Best Head Shaver Reviews UK 2021 - Top-Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on February 3, 2021

Jason Statham and Bruce Willis were probably onto something when they flashed their bald look loud and proud, but we jumped on the trend a little too late. Leaving the old-fashioned razors behind, we can now enjoy a wide range of electric head shavers that are designed specifically for delivering a smooth head shave. We have carefully read hundreds of reviews from men worldwide who chose these eight products for their best electric head shavers pick. And to help you find what you’re looking for, we have also put together a buying guide that is sure to fit your needs.

Best Head Shaver

Editors Choice

Pitbull Gold PRO Electric Shaver

No. of Blades: Four.

Cordless Time: 90 Minutes.

Special Feature: Plug and Shave Mode.

OriHea Electric Shavers Men

No. of Blades: Five

Cordless Time: 90 Minutes.

Special Feature: Fast Charging

Electric Razor for Men

No. of Blades: Five.

Cordless Time: 60 Minutes

Special Feature: Anti-Allergenic Blades.

PURKOO Electric Shavers for Men

No. of Blades: Five.

Cordless Time: 60 Minutes.

Special Feature: Facial Massage Brush.

Mailiya Electric Shaver for Men

No. of Blades: Five.

Cordless Time: 90 Minutes.

Special Feature: Low-Noise.

Best Head Shavers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best head shaver of 2021 is manufactured by the incredible Skull Shaver, who is one of the best brands of men's care products. The Pitbull Gold Pro range of professional head shavers employs an innovative design that integrates the most sophisticated materials in its build. With four rotary blades, the best electric head shaver offers an incredible convenience that’s never seen before. Thanks to their upgraded rotary system, the premium blades will make sure to shave your head entirely while diverting from scars, freckles, birthmarks or other trouble areas. This way, you won’t have to worry about the cut or bruise you just had from football practice, by the best electric head shaver will simply glide over it instead of running through it.

To guarantee a pleasant and comfortable head shaving, Skull Shaver has constructed this fantastic product with a 100% water-resistant IPX5 coating. This way, you can use the best shaver for head while you’re taking a shower or directly under the sink. Its exceptional results are also held during dry shaving because the best electric head shaver also supports a very close shave for sensitive skin. The central attribute of all these assets is its undeniable lithium-ion battery that operates with a power of 1400 mAh. The powerful battery will grant you all the shaving time you’ll need since the unit can be utilised for 90 minutes of cordless use. The easy-to-use Skull shaver is quickly charged by USB, which is very convenient for travel purposes or sleepovers. All in all, the Skull Shaver is simply too good to be true. 

Pitbull Gold PRO Electric Shaver


  • It is suitable with both wet or dry shaves.
  • It has an easy-to-read LED display for the battery life.
  • Its stainless steel blades are made of highly-durable Japanese materials.
  • It has multi-directional rotary blades for a more comfortable shave.
  • Its four rotary blade technology is ideal for shaving both the head and facial hair.
  • It hosts an audible alarm for when the shaving pressure is too high.
  • It employs a Plug and Shave mode for when you forget to charge it.


  • It doesn’t have a length adjustment setting for the hair.
  • Some customers reported recharging issues. 

The second best electric head shavers are represented within OriHea’s 5 in 1 model that packs a lot of wonders beneath its compact size. By buying the 5 in 1, you will not only gain a fantastic head shaver, but an excellent maintenance set too. The Gold edition comes with a full grooming kit that includes a facial cleansing brush, a hair clipper with three guide combs, a sideburns trimmer and a nose hair trimmer. As the name suggests, the head razor shaver uses a five-blade cutting system to provide a fast shave on top of a smooth one. Moreover, OriHea has also included a 4D flex heads that work similarly to a rotary shaver, except that they capture more hair with each stroke. This way, you will be out of the loo before you even know it, rocking the bald look like the handsome man you are.

The OriHea electric head shavers are manufactured with an exceptionally ergonomic design that comes useful when shaving the back of your head. Say your farewells to the old wrist strain because the unit’s rotary heads will do their job rapidly while you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. The head shaver razor combines neatly with the shaving cream, giving you a flawless close shave.

OriHea Electric Shavers Men

 If you’re out of the said cream or would prefer to get stuff done while you’re in the shower, the shaver’s upgraded IPX7 components have got your back. The high-grade electric head shavers can be under direct and continuous contact with water for as much as 30 minutes, which is just enough for you to shave your head and clean the unit while you’re at it. When you’re done, plug it in and leave it on the power for 1.5 hours so that it will be fully charged and waiting for your next use. 


  • Good value for money.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty by OriHea.
  • It has a convenient LED design with a “low power” warning.
  • Its build with an incredibly easy interface for swapping the attachments.
  • It comes with a fantastic grooming kit.
  • It has a charging time of 1.5 hours that can be sufficient for 90 mins.
  • Its rotary heads can be rotated to a full 360° axis.


  • Cleaning its rotary heads can be somewhat of a hassle.
  • It has a rather noisy operation. 

If you want to get an electric shaver that can be used for multiple purposes, then ElectriBrite’s electric razor may be your best fit. For starters, the four-headed electric shavers include plenty of accessories that make the shaving process all the more fun. The razors for head kit box comprises of a superior shaver head, a handy hair clipper, a nose hair trimmer, four trimming guard combs, a shaver cover, and two cleansing brush - one for the face and the other for the neck. Moreover, the trimmer is designed specifically to style your beard with a precise adjustment of 3, 5 and 7 mm. In contrast, the cleansing brushes carry charcoal-infused bristles that energise the skin to a brighter shine. That way, you can use the machine for shaving your head, nose and beard while your missus can use it for shaving her legs.

With five rotary shaver heads and double-ring design, there is hardly any way for the ElectriBrite head shaver to go wrong. The floating 5D design gives you more control over shaving your head thanks to its 360° capabilities. 

Electric Razor for Men

This layout is also helpful in removing dead-ends and tackling difficult parts because the floating design helps to approach hair while preventing razor burns and cuts. The flexing rotary heads make up for a seamless transition between the top and the back of your head as to make sure that the flawless bald look you’re aiming for is within close reach. The electric head shaver is 100% waterproof, so whether you plan to use it as a wet or dry device, you will be left smiling. 


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by ElectriBrite.
  • Its entire body is washable and easy to clean.
  • It is Amazon’s Choice for the best head shavers for men. 
  • It fully charges for two hours, that can then be used for 60 minutes.
  • It has a handy LED screen for remaining time and battery percentage.
  • Its double-track blade net is anti-allergenic, so it’s great for sensitive skin.
  • It comes with a bountiful grooming kit.


  • It has a relatively poor grip.
  • It’s not the best unit for a wet shave.
  • It has a generally longer shaving time than its competitors’.

Our top-five electric shaver review is concluded with PURKOO’s budget-friendly device that is guaranteed to make head shaving easier for all its customers. The electric head razor is designed to let us enjoy our shaving time rather than dread it - and this is because of the multifunctional grooming set it includes in its packaging. To sum up, by purchasing this electric shaver, you will also get trimmers for your beard and nose, three precision guide combs, a face cleansing brush and a face massage one. The rechargeable shaver is ideal for those who want an upgraded machine that’s designed specifically to provide a more accurate cut. The electric head shavers are built of self-sharpening blades that take care of themselves, so you can rest assured that the unit will be there for you in the long run.

When it comes to the blades, the PURKOO head shaver goes above and beyond to assure premium quality. The ergonomic design of the electric shaver is granted through the four-directional floating blades that are made of high-grade stainless steel materials. These blades are not only efficient in shaving head, but also aligning perfectly to the contours of your face, neck and jaw. 

PURKOO Electric Shavers for Men

This ensures that you can start with a shaved head, work your way to the back of your head and end your journey in the front for a gorgeous strand of facial hair. The manufacturers warrant you to use all the time you’ll need because the easy-to-use shavers employ sustaining lithium-ion batteries that have a life of 60 minutes per charge. Whether you’ve just opened the shaver’s packaging or are dealing with your 12th shave, the machine’s convenient LED display will let you in on the battery percentage and availability time of the battery. 


  • Good value for money.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty by PURKOO.
  • It has an IPX7 construction that’s 100% waterproof, so it’s fit for shower use.
  • It has an easy opening for cleaning the shaver heads.
  • It is very lightweight and easy to hold.
  • It has a very quiet operation.
  • It provides a fantastic close shave.


  • Some customers reported that they experienced issues with its power.
  • Its shaving blades are fiddly to open.
  • Its accessories are somewhat of a pain to clip.

Our next head-shaving wonder comes from Mailiya, and it carries one of the best designs that make the electric shaver a fan favourite. The 5 in 1 grooming kit will shave your head to a pristine condition while its attached accessories will take care of your beard, nose, ear and sideburns hair. Besides the ergonomic electric head shaver, Mailiya has also packaged nose and ear trimmers, sideburns knife and two facial cleaning brushes, one of which is used for massaging. As with the best electric head shavers, this machine supports a four-directional rotary design that ensures each strand of hair is plucked and cut precisely how you want it to. The 360° axis of the shaving blades is also convenient for a smooth transition from the head to the back of the neck in which irritation is prevented.

The combination of the precision blade net with the double-ring design of the shaver further enhances the cutting experience by increasing the contact with the area for as much as 50%. This means that the electric shaver cuts more hair on a single go, giving you the close shave you have always dreamt of. Another great hallmark of this head shaver is the nice and comfortable grip that’s supported with its layout. The easy-to-use machine is very lightweight too, so you will most likely zone out in the mirror while the shaver does its magic. 

Mailiya Electric Shaver for Men

And when it comes to ease of use, it’s impossible not to mention the waterproof qualities that make this electric shaver all the more fancied. Due to its IPX6 components, the head shaver can either be used as a wet device for the shower or a dry one using shaving cream. Whatever you choose, the Mailiya electric shaver will most definitely give you the sparkling bald head you want. 


  • Good value for money.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty by Mailiya.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • Its lithium-ion battery supports a running time of 90 mins.
  • It has a smart LED display for the battery percentage.
  • It has an Anti-Pinch feature for preventing skin irritation.
  • It’s very lightweight and comfortable to use.


  • It makes an “awkward” sound while shaving.
  • It doesn’t have the best battery life.
  • Some customers noted that one of its blades fell off after some use.

Another fantastic option for those who are looking to get a budget-friendly head shaver with excellent features is the five-bladed model by MaLife. The flexible shaver utilises a five-directional design that makes sure the rotary blades cover as much hair as possible, as fast as possible. The adjustable blades are also ideal for sensitive skin because they glide over the outlines of hard-to-reach areas like the neck or jawline, thus granting a protected and steady shave for your face. The easy-to-use shaver comes with five detachable parts that include the electric shaver, a hair clipper with three guide combs and two trimmers for the nose, ears and sideburns. The set also includes a facial cleansing mask for topping off your remarkably close shave with a nice, clean finish.

The electric head shaver works with a high-functioning motor, so you can also use it to shave your arms, chest, legs or any other hair-induced areas in your body. Even though using a shaving cream offers ideal results, this unit also works with a completely dry regimen - as long as your sensitive skin can handle the hair plucking. 

Electric shavers for Men

Thanks to its 100% waterproof design, you can also use the electric head shaver in the shower to optimise time-consumption. While you’re at it, you can also get the hairs out of the blades and clean the shaver inside and out. After you’re done with the maintenance, you can head over to its LED display and check the remaining battery percentage of your unit. If the lithium-ion battery is about to die, you can simply plug its USB cord to bring it to a full charge in less than two hours. 


  • It is Amazon’s Choice for the best electric head shavers. 
  • Its assembly is very straightforward, including extra attachments.
  • Its trimmer is fantastic for preventing ingrown hair.
  • It has a run time of 50 minutes.
  • Its ergonomic design is ideal for a close shave.
  • It is relatively lightweight and convenient to hold.
  • Its accessories are very sturdy and helpful for shaving.


  • It isn’t fit for hair longer than 5 mm.
  • It doesn’t have a protective case for the attachments.

The Homeasy electric head shaver is one of the best products of 2021 in regards to practicality and ease of use for bald head styles. The cost-effective machine is ideal for shaving your head as carefully as possible while eliminating the chance of cuts, burns or nicks. The Homeasy head shavers operate by using five advanced blades with four-directional motions that sway beautifully with the contours of your head and face. This way, the machine will shave your hair evenly while making the transition from the face to the back of the neck as smooth as possible. The electric razor comes with three additional attachments that include a precision nose and ear shaver, beard trimmer and a daily face cleanser. Its one-touch operation further helps with making this electric head shaver as efficient as can be.

The Homeasy head shavers operate by using a highly efficient lithium-ion battery that can get you 50 minutes of continuous cordless use. The average time required for bringing the unit to a full charge is just about two hours, so you won’t have to worry about plugging the shaver overnight and causing an electrical riot. 

Head Shaver for Men

Like the best electric shavers online, this machine is also marketed as a wet and dry unit which means that it has a durable IPX6 build. The waterproof components in the device will let you shave your head while in the shower, on the sink or even under rainfall - if that’s what you like. Thanks to their long-lasting exterior, these electric shavers are also incredibly easy to clean, thus cutting back on maintenance and giving you more time to get the style you’re looking for your bald head.


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Homeasy.
  • Its handle has a non-slip design for a more comfortable grip.
  • Its radial design is ideal for styling a bald head.
  • Its dual-track cutter makes transitioning run very smoothly.
  • It has a light indicator for its power status.
  • It has self-sharpening precision blades that are very enduring.


  • It doesn’t have a battery percentage indicator. 
  • It doesn’t include the USB charging plug.
  • Some customers reported that its attachments are somewhat fiddly.

If you’re looking to replace your old foil shaver with a machine that’s just as reliable, then GOLEEN’s electric head shavers may come of use. The high-performance units are similar to the grand Skull shaver because they use an innovative shaving technology that is less intrusive than the razor and more useful than a foil shaver. With a five-bladed design that uses four-directional floating heads, this machine will get your head to thank you for the splendid investment you made when buying it. Thanks to its double ring veneer net, the head shave from this machine will be just as smooth as a baby’s butt. The same applies to the beard as well since the head shavers’ ability to promote the best, safest close shave is pretty much unmatched for.

Besides shaving your head, the GOLEEN machine also includes practical attachments that you can use to get the grooming results you want. Besides the electric razor, the shavers’ package also includes accessories like hair clippers, guide combs (of several dimensions), trimmers and face cleansing brushes. Whether you’re looking for a simple head shave or more advanced grooming, the machine’s price won’t make you divert from buying. The budget-conscious electric razor is durable, practical and very convenient - a combo that’s not usually found in products under £30. The back of the head shaver comprises a USB port for fast charging of under two hours. The fully charged battery will last you for weeks considering that the shaver employs a run-time of over 60 minutes. 

Electric Shaver for Men


  • It comes with a one-year warranty by GOLEEN.
  • It is Amazon’s Choice for head shavers for bald men. 
  • It works with both wet and dry shaving methods.
  • Its blades are made of premium Japan stainless steel.
  • It hosts a handy LED display for the battery percentage.
  • It has a non-slip design for a secure grip.
  • It has an anti-allergenic blade coating.


  • It isn’t very durable.
  • It isn’t fit for use with hair longer than 5 mm.
  • Some customers noted that their shaver experienced a glitch that would make it randomly turn on/off.

Head Shaver Buying Guide

Men and women around the globe have joined the practice of shaving their hair and getting the bald looks they’ve always wanted. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert of razor shaving, you’ll know the fundamental truth that nothing beats the smooth skin that’s achieved right after the shave. But like all great things, the heaven-like feeling is just a flash in the pan because you have to deal with ingrown hair, razor cuts and burns without even leaving the bathroom. Luckily, there are a few characteristics that can help you optimise the shaving experience.

Shaver Types

The most common distinction between shavers is the foil razor type and the rotary heads one. A foil razor or shaver operates with cutter knives that are also known as oscillating blades. These shavers are capable of producing the close shave you want because they “grab” the hair and cut it very close to the skin. Foil shavers are great for shaving your head, but they also cause a lot of skin irritations like cuts, bruises and burns. Still, there are a lot of foil shavers that are immensely efficient and gentle on the skin, like our top-reviewed Braun model.

A rotary razor contains circular-like blades that are very flexible and can move on a 360° axis. This motion allows for the shavers to gently glaze over specific areas like the back of the head or the neck and jaw. Rotary shavers are also the best for trimming beards because they can reach hard-to-read regions of the facial contours. However, rotary razors like the Skull Shaver one are more directed towards bald people or those with buzz cuts since they can’t compare to the precision of their foil counterparts. 

Best Head Shaver Buying Guide


Because a head shaver is going to accompany you for a long time, you need to ensure that it is very ergonomic both in terms of efficiency and convince of use. The best head shavers are those who have an adjustable opening for different hand sizes along with a non-slip handle for a more secure grip. When it comes to rotary shavers, they don’t have to be too large because they employ a relatively compact motor and narrow battery space. And even though we use “heaviness” as an indicator of durability, that doesn’t apply when it comes to head shavers since you’re going to want a product that’s lightweight and easy to hold. You don’t want to have a wrist strain on your day to day, don’t you?


Whether it’s an excellent Skull shaver or a less renowned model, an electric shaving machine is going to need a lot of maintenance. As you may have noticed, razors tend to accumulate a lot of hair, skin and bacteria within each shave. If you don’t give your razor the best care you can, you will not only experience skin irritations but a lower shaving efficiency as well. A shaver that used to be fantastic but isn’t able to provide a close shave anymore isn’t necessarily faulty. It may be that it just isn’t cleaned right.

Because of that, you need to look for shavers that have an ergonomic design that specialises in ease of cleanliness. The best indicator for these products is that they have a waterproof composition that uses materials like IPX7 to ensure durability. Waterproof razors can be easily cleaned under the tap or while in the shower, so your work there is minimal. Another thing to look for is for ease of opening while handling the blades because that’s usually where brands go wrong. Fiddly blade holders usually break over time, so sturdy ones are of the utmost importance. The third and last indicator of easier maintenance includes cases and containers for the blades and the shaver’s accessories. These protective measures ensure that the razor isn’t on direct contact with contaminants so that you will have the best (and cleanest!) shaving experience.

Best Head Shaver Buying Guide

Battery Life

Considering how most rotary razors like the Skull shaver support a cordless use, you’re going to be confident that its battery life is reliable in the long term. The best indicator of a reliable product is if it contains a lithium-ion battery. These shavers typically take less than two hours for a full charge and can last for about an hour and a half in overall run time. That may sound insufficient, but you should keep in mind that a good head shaver takes less than five minutes every day so that battery can last as much as several weeks. Another fantastic gadget is the shaver’s integrated LED display that will keep you notified of your unit’s battery percentage. And for those who are more on the forgetful side, you should look for a particular Plug & Shave facility that lets you use the shaver while plugged in.


If the evolution has blessed you with having a full set of hair that’s distributed everywhere on your body, you will know that a standalone head shaver won’t always be ideal.

Considering that the best head shavers usually come with a grooming kit attached, you shouldn’t settle for simplistic units that aren’t worth the while. Typically, a grooming kit includes guiding combs for trimming the beard, precision trimmers for sideburns, edges, nose hair and ear hair as well as face cleaning brushes that also serve as massagers. There are a lot of people that start by thinking that they don’t need all that fancy stuff but trust us, it’s going to be worth it.

Best Head Shaver Accessories

Down for a Shave?

If you’ve found the head shavers review helpful, you may also be interested in Product Spy’s most-read articles that focus on shaving. For a more general guide, including foil shavers, you can read our electric shaver’s review here. We have also reviewed the best lady shavers in the market, so you can head over there and find the best product for your wife or girlfriend. We also offer extensive guides on using electrical shavers as well as how-to’s on shaving your head, beard or legs. And for those who are a little hesitant on googling about delicate topics, you can head over to our guides on safely shaving your butt, testicles or bikini area.


Q: What should I know before I start?

A: If you’re a first-time shaver, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, don’t start this process by expecting to get a carbon copy of the style you want. There are a lot of factors that differ one bald look from the other, which is why simply shaving your head is not always enough. That’s why you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Do you know your head shape? The first thing that many men and women are faced with when going for a full-shave is their head’s shape. According to Esquire’s hairstylists, a round shape is often the biggest green light for you to get a full shave, but how many people are blessed with Vin Diesel’s perfect head? Most of us mortals have certain features like bumps, flats, ridges, cuts, burns and even skin discolourations. As long as you’re comfortable with your shape, shaving your head shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. Who will be doing the honours? You may have read all there is to know about a shaved head, researched all the groomer’s tips and saved a few Dwayne Johnson photos for inspiration. But who will be shaving your head? Will it be you, your missus, a friend or a trained hairstylist? Professionals advise that seeing how a full shave is often quite a drastic step; you should start slowly at first. Considering how lockdown rules have made it more or less impossible for us to get a salon appointment, the burden of the shave falls on our selves. If that is the case, the best way to go about is to start with a more comfortable cut. If your hair is more on the short side, you can use a foil shaver or a clipper to make your way to a full shave. Skull Shaver has some fantastic products that won’t only accommodate beginners but will give them more flexibility with the hairstyle they want to get.
  3. Did you get the right razor? Experts of grooming practices at Men’s Journal stress that one of the most critical steps before a shave is to use the right tools. Men have continuously used razor blades or other cheap products and wondered why they couldn’t get the look they want. It is recommended that if you’ve set out to use a razor, you should at least get one that has five more blades. Another vital hallmark is to get a razor that’s flexible and moves along the contours of the back of your head and the neck. This way, you won’t give your skin several cuts by going over a spot a million times. The good news is that there are a lot of budget-friendly electric shavers online, so you don’t have to shave the way your father has always advised you to (sorry pops).
  4. Are you ready to prepare that handsome head? Let’s say you got it all: the willpower, the shavers and the razor - that’s enough to get to work, right? Well, it turns out it isn’t. The reason why so many men don’t like the way their bald head turned out is because of the [lack of] preparation they had. Before you start to shave, you need to head over to step two and make sure you’ve got an acceptable length. Most head shavers operate with hairs shorter than 5-7 mm, so a buzz should be adequate. Then, your hair needs to be clean and exfoliated, as to prevent any dead skin cells or ingrown hair. This procedure is explained more in detail here. Using lotions like pre-shave gels or oils further helps to secure a smoother shave and to reduce the chances of skin irritation. 

Q: How to use a head shaver?

A: Using electric shavers to get the bald look you want can seem confusing at first, but it is quite simple when you have made the right arrangements. If your head is all cleaned up and moisturised, you’re ready for the next step. If you have sensitive skin, it may be best to use a shaving cream beforehand. If not, you can go ahead and proceed with the shave.

  • As Product Spy advises, you first start to shave the hair in the front of your head because that’s where the softer follicles are. You begin to sweep from the top of your head to even strokes towards your forehead. Make sure to go one by one in a straight line, as to prevent leaving any patches on the skin. 
  • Next, you’re going to shave the sides of your head in the same motion as before. You want to apply consistent pressure throughout the hairline because a lighter touch will make you go back to the same spot multiple times. This is often the cause of razor burns and cuts, especially if you have sensitive skin. 
  • After you’re done with the front section, you’re going to aim for the back. Hair in the back and towards the neck is coarser, so you’re going to want to apply more pressure. By using the same starting point (top of the head), you need to direct the razor downwards on a slower but more secure motion. The best way to go about this section is to have someone to do the feat for you as the back of the head may be tricky for first-time shavers. If you’re set to do this by yourself, you should find a handheld mirror that will aid the process.
  • The Skull Shaver has served its purpose, you’re all balded-up, and the deed is done. Now comes the most important part of a head-shave that includes its maintenance. Because a close shave makes the skin more vulnerable, you want to apply a lot of moisturiser and after-shave products to maintain a healthy scalp. You also need to ensure that the razor and shavers accessories you have used are squeaky clean. Head shavers usually collect a lot of dead skin cells and bacteria along with the shave, which can cause skin irritation when in contact with the head. That's why you should always maintain a hygienic grooming practice! 

Q: How much does it cost to maintain my shaver?

A: The cost of maintaining an electric razor is different from each brand, but according to Jacob Ray Razors, this cost is significantly lower than using a disposable one. A disposable razor is suitable for a few uses, which can be monetised to about £90 a year. Generally, electric shavers range from £30 to as much as £150, but they are intended for years of use. Also, electric shavers come with shaving accessories like guide combs, trimming shavers or face cleansing products - all of which cost about £20 separately. Considering that shavers are a long-term solution, it can be argued that it is a very cost-effective purchase.

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