10 Best Hedgehog House Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 20​20

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Did you know that hedgehogs are an endangered species in the UK? If you see one scurrying across your garden, you may want to consider giving this animal a home. Are there really homes for hedgehogs?

Yes, there are, and most are feature designs that compliment and add character to gardens. You can learn all about them in our best hedgehog house review.

Best Hedgehog Houses Reviews

Best Hedgehog Houses Comparison Chart

The Best 10 Hedgehog Houses On The Market Reviewed

The best hedgehog house is the Predator-Proof Outdoor Hedgehog House By The Hutch Company. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Our top pick on this review is the Hutch Company Hedgehog Hibernation Shelter. Hibernating hogs are at the state where they do not act like other hogs. In this period, a quiet comfortable house is needed to make sure mothers don’t eat up their babies due to any interference with them. This is what will make this particular hedgehog winter shelter box among our best picks to take care of this.

You will like the extended and appropriately included felt roof of this hedgehog house. This guarantees optimum shield to the hibernating hogs both in the times of rain as well as in the time of sunshine. The solid construction of this unit makes it one of the most firm hedge-hogs today. When well placed, it is not shaken by the wind or any other climatic factor from its initial place of location.

Predator-Proof Outdoor Hedgehog House By The Hutch Company
  • Affordable and very durable wood hedgehog box
  • Really good safe tunnel entrance, a cat or a predator cannot get around it
  • Easy and quick to maintain with a low maintenance cost
  • Sturdy timber wood construction gives it all the stability needed to stand
  • We found out that the poor design may not make it attractive as a whole to a family of hedgehogs

Second hog home you can get is the Hedgehog House With Antibacterial Coating By Riverside Woodcraft. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Riverside Wood Craft Hedgehog House Golden is our second pick on this best hedgehog houses in the british market review. This home tool comes from a leading company that is being known exclusively for the production of high-quality hedgehog homes DIY. This popular unit comes at a very affordable price making a cheap hedgehog shelter considering the many features that have been put in place by the manufacturer.

It offers an excellent price value with a hedgehog house bedding provided. It comes with all of the room inside that a gardener with a large garden needs to restrict hogs. You will like its small tunnel entrance and the two different sections that both provide enough room inside for long sleeping hogs.

Hedgehog House With Anti Bacteria Coating By Riverside Woodcraft

The build of this useful unit is outstanding, and its sturdy construction will make it stand firm wherever it is being placed in the garden. Its resin treated insulation floor helps to provide the suitable comfort that the resident in this house will need, especially when hibernating.

  • Well made wood makes this hedgehog home last for a long while
  • Natural looking tunnel entrance in order to ensure added protection
  • The excellent timber wood design ensures that cats and rats are kept far away
  • Very easy to maintain hedgehog safe retreat because of the removable top
  • These home tools may be complicated to install on first purchase

Third place goes to the Deluxe Ventilated Hedgehog House By The Hutch Company. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Hutch Company hedgehog is our 3rd pick as it is a perfect house for hibernating hogs. With an excellent design, it ensures that cats, rats and other things that can interfere with the comfort of the hibernating hogs are being kept away. It also helps to shield hogs from changing climatic conditions and the effect these changes can have on them.

It is important to note that this unit also has appropriate hedgehog house dimensions. The great small tunnel entrance and high-quality internal build of this unit is a plus, providing a cooling temperature for hedgehogs. Its outstanding timber wood build adds glamour to your yard, and that is why it is one of the most sought-after products.

Deluxe Ventilated Hedgehog House By The Hutch Company
  • Best hedgehog home particularly for hibernating hogs
  • Quality design allows for easy access into the house in very little time
  • Really good wood small entrance tunnel will protect hog from either predators, badgers, dogs, or your pets.
  • Very quality timber wood material make up makes it a durable hog housing.
  • It may not be a user-friendly hedgehog house

Fourth place goes to the Wooden Hedgehog House By Ruddings Wood. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Made from traditional and very durable wood, the Wooden Hedgehog Hibernation House is our 4th pick. Coming from a very reputable brand, this hedgehog house is the best to keep your hogs shielded. Hedgehogs that are kept in this winter sleep shelter house are free from the interference of cats, rats and any other fungal infection that worn-out wood can bring.

Coming at a very affordable price, this hibernation house can be easily maintained, and when that happens, it can last for a long while. You will love its beautiful roof, which is overlapped to provide a cover that prevents rain from getting into it. It provides enough room for the mother hog to hibernate inside without hurting any of her children at any point during the hibernation process.

Wooden Hedgehog House By Ruddings Wood
  • Comes with beautiful well made roof
  • Offers a whole lot of space inside to aid hibernation
  • Good wood design with small entrance will make hog safe from predators
  • Great price and a high performing hedgehog safety shelter.
  • Absence of a hedgehog tunnel or a door may mean no hedgehog protection

Fifth place goes to the Hedgehog Care Pack By Wildlife World. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Our 5th pick is the Wildlife Hedgehog Care Pack. With the introduction of new products and brands into the hedgehog home market, users are beginning to look away from this. However, when considering good features that make houses for hedgehogs more comfortable than others, this is one of the most appropriate hedgehogs. While issues are surrounding the ease of using this hog home, it is still one of the greatest out there.

Hedgehog Care Pack By Wildlife World

This natural looking hog home does not come with a fixed base, which will make it very easy to clean. It is a great feeding station option, even for hogs not residing in it. Two features that stand this hedgehog nest box out are the dark stained roof that it comes with, and how stunning and slated that roof is. Also, with the dark stained roof, this hog house offers a beautiful look both from afar off and from within as well as the attractive slate roof does too.

  • Simple, well made build will give you a perfect option for a secluded yard
  • Cleaning this secure unit is effortless.
  • Very good as a short time nest option with a hole entrance tunnel
  • With a low budget, you can get this natural looking hog home
  • May be quite difficult to make use of as it is not user-friendly

Sixth place goes to the Habitat Hedgehog Home By Wildlife World. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Our 6th pick is the Wildlife World Habitat House. We have come to know that as regards hog house, Wildlife World is a reputable brand as much as this hedgehog is a very qualitative unit. Coming as a cheap hog house with fewer features and sturdy construction, hedgehogs will have comfort in this house.

You will like the simplicity, camouflaged design and relative affordability of this unit. Its small tunnel entrance and unique camouflaged solid construction is a plus, and the inclusion of an internal waterproof lined roof helps in preventing water damage.

Habitat Hedgehog Home By Wildlife World
  • The small entrance tunnel included helps to save the hedgehogs
  • Compost habitat hog house on a budget still filled with amazing features and a steel frame
  • Well made hog home is the ideal pick for all rustic or natural garden
  • Durability may be a significant challenge of this hedgehog den

Seventh place goes to the Hogilow Hedgehog Home By Wildlife World. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Wildlife World Hogilow house is our 7th pick on this review. This well made plastic hog house in the UK is the answer to the many requests of a more modern house with a classic design. This wood and plastic hog house is classically different from others in design and function.

Although coming slightly expensive, the maintenance requirements needed to keep this hedgehog box in place is minimal and very affordable. The timber wood and plastic design of this hedgehog is a plus, which makes it easily spotted wherever it is placed. 

Hogilow Hedgehog Home By Wildlife World

With the right placement of this natural looking plastic hedgehog home, you can improve the look of your garden in no small way. It provides adequate comfort for your hogs and comes with good lid swivels. These lid swivels help to ensure that inspection can be done easily and quickly at all times with no interference with the hogs.

  • Well made and highly comfortable hedgehog house
  • The excellent design means it will make your garden go places
  • Great natural design, made of timber wood and recycled plastic with a small entrance tunnel
  • Low cost and time are required to maintain this garden hedgehog house.
  • A very high budget may be needed to purchase this good plastic garden hedgehog home.

Eighth spot goes to the Wooden Hedgehog House With Bark Roof By Selections. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Coming 8th on this list of ours is the Wooden Hog House Bark which is made from high-quality timber wood and can last for a long while. No adequate maintenance requirement for this garden hog house and that has been a significant challenge. However, it has an excellent price to value ratio especially for small-sized back gardens.

The high-quality of the timber wood and natural materials used in designing this small garden hedgehog house is just a part of its outstanding features. Its natural brushwood finish is amazing, which makes the house blend well with the garden thereby resulting in a cohesion. This cohesion helps in providing a lovely and attractive garden.

Wooden Hedgehog House With Bark Roof By Selections
  • Well made, simple and user-friendly hedgehog house that will take care of the hedgehog population and their 'society'
  • The cohesive look helps to improve the aesthetic of the garden
  • High-quality timber wood is used to make this unit.
  • An attractive price to value ratio with low maintenance price
  • The reliability of the brand used to be called to question over time
  • Doesn't have a good entrance tunnel which may be a problem

Ninth place goes to the Hedgehog Care Pack By Wildlife World. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Our 9th pick is the Hedgehog Care Pack by Wildlife World. It is not just very spacious but has been designed with highly qualitative materials, the type that is being used by just very few brands. Coming at an excellent price to value ratio, this particular hedgehog still has a significant challenge of maintenance.

The simplicity of this hedgehog house design is the major reason for its popularity. This is because it makes it very easy for the house to be accessed and cleaned while not having to disturb the hogs or interfering with them. You will like its painted steel frame, which has been designed into a sturdy construction, the type that is only exclusive to this unit alone. It has a waterproof roof that prevents rust and great small tunnel entrance.

Hedgehog Care Pack By Wildlife World
  • Has really good price to value ratio offered by any brand in the market
  • Comprehensive features that enhance the comfort of the hogs when used
  • Secure looking tunnel entrance so predators can't try to attach the hedgehogs at night
  • Well made, highly user-friendly hedgehog house with a steel frame
  • The high cost of maintenance and the consistency required may be a significant challenge that could be fixed by the manufacturers

Tenth place goes to the Wooden Garden Hibernation Box By Clifford James. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Clifford James is a high-quality brand that is known by quite several buyers in the market. This brand is known to offer top-performing products, and this 10th pick of ours is no exception to ours. With an appropriate location, this hedgehog house will provide a comfortable home for hogs in your natural garden.

Designed to be waterproof, this house can last for a long while and will take care of female hogs that litter from time to time. This house also offers a cat-proof hedgehog feeding station. The excellent timber wood of this garden hedgehog house and the fact that it is designed to be waterproof are some of its outstanding features. You can use it both in and out of the rainy season with no fear of it wearing off.

Wooden Garden Hibernation Box By Clifford James

The screwed and effective construction technique of this hedgehog house is a feature that stands it out from others. However, asides this, we also have the inclusion of breathing holes in this unit to allow for easy and quick ventilation.