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If you are looking for a review of all the best halogen ovens in the UK, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best halogen oven models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home.

Below, in the table, the halogen oven reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pro's and con's for each.

Best Halogen Oven Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Andrew James 12 Liter Digital
Weight 6.2 kg
Capacity 12 litres
Wattage 1300 watts
Russell Hobbs 18537 Halogen Oven
Weight 6.66 kg
Capacity 16 litres
Wattage 1400 watts
Andrew James 12 Liter Halogen Oven
Weight 6.2 kg
Capacity 12 litres
Wattage 1300 watts
VonShef Halogen Oven
Weight 6.1 kg
Capacity 12 litres
Wattage 1200 watts
The Cookshop Halogen Oven
Weight 8.6 kg
Capacity 11 litres
Wattage 1200 watts

The 10 Best Halogen Oven On The Market Reviewed

This digital halogen oven by Andrew James is just the real deal. With this one, there’s nothing you cannot do that you would do with a traditional oven. Talk about roasting, steaming, frying, boiling and baking. And most of all, it is highly portable thus making it suitable for those who have an on-the-go lifestyle. If you have used an appliance from Andrew James before, then you know how serious they take their customers when it comes to quality and convenience. Certainly, this 12 Liter Halogen oven is not an exception. Its design simplifies the cooking experience while at the same time making it a fun and enjoyable one. 

The Andrew James digital halogen is known for three outstanding features and they include economical cooking, the 900 hinged lid, and the self-cleaning capability. Concerning economical cooking, this oven takes halogen cooking to the next level. It does this by increasing the cooking speed 40% above the traditional ovens. Surprisingly, it only consumes 0.867 kWh at 2000C to achieve this amazing cooking speed. This implies that you will save a lot on electricity bills.

The Best Halogen Oven

The hinged lid, on the other hand, flips up through 90 degrees so that you can easily access the oven without burning your hands, fingers or countertops. You can comfortably use this halogen oven without the worry of post-use cleanup thanks to the self-cleaning feature. All you need to once you have completed the cooking exercise is empty the container, allow the oven to cool off, half-fill it with water, set the oven to 2500C and 5-10 minutes and then let the self-cleaning function do the rest. 

Apart from the three features, the Andrew James 12 Liter Halogen oven also comes with a number of accessories included in the package. These include a set of tongs for getting food in and out, a high and low grill rack, a baking tray and a steaming tray, and a toast rack. On top of these, you also get four metal skewers and a rice/cake dish for baking, a 5-liter extender ring, and an extra spare bulb.

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  • This halogen oven is very easy to use. It comes with a cookbook that features a wide range of recipes which you can try.
  • It facilitates economical cooking since it has a smaller power consumption compared to a traditional oven.
  • It features a thermostat, a timer and a selection of presets as well.
  • Despite being labeled as easy to use, this model takes some getting used to.
  • You may not get the best out of it if you are not sure of what you are cooking as far as recipes are concerned.

If you are one of those people who fancy a home cooked meal but you dread the cleaning and scrubbing that comes afterward, then the 18537 halogen oven from Russell Hobbs is exactly what you need. This halogen fryer gets almost every cooking job done from baking to roasting and grilling your meat, potatoes, and vegetables.

What is more, it is much faster compared to a traditional oven as it allows you to achieve up to 40% faster cooking thanks to the powerful 1400W rating. As if that is not enough, this oven also features a defrost setting, which eliminates the worry of having to spend extra minutes prepping your out-of-the-freezer meats.

Although it has a capacity of only 11 Liters, the 18537 halogen oven can be extended up to 16 liters thanks to the 5-liter extender. This means that you can prepare both small and large portions of meals in a single round. The large temperature range of 125 to 250 degree Celsius allows you to prepare a wide range of recipes with each one of the turning out just perfectly. This is also made possible by the fact that the 18537 halogen oven allows you to bake, roast and grill almost anything. 

One of the amazing features of the 18537 halogen oven is the 60-minute timer. With this feature, all your worries of accidentally burning or overcooking your food are eliminated. Therefore, you are going to achieve a perfectly prepared meal that is succulent and tasting great. It also features a reversible rack among the additional accessories that come with it. This feature offers you two different levels of cooking which adds on to the versatility of the 18537 halogen oven.

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  • It is easy to use thanks to the timer and the fact that it comes with an instruction manual
  • The large temperature range allows you to cook a wide range of foods
  • It has a large food capacity that is also extendable all the way to 16 Liters
  • Does not have the self-cleaning function, which would go a long way in making it convenient for use.
  • It is not conveniently lightweight as several halogen ovens reviews complain about its large size.

This small halogen oven is unbelievably powerful boasting a whopping 1400W of power output yet it consumes only 0.867 kWh at 200°C which saves a lot of electricity bills. In fact, this Andrew James halogen oven air fryer has been proven to help users to achieve a 40% faster cooking rate compared to traditional ovens.

This is achieved through the oven’s ability to eliminate your need to preheat your meals before cooking. Its design features a collection of controls which are manual and intuitive thus making it relatively easy to use. For instance, the indicator lights in conjunction with the turning dials allow you to simply select heating programmes in a less complicated way.

Looking at the appearance and overall design of this halogen oven, one cannot help but notice how nice and conveniently structured it is. You will agree with me that the removable glass bowl is a great feature that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The other amazing feature is the inclusion of an instructions booklet that offers you a number of recipes that you can try supposing you are using the halogen oven for the first time. The adjustable temperature control dial gives you incredible control over whatever it is that you are cooking. It does this by allowing you to heat up to a temperature of 250 degrees centigrade. To help you have even more control on your cooking, this mini halogen oven lets you set the timer for up to 60 minutes. 

Even though it is not a digital halogen oven with hinged lid, the Andrew James halogen mini oven is just as powerful and convenient as most of its rivals in the market. It comes with additional accessories to help you make the most out of your halogen oven. These accessories include a high and low grill rack, a baking tray, a steamer tray, tongs and four metal skewers. To compensate for the lack of a hinged lid feature, this halogen oven comes with a lid holder, which serves to prevent accidental burns to your worktops. It also comes with a 5-liter extender to increase the oven’s capacity up to 17 liters and a replacement bulb.

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  • It is easy to use since it comes with simple manual controls
  • Despite not having a hinged lid, this halogen oven comes with a lid holder for storing the lid
  • It is an economical appliance that lets you bake, roast, fry, steam, and grills your meals faster
  • It is powerful yet it uses a small amount of energy
  • Some of the users find the lid on this halogen oven to be cumbersome but this is perhaps because the heating element is contained inside it.

This is a multifunctional cooker that combines the powerful halogen oven technology with efficient convection cooking methods to help you achieve excellent results in you steaming, baking, frying, and grilling. The Cookshop halogen oven has a sleek design that is compact enough to fit perfectly on your table top without taking up too much of real estate on your kitchen counters. It gives you the chance to enjoy all kinds of foods by letting you cook them to culinary perfection with no hassle at all. If you dread the post use cleanup that follows after every frying, baking, and roasting adventure, the Cookshop halogen oven will be your greatest companion as it is easy to clean and does not require a lot of effort to do so. 

It comes with amazing features including a 1300W heating element, a 12L tampered glass bowl with a 5 Liter extender ring to give you a total of 17L of food capacity, and a hinged lid. What is more, this halogen oven has very simple controls that make it quite easy to operate even for the first-timers.

It also allows you to vary the temperature from 125 to 250-degree centigrade, which means that you can prepare a wide range of meals to perfection without worrying about overcooking or burning. On top of that, it has a 60-minute timer that works with a reminder bell to alert you when cooking time is complete.

The Cookshop halogen oven has a compact and sleek design that makes it one of the most portable table top ovens on the market. If you compare it with other halogen ovens with hinged lid, you will realize that the Cookshop halogen oven is quite portable and compact. It has dimensions of 332 by 465 by 330 mm in length, width, and height respectively. Its total capacity is 17 Liters, and the glass bowl is large enough to fit a full chicken. When it comes to the speed of cooking, this table top halogen oven can cook up to three times faster than a conventional oven.

  • It combines the best features of a halogen oven and a convection cooker giving you maximum results
  • It has a large total food capacity of 17 liters, allowing you to prepare large portions of meals at once
  • It is easy to use thanks to the simple controls and the presence of an instructions manual
  • It has a hinged lid, which means your countertops are protected from burns
  • One halogen oven review claims that the Cookshop halogen oven does not achieve the correct cooking temperatures

The modern cook is busy and faces time constraints every time he/she is in the kitchen. In such a situation, a multipurpose cooker would come in quite handy and the VonShef Premium halogen oven does exactly that. It combines the functionalities of a convection cooker with those of a halogen oven to give you the ultimate cooking experience in the kitchen. This is more than your average kitchen appliance considering that it is both convenient and much faster than traditional ovens. Regardless of the meal you are preparing, the VonShef halogen oven has got you covered as it lets you prepare a wide range of recipes including chicken, fluffy rice, crispy fries, and deep pan pizza among others. 

The powerful halogen bulb and light wave technology lets you enjoy an evenly cooked meal within a very short time. The built-in high-performance fan helps to circulate hot air throughout thus eliminating the need to turn food. This helps to reduce energy consumption while at the same time increasing the speed of cooking.

What is more, you will not have to worry about post-use cleanup. This halogen oven has a self-cleaning function. The VonShef oven’s hinged lid design makes it one of the exceptional ovens on the market as it eliminates the need for you to use your hands to remove the lid. 

This oven comes with an accessories pack that includes a 5 Liter extender ring with a silicone protector, a rice bowl, steamer, frying pan and a bread rack. On top of that, it also comes with a high and low rack, a pair of tongs and 4 skewers. Its power rating is 1200-1400W while its size is 48 by 34 by 32 cm. It is a black halogen oven whose appearance makes it easy to blend in with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

  • It is a combination halogen and convection heating technologies
  • It is a convenient kitchen appliance that lets you save a lot of expenses in electricity and time
  • Your food is evenly cooked
  • A significant number of users found issues with the hinged lid being dodgy

The VonShef Premium is a large 12 litres capacity halogen oven.

This 1400 watt appliance can handle everything, be it cooking for an individual or for a crowd.

The time and temperature control let your prepare food with your own convenience. It is a multifunctional cooker.

So you can expect it to broil, defrost, grill, roast, etc. The best thing is that it does not utilise any oil for cooking.

It also cooks faster by upto 40% when compared to traditional methods. Frying pan, bread rack, tongs, skewers are some of the included accessories. The oven has a 2 years manufacturer warranty.

  • Large 12 litres capacity
  • Included accessories
  • Timed and temperature controlled cooking
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Reliability

This electric halogen air fryer oven by Cooks Professional is the best halogen oven on the market as far as versatility is concerned. Using the heat from the light bulb, this oven can roast, fry, steam, grill and bake almost any kind of meals that you intend to prepare. The thing that most people like about this particular oven is the fact that it can deliver healthy food at a fraction of the time and energy that other conventional ovens do. If you are a busy cook who struggles to manage your time in the kitchen, this electric air fryer oven will help you with that. It comes with a very powerful and high-performing fan that helps to circulate the heat from the halogen bulb throughout the bowl. This means that you do not need to turn the food in order to achieve even cooking.

This electric oven is supplied alongside 12 accessories that help to make the cooking experience a walk in the park.

These include a high and low rack for even cooking, tongs to help you handle trays in a safe way, a stand to rest the lid safely, a steamer tray, a frying pan, an extender ring for increasing the height requirement and four skewers and a toast rack. Unlike an ordinary microwave, this halogen oven will perfectly brown your food. This means that you can enjoy crispy pastries, evenly cooked biscuits, and juicy brown meat. What is more, the large extended capacity is enough to hold a standard roast chicken or a joint of beef that is large enough for a family meal.

  • It is easy to use thanks to the simple temperature controls
  • The powerful rating makes it possible for you to achieve faster cooking
  • It is easy to clean since its components are dishwasher safe
  • Some of the halogen cookers reviews point out that the lid is quite heavy making it difficult to handle

When thinking about efficiency with energy consumption, we all agree that the Daewoo Deluxe Hallogen oven tops the list.

It is a powerful oven thanks to the 1300W power rating and the integrated high-performing fan that helps to circulate heat inside the tempered glass bowl.

This oven has been tested and found to be 75% more efficient than a traditional oven yet it delivers similar results if not better.

With the even distribution of heat, you get to enjoy perfectly browned and succulent culinary dishes that are evenly cooked. What is more, it has a timer and variable temperature controls to give you more control of your cooking.

Agreeably, most of the people do not like the hassle of cleaning up after use. Thankfully, the Daewoo Deluxe halogen oven has a self-cleaning function that helps to eliminate the cleaning worries. Also, the compact design makes it easy to store away after using this oven. This oven comes with a set of extra accessories that help to make the cooking experience a more enjoyable exercise. These include an extender ring, a lid stand, an oil spray bottle, 2 mesh trays, a high and low rack, and a set of tongs.

  • It is easy to use thanks to the timer and temperature controls
  • It is easy to clean because of the self-cleaning function
  • You do not have to worry about the safety of your countertops because this oven comes with a lid stand
  • It lacks a hinged lid, which most people consider to be a basic feature in a halogen oven. Furthermore,the included lid stand is not easy to use and may pose risks of getting burnt.

Elgento as a brand has always maintained that quality is the first thing that should draw a customer to a brand. It has succeeded over the years in getting its customers to enjoy top-of-the-class kitchen appliances that offer a great deal of convenience.

The Elgento E14020 halogen oven is a top oven manufactured by these renowned designers of kitchen appliances. Comparing it with other top ovens, you will realize that the Elgento E14020 has superior design features that include fast cooking, large capacity, and cutting-edge technology.

With this oven, you can do almost all the cooking exercises that you do with a traditional oven. For instance, you can grill, bake, boil, roast, and defrost your meals at a rate that is 40% faster than ordinary ovens.

Just like most of the other halogen ovens on the market, the Elgento E14020 is quite simple to use. All you need to do is add your ingredients and adjust the temperature according to the requirements of the recipe then set the timer. The rest of the tasks are handled by the oven. Once the food is ready, you are notified using a signal. What is more, this oven comes with a defrost setting which makes it even more perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Since this oven does not require oil to cook, it allows you to prepare healthy meals. You are not going to believe how fast this oven gets your meals ready. For instance, a full chicken is going to be ready in between 25 to 30 minutes whereas pizza will be ready in 10 to 12 minutes.

  • The innovative halogen cooking element facilitates faster cooking since the heat is evenly distributed
  • It has a generous capacity that is larger than most of its competitors
  • Most of the halogen cookers reviews show that the halogen grill in the Elgento E14020 produces amazing results.
  • Even though it is not a hinged halogen oven, the E14020 is quite safe to use
  • The halogen cooking pot in the E14020 cannot be extended with an extender ring like most small halogen ovens.

If you are on a budget and would like to get the best out of your halogen oven purchase, then the Classic 12 Liter halogen oven is what you need.

This oven makes your cooking experience a great one by giving you a wide range of cooking options including defrosting, boiling, roasting, baking, grilling, and BBQ among others.

It has a way of getting the job done in a short time without using up too much of the electricity, which means you get to save a lot of money on electricity bills. An interesting fact about this oven is that unlike most of its competitors, it actually saves up to 60% more energy compared to the other halogen ovens.

It comes with a 60-minute timer and a thermostat that ranges from 65 to 250 degrees centigrade. It also has the self-cleaning function.

  • This halogen cooker is easy to use
  • It is easy to clean thanks to the self-cleaning function
  • It is an energy efficient halogen tabletop oven
  • The halogen light is too bright for direct view and needs to be concealed
  • It lacks a hinged lid


Halogen ovens are great kitchen appliances that allow you to achieve faster cooking while saving on energy consumption. They are convenient for those people who have busy lifestyles and have limited time to spend in the kitchen. If you are one of them, then the halogen cooker oven is just what you need. They come in different variants although most of them will have common features which include a hinged lid, an accessories pack, and extender rings. Getting the suitable halogen oven for you can be a tricky task.

However, by reading our halogen cooker review, you get to understand the features, considerations frequently asked questions and what to look for in a halogen cooker. The Andrew James 12 Liter Digital Halogen Oven is arguably the best halogen oven if you want one that has a hinged lid and a generous capacity with an option to extend. However, if you are on a budget and you still want a large halogen oven, you won’t go wrong with the Elgento E14020 which is a budget halogen oven.

Never regret a purchase.

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Halogen Oven Buying Guide

The Benefits of Having a Halogen Oven

The economy of space has become a major issue of concern for most people over the last couple of days. Everyone is all of a sudden conscious about the amount of space they have at home. This has led to most people inclining towards gadgets and appliances that are economical on space utilization.

The Halogen oven is one of these appliances. It offers a wide range of benefits to the user and they include the following. First and foremost, halogen ovens are great energy efficient appliances that save a great deal of electricity.

Secondly, they are easy to clean given that most of them come with self-cleaning functions. This eliminates the worry of post-use cleanup which most people are always concerned about.

The third benefit of using halogen cookers is that they do not radiate a vast amount of heat.

This makes them ideal for use in small spaces such as studio apartments and student flats. If you have the best halogen cooker, you can as well use it as an alternative (not primary) source of heat during the summer days. Halogen oven cooking is much healthier than the other cooking methods for two main reasons. One, they do not require the use of oil to fry or grill. Secondly, the method promotes the retention of the food’s natural juice, therefore, maintaining its flavor. Both a small and large halogen oven can help you economize on kitchen space without compromising on food capacity. This is because most of them come with an extender ring.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Halogen Oven

Before you embark on buying a halogen oven, there are some considerations that you need to put into account. The first consideration should be the controls of the oven you intend to buy. Whereas most halogen ovens come with manual controls that consist of rotary dials, some have digital controls that consist of a touch-panel. Secondly, you need to consider the cord length of the halogen oven you intend to buy. Getting a halogen oven with a shorter cord would force you to buy an extension cable which is an additional expense altogether. You can compare different models to find out about the cord lengths by reading our halogen cooker reviews. 

The other consideration you need to make is whether the halogen oven you are buying comes with extension rings. These are very important accessories especially if you are buying a small halogen cooker because they allow you to extend the capacity of the oven from around 12 liters to 17 liters. Also, consider if the halogen cooker is a hinged lid halogen oven or not. If it is not a hinged lid oven, then find out about the lid stand and its ease of use. Last but not least, you should inquire about the number of functions the halogen oven can perform. It is always economical to get an oven that can grill, roast, bake, steam, boil, and BBQ all in one.

Safety Precautions

A halogen oven is an electric appliance that should be handled with a lot of care to prevent any kind of accidents from occurring. Here are some of the safety precautions that one needs to observe when using a halogen oven.

First, always make sure the power is switched off before removing the plug from the mains outlet. Secondly, it is important to make sure that kids/children do not play around this appliance. Alternatively, you should ensure close supervision when using this appliance around kids. You should not operate this appliance if it has a broken plug or cable. Only use the halogen oven cooker on a flat surface to prevent toppling.

If you are using a halogen oven hinged lid, ensure the timer is off before opening it. Also, avoid opening the lid before disconnecting the power cord. Make sure you exercise extreme caution when moving the halogen oven containing hot oil or other hot liquids. Needless to say, you should not use the halogen oven for purposes other than the intended use. Also, using a halogen oven outdoors is not advisable because it is only designed for indoor use.

Halogen Oven Buying FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding a halogen oven.

Q: Can a halogen oven replace my normal oven in the kitchen?

A: Despite being portable and faster than a traditional built-in oven, a halogen oven lacks the capacity and flexibility to replace your normal oven in the kitchen. It, however, can be a great alternative or complement to the normal oven thanks to its portability.

Q: Which one is better between the hinged lid halogen oven and the one with a lid stand?

A: A hinged lid halogen oven is safer to use compared to one with a lid stand. This is because most of the time the lid stand would require some getting used to before you can master how to position it safely on the stand.

Q: Are the extender rings important if I have only a small family?

A: Yes, the extender rings come in handy when you are faced with a situation which requires you to prepare a large portion in one go.

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