient kitchen products. The glossy black kettle will surely get the juices flowing by using the 2000 W motor that can boil up to 1.7-litres at a time. Its exterior layout contains measurement indicators on either side, so you will always know how much water to add for making those cuppas for the family. The L-Feng toaster operates with a motor of 700 W and uses a removable crumb tray for an easy clean. Its two-slice toaster has a variable toasting control that will brown the bread to your favoured delicious texture.

Electric Cordless Jug Kettle and Toaster Kitchen Set


  • The toaster has handy LED indicator lights.
  • The kettle has a hinged lid and an automatic shut-off feature.
  • The kettle is CE-approved that applies high safety, health and environmental checks.


  • The kettle doesn’t support rapid boiling.
  • The toaster’s compact-size can’t sustain large pieces of bread.

Kettle And Toaster Set Buying Guide

You have researched the market, set out a budget and listed your essential requirements for buying the perfect breakfast set. However, the amount of options online is simply overwhelming, so you decide to get some help from professional reviewers online. Well, you’re in the right place and lucky for you, there isn’t much to worry about. Kettle and toaster sets usually use the same motor power, comparable specifications and support similar features, but some functions will make your breakfast routine much more satisfying.


Standard sets operate by using power from a mains supply, which circles around 2500 W for kettles and about 1000 w for toasters (on average). There are two hallmarks you should note here. Any unit that has a power lower than 2000 W for kettles and 700 W for toasters should be blacklisted because it won’t have the functional strength for fast boiling or consistent heating.

The other important thing makes up power consumption, which is quite relevant in today’s climate. If you’re looking for an energy-conscious unit, know that anything exceeding the 2500 /1000 wattage will be a poor fit for you.

Best Kettle And Toaster Set Buying Guide


This feature is more applicable to toasters, as it includes the range of choice provided within each unit. A good toaster should be able to have different temperature and time controls so it will suit different textures of toasted bread. This is most favourable when the toaster wider slots that can bake different types of food that are other than bread. The standard range often includes 3-5 settings, but more sophisticated devices can support up to ten temperature controls. Other options of this variation also include a toaster’s ability to reheat and defrost bread, that is essential for fast-paced households where cooking is not a priority.


If you have owned a kettle or a toaster before, you will know that one of the most important things to look for is the ease of maintenance. To ensure a longer life for your kitchen appliances while preserving a healthier lifestyle, you should look for units that have removable filters, trays and sockets for continuous cleaning.

A good kettle contains a water filter that is commonly placed in the spout and is used for preventing limescale build-up or other mineral residues. Similarly, a toaster includes a removable crumb tray that collects bread bits in a particular socket, so they don’t accumulate and cause the machine to overheat.

Best Kettle And Toaster Set Buying Guides

Safety Measures

Considering how kitchen appliances cause most house accidents, it is crucial to find units that help us on the road of becoming more responsible. Even though kettle and toaster sets don’t pride themselves in safe interfaces, some features can prevent hazards. First, an auto shut-off function automatically turns the unit off when it is not in use. A hinged lid encloses the opening of the device, so the boiling water has no outlets for spilling, and a boil-dry feature instantly shuts off the heating source when no water is in the tank.


Q: Which brand of electric kettle is the best?

A: The best brand of electric kettles is Breville because they integrate functionality, durability, design and cost-effective prices into one.

Q: What is the quietest kettle on the market?

A: Russell Hobbs manufactures the quietest kettles, represented explicitly by the Luna range that is showcased within this list (See no.3).

Q: What is the best toaster to buy?

A: The best toaster to buy is introduced within Breville’s Impressions bundle that was also crowned as the best set of 2020. The reasons this toaster is number one include its powerful motor, browning variability, safety measures and other features it uses.

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