Best Filter Coffee Machine Reviews UK 2021 - Top-Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on February 26, 2021

Filter coffee machines are a great way of uniting the whole family, or at least the coffee drinkers. Since they can produce up to 12 cups at a time and keep the coffee warm for almost an hour, they're a fan favourite among workplaces, larger families or roommates sharing a flat. The easy-going, mess-free procedure advances filter machines as the most prominent successes among coffee lovers worldwide.

So, to help you find the best coffee filter machine, we have assembled a list with the best-reviewed products of 2021, accompanied by a helpful guide that will make the buying process run smoother.

Best Filter Coffee Machine

Best Filter Coffee Machines On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best filter coffee machine is the Inspire 24390 model by Russell Hobbs thanks to its astonishing design, incredible features and reliable performance. Looking flawless on all kitchen worktops, the best filter coffee machine combines a premium high gloss finish with striking stainless steel accents that are guaranteed to get your attention. Its 1.25-litre capacity can generate 10 cups of coffee that will cater to all your guests, while its integrated 24-hour delay timer will perfectly fit into your schedule by saving you time.

The Inspire range of filter coffee machines also supports a whirl brewing technology that produces ideal water flow over the ground coffee. The water processing technology not only impacts the coffee's texture but also enhances the overall flavour of the drink, giving you a bit of heaven with every sip. The coffee machine also provides a keep-warm function that can last for up to 40 minutes, giving the required leeway to the sleepyheads of the family. 

Russell Hobbs 24390 Inspire Filter Coffee Machine


  • It contains an easy-operable digital display.
  • It comes with an integrated coffee spoon that is neatly fixed into the machine.
  • It employs a pause and pour function that allows you to fill a cup of coffee mid-operation.
  • It contains a permanent filter which is very cost-effective.
  • It's shipped with a one-year warranty by Russell Hobbs, that can be extended up to two years upon registration.


  • Some costumers noted that the machine is prone to leakage.

The second spot on the list of the best filter coffee machines is also taken by Russell Hobbs, specifically by the Buckingham series. Designed to be much quicker when heating, this filter coffee machine is 50% faster in reaching optimum temperature - which roughly translates to minimal waiting times for your delicious cup of coffee. For all of those who have previously bought products on the Buckingham range, you'll be pleased to know that they're fully compatible with the 20680 filter coffee machine.

You can also say goodbye to buying costly paper filters all the time because the Buckingham coffee machines employ a permanent filter that can be removed and washed when you see fit. Moreover, the advanced showerhead technology within these filter coffee machines ensures that flavour is fully extracted from your coffee beans, dissolving the maximum amount of coffee and giving an exquisite taste with every cup. And lastly, its 1.25-litre water tank employs a variable control board that allows you to make up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. 

Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine


  • Even though it has a permanent filter, it allows you to use paper filters as well.
  • You can arrange it to make as much cups as you want.
  • It comes with a water-level indicator.
  • It supports an auto-clean feature that helps maintain the device.
  • Its blue-illuminated light ring will light-up while brewing and using the keep-warm function.


  • Its water delivery system is made of plastic rather than steel.
  • Some consumers reported that its pour spout is not very practical.

Another great-quality machine for coffee-making that was actively praised by the (UK) Amazon users is the VonShef coffee maker. With a capacity of 1.5 litres, these filter coffee machines can fill up to 12 cups that are just enough to delight an entire family. The VonShef filter machines are designed with a smart LCD that functions with a touch-screen control panel. This panel allows you to set the 24-hour timer easily, adjust the machines power settings, choose a brewing programme or customize its grind mode.

The VonShef coffee makers thoroughly brew the coffee grounds to produce different concentration levels, including a weak, medium, or strong coffee density. The filter coffee machines also apply an anti-drip function that helps maintain a tidy unit and eases the pour. Moreover, its warming plate guarantees that your coffee is kept warm for as much as 40 minutes until you're ready to enjoy it. And to remove the need for replacing paper filters, VonShef has also designed a washable mesh filter that is assured to keep efficiency as a top priority. 

VonShef Filter Coffee Machine


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by VonShef.
  • Its mesh filter and glass carafe are dishwasher-safe.
  • It supports a variable programming function that can adjust the coffee density.
  • Several customers were delighted with its delay timer function.
  • It has a clock display that can be left on at all times.


  • Many customers were not pleased with its keep-warm function.
  • Some users also noted that they experienced a plastic taste within its first purchase.

We all know how important it is to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee with you at all times, and so does Salter. By integrating a 420 ml stainless steel travel mug, the manufacturers have reduced the time, money and inconvenience caused by stopping at the local coffee shops each day before work. Measuring at 17.5 cm in length, 13 cm in width and 24.5 cm in height, the Slater coffee machines are both compact and convenient, making them accessible to be stored neatly on your kitchen counter.

All you need to do to enjoy your daily coffee intake is to simply place the coffee grounds or pad into the reusable filter, which then goes to the brewing chamber. By adding about 430 ml of water, you'll generate about three cups of coffee that you can enjoy throughout the day. Slater's power ready and indicator lights will let you know when the coffee is dispensed, so you can get it out and savour in. This process usually takes about 3-4 minutes, which is ideal for those who live a hectic life and don't have time to be tied to their filter coffee machines. 

Salter EK2408 Personal Filter Coffee Machine


  • It's one of the best portable solutions for fresh coffee-making.
  • It supports a one-touch operation which is incredibly easy to use.
  • Its 700 W power strength will secure a quick but energy-efficient brewing time.
  • Suitable with both coffee grounds and pods.
  • Good value for money.


  • Its filter basket was noted not to be sealed shut completely, resulting in minor leakage.
  • It can't be switched off mid-operation, so you need to brew the full water amount.
  • It comes with an EU-style-2 pin rather than a UK plug. 

Considering how we are accustomed to brewing coffee every day, the best filter coffee machines need to operate with energy-efficient performance. That's also the main principle followed by Morphy Richards, who has manufactured the 900 W coffee makers that are graded with a class A energy rating. Combining the superior taste of pour-over coffee for machines, and the convenience of a programmable unit, the manufacturers have designed one of the best coffee makers currently on the market.

Its high-grade showerhead technology will make the ground coffee to undergo a thorough treatment that will significantly enhance its flavour. Thanks to its sizeable 1.8-litre capacity that can arrange 12 cups, you won't have to look for grand filter machines that take up too much space ever again. One of the most innovative hallmarks of the coffee maker is its cupcake-shaped permanent filter that allows for the coffee beans to flow evenly through its base rather than be over-extracted on the narrow edge. 

Morphy Richards 162009 Coffee Maker


  • Its specially adapted brewing process offers a full-taste of the coffee rather than a bitter one.
  • It employs an adjustable strength selector that lets you tailor the coffee's flavour intensity.
  • It comes with a programmable timer.
  • It's designed with a warming plate that will keep your coffee warm for about 25 minutes.
  • It is very easy to clean.


  • Its water measuring unit is somewhat unclear.
  • It was noted that the water jug is somewhat challenging to fill.
  • Some consumers have reported that the strength selector levels don't make much difference between one another.

Tower has had a long-standing legacy of manufacturing some of the best coffee filter machines, with the Scandi series as its most recent innovation. Mimicking the practices of the most professional baristas, this practical coffee maker will surely make you want to run home and get to brewing quickly. Firstly aiming at removing the unnecessary costs of paper filters, Tower has included a washable, permanent filter than can easily be maintained.

The stylish grey coffee machine is lined with beautiful wooden accents, while also coming in white and black. Its integrated pause and pour feature will allow you to stop the brewing operation midway, fill one cup, and reset the timer again. To ensure safety with each pour, the Scandi machine has also covered the anti-drip function that helps to avoid any spillage while incorporating the anti-slip feet that keep the device safe and stable on its working surface. Thanks to the full range of features it employs, you will only be required to look for the best grains of coffee for machine satisfaction to be kept at a maximum. 

Tower Scandi, 10-Cup Filter Coffee Machine


  • Its keep-warm function automatically turns on and remains so for 40 minutes.
  • It supports a 1.25-litre water tank.
  • Its has an on/off switch that is sustained by an indicator light.
  • It's designed with a Scandinavian style that's granted to match any kitchen type.
  • Its warming plate was one of its most favoured features by customers.


  • It doesn't have a timer function.
  • It doesn't have an indicator that lets you know when the brewing has finished.
  • You have to clean the coffee grains out of the machine after each brewing session.

One of the most potent filter coffee machines is regarded within the 30KYJ range of the brand Aigostar. The robust and quick mechanism of this 1000 W machine can provide with up to 10 cups of delicious coffee under minutes. This is due to the integrated water tank that has a capacity of 1.25-litres, being ideal for medium to large families. Thanks to the simple on/off button in its LED display, you can easily control the device and maintain its power status.

As for its components, you'll be pleased to know that they're entirely made out of BPA materials and sturdy elements. The carafe is made of heat-resistant alloys, so you won't have to worry about any hazards on that part. Further enriching its safety components, Aigostar has also included an anti-drip feature that not only keeps your working environment easy to clean and mess-free; but it prevents the risk of accidental burning as well. 

Aigostar Chocolate 30KYJ - Filter Coffee Machine


  • Several customers noted that Aigostar's customer service is exemplary.
  • It supports a non-stick plate that keeps the carafe steadily.
  • The machine will switch off automatically when the coffee has finished brewing.
  • It's shipped with an included coffee scoop and removable filter.
  • It has a visible water window that will let you know when it needs a refill.


  • Some customers have reported that their device makes a loud noise when turned on.
  • It might require a few trials to get its plastic smell entirely off.
  • It evaporates a lot of water with each brewing cycle.

The compact-sized construction of this coffee machine is ideal for smaller families or couples looking to bond with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Its one-touch brewing operation can easily make the coffee within 90 seconds of its first initiation. The machine contains a 250 ml water tank that can comfortably be refilled with much ease. And by contributing to the resource-saving practices, Aicook has also removed the hassle of replacing paper filters by employing a washable, reusable and convenient permanent filter.

The filter coffee maker is designed with a sizeable anti-slip cup plate, which is used for the two adorable mungs to be positioned neatly next to each other. Its water reservoir supports a broad and ergonomic opening that will make your refilling process as easy as ever. Moreover, the reservoir compartment also has a water level indicator that can be adjusted according to your preference, allowing you to either make astonishingly strong coffee or a delicate light one. 

Aicook Filter Coffee Machine


  • It has a multi-water outlet draining that promotes a more intense flavour.
  • If there's no water in the reservoir, the machine will switch off its power supply.
  • It's shipped with a two-year warranty that can be used for a full refund in 30 days.
  • It's very multifunctional as it allows you to make both coffee and tea.
  • Good value for money.


  • Some customers have reported that their machines have suffered leakage.
  • If the coffee ground is too fine, it will take longer to brew.
  • It doesn't have a keep-warm function.

For those who are on the look-out for a more sophisticated filter coffee machine, the all in one model by Breville might be their best bet. The sturdy coffee maker will get you the best quality espresso, macchiato or lattes, as long as you get the right capsules. The diverse machine supports more than 40 different coffee types that are instantly identified through its auto-detection feature. All that you have to do is press a button and look in wonder as the machine does its magic.

Thanks to its 15-bar pump, the coffee maker gives a full-flavoured espresso that is accompanied by a rich, velvety cream. You can also get your creativity to work since the Breville machine has an integrated steam wand that can produce a barista-style microfoam for a perfect latte, flat white or cappuccino. And because of its unique showerhead technology, the coffee grounds for the filter coffee are deeply saturated - promoting an impeccable taste with each sip.

Breville All-in-One Coffee Machine


  • It has a 1.5-litre jug that can produce about 10 cups of filter coffee.
  • Its blooming feature pre-soaks the coffee grounds to give a more balanced flavour.
  • It is compatible with all Dolce Gusto pods.
  • It has an adjustable cup stand that can be fitted with all mug types.
  • It comes with a reusable filter.


  • It has a lot of plastic components that may reduce its longevity.
  • Its filtered coffee quality didn't please a lot of customers.
  • Its pod holding compartment was noted to be rather flimsy and prone to damage.

We started this list with Russell Hobbs, and we intend to end it with them as well. Because of its astonishing coffee-making performance, the Luna model is more than a worthy mention. Its polished stainless steel materials are lined with beautiful copper accents, turning it into a lovely addition for any kitchen. The Luna filter coffee machine also functions by its advanced showerhead technology that ensures the water is fully distributed, thus enabling a full coverage over the coffee grind.

Furthermore, the Luna coffee maker has a massive water tank capacity of 1.8-litres, being ideal for filling about 14 cups. The tank also has a narrow window accompanied by measurement level marks, so you'll always know when the machine needs a refill. To make the coffee-drinking practices more convenient for its users, Russell Hobbs has also integrated a 24-hour programmable timer along with a 40-minute keep-warm function - suiting all tumultuous agendas and lazy habits. 

Russell Hobbs Luna Filter Coffee Maker


  • It's very easy to use.
  • It has a reusable filter that's dishwasher-safe.
  • It operates with a power of 1000 W, promoting faster heat-up times.
  • Its soothing LCD is easy on the eyes and simple to operate.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty by Russell Hobbs.


  • Some customers were not happy with the strength of the coffee produced by this machine.
  • It has a non-removable lid which makes it hard to wash.
  • Some customers reported that the coffee grains overflowed into its mechanism, causing it to malfunction.

Buying Guide

As it was continuously stressed within this article, filter machines are ideal for providing a carafe of coffee for larger groups. By being the classic method, a filter machine will typically make a strong coffee, while ensuring that no grains end up at the bottom of the mug. Because these coffee makers usually function along the same lines, there isn't much variability to look for when buying. However, you should always aim for the following features:

  • Permanent Filters - Being both cost-effective as well as flavour-conscious, reusable permanent filters are an absolute treat. With this feature, you won't have to buy paper filters regularly, but rather - put the included silicone ones under the tap and wash them after each brew. 
  • Warming Plate - For a lot of coffee drinkers, the most essential feature of their machine is the keep warm function that's supported by the heated plate. This feature will keep your coffee warm after its brewing operation is complete, allowing you to go for a refill whenever you feel like it. Most machines employ a 30-40 minute duration, but if you look hard enough, you can find units that keep the jug hot for as much as two hours.
  • Capacity - The capacity of a machine is entirely up to the user's preference. The bigger their drinking habits are, the larger the reservoir should be. However, a large tank is also profitable because it reduces the refills required with each brewing setting. Of course, this only applies to machines that allow you to adjust the amount of water you want to use with each section, as opposed to those that go by an automatic approach.
  • Integrated Machines - While a classic filter machine only serves the function of, well - filtering coffee; an integrated machine adds a little diversity to the operation. Integrated machines typically use both ground coffee and capsules, which are then brewed into the chosen mode that's included on a pre-set list of programmes. Besides filtered coffee, these machines can also produce espressos, macchiatos, lattes or cappuccinos. Even though these machines are more costly, they make up for it with a wide range of coffee-making options that are destined to satisfy everyone's requirements.


Q: What coffee do I use in a filter coffee machine?

AFilter machines use ground coffee that is brewed with the hot-steamed operation that a unit employs.

Q: What is the best drip coffee maker to buy?

AThe best drip coffee maker is the 24390 Inspire range by Russell Hobbs. These machines are splendid in their brewing performance, component strength and overall quality of the coffee.

Q: Which coffee maker makes the best tasting coffee?

A: According to thousands of reviews, the best tasting coffee is produced by the pour-over 162009 model that's manufactured by Morphy Richards. Because of its cupcake-shaped filter, each grain of coffee is used, and none is wasted - thus promoting an incredibly saturated drinking experience.

Q: How do filter coffee machines work?

A: A filter coffee machine works using an internal mechanism that heats the water to a near-boiling temperature, causing steam to rise through a tube system. When the steam reaches a dripping area, it is quickly dispersed by evenly flowing through the grounds, then the filter and finally - the pot or jug.

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