7 Best Garden Storage Bench Reviews UK 2021 - Top Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on March 3, 2021

Are you looking for a stylish bench for your garden and extra storage space as well? A garden storage bench offers you both. It provides functional space to store gardening tools, cushions and blankets or kid’s toys while passing off as a decorative seat.

Our best garden storage bench review looks at these multi-purpose furniture pieces to help you choose the right one.

Best Garden Storage Bench Reviews

Best Garden Storage Bench On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best garden storage bench is the Rockwood Garden Storage Bench By Keter. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Our 1st pick on this best garden storage bench review is a top product from the well-established Keter brand. This plastic bench seat is one of the best you can find anywhere in the market at a price to quality ratio it is being offered. This plastic storage bench is very durable and can stand changing climatic conditions long as it is adequately maintained.

Of the many storage benches in the market today, this plastic garden storage bench is of a reputation that has been validated by several reviews globally. When you think of the best wooden garden bench with storage, think of this product from Keter. It is produced from quality plastic material and has a capacity of about 570 litres. 

Rockwood Garden Storage Bench By Keter

The high-quality material makeup and excellent design are two notable features that stand this garden bench with storage underneath it out from the others. With this, you can place this garden bench storage anywhere in the garden with an assurance that it can stand all sorts of climatic changes.


  • Quality wooden material makes this wooden garden bench with storage box very durable
  • This great looking storing unit has enough storage capacity to keep all your garden tools and other items safe inside.
  • Very reliable regardless of changing climatic conditions
  • The quality of the parent brand allows for innovative features
  • This large great looking unit is easy to assemble in an hour or two.
  • Improves the look of spaces around it


  • To purchase and maintain this garden storage bench seat is on the more expensive side.

Second best unit you can store your gardening tools in is the Lockable Waterproof Bench Box By Rockwood. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Our pick number two on this best garden bench storage review is the Garden Storage Furniture Lockable waterproof. This lockable water proof garden storage box is made available at a very affordable price. The high point of this garden storage has been the quality of wood that is used in designing it.

As an outdoor storage bench, this waterproof garden storage comes with features that make it very durable and not subject to wear or tear of any kind. Are you out for the best outdoor garden storage that also doubles as waterproof outdoor storage? Then this beautiful, easy to maintain piece is one that you need to get.

Lockable Waterproof Bench Box By Rockwood

Coming with a fully waterproof 570-litre capacity, this outdoor garden storage is made from 100% recyclable materials. That is why you cannot dispute its eco-friendliness and durability. This outdoor wood storage box is also known for its quality material build, making it the choice of many shoppers.

What’s more, the design and innovative styles are two stands out features of this wooden garden bench with storage box. It has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t just come as a piece of furniture alone. It also helps in improving the look of your garden sheds regardless of where it is being placed. Also, users who buy this outdoor storage bench seat even have a warranty that will secure their purchase.


  • This best garden storage comes with waterproof features making it a waterproof outdoor cushion storage box
  • Two people need 5 minutes to put together this easy to assemble large DIY outdoor storing unit.
  • You can open and close the lid of this ideal outdoor unit easily and keep any item safe and dry.
  • This piece of garden furniture has enough storage space to store all of your gardening tools and other items.
  • The wood used in designing this best garden storage bench of the highest quality
  • The number two pick offers an excellent design and style that enhances the aesthetics of your garden


  • Buyers are of the view that the price of this best storage bench is outrageous.

Third best store bench you can use to keep your tools is the Eden Garden Storage Bench By Keter. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

For users who have had to use a product from Keter, they know how much you cannot exhaust their many excellent products. This is why our 3rd pick is yet another solution from Keter, and it is the Keter Eden Garden Storage Bench. The Keter Eden storage bench seat offers outdoor cushion storage that is very strong and long-lasting. This bench seat with storage offers a firm balance which makes a very safe garden storage seat.

Coming at a moderate price, this storage box seat is what every modern-day garden needs. This garden bench storage has a measurement of 11.68 x 59.44 x 83.31 cm, making it compact enough for easy manoeuvre. Its weigh is just 29.7 pounds with a storage capacity of about 70 gallons. 

Eden Garden Storage Bench By Keter

Its flat surface translates to firm balance. This makes it very easy for you to let your children or pets sit on it without any fear that they might fall off unconsciously. There are supporting handles to ensure that along the flat sitting area, users are well secured while sitting on it. The modern design of this garden storage seat is another feature that has made it one of the most have garden bench storage in the market today.


  • upporting handles provided for allows for safety
  • Put a couple of cushions on this large resin plastic tools storage and make yourself feel at home.
  • Very affordable to purchase and requires a low cost of maintenance so it will save you more money
  • This piece of best garden furniture has enough storage space to keep a lot of garden tools.
  • The best garden storage bench comes in innovative styles, white colour and isn't heavy at all


  • Starts wearing off after a while of being exposed to rain, so don't put it near the pool also.

Fourth best garden store unit you can use to keep your tools is the Large Lockable Waterproof Bench By Saxon. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Of the many waterproof garden cushions in the market, this 4th pick of ours is one of the best. This Garden Storage Furniture Lockable Waterproof is a well-designed furniture piece that will provide you with all of the sitting comforts that you need. This garden storage bench waterproof comes with locks to ensure that it is safely stored. 

Large Lockable Waterproof Bench By Saxon

With a manual on mounting this ample garden storage provided for every buyer, no professional help is needed. While many questions surrounding the reliability of this garden storage bench, its affordable price and innovative features are worth commending. It comes as a dark brown bench with a grain effect finish so that it can make your garden look great. 

With a storage space of 454 litres as well as high strength, this is the perfect bench to go for if you want value for money. Its simple design guarantees optimum comfort, while its low maintenance cost is a plus. It comes together with pre-installed parts so that you can mount it easily the way you like. 


  • Mounting this ideal resin garden bench storage doesn’t require any professional help
  • Use this simple looking shed box in order to store all garden tools, items and other equipment
  • Very affordable weather proof bench storage seating with amazing features
  • A few cushions will make this large resin storing box if you want to have home like comfort.


  • Not so reliable to last for a long while as users have found it failing in this regard.
  • Metal padlock is not supplied.

Fifth best garden store box you can use to keep your tools is the Lockable Bench Storage By Keter. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Thinking of the best garden storage that offers much space, then look no further than this Garden Bench Storage Furniture Lockable. This extra-large garden storage box fits in well for a large family as it offers all of the space your family needs. Affordability and low cost of maintenance are what characterizes this sizable outdoor storage box and set it out from others.

With a minimal budget, you can get this garden bench storage in your garden or patio and have it enhance the aesthetics of your home and garden as a whole. It is fully weather-resistant garden bench storage with a storage space of about 265 litres. Though a lockable bench, locks are not included when you purchase it.

Lockable Bench Storage By Keter

You will like its price to quality ratio, and that is why it is affordable for everyone. It is easy to maintain as it costs less and will take less time to maintain. It is well-designed with all parts well fitted into themselves. Also, there is a firm base on which this garden storage box is to stand. This base is being included on purchase and can be removed or replaced depending on your preference.


  • This large wood like storage box comes at a very affordable price and it can be locked for added security of its contents.
  • This great looking piece of garden furniture has enough storage capacity for you to keep all garden tools
  • You could put cushions on this durable resin outdoor unit and easily make look great all year long.
  • These durable box benches can acommodate two adults with ease.
  • Assembly and using it is easy while maintenance of this garden storage requires less time and cost and effect


  • Occupies much space and mounting it many times isn't all fun and games.

Sixth best store unit to keep your tools is the 70 Gallon Garden Bench Box By Keter. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Keter brand is as concerned about your garden as much you are, and it expresses this concern by the many quality garden storage benches it makes available. The Keter 186300 Gallon garden bench is a long storage bench that fits in well into any garden of any kind. This storage bench outdoors is well designed in a modern style that not just lies in the garden like much other storage garden bench, but can enhance its aesthetics as well. 

70 Gallon Garden Bench Box By Keter

This piece is a storage bench with cushion and is designed with quality materials that make it one that will last for a long while. It is produced from a quality resin material with storage of about 265 litres. In addition to that, with its unique modern style design, this product will certainly add glamour to your garden.


  • This large outdoor garden storage is made from top quality resin and plastic materials
  • This durable outdoor tools storage has enough capacity for you to keep all gardening tools, items and accessories.
  • You can put cushions on this durable wood like box and make it look great
  • Low cost of maintenance is required to keep this garden storage bench in really good shape
  • Offers one of the best prices to quality ratio made available by storage benches


  • The lack of comprehensiveness as regards warranty provided is still a significant challenge.

Seventh best store unit you can use to keep your tools is the Three Seat Storage Bench By Trueshopping. It can easily get a 3.5/5 star rating.

It is possible that all you want is a small storage box bench that will only occupy limited space. As such, we have decided to include in this list the Trueshopping Hallway Kitchen bench storage as our 7th pick, which is something else. This small garden bench is our 7th pick because of the relative ease of not just storing it, but also maintaining it. Coming at a very affordable price, this small outdoor storage box is one of the best buys of its kind.

Three Seat Storage Bench By Trueshopping

This garden bench with storage, though small, can offer sufficient storage space that can accommodate some of the items while you enjoy the free breeze. It comes as a two-seat hallway with storage compartments underneath and made from Balau Hardwood. It has a storage compartment of 35.43 inches so that you can keep your things safely. 

You will like its compact and comprehensive design, making it fit for a garden as well as a home with limited space. The best part is - its installation is as easy as ABC, as you don’t need the assistance of a professional since a manual has been provided. Also, the bridging handles which help to assure safety included in this small bench seat is a notable feature.


  • Very compact and comprehensive outdoor garden storage bench
  • This outdoor unit is made with quality wood and plastic resin material
  • This small storage bench is easy to install and maintain
  • This great looking storage bench has enough storage space for you to store most of your garden tools
  • Affordable, reliable and very durable option
  • You can put some cushions on the back wall and make the seats super comfortable while keeping your tools and items safe


  • The limited storage space provided for compared to its dimensions is still a significant challenge.

Garden Storage Bench Buying Guide

A garden storage bench is innovative outdoor storage furniture that doubles as a seat. It provides space to store your log splitting axe and other small to medium-sized items.

You can use the garden storage bench alongside larger storage solutions such as garden sheds and wheelie bin storage. Large items such as a petrol lawn mower, and a garden rotavator would fit better in the shed.

Adequate storage does not just make the compound neater. It allows you to easily carry out tasks such as laying out artificial grass, without numerous tools standing in the way. We will guide you through picking the best garden storage bench for your home.

Space Available To Accommodate the Garden Storage Bench

When buying a garden storage bench, it is always necessary that you know how much space you have in your garden to accommodate the storage garden bench. This is very important because they help you in making some critical decisions. One of these decisions is knowing what size of garden storage bench you will need to go for. Knowing the space available will also help you to know what type of garden storage bench you should search for that can comfortably fit into such a place. This will also help you to ensure that the garden storage seat is complementing activities in your garden and not necessarily interfering with it.

The Quality of the Material of the Garden Storage Bench

The material type of garden storage benches differ. While some are being made of plastic, and others are made of wood. Then also, the quality of materials used for each also differ from one garden bench to another. To select a garden storage bench based on material, it is essential that your green garden is structured in such a way that such storage bench is not exposed to certain unfavourable conditions that may not suit the material type. Also, it is vital that you go for a garden bench that is made of high quality be it plastic or wooden at all time.

The Brand of the Garden Storage Bench

When buying any of the garden bench storages that are available in the market, taking not of the brand is very important.

This is because, going for a product from a brand that is not trusted, is not so much of a sagacious decision to make. 

There are quality brands in the market that have been able to establish themselves beyond every reasonable doubt as top quality brands. These brands always express their quality by providing notable features for products being made available by them.

Brand of the Garden Storage Bench

The Ease and Cost Of Maintain the Garden Storage Bench

Regular maintenance is a significant way to ensure the durability of whatever garden storage bench you are buying is secured, please take note of that. This is why it is essential that you go for a garden bench storage that is easy to maintain without a problem. To measure the ease of maintaining an outside bench storage, you need to consider the cost required to maintain such and how often such maintenance is being needed on average. Always go for products that require a bit less maintenance and their maintenance is a little bit more affordable.

What are the Different Features?

When buying a garden storage bench, asides from the buying guide which are factors to consider, users also find some features handy. These handy features vary from individuals to individuals based on their perceptions. However, reading through some best garden storage bench reviews, we have been able to find some notable features users find handy. These features are the design of the storage seat and brand.

The Design of the Garden Bench Storage

Users, especially in this technological age, don’t just buy products because they need them. They also consider the design of such product and be sure they can either relate to such design or that such design can enhance the look of their homes or garden.

This applies to garden storage as users always want well-designed garden storage. While users are very much interested in design, they do not want a very complicated design. Users want a straightforward design that they can relate to.

Design of the Garden Bench Storage

The Brand of the Garden Storage Bench

A product cannot be more qualified than the brand that produces it. This why users find products from a quality and well-established brand more handy than those coming from the many other brands in the market. Users who buy this bench storage buy based on the brand because they are satisfied that some brand is known for certain user-friendly features that many other brands in the market might not pay attention to.

Garden Storage Bench Buying FAQs

Q: Which is more quality in a plastic garden storage boxes and those being made of wood?

A: First, quality in this regard is relative, and it depends on the type of material that is being used. It is possible to find outdoor plastic storage that is more quality than wooden storage benches because quality plastic materials were being used to design such a plastic garden storage bench seat. On the other hand, it is possible to find a wooden garden storage bench that is more quality than plastic garden benches because a more quality wooden material has been used. When you want to construct a wooden garden bench, you should try to use quality materials.

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