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If you are looking for a review of all the best garden shredders in the UK, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best garden shredder models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your garden.

Below, in the table, the garden shredder reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pro's and con's for each.


Best Garden Shredder Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Bosch Quiet Shredder
T-MECH Chipper Petrol Commercial Shredder
Bosch Shredder Collection Cardboard Throughput
TRACK LIFE Shredder Adjustable 60 Litre Collection
Draper 23321 2500W Garden Shredder

The 10 Best Garden Shredder On The Market Reviewed

1. The Best Garden Shredder - Bosch Shredder Collection Cardboard Throughput


Bosch is a quality brand as much as every product it produces. Our top pick on this best garden shredders is the Bosch Shredder.

This shredder is not just a silent garden shredder, but also the best garden shredder for composting. 

This garden shredder, unlike many other garden chippers, can work for a long while and work effectively.

Coming at a reduced weight, this shredder is very reliable and highly durable. Get your budget together as you purchase this outstanding garden shredder for sale.

the best garden shredder

Products Specifications

  • Weighs about 30kg per shredder
  • Has a cutting capacity of about 45mm
  • Comes with a collection box of about 50 litres

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The efficiency of this garden shredder is top notch, and this is the main reason why people like it. The efficiency of this garden shredder is responsible for the clean finish and accurate cuts that this garden shredder produces. The garden shredder blades of this tool are also quality and attract buyers to it

Standout Features

This garden mulcher of Bosch can be used to chip both wood and leaves. It has an impressive chopping ability that stands it out from other green waste shredders in the market. Also, the inbuilt wheels attached to this garden shredder makes it very easy for you to move the mulcher across areas of the garden that needs to be shredded. It is also well designed with a chute that gives this garden shredder an edge over others in the market.

  • Efficient garden shredder
  • Works without really making any sound
  • Comes as an excellently designed garden shredder
  • Comes quite heavy and not easy to move from one place to another


Coming 2nd on this best garden shredder list is yet another shredder of Bosch. This time, it is the Bosch quiet garden shredder which is the best shredder for home use. 

This small shredder is an electric garden shredder that can be trusted.

Comes with an impressive cutting capacity that is made possible by the quality blades that is being provided for.


Products Specifications

  • This garden shredder weighs about 20kgs
  • Comes with the primary power source included
  • The cutting capacity of this shredder is about 45 mm

The Main Reason Why People Like It

First, the long-established quality of the brand is a reason why people like this product and also one of the many reasons why it dominates in the market today. However, the well-built and efficient design of this handy garden shredder contributes mainly to why it is most desired. It comes as a very simple to operate and very quiet shredder that carefully cuts through branches making your garden surfaces look very smooth.

Standout Features

The standout feature of this garden shed is that it doubles both as a wood shredder as well as a leaf shredder. With this, you can be able to cut these two with a single device. Even though this garden shredder tends to come at a high price, it is still an excellent way to save some cost than having to get two different tools that can handle your wood and your leaves as well.

  • Comes at a very affordable price yet still very much effective
  • Works at an impressive rate per time
  • Its features have been well designed to make it very easy to manoeuvre
  • Jams easily while in use and make much noise


The Draper 23321 2500W Garden Shredder is our 3rd pick on this best garden shredder reviews.

This garden shredder is a heavy duty shredder that you can trust to have your garden and lawn well chipped off.

Though coming a bit weighty, a wheel system is being provided for this garden shredder to make it easy for users to be able to move it from one place to another.

Also, the rotating blade of this garden shredder is very quality and can be easily replaced at any time.


Products Specifications

  • This shredder weighs about 30kg
  • Has a cutting capacity that varies between 40 to 45mm
  • Comes with a quality rotating blade

The Main Reason Why People Like It

How well this garden shredder can manoeuvre its way through surfaces and able to produce quality cuts is the main reason why people like it. All of these is being made possible by the simple design and quality rotating blades that are being provided for. Of the many garden shredders for sale, this is one with an excellent price to quality ratio and buyers like that too.

Standout Features

The build of this garden shredder is very quality and serves as proof that its designers put much effort into it. This not only stands this garden shredder out from others but also makes it one of the most efficient leaves and tree shredder for sale. Also, the fast spinning blade is a thing about the blade that is very much unique to it and its brand. This allows for quick and more effective chopping within a little time.

  • All the attachments can be easily replaceable
  • When expertly powered, it works surprisingly effectively
  • Its manoeuvring ability is top notch
  • Assembling this garden shredder can be very complicated


Our 4th pick on this best shredder review is the TRACK LIFE Shredder Adjustable 60 Litre Collection which is one of the best budget garden shredders you can find in the market.

Though coming at an affordable price, this branch shredder is very comprehensive with all of the attachments that are needed to get the job done.

Though you might not be able to enjoy the luxury of a collection box, you will surely find this shredder a high performing one.


Products Specifications

  • This adjustable shredder weighs about 15kg
  • Comes with adjustable cutting blades and a cutting capacity of 40mm
  • No collection box is included in this package

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Shredders are a very delicate cutting machine, so safety is paramount when designing and buying a garden shredder. The excellent design of this garden shredder that helps keep the blade away from harm's way is the main reason why people like this adjustable shredder.

Standout Features

The weight of this garden shredder and the many features it carries is a show of excellence and commendations should be given to the designers of this garden shredder. You don’t have to exert much energy to get the job done excellently. By carefully moving this shredder across the surface that needs to be chipped, you can get the job done in no time.

  • The chopper of this garden shredder is very effective
  • Simple design that makes it very easy to use and manoeuvre
  • Can be used for tough chipping tasks
  • This garden shredder doesn’t come with a collection box


Are you looking for one of the best petrol garden shredders out there?

Then our 5th pick which is the T-MECH Chipper Petrol Commercial Shredder. 

This machine, unlike many other petrol shredders, is a very high performing one with less petrol consumption.

This is a small shredder that can help you get the work done in no time.

Very compact, very reliable and comes with an excellent price to quality ratio.


Products Specifications

  • Comes handy at a weight of 18kgs
  • Its cutting capacity is impressively at 42mm
  • The collection box is included in this handy shredder

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Generally, the more features a garden shredder comes with, the higher the price. Reading through many shredders reviews, you will discover that users who have less budget always get what they desire. However, this garden shredder breaks that lock has it is a high performing one that comes at a very affordable price. People like the price of this petrol wood chipper for sale as much as they like its quality.

Standout Features

There is the inclusion of sturdy laser-cut blades in this brand that repeatedly strikes through surfaces until they are brought down. As much as these blades are sharp enough for the cuts, they are also very dangerous and as such adequate care needs to be exercised while making use of this garden shredder. Keep the branches and leaves within the maximum diameter of this shredder and enjoy prime cuts.

  • One of the most affordable and effective garden waste shredder out there
  • A collection box is included which makes it easy to collect waste
  • Not so heavy making it easy for you to be able to move it from one place to another
  • After a while of use, the blades tend to go blunt


Coming 6th on this best garden shredders review of ours is a petrol powered garden shredder.

The Garden Chipper Shredder Mulcher Petrol offers quality cutting abilities with its quality blades.

It doesn’t have a collection box included, but the firm handles that are being provided for can be trusted for a long while.

Buyers also tend to enjoy a guarantee for this purchase as a warranty plan has been well provided for and included.


Products Specifications

  • This petrol shredder weighs about 30kgs
  • No collection box is included in the package
  • Its maximum cutting capacity is fixed at 40mm

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The main reason why people like this petrol garden shredder is the low cost of maintenance. Maintenance is essential to keep a garden shredder productive at all times. However, the high cost of maintaining some garden shredders tend to put buyers off. This is not the case with this petrol shredder as it is easily maintained at a little cost.

Standout Features

The ease of installation and use of this petrol shredder is a stand out feature that gives it an edge in the market. On initial purchase of this garden shredder, you do not need the help of a professional to have it installed in your home or garden. All the parts have been pre-installed, and a manual guide has been provided to make installation very easy for anyone. The simplicity of design makes this shredder also a fashion piece as much as it is a cutting piece.

  • Simple design makes this garden shredder easy to install and use
  • Meagre cost on maintenance is required for this shredder
  • One of the most affordable petrol garden shredder for sale
  • Lack of collection box keeps remnant in the garden


We considered the many gas-powered garden shredders in the market and found none as qualitative as the SwitZer Chipper Shredder Gasoline, and this is why it is our 7th pick.

This garden shredder though a good home shredder, can be used to carry out many other professional outdoor chipping activities as well. 

It is a very versatile shredder that comes in different colours giving buyers an option to select from. When adequately powered, this garden shredder can last for a long while and get the tough tasks done quickly. Buyers also can enjoy the warranty plan that is being provided for this garden shredder.


Products Specifications

  • Gas powered chipper shredder
  • Weighs about 35kgs and has a cutting capacity of 35mm
  • Comes in different colours and design types

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The strength of this garden shredder is the main reason why people like it. Coming as a powerful machine, this machine not only handle tough tasks, but it is also very durable at doing so. So with this garden shredder, you do not have to worry about changing the machine anytime soon. All you need to do is to have it adequately maintained, and it will, in turn, serve you efficiently.

Standout Features

The design of this shredder makes it the best shredder option to be used for cutting hardwoods and large branches. As a branch chipper, this garden shredder comes with quality cutting blades that have been well sharpened that it hardly goes blunt even when used for sturdy woods o used for an extended period. The head height and overall height of this garden shredder is also a standout feature as there are very few garden shredders in the market that are as tall as this.

  • Very cheap garden shredder
  • Rotating wheels makes it very easy to move towards the desired direction
  • Firm and durable handles are provided
  • The height many times makes it difficult to store


Draper is one of the leading brands in the market today when it comes to garden shredders. It is a producing brand for different shredders in sizes and colour types.

This comprehensive garden shredder has clamps, a collection box and a rotating blade that makes it suitable for different tasks.

This electric shredder has a voltage of 230 and has an excellent design that makes it easily navigable in your garden or your lawn.

This is a bit pricey considering its features, but it is one garden shredder that is worth the buy.


Products Specifications

  • This Draper shredder weighs about 27kgs
  • A collection box of about 65 litres is included
  • A comprehensive 2-year warranty plan is provided for this shredder

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Style and performance in one garden shredder is a rare feature in the market. However, this garden shredder combines the two and is the main reason why people like it in the market. Users like that this garden shredder can be a very reliable one to bring down trees, leaves, and woods. They also like that it adds some style to the home as well.

Standout Features

As a heavy duty garden shredder, the reliability of this garden shredder is a feature that stands it out from other shredders in the market. The quality of the blades that are provided for this garden shredder is a feature that buyers can bank on. Though a very quality brand with this quality being ascertained over time, a warranty plan is being provided. This warranty plan covers any defect from the manufacturer or defect of performance.

  • Heavy duty and reliable shredder for various cutting tasks
  • Ease of assembling and affordable maintenance
  • The simple but attractive design makes it easy to manoeuvre
  • You continuously need to assemble it anytime you want to use it


Mulching is an excellent way to keep lawns and gardens looking very attractive.

However, to achieve this, you need a quality mulching machine which is none other than the Shredder Mulcher Chipper Cutting Electric.

With an average weight and a reliable system, this is a garden shredder that is definitely worth the buy.


Products Specifications

  • This electric shredder weighs about 30.5kgs
  • Has a cutting capacity of about 45mm and its collection box measures 67 litres
  • All attachments are included in the package on purchase

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The fact that you do not have to disturb your neighbours while making use of this garden shredder is the main reason why people like it. People find the quietness and ease of use of this garden shredder a convenient feature, and this has mainly contributed to its increased purchase in the market today.

Standout Features

This garden shredder comes with innovative features one of which is a knob that is being provided for. This knob allows you to easily switch the cutting blade of this garden shredder to suit whatever it is that you want to shred. So for example, if you want to shred a leaf, all you need do is turn the knob to leaf, and a leaf symbol will appear indicating that you are good too.

  • Works effectively and quietly in the shredder garden
  • Comes with a vast collection box that allows for a clean finish
  • Simple design makes it move quickly as you shred
  • This garden shredder is unable to work effectively on moist materials


Occupying the 10th but not the last spot on this top 10 best shredder ranking of ours is the Einhell GH KS Electric Garden Shredder.

This shredder is electrically powered and provided for by a highly qualitative brand.

This brand has established its quality across various home, garden and law products. 

With a sturdy design, this is one of the most trusted garden shredders of the Einhell brand.

All the parts can be easily accessible for maintenance and installation on first purchase can be carried out by yourself.


Products Specifications

  • Makes use of an electric power source
  • This electric shredder weighs about 50kgs
  • Has a maximum cutting capacity of 55mm and no collection box included

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The fact that no tree or tree branches seem too tricky for this garden shredder to shred is the main reason why people like it. While it seems cumbersome and lacks a collection box, you can still make use of it as a simple to use a home shredder for necessary activities in your homes and lawns. The affordability of this electric shredder is still also a reason why many buyers in the market today still consider this garden shredder. It still makes up as one of the best garden shredders with an excellent price to quality ratio.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of this garden shredder is the two leading portals that it comes with. The first is located at the top of the chute and allows for leaves and branches to come through. The second portal is a flailing system which allows for the mulching of these leaves and twigs into small and tiny fragments. Also, this electric shredder has also been designed in such a way that once powered; it can work for a long while without its blade going blunt.

  • Comes as a heavy-duty shredder that can chip large branches
  • As much power which makes it not just efficient but reliable
  • The weight of this electric shredder remains a significant challenge


This garden shredder review has no doubt taken a more comprehensive overview of garden shredders than many garden shredders reviews online. In arriving at this review and in selecting our top 10 best garden shredder, we were able to consider several factors. These factors include different reviews and ratings of customers from around the globe. Form their feedbacks; we were able to get some vital information on each product that has been provided here. We also researched to find out the opinions of experts and manufacturers on some garden shredders both of those listed in this review and many others. As such, this garden shredders review is an all-encompassing one that will surely give you all the necessary information that you need about garden shredders.

As regards our best pick from the list provided above, looking at the build-up and the high performing nature of the shredder, the Bosch Quiet Shredder is our best pick. The quietness and versatility of this garden shredder alongside its fantastic price to quality ratio makes it a much-desired garden shredder.

Never regret a purchase.

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Garden Shredder Buying Guide

Buying the best garden shredder is not as easy as buying any of the many garden shredders for sale in the market. While no professional knowledge of garden shredders is particularly needed to buy the best garden shredder, there are some essential factors to take into considerations. These factors will help you to measure the strength and efficiency or otherwise of a garden shredder. When buying a garden shredder, consider these factors:

Why You Need a Garden Shredder

It is possible for you to know a lot about the best electric shredders or the best wood shredder for sale in the market and not know why you need one. Knowing why you need a garden shredder is a first and most important factor to take into consideration when buying a garden shredder. It is from this that many other helpful decisions to choosing the best garden shredders flow from. Also, when you know why you need a garden shredder, you will know what type, and what size will fit that particular purpose. This will help you know how to plan your budget for the best garden shredder. It will also help you stay focused and not get carried away by the many garden shredders made available in the store you look to get one from.

The Space Available For Storing the Shredder

Knowing why you need a garden shredder goes hand in hand with knowing the space available for storing one.


This is because when you know why you need a garden shredder, you will know how often you will be using it. Some quite many individuals make use of garden shredders only once or twice in a year and where to store them becomes a problem. Before buying a garden shredder, it is essential that you know how much space you have available to store one. Know before buying if it is possible for you to create more space or go for a shredder that can take the space that you have available for storage.

Do You Want An Impact Or A Drum Shredder?

Generally, all shredder types are being classified under an impact shredder or a drum shredder. The impact of shredder is not so much common in the market. They come equipped with really sharp blades and high rotating abilities.

They are more of a garden waste shredder as they can cut a large number of materials at a time. The side effect of the impact type of shredders is that they are very noisy and the more the blades are being used, the more they are likely to go blunt.

The drum shredders are the following classification of shredders.


These shredder types are known to be very quiet in their operation and have slow rotating blades. These shredders operate by first trapping what is to be cut, before cutting them into bits. While the drum shredders are usually the less noisy ones, they are not always the best option for heavy-duty cutting tasks as much as the impact shredders can.

Understanding the Jargons

Users will not find any abbreviations or words they are not familiar with in this article. This garden shredders review has been written in plain and simple English.

What Are The Different Features?

Reading through several online reviews and customer feedback on some of these garden shredder, you will find out that some features are handier than others.

What this means is that when buying the best home shredder, one for professional use or a heavy-duty shredder, some features make some attractive than others. Some of this garden shredders handy features include:

The Effectiveness of the Shredder’s Blade

Users no doubt want a machine that gets the job done faster, better and more comfortable. The ease of carrying them out the work is the main reason why users are getting the garden shredder in the first place.

This is why users always find a garden shredder with a quality blade handier than those with a less quality blade. It doesn’t matter if you have to spend more to get a more quality blade because, in the long run, it is always worth the buy. When buying garden shredders, don’t neglect the blades.


The Outlook of the Garden Shredder

Yes, a high performing shredder is always desired by buyers, but is that all there is to make a garden shredder attractive to buyers? No, because these days, as much as buyers are paying attention to the inner qualities of a garden shredder, they also want a tool with a pleasant outlook. Considering that users are already finding the outlook of a garden shredder handy features, manufacturers are already taking note of it. This is why you will find more recent innovations coming in great design types that not just provide for excellent features but also attractive outlook designs. Remember that your garden shredder shouldn’t just be one of those many tools that you have in the home, it should add some sort of style to the home or garden also.

Garden Shredder Buying FAQs

Q: Is there are the difference between garden shredders and a garden wood chipper

A: Garden shredders are a multi-purpose machine that can serve some purposes, one of which is to serve as a garden wood chipper. Garden shredders can be used to chop off leaves, branches and even trees as well. They can either be used as a compost shredder or a wood shredder machine or for any other purpose. The versatility of use of a garden shredder depends on the type of garden shredder you are buying as not all garden shredders are versatile in their use.

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