4 Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cookers Reviews UK 2021 - Top-Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on February 3, 2021

Whether you're redecorating your kitchen or are simply in need of a replacement, a cooker is the cornerstone of any cuisine and should be chosen very carefully. Cookers usually come in different forms, promoting various features that sometimes make it hard to choose from.

Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker Specification

Amidst the best alternatives of cookers stand eye-level grills that are not only practical and ergonomic but also growing to be a favourite choice among chefs worldwide. With that in mind, read below if you would like to join the trend and find the best option for you.

Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cookers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best eye level grill type gas cooker is the FS506090 model by Beko. Convenient and flexible to your everyday needs, this gas cooker with a single oven of 62L capacity, also has a separate grill at eye level, helping you to keep an eye on your food in the most practical way.

You can also have dinner on the table up to 25% faster thanks to its four high-efficiency gas burners - saving you both time and energy on the process. This is an A+ rated machine, which means that it will operate perfectly while spending as little power as possible.
As with the best cookers, this Beko machine has a clean enamel gas hob and pan stands, as well as oven interior with variable shelf positions. Another great advantage that makes this product an elite machine is the full metal front panel with chrome easy grip control knobs, that provisions durability and feasibility with cooking as well as with cleaning.

The oven door is also double glazed, whereas the interior of the cooker contains an oven light that helps you properly watch on your meals while they are cooking as you please. The grill is also relatively easy to work with, as well as to be taken out and cleaned when needed. You can get this single oven type gas cooker in colour white or silver, so it will please all your kitchen necessities.

Beko KA52NEK 50cm Single Oven Gas Cooker


  • The gas cooker comprises a versatile storage compartment.
  • It is very light and easy to move.
  • Thanks to its flame safety device, the hob's built-in flame safety device will automatically cut off the gas supply if the flame goes out.
  • Due to the double glazed oven and enamel stands, this cooker is very easy to clean.


  • There are only two oven shelves at 20cm depth, so you might not be able to cook as many meals as you would normally please.
  • Some consumers reported that the coil in this cooker was somewhat hard to reach.

Featuring a spacious oven, separate grill and gas hob, this Montpellier gas cooker offers a product that ought to please even the pickiest customer. The main gas oven offers 61L of space, so you'll have no issues when it comes to preparing dinner for large groups. Due to the single wire shelf feature, you will obtain the space needed to spread your dishes out and as its level can be changed, you'll be able to accommodate even your largest ones. Another reason that makes this gas cooker one of the best is the fact that it also boasts an efficient A energy rating to help you save money on your energy bills.

As for the gas hob, it's essential to note that it features four spacious burners that are ideal for preparing sauces and sides. The grill is at eye-level on this cooker, which makes it extremely easy to access and keep a lookout on your food. Separate from the type gas oven and hob, you can easily cook using all three methods at the same time; a hallmark that is a fan-favourite amongst consumers.

The overall dimension specifications in this cooker are 146cm height, 50cm width and 60cm depth, that make the cooker perfectly shaped to fit most kitchens. 

Montpellier MEL50W 50cm Gas Cooker


  • The enamel pan supports and an enamel oven interior means it's very easy to keep this cooker clean.
  • The type gas cooker is very lightweight, so you can fit it wherever you place with full dexterity.
  • You can get this appliance delivered under a very short time.
  • It contains a built-in oven light, that makes cooking and cleaning easier.
  • It's equipped with a two year guarantee period.


  • The cooker doesn't have a storage compartment.
  • The flame protection feature could prompt some false errors that might cause the oven to shut off unexpectedly.

If you need a gas cooker that does it all, then this Beko model is the right choice for you. With 51 litres of space in the oven, you’ll easily be able to cater for a big family or if you like to throw dinner parties to please all your friends. Thanks to the upgraded energy feature, the temperature in this single gas cooker are very easily controlled, so you can turn up the heat at any point during the cooking process and not worry about burning your food. According to the manufacturers, cooking with gas produces moisture during the cooking process too, so your food will not only be delicious, but it will also keep those vital nutrients locked in.

With a height of 158 cm, a width of 50cm and depth of 60cm, this cooker weighs about 50kg, so you can get it in your preferred area with much ease. It is also incredibly simple to use since the eye-level grill makes watching your grilled food while it's cooking very easy.

Additionally, there's a built-in light in the oven that means you don’t have to open the door and let precious heat out while baking. Lastly, with four gas hob burners up top, the single oven cooker ensures that you'll have plenty of space for your pans, no matter what you’re cooking. 

Beko BA52NES 50 Centimeter High Level Cooker


  • The grill pan includes a drip tray along with its handle, which is very practical.
  • The double glazed inner door glass is removable, so cleaning and maintaining is an easy task.
  • The energy rating in this gas cooker is A+, which means no bulked up bills at the end of the month.
  • The machine has a one-year warranty guarantee.


  • The grill section will need to be assembled and attached separately.
  • The small burner might be harder to start with auto-ignition.
  • The knobs are made of plastic, so they may be prone to eventual damage.

There is a reason why this list consists of so many Beko products, and it lies on the fact that Beko provides great machines that are both durable on the long run and practical to please your everyday needs. Such a product is this white 50cm gas cooker that optimises space to include a large capacity single oven, four-burner type gas hob, separate eye-level grill, and underneath storage compartment that makes this gas cooker convenient and flexible for all your cooking needs. Specifically, the type gas hob has three different burner sizes to choose from, including a large rapid burner, a simmer one and two regular burners.

Quick and easy to wipe down, the oven’s doors are fitted with a glass panel whereas the glass in the top cavity can be completely removed for even simpler cleaning. Moreover, due to its smooth enamel oven lining, the said process is also more manageable. Giving you one less thing to worry about, the gas hob has a built-in flame safety device that will automatically cut off the gas supply if the flame goes out. If you're looking for a type gas cooker that's a good run for the money and easy to use, on top of being just under £300 - then this is just the choice for you.

Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker


  • The cooker is rated A for energy efficiency, so it'll save money and promote less waste on the cooking process.
  • It contains easy-to-use rotary dials.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Easy to set up and lightweight, so you can move it around freely.


  • The gas hobs delay the ignition of the flames, causing it to start slower.
  • The grill is rather narrow in depth.
  • The suggested temperature levels are not very accurate since some consumers have reported that the cooking needs to go on for longer.

Buying Guide

There's a chance that even after reading the list containing the best eye level grill cookers, you might still be undecided or not find exactly what you're looking for. The good news is that we can showcase the most important features to consider upon buying one, so you can make the right choice all by yourself. Since this guide is focused on the additional features of a gas cooker (see. eye level grill), there are a few things to consider.


As it stands with most kitchen appliances, machine capacity is the first requirement that many customers aim to please. Gas cookers usually come in three types of builds that encompass different capacities, starting from the single oven cavities, twin ones and double ovens.

Each type has different capacity levels, with the most usual ones starting from 45L up to 100L. Your choice should encompass the cooking style you use, but if you usually cook for your family then we suggest you choose an oven that has around 60L of capacity.

If you're buying a range cooker that has an alternative oven or grill, you should work around the requirements you have. If the type gas cooker has an extra grill that also functions as an oven, you should get one that has a capacity of around 30L. If you aim to use an eye level grill, then you can look for larger sizes, that start from 35L - 40L. 

Oven Gas Cooker Buying Gude

Functionality and Durability

Shape and Materials

A lot of manufacturers promote gas type cookers that include either built-in additional grills or separate ones. When it comes to eye-level ones, you should always double-check the companies or shipping websites on the specifications they provide for each machine. A general rule of thumb is to avoid cookers that have plastic materials, as they are not very durable and can break down over time. Stainless steel and enamel coating are safe to get, as they promote endurance and functionality. Cleaning such products is also infinitely easier, so that's also a plus. When you firstly get the cooker, always make sure that the grill extensions are easy to operate with and you can get around moving and cleaning them properly. You should always contact the shipping company if the product fails to please your needs.

Oven Gas Cooker Hob Types

Hob Types

When it comes to gas cookers, it is recognised that they usually use compatible gas hobs, but that is not always the case. Apart from gas, they can come in the sealed plates type, induction hob type or ceramic hob type. Even though they operate with the same features, they usually differ in ignition time, durability period and materials used. If you get a gas cooker, the smartest choice is to match the hobs as well. One important thing to note though is the shape and positioning of the hobs. 

If you're buying a cooker that comes with an eye-level grill, you should make sure that there's enough ergonomic space between the grill and the hobs, so you won't create any hazard risks while operating both of them at the same time. You should always choose machines that prompt easy to use hobs. The best hobs usually come with auto-ignition features and flame safety devices.


Q: What is an eye-level grill?

A: An eye-level grill is an accessory feature that comes with some cookers, that usually positions the attached grill within eye-level. This feature is incredibly useful, as it ensures that you can cook, fry and grill while maintaining perfect posture - all at the same time!

Q: How does the grill temperature work?

A: The grilling process highly depends on the cooker type. A simple grill will stay at a set temperature, and you control the heat by moving the dish closer to the grill. On the other hand, if you get a cooker with a separate grill cavity (such as eye-level grills), you can set the temperature depending on what you're cooking.

Q: What can I use a cooker grill for?

A: You can use a cooker grill to prepare delicious meals that please your whims, or as a simple substitute for a BBQ. If the weather is unpredictable, you can always rely on the oven grill to do the job! Whatever you would normally grill outside, albeit a cheeseburger or vegetables, chicken or ham - is supported within cooker grills as well. One simple thing to note is that if you use an eye-level grill, you should be careful of the smoke emitted from grilling.

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