10 Best Heated Clothes Airer Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 20​20

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Cold and wet weather can make it difficult for clothes to dry on time. Rather than place clothes on the radiator to dry, how about purchasing a heated clothes airer?

It’s energy efficient and effectively removes moisture from clothes leaving no room for mould to grow. Our best heated clothes airer review will help you choose the right one for your needs.

Best Heated Clothes Airer Reviews

Best Heated Clothes Airer Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Heated Clothes Airer On The Market Reviewed

The best-heated clothes airer is the Lightweight Heated Clothes Airer By Lakeland. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Thhis unit is one of the many indoor clothes airers that stands itself out as a very effective one. Offering a lot of drying space and all of the attachments needed to facilitate comfortable and smooth clothes drying you can use this heated air dryer for as long as it is well maintained. Coming at a very affordable price, this electric dryer comes looking all portable and comprehensive.

This model comes with a flat primary table which is made up of metal construction. That is why it can take a large number of items at a time. This metal construction goes on to affect the overall build of this dryer making it very strong and compatible.

Lightweight Airer By Lakeland

It measures 63 x 63 x 145 centimetres and weighs just 3kg making it a perfect product for easy manoeuvre. With a cord length of 168cm and a laundry capacity of around 10kg, this is an ideal model that will give you value for money. It is easy to install while its use does not consume too much energy.

  • This is a low energy consumption dryer - less than 6p per hour to run
  • Well designed so when it works it is thoroughly heated
  • These models come at a very affordable price
  • Large drying space with a maximum wash load of 10kg
  • These models are safe to run all night and day.
  • A high cost is needed to maintain this electric device

Second place goes to the Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer By Dry soon. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Coming as 2nd pick on this top 10 heated drying device review is the Dry Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer. It comes in 3 different layers while it is made from solid and firm material. As a Dry Soon clothes , this airer can take in a whole lot of items per time and have it dry within the shortest period. It is a very trusted one considering its brand and the many views of people in several heated drying device reviews.

You will love the design of this Dry Soon Deluxe device with around five different setup stages. All of these stages include the assembling and installation of the dryer. With these stages already well designed, setting up becomes very easy. The maximum expandable capacity of this drying device also stands it out from many other large drying racks in the market.

Deluxe 3-Tier Airer By Dry Soon

It has a wattage of around 300 watts with a drying space capacity of about 21 meters. With an inbuilt on/off timer and a cord of about 1.35 meters, you can’t waste your money if you buy this Dry Soon product. You will love the sturdiness, comprehensiveness as well as compact design of this Dry Soon device.

  • The Dry Soon 3-tier heated clothes dryer consumes less energy when drying
  • The design of this Dry Soon 3-tier heated clothes dryer allows for ease of use
  • It is safe to run all day and night with an inbuilt on/off timer.
  • Very easy to install in room
  • Three tiers and 21m of drying space, and will dry better than any tumble dryer
  • You can buy the Dry Soon 3-tier heated clothes dryer cover separately to improve the efficiency
  • Known to occupy much space and cannot be quickly moved

Third best unit is the Grey Electric Heated Airer By Minky. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Our 3rd pick is the Minky Electric Airer which is known for its sturdiness, the drying space it has to offer and most importantly the uniqueness of design. This useful device allows you to be able to save some cost on a purchase as it features a very affordable price. Asides from that the cost per hour required to run this clothes maiden dryer is quite very affordable.

Well designed with wings so much more space is being offered. The shelves provided make it serve a dual purpose in the room. You can use it to dry your clothes, and you can also use it as a wardrobe. Upon full construction and installation of this device, you can have as much as 25m drying area.

Grey Electric Airer By Minky

With product dimensions of 55 by 61 by 141 cm, it is compact enough for convenient storage. It can easily get folded flat and stored away to save much space when you don't dry items. It is even made of a very good metal material with a total drying space of around 15 meters. You will love its top wing design and the reliability of the brand. Apart from being affordable, it is easy and cheap to maintain.

  • Excellent wing design that enables it to be used easily in any room
  • Easily folds flat and you can store it away to save much space
  • It is safe to run all day and night.
  • This airer is energy efficient and can work well with the toughest tasks
  • Asides from heating the clothes, it can heat the room
  • These models offer 15 meters of drying space 
  • People like how it costs less than 4p an hour to run
  • Installation is a bit complicated because of the many processes involved.
  • Users don't like that cover is not provided. 

Fourth place goes to the Clothes Dryer By Pifco. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The PIFCO P38003 is one of the many top-quality on the PIFCO series. This special drying device comes with more flexible features that make it more user-friendly than the other series that has come before it. The innovative design allows for easy mounting and use of this drying device.

Are you looking for a fashion piece with high performing features? Then you need to look no further than this excellent airer from PIFCO. This device is not so heavy and not so light. This is advantageous because it can take a large number of clothes that lightweight dryers won't take. 

Fast Drying Portable Clothes Dryer By Pifco

On the other hand, it is still easily movable. Also, this model comes with a foldable wing design and that is why it made it to our list. Folds flat and you can store it away easily in order to spare much space when you don't dry your clothes. It measures about 59 x 59 x 148 centimetres with a diameter of about 24 centimetres. The maximum capacity per time is 10 kg and you will love its portability and comprehensiveness.

  • Very portable and well designed parts, comes with a cover.
  • We like how it is safe to run all day and night.
  • Folds flat and you can store it away easily to spare much space.
  • These models have a very sturdy and balanced weight
  • People like that an instructional guide is included for ease of use
  • Offers a decent amount of drying space and a maximum laundry load of 10kg
  • Users don't like how it is restricted in terms of the number of wet clothes it can take in per time

Our fifth pick is the Electric Clothes Dryer By Homefront. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Are you looking for one of the best heated clothes airers from a trusted brand? Then you need to look no further than the Homefront Deluxe Electric Clothes Complementary Dryer. This is an electric device, clothes pulley and many other attachments that have been included to facilitate ease of use. It has a unique cover included. With this cover, the device can dry your clothes faster as well as help in saving costs.

Users might not enjoy the lowest price on this clothes air dryer, but it is worth the value in which it comes. One of the significant features this electric device possesses that makes it one of the best heated clothes airers is its maximum capacity. In the market today, there are just a few hot air dryers that can compete with this model in terms of capacity. 

Electric Heated Clothes Dryer By Homefront

Its winged capacity is also a lovable feature which provides for much more space for clothes. All of these features make this product the best airer for the family. It has the capacity to dry up to 21 meters of washing and costs less than 4p per hour to run at a go.

It comes fully open with a dimension of 135 x 78 x 72 cm, while the strength and compactness of this machine make it stand out. If you are looking for an airer that will not disappoint you when it matters most, you need to consider the Homefront Electric device.

  • It comes strong, and you can always have it folded flat and store away to spare some space
  • These models are safe to run all day and night.
  • People like its very compact and comprehensive design
  • Thermostatic control is provided for this device to avoid it from melting away
  • Provides a lot of drying space and a cover is included.
  • Can dry your clothes better than any tumble dryer so it eliminates the need for tumble dryers
  • The price to value ratio of this drying machine is very high and turns buyers away from it.

Sixth best unit is the Drying Rack With Wings By Status. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Our 6th pick is the Status Heated Clothes silver airer. This drying device has recently just begun enjoying increased sales in the market, thanks to its innovative design. The flexibility of this portable device a user-friendly one. Coming with an impressive 3 timer system, with a minimal budget you can land this appliance in your home.

Also, an instructional guide is provided for you to facilitate use. The energy efficiency as well as effective cost per hour of this portable model are features that stand it out from others. With the effective run cost per hour, running this device sure is very cost-effective. The energy efficiency means that it can take you for a long while effectively. 

Portable Clothes Airer With Wings By Status

The lengthy as well as comprehensive money back warranty plan that comes with this model is also a good one. This warranty will cover performance and any other technical fault that is detected in the purchase. Its wattage is about 200 watts and comes with 18 heated bars for strength. You will love its maximum load capacity which stands at 15 kilograms.

  • This device can dry your clothes faster than any tumble dryer which eliminates the need for those devices
  • It is safe to run all day and night, and it also has great cost to run value
  • It has an impressive 3 hour timer, exactly what customers need and like
  • Has a remote control and batteries included
  • Provides large amount of drying space as well as a maximum laundry load of 15kg
  • You can hang clothes on well placed bars.
  • You'll like its low energy consumption – less than 4p per hour to run.
  • You won't like how it is very difficult to get this device folded
  • It doesn't have a cover

Seventh best device is the Drying Rack By Home Vida. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

The size of the device is one major factor that is to be considered when you want to get one. This is why the Home Discount Electric Foldable Clothes Airer makes it as our 4th pick. This folding clothes airer comes with clothes rail that can be folded and a laundry airer.

Aside from the affordability of these small clothes airer, its size also facilitates easy storage and maintenance. The space saving portability of this electric drying rack already gives it an edge over other electric clothes airers in the market today. 

Portable Heated Clothes Airer By Home Vida

However, the foldable rails in which this drying rack comes in is what is talked about the most by users across various drying racks reviews. It can be folded while not in use allowing for the electric heated clothes dryer to be stored easily. Also, the portability of this dryer means that you can move it quickly.

With a voltage that comes between 220 and 240 volts with a working frequency of around 50Hz, this is the perfect product that guarantees high performance. It has a maximum load capacity of about 10kg and that is why it guarantees value for your money. This model has a cover, but you need to get it separately.

  • These models boast a very portable design that facilitates ease of use