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If you are looking for a review of all the best foot spa's in the UK, you have found the right place. 

We review all the latest and best foot spa models on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home.

Below, in the table, the foot spa reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pro's and con's for each.

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Best Foot Spa Machines Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
foot massager
Intey Foot Massager
Temperature 104 - 114^F
Air Pressure 5 levels
Warranty 1 year
Amzdeal Foot Massager
Temperature 104 - 114.8^F
Air Pressure 3 levels
Warranty 1 year
Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa
Temperature 35 - 48^C
Air Pressure 5 levels
Warranty 6 months
Sensio Foot Spa Massager Bath
Temperature 107 - 120^F
Air Pressure 3 levels
Warranty 2 years
Beurer FB35 Foot Spa
Temperature 30 - 35^C
Air Pressure 1 - 99 levels
Warranty 2 years

The 10 Best Foot Spa Machines On The Market Reviewed

The Intey foot massager offers a high-quality foot massage that uses Shiatsu therapy and heat to give you a high-quality foot massage. It is also known as the “painkillers” shiatsu foot massager because it is great at alleviating pain. It gets rid of all the discomfort that comes as a result of poor blood circulation to the feet and relieves fatigue and conditions like plantar fasciitis. 

This foot massager features a unique deflate and heating function that helps you to control its intensity. By pressing the deflate button on the foot massager, you can reduce its intensity to your desired level of stress. Heat therapy further increases the effectiveness of this foot massager as it can also be used during the winter season. This foot massager provides deep kneading, air compression and heat rolling with 5 intensity levels. It can fit a 10.5 UK size foot.

Best Foot Spa

The three major effects that you get from the Intel foot massager include relaxation, circulation boost and rejuvenation. By using this foot massager, you will save a lot of money that you’d spend getting a professional foot massage from a spa. It can be used by multiple people without posing any health risks. This is because it has a removable fabric that you can remove and clean.

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  • It is great for relieving pain resulting from fatigue as well as conditions like arthritis
  • Improves blood circulation to the feet
  • Has 5 intensity levels that allow you to adjust to your most comfortable level of stress
  • It is hygienic and high-quality
  • Large feet of size 9 and above can find it discomforting

The Sensio Foot Bath is a whole package. It is the total foot care package. Just add warm water and the bath does the rest.

Warm bubbles work on your tired feets relieving stress and improving blood circulation. The kit comes with a luxury pedicure set.

Tweezers, nail file, nail brush, scissors are a few named among them. Last but not the least, there’s foot massager. It comes with adjustable settings and removable heads to fit everyone’s needs. The device has a 2-year manufacturer warranty and 60 day money back guarantee.

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  • Satisfying user experience
  • Warranty
  • No water heating
  • Noisy

Your feet are often overworked and they deserve a good treat at the end of the day. The FB50 foot spa from Beurer can give your feet the deserved treatment.

It is designed with features that bring luxury to your home. Treat your stressed feet to a relaxing and luxurious massage rendered by the four extra powerful functions of the Beurer FB50.

These include water heating, bubble, vibration, and dry massage, all of which are dispensed in conjunction with the six integrated magnets that provide a magnetic field application to the entire process. You get to benefit from the therapeutic properties of magnets, which are said to boost blood circulation. This massager also comes with three interchangeable pedicure attachments, which serve to care for your soles and heels giving them a silky and soft touch.

You can remove all or some of the massage rollers depending on your preference. Also several foot massager reviews like the fact that the massage and bubble settings can be used simultaneously. Cold water can reach the highest temperature of 48 degrees within 10-15 minutes. You can programme the timer between 20 and 50 minutes in 10-minute intervals. The massager switches off automatically after the 50 minutes.

  • The combination of four functions in one foot spa massager brings luxury and convenience in one package
  • This foot massager is reasonably priced considering that it has all these features included
  • The three interchangeable pedicure attachments makes it easy for you to keep your feet free of corns, callouses and hard skin
  • Some of the foot spa reviews found the price of this foot massager to be too high

The Amzdeal Foot Massager is an excellent foot spa equipment that gives you the full treatment from toes to heels and top to bottom.

It features two programs for foot massaging and three strength levels.

This way, you can choose between positive and reverse movement and then adjust it to the strength level that serves you best. 

You will love the way this foot massager uses deep kneading rollers in conjunction with heating and air compression to soothe sore muscles of the feet to promote blood circulation and relieve pains sustained from strenuous activities.

The heating function of this foot massager is 1uite gentle and it offers therapeutic solutions to blood circulation and nerve-related conditions. 

Other than stimulating these two aspects of your heath, the heating function in the Amzdeal Foot Massager helps to soothe your feet even further. The highest temperature is 104-114.8℉ which is not too high to cause in burns to your skin. It has an auto power off function that helps to prevent overheating.

  • It has a brilliant design
  • It conforms to all standards including hygiene as it allows you to remove the foot sleeve for cleaning
  • This foot massager comes with a lengthy warranty of 24 months and the manufacturer responds promptly to complaints

The foot being an often overworked part of the body requires a great deal of relaxation. This is because the strain of day to day activity builds up some unprecedented tension to the muscles.

The Beurer FB35 footspa helps with the relaxation of muscles by reducing the level of tension. It comes with specially made aromatherapy essentials meant to help you achieve the ultimate soothing relaxation.

You no longer need to go to a professional foot spa for a foot massage. With the Beurer FB35, you can have all the services right from the comfort of your home.

Have your chilly feet warmed up by the tempered water while the vibrations relax your muscles ligaments and tendons.

The bubbles will not only clean but also refresh and detoxify your feet while you relax yourself feeling the warmth. What is more, this foot massager is great for people who have problems with their feet. While the water jets gently massage the feet, blood circulation is boosted while tension is relieved from the feet thus getting rid of some of the problems. It comes with 3 interchangeable pedicure attachments and a hanging bracket. Other amazing features on this foot massager include the magnetic field application, which helps to boost the circulation of blood to the feet. It also has infrared points, which further enhance the calming effect of the massage.

  • It has rubber feet that keep it from sliding on the floor
  • Your flooring is protected against spillage with the removable splash protection
  • It has a cord winder that helps you to neatly store it away when not in use
  • The pumice at the center console does not move, which represents a disappointment to some users
  • The noise levels produced can be discomforting

Heartline Electromagnetic Foot Massager & Body Therapy Machine is what your body and soul needs.

This heavenly machine features 25 massage treatment modes, offering different pattern and intensity levels to remove the pain from your aching feet, legs, knees and thighs. Combining traditional Thenar massager and western advanced electric-wave treatment, this machine will relax all your sore muscles.

Use the provided 8 electrode pads and the remote control to choose your own massage pattern. Don´t worry about transporting this relaxing massager, it comes with a lightweight design for comfortable storage and curved handles for an adequate hold.

  • 25 massage treatment modes.
  • Acupuncture mode.
  • Lightweight design and curved handles for easy transport.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Using this massager can be complicated for some people.
  • Due to its size, it may not fit all spaces.

The HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot Spa promises you maximum relaxation with minimum clutter. It falls under the luxury foot massagers because of the rich collection of features and functionalities that one can get.

First, this foot massager gives you a premium treat of vibration massage that comes packaged with acu-nodes to stimulate acupressure points. The keep warm function ensures that you can treat your feet to a luxurious spa for long without having to reheat every time the water gets cold.

It can be used by several members of the family as it accommodates feet of up to size 12. What is more, you can use this foot spa with your favorite salts and essential oils to create an artificial aroma therapy of your own. Once you are done using the foot massage, you can fold it flat and only pull it up the next time you want to use it.

  • he vibration massage is soothing enough to get rid of the day to day pains and tensions in the feet muscles
  • The compact and clever collapsible design will help you to save on storage space
  • You can use your favorite bath salts and essential oils to create your own aromatherapy
  • Some users complain that this foot massager stopped working in less than a month after purchasing it

The Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa is a foot massager ideal for preparing your feet for a full pedicure treatment.

It is designed to maintain the temperature for a long time just so you can have your uninterrupted comfort throughout the session. This foot massager also comes with an acu-node massage pad and an acu-node basin.

The fact that this foot spa comes with a complete pedicure set makes it the best foot spa for preparing for a pedicure. It features a pumice stone and a mechanical rolling massage. While the pumice helps to soften the sole and heels of your feet, the rolling massage helps to revive tired feet.

Bubbling massage is a popular foot massage therapy and also the most ideal for pedicure preparation. The Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa gives you a relaxing bubbling massage as you prepare for a pedicure. The control button is waterproof which means you do not have to worry about splashes and leakage.

  • It is a great value for you money since it is not too pricey
  • Easy to use with the waterproof control button
  • Maintains water temperature for long, hence prolonged comfort
  • The bumps at the bottom are a bit spikey
  • It is not ideal for professional use since it is light and flimsy with low powered vibration

After spending a long day working, a foot massage is the one thing that your feet will be silently craving.

The Motionperformance Essentials foot massager gives you the opportunity to satisfy this craving without breaking the bank. It is a budget foot spa and massager that gets the job done in a way that is not so different from the premium foot massagers on the market.

The frothy-like bubbles on your feet will help soften the hard skin on your heels and while stimulating the senses to boost blood circulation to this part of the body. It has a heating function that helps to maintain the water at the right temperature throughout the time you will be having the foot massage. The combination of vibration and bubble massage will help you relax and unwind.

  • It is a budget foot massager going at a pocket-friendly price
  • The nodes in the underfoot can be uncomfortable
  • Most foot massager reviews complain about its durability

PureMate PM605 Foot Circulation Massager & Therapy is the one you need for your sore muscles.

This massager can provide relief from aches, pains and swelling located in your feet in only 30 minutes daily. The science behind this professional massager relies on the increased circulation and pumping action that this machine provokes.

The increase of blood flow in lower legs allows the muscle to oxygenate and reduces the pain with every massage session. Select one of the 15 different treatment programs with different treatment pattern and intensity levels.

  • It has 15 different treatment programs.
  • You need only 30 minutes per day.
  • Increase oxygenated blood in lower legs.
  • Using this massager can be complicated for some people.
  • Not every person can use it.


Overall, the foot massagers reviewed above have all the features that one would expect from a foot massager. However, they vary greatly in terms of the number of features and pricing. You should therefore select one whose pricing and functionality are in line with your preferences and budget. You can rest assured that whichever you select from the above, you will get an acceptable amount of satisfaction. However, if we were to pick one it would be the Intey foot massager.

Never regret a purchase.

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Foot Spa Machines Buying Guide

The Benefits Of Having A Foot Massager

If you though a foot massage is only about relaxation, then you should continue reading. The first thing you should know is that foot massage boosts blood circulation, which helps in the transportation of energy to that region of the body. A 10-minutes foot massage is enough to stimulate the circulation of enough blood to your feet.

Secondly, research has shown that foot massage and reflexology help to relieve stress and depression. Applying pressure to the feet for two to three minutes a day can help avoid depression. Other benefits include a healthy skin on your feet, improved sleep and an energetic body.

Safety Precautions

Safety precautions are generally the tips of use and guidelines that you are expected to abide by in order to enjoy the full benefits of having a foot massager. While some safety precautions may be obvious and general across all appliances, others are only tailored for foot massagers. For instance, people with pacemakers or any other implanted devices in their feet are not supposed to use foot massagers. Also, people with hypertension are advised to avoid using a foot massager. It is a standard practice to always ensure that the foot massager is completely cool before using it. This way, you do not run the risk of getting injured. 

What To Consider Before Buying A Foot Massager

Intensity preferences and the length of time one intends to use a foot massager will determine their choice. However, to choose correctly, here are some of the considerations that you should make. First and foremost, know about the primary purpose of the soot massager before buying. While some are built primarily for relaxation, others are meant for vigorous massaging purposes.

More often than not, foot spas are gentle and they serve to help you relax. The size of the foot massager is another important consideration that you need to make. Don’t buy a too big or too small foot massager that will inconvenience your usage. It is recommended to go for an open-ended kind of foot massager. Not only will it accommodate more people but also it is comfortable to use. 

Still, on the size consideration, the water capacity of a foot spa is an important factor to consider. Large foot massagers have a higher water capacity than their smaller counterparts. They also tend to have more functionalities than the others. For instance, you can find a large foot spa that allows you to do, among other things, add your own salts and essential oils. A large foot spa is not likely to have issues with bubbles spilling over during use. Although it is a minor issue, this could be a complete turnoff for a bunch of folks. While bulky foot massagers may take up a lot of storage space, they have all the reasons to do so. However, the best ones are those that comes with features to help you store away with a lot more ease. These features include things like handles and collapsible edges.

Additional features should be deciding factors when you are shopping for a new foot massager. Basically, it should have all the features that are considered to be standard for a foot massager. You want your foot massager to relax your feet. A simple foot spa with a massage roller can do that. However, other people may want a massager that can offer aromatherapy, dry massage, vibration massage, Shiatsu therapy massage or magnetic application massage. It is prudent to know what exactly it is that you want so that you can handpick it at a glance.

On the same note, it is also a good thing for you to know the actual mechanism of the massaging action that a particular foot massager offers. There are those that only focus on the sole of your feet while others work on your entire calf.

Find out before buying if the foot massager you are buying is multifunctional or not. Multifunctional foot massagers are those that you can use several functions simultaneously. For instance, you can activate the bubble massage, vibration massage and static magnetic massage all at the same time. The more the functions you can use simultaneously, the better for your comfort.

Foot Spa Machines Buying FAQs

Q: How long should a foot massage session last?

A: If you are doing it on a daily basis, an ideal length of time would be ten to fifteen minutes. This is enough time for the foot massager to loosen up the stiffness in your feet. It is also enough time for the dead cells on your heels to soften for easy removal. Most foot massagers have the autotimer set at intervals of either 10 or 15 minutes.

Q: Can I use a foot massage while lying on the bed?

A: If you use the massager while lying on the bed, there will be not enough pressure/resistance available to your feet. This will affect the effectiveness of the massager. So, it is not a good idea to use the foot massager while reclining on your bed. You need to have enough pressure exerted on your feet.

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