​10 Best Garden Shears Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 20​20

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Looking for some good old lever action? A good pair of garden shears will help you remove dead branches or new foliage leaving your shrubs looking trim and enviable.

Unfortunately, not every model delivers and the last thing you want is to get stuck with a pair of unreliable shears. For this reason, we’ve rounded up the best garden shears to help you select one that’s just right.

Best Garden Shears Reviews

Best Garden Shears Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Garden Shears On The Market Reviewed

The best garden shears is the Pro Geared Garden Shears By Davaon. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Of the many top-rated brands in the market is the Davaon Pro Geared Garden Hedge Shears. This tool though coming a bit too heavy can be said to be so because it has been designed to be used mainly for heavy-duty tasks. With a high performing ability, this powered shears can be used to operate in a large area quickly and effectively. It is also well designed and made up of steel material, making it very durable with a low cost of maintenance. The hardened carbon steel material makes it hard for this shear to get damaged.

Pro Geared Garden Shears By Davaon

Standout Features

The brand’s quality, among many others, is one of the primary reasons why this shear stands out in the market. The brand has helped in providing this product with innovative features like a straightforward but still attractive design. It has also offered standard and not so dangerous blade with adjustable tension.

  • This product offers excellent performance and can be used easily by anyone
  • Comes with a wavy blade design making it very easy to grip while producing effective cuts
  • Blades are made from high-quality carbon steel material making them very durable
  • This garden shear is a little bit too weighty
  • The edge of this product also tends to get rusty after a long while of use.

Second place goes to the Hand Shears For Gardening By Jakoti. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Jakoti hand shear is a very portable and handy tool that makes trimming and cutting seem very fast. It helps users to attain a very smooth finish while also being able to effect precise cuts quickly. It comes with highly sophisticated blades that can sharpen themselves after a long while of use. This not only helps users save the cost that comes with the maintenance of hand shears but also makes this product a very durable one.

Hand Shears For Gardening By Jakoti

Standout Features

The comprehensiveness and lightweight of the product is its outstanding feature. With it being light in weight, users can move this tool from one place, which enhances ease of use. This also allows for easy and quick storage of this garden shear.

  • This is the best option when cutting small areas or perennials
  • Comes along with ergonomic handles which make users have a firm and comfortable grip
  • Very comprehensive and light in weight making it easy to move it from one place to another.
  • The blades are made in such a way that they can sharpen themselves
  • Not the best option for large areas, garden or thick branches
  • The design of this product is not as attractive as others of its kind.

Third place goes to the Ladies Mini Pruner Garden Secateurs By Petal Power. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Petal power ladies pruner has explicitly been designed for ladies who also want to keep their gardens attractive. This product has been well designed to require less energy to have it operated. This tool helps its users to save stress while still able to achieve precise cuts all through the pruning process. The warranty plan covers the maintenance of this product, but it is not so trusted.

Ladies Mini Pruner Garden Secateurs By Petal Power

Standout Features

As a lady when in the market, you cannot get your eyes off this shear because of the fantastic design. The design makes it look beautiful from a distance as it is from a very close range. The portability of this shear is also a standout feature as it helps to facilitate use and storage at all times.

  • Comes well designed in attractive dual colours
  • The blade is adjustable and moderate for use as it is not blunt and not too sharp
  • Use, storage and maintenance of this tool has been made very easy to carry out
  • Very portable and comes all compact with every part needed
  • Not so reliable as it tends to get damaged after a while of use
  • There are a lot of questions that surround the validity of the warranty plan that is given.

Fourth place goes to the Professional Aluminum Hedge Shears By Tabor Tools. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This garden shear is still one of the leading picks in the market today because of its simple design and relative compactness. However, that’s not all that makes this tool top rated. The standard of this product speaks well of it more than its performance does. This makes the parts of this tool very reliable and constant replacement not needed. Coming at an excellent price to quality ratio, this is one garden tool everyone looking to keep their garden alive should have.

Professional Aluminum Hedge Shears By Tabor Tools

Standout Features

This is one of the most balanced shears in the market. The tool is designed with all parts specified, preventing discomfort while operating it. Users are also able to find attractive the fact that all features are of a high standard and do not need timely replacement.

  • Able to make quick cuts due to the sharp blades provided for
  • Replacements are not needed often for parts as they are of a very high standard
  • Tabor garden hedge shear is a very balanced shear for users who want to have a pleasurable experience.
  • This garden shear might not be able to operate well for larger jobs or thick branches
  • Might not be the best option for users who work with their left hands.

Fifth place goes to the Garden Shears By Carl Kammerling International Limited. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This fantastic garden shear is no doubt one of the leading hardened carbon shears in the market. It is top-rated because of the quality and security that has been established by the parent brand. It is also known for its excellent design, high performance and ease of use among many other things. Coming at a very affordable price, this is one pruner you should get. This pair of garden shears also boasts of durability as long as proper maintenance is carried out on it.

Garden Shears By Carl Kammerling International Limited

Standout Features

Fantastic plan and steel blades are why people always want to buy this pruner. The edge is not just of the best material, but they also come with adjustable blade tension. This adjustable tension gives users control over the pruner while working with it. The blade can re-sharpen itself, so users do not have to worry about it going blunt after a while of use.

  • The beautifully crafted handles make it very attractive to buyers
  • Designed with steel blades capable of re-sharpening itself after a while of use
  • Adjustable blade tension provided for making it very smooth to operate with
  • Suitable for all garden types and tasks ranging from the simple to the heavy-duty tasks
  • Becomes very uncomfortable to use after a while
  • Maintenance of this garden shear is complicated because of how delicate it is.

Sixth place goes to the Professional Hedge Shears By Bahco. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The larger the garden is or, the thicker the branches, the more professional the tool needed. The largeness is why this professional hedge shear from the Bahco brand is one of the best out there. It stands itself out as one shear with sharp coated blades, firm handles and an excellent price to quality ratio. It among other things also has a very secured and comprehensive warranty plan which helps to repose confidence in buyers. 

Professional Hedge Shears By Bahco

Standout Features

The modern innovative design of this product stands it out from others in that it doesn’t just make it a tool but an attractive one. This design also allows for easy use of the pruner as users can hold it firmly and maintain it easily.

  • Designed in a classy structure that makes it light in weight and very easy to use
  • The blades come well coated making it very safe to use and easy to clean
  • Requires less energy to operate with as it geared
  • Ergonomic handles are being provided to facilitate firm hold.
  • Users often get to lose control especially when on a very high motion
  • The blade tends to get blunt and many times rust easily.

Seventh place goes to the Hedge Trimming Cordless Shears By Garden Gear. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This best cordless trimming shear is one of the most sorted shears in the market. This shear offers all the needed balance and comfort to get a cutting job done quickly and effectively. They come at one of the best prices in the market; this product has received positive shears reviews across the garden shears community. Enjoy trimming and give our garden a new look with this fantastic piece from an established brand at an affordable price.

Hedge Trimming Cordless Shears By Garden Gear

Standout Features

The compound cutting action of this shear stands it out from many others in the market. The aluminium material used in designing the external part of this tool is also of a very high standard. Then, unlike many other shears in the market, this comes cordless, allowing for easy and quick movement.

  • The perfect option for trimming small hedges without having to damage them
  • Being cordless makes it easy for users to manoeuvre it around
  • A standard lock mechanism has been provided to help check accidents
  • Soft and easy to grip handles allow for firmness and safe use
  • After using for a while, the blade either begins to go blunt or get rust
  • Gets damaged easily primarily when used for an onerous task or large area

Eighth place goes to the Ratchet Secateurs Hand Pruner By Greenco Gardening. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This garden shear is a very portable hand pruner but yet still very powerful in its operation. With this tool, you can operate across a specified area in the lawn and trim branches and foliage. Working with this tool, you can achieve effective results without having to cause damage to any part of the plants in the process. With users all out for something convenient and portable, this is one shear that can still offer high performance notwithstanding its Size.

Ratchet Secateurs Hand Pruner By Greenco Gardening

Standout Features

The simplicity of design and portability are the two main standout feature of this pair of shears. This product is very simple and handy with quality blades making it very easy for you to operate with it without having to go through any stress. The strength of this tool, regardless of its size, is also something to admire about it.

  • Very powerful shear for cutting and trimming hedges by carefully pruning through
  • A straightforward design which allows for easy access to functioning parts
  • Comprehensive warranty plan that covers both performances of the shear and technical defects
  • Not very reliable considering that blades begin to rot after a while of use
  • The blades are too heavy, which doesn’t make it comfortable to use.

Ninth place goes to the Servo System Grass Shear By Fiskars. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This particular pruner has been designed explicitly with modern-day innovation for DIYers. The innovative design and ease of use of this garden shear don’t just make it one of the best alone, but as making it one of the most sorted in the market. Users have always had high ratings and provided positive reviews on this product. Being the best budget garden shear, you can enjoy its compactness; quality blades and safety lock mechanism.

Servo System Grass Shear By Fiskars

Standout Features

The quality of the plastic pass the test for this pruner is quite remarkable. With these plastic handles, users are not just able to have a firm grip, but can also save some cost of maintenance. Because the plastic handles do not get rust or scattered.

  • Comes all compact making it very easy to use even without the aid of the manual guide
  • Its blades are of a high standard has made from high carbon steel and able to stay sharp
  • The blades also have non-stick coatings which makes them very quick to clean
  • Has plastic handles that do not quickly rot or get disintegrated.
  • The handles being made of plastic means that they can break or get damaged easily.
  • This garden shear is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

Tenth place goes to the Flip-Lock Telescopic Hedge Shear By Darlac. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Are you looking for a standard hedge shear from a quality brand at a very affordable price? Then you should look no further than this fantastic masterpiece of the Darlac brand. It also offers telescopic handles and blades from standard materials; this product can help you achieve that dream garden of yours. A flip-lock mechanism has also been provided to help keep the tool in place while not in use.

Flip-Lock Telescopic Hedge Shear By Darlac

Standout Features

The most notable feature of this product is the flip lock that has been provided for you. This uniquely designed lock helps to ensure that you have the shear locked while not in use to enhance safety. Asides this, the telescopic handles also help to make sure you are safe at all times while operating with this tool.

  • Telescopic handles are being provided for which allows for easy reach and grip
  • The blades of this shear are very sharp and come with adjustable tension making it easy to operate with
  • The qualitative product being provided for by not just a leading brand but a trusted one
  • A lock mechanism is also well equipped to help prevent any accidents
  • The weight of this shear makes it difficult for it to function for a long while
  • The absorber being provided is not well fitted and can loosen at any time

Garden Shears Buying Guide

Garden shears are the most common types of devices in every home, like a cordless hedge trimmer, they keep the outdoors neat. A long reach hedge trimmer can help with getting to the high areas. A garden vacuum will be your best tool to collect the dirt, debris, and cuttings resulting from your clean-up. You can then choose to dispose of the waste using a garden incinerator or shred on a garden shredder.

We are here to guide you through choosing the best garden shears. We will show you the factors to consider and ensure that you end up with the best tool.

1. Blades: 

The blade of the garden shear is one of the significant features to look out for when buying. The standard or otherwise of the blade determines the ease as well as the quality of the cut. How then do you inspect the blades to be sure you are buying a standard blade? The following are factors to be considered as regards the blade of the garden shear when purchasing.

i. The sharpness of the blades (blade coating, etc.): the sharpness of the blade you are going for should depend on how well you understand the operation of the garden shear. You should also consider the type of grass in your garden when buying. Garden shears with sharp blades help in providing more precise cuts than those that are less sharp. When considering the sharpness, it is also essential that you find the coating of the blade.

ii. Types of the blades: Garden shear blades are of different blade types come in various materials. There are the straight blade shears, which are known to be the most common. This blade type is known for its all-round standard to effects cuts and also removes thick parts.

There is also the serrated shears, which are the best option when cutting thicker branches because of its design. This garden shear-type serves as an excellent alternative to straight blade shears.

The wavy blade shears are known for the curvy design and fantastic grip. They are the best option for thinner twigs to prevent them in their number from slipping away.

iii. Weight, length & quality of the blades: Another major factor to consider when buying garden shears is the weight of the blade. Make sure they are not too heavy making the shear a bit difficult to operate with for you. Also, consider the length of the garden shear blade. The longer the blade, the safer and easier it is to work with it. Most importantly is the quality of the shear blade. You will not want to go for a knife that wears off after a while of use.

Garden Shears Buying Guide

2. Handles: 

The handles of garden shears are just as necessary as the blades themselves. The handles help to determine how well you can have a hold of the shear and operate with it. There are certain factors to consider as regards handle when buying garden shears.

i. Length of the handles: The length of the handle should depend on the Size of the garden shears. The longer handles are usually always best because they are safe to operate with at any time. They, however, make the job seem a bit stressful, which makes people want to go for the shorter handles.

ii. Size & Shape of the handles: the Size and Shape of the handles are features to consider because they help to determine the firmness and comfort you will have with the tool. The handles of some of the shears you may find on amazon are made of wood.

iii. Coiled Metal or Wire Spring: your choice of either the coiled metal or wire spring largely depends on the intensity of the work to be done. The coiled metal is usually best for heavy tasks while the wire spring can be used for any other job.

3. Safety of the shears (its locking mechanism): 

Safety is vital when working with a tool like the shear. So when buying, you must pay attention to the safety features provided. Make sure the locking mechanism provided for is top-notch and one you can operate. With a good lock, you can keep the shear locked and in its place while not in use.

4. Manual shears or Powered shears: 

When buying, you can either choose between manual or powered shears. The manual shears are best when you have to operate across a small area or carry out light cutting. The larger the city and the more difficult the task, the best option is the powered shears. With the powered shears, you can get a large piece of work done in the fastest possible time.

Features of Garden Shears

Types of garden shears

Garden shears come in various types, all of which are relative to different types of gardens. This is why it is always advised that you first know your garden and the vegetation therein before deciding which garden shear you want to buy. 

1. Anvil pruners: 

Many gardeners and homeowners are no doubt very familiar with the anvil pruners. These shears are of very high quality and the best option for cutting thick grasses. The advantage of this shear is the quality design of its blade. Its blade has been designed in such a way that it easily cuts through tough grasses without necessarily having to apply too much pressure to it.

Although it is very useful in its operation, the downside to anvil shears is that they are generally unable to provide an elegant finish. This is because of the cutting mechanism of this shear. Another disadvantage of this shear is that it sometimes proves very difficult to operate with, especially for the fact that it is weighty.

2. Bypass pruners: 

While some gardeners and homeowners do not pay attention to the finish of work done in the garden with shears, others do. For those who always desire a clean finish after every cutting exercise, the bypass pruners are the best option for you. These shears are designed with curved blades that are sharp at the edges. With this blade, users can cut through branches and foliage without causing any damage to the sides.

A number of these shears are best when looking to operate over a small area or carry out light tasks. This is not to say they can get the problematic job done; they can if you get better models.

3. Ratchet pruners: 

if you do not want to go through a lot of stress when working with garden shears, then the ratchet pruners are the best option for you. These shears have been designed with a mechanism that works just fine for them. This mechanism only requires little pressure to have the shear cut through the vegetation.

These shears differ from the anvil pruners only because they come with a ratchet mechanism allowing for the blade to be locked in a particular position while cuts are being made. This way, you do not need to exert as much force as would have been used when operating with other shears.

4. Combo Units pruners: 

The combo units’ pruners combine one or two features of garden shears. This kind of shear is always needed when users are working on specific tasks or looks to achieve a particular type of design or look in the garden.

Types of garden shears

Maintaining your garden shears

The harden shear, just like every other garden tool, requires constant maintenance to keep it functioning effectively. With a good understanding of how to maintain your garden shears, you can use the garden shear for a long time. The difference between one garden shear working more than another is because of maintenance.

1. Clean immediately after use: 

articles of grasses and cuts fly all around when making use of the garden shear. This is why it is advised that after every use the garden shear is cleaned. This will help to take away particles or grasses that are inside any part of the shear. This will also help to prepare the garden shear for the next cutting task.

Users must exercise the utmost care when cleaning the shears, especially with the blade. At any point when there seems to be confusion, users should make recourse make to the manual guide provided for the product.

2. Oiling/polishing regularly: 

Closely related to constantly cleaning the garden shear after every use is the need to have it usually polished. Greasing the shear on a regular base will help to enhance the friction of the various parts to themselves. When polishing, attention is to be paid to the locking mechanism to prevent it from jamming while in use.

3. Keeping the blades sharp: 

The module is no doubt an essential part of the shear. When the knife goes blunt, there is almost nothing you can do with the shear as a whole. This is why you must keep the blades sharp always. A lot of care is needed when doing this to prevent the blade from harming. The brighter the blade gets, the more there is a need to have a sheath to prevent anyone from getting hurt while it is not in use.

Garden Shears Buying FAQs

Q: How can I clean my garden tools without using Jeyes fluid or bleach? Are there any antibacterial sprays recommended for hard surface cleaning?

A: Yes, several antibacterial sprays can be used for hard-surface cleaning and are good for your shears. Among these sprays are the Lysol disinfectant spray and the Clorox antibacterial spray among others.

Q: My garden shears blades have gone rusty. How can I get the sharpness back?

A: It is not surprising to have your shear blades get rusty especially when the rain comes. It is at the stage you have to up your maintenance game by making sure that you continuously have the knife oiled and polished. Also, if this doesn’t seem to help, some brands offer a blade sharpener as additional features to their package. You can get this sharpener to help restore your blade to a perfect working condition.

Q: What should I know to use my pruner safely?

A: It is necessary for you as a user to keep your hands far away from the blade when working with a shear. Due to the sharpness of the blade when in contact with you, it can result in damages. Also, you must keep the shear away from the reach of children or anyone not familiar with it after every use.

Q: My garden shears are faulty. What should I do?

A: What to do depend on the fault of the garden shear. If it is some parts of the garden shears that is faulty, you have to check first to see if those parts can be replaced. If they can be returned, then you must replace them early enough. If they cannot be repaired, you might have to get an entirely new shear all by itself.

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