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Feeding your dog isn’t about picking whatever dogfood you see in the store and all is good. Just like humans, dogs require a balanced diet and the best dry dog food will keep them healthy and give them shiny coats with lots of energy.

Our review looks at the top dry foods for dogs, and gives you the lowdown on each so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Best Dry Dog Food Reviews

Best Dry Dog Food Comparison Chart

The Best 10 Dry Dog Food On The Market Reviewed

The best dry dog food is the Complete Dry Dog Food By James Wellbeloved. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

For the better part of the century, James Wellbeloved has established itself among many other dry dog food brands for excellence. Buyers know it, breeders and vet doctors for the genuine dog food it provides, and this is no exception in any way.

This best UK dog food is known for its actual quality, nutritional value and rich taste, among others. It is known to be a simple recipe that is rich in the best ingredients any dry dog food can possess. With all of these, this dry dog food still comes at a very affordable price. Increase the overall performance and enhance the happiness of your dog with this fantastic and nutritious dog food.

The main reason why people like this food across many dog food comparison UK is that it made from selected turkey meat that has been well seasoned and mixed with rice and oats. This combination has been tested to drastically reduce any intolerance that might be an occasional cause of consuming the food, especially by adult dogs.

Complete Dry Dog Food By James Wellbeloved

Standout Features

The simple recipes and prime ingredients of James Wellbeloved dry dog food are the notable features that have helped it stand out amongst the stiff competition in the market. The simple recipe contains vital ingredients in very appropriate proportions for every kind of dog. The prime ingredients, on the other hand, are from natural sources and have no artificial additives.

  • This healthy dry dog food has no additives included in it
  • Also, there are no wheat, dairy or soya making it a balanced diet
  • With the Yukka extract ingredients, smells are being reduced
  • This low protein dog food UK is not healthy for puppies

Second place goes to the Adult And Senior Dry Dog Food By Burns Pet Nutrition. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

This dry dog food is a variety made up of ingredients that enhances high energy. This well balanced dry dog food comes in an innovative pack with a fantastic design.

This speaks well of the outside as much as it does of the inside. Well mixed with the appropriate ingredients, this is the best dry dog food option for all-round development of dogs.

Suitable for all breeds of dogs, age and sizes, all that is needed is the optimization of quantity consumed.

Keep the eyesight of your dog in check; check excess weight and help build a natural defence with this fantastic dry dog food.

This full package dry dog food is one of a kind. Unlike many other dry dog food that is being taken for specific purposes, this is a more versatile option.

The versatility of this dry dog food in terms of being able to improve eyesight, enhance digestion and aid metabolism among many others are the main reason why people like it.

Adult And Senior Dry Dog Food By Burns Pet Nutrition

Standout Features

The blend of natural additives which has been established across several best dry dog food reviews UK is a notable feature. This is remarkable because it helps to enhance a feeling of fullness when consumed alone or in less quantity being supplemented by other foods. The beautiful packaging of this food product is something buyers have found attractive.

  • This dog helps to improve the eyesight of your dog while strengthening its joint
  • Ensures your dog’s skin is shiny at all times with its natural contents
  • Tested to be free from all artificial preservatives and flavourings
  • This dog food can be easily digested as it is filled with pre-biotic
  • Very high propylene concentration not best for your dog’s health

Third place goes to the Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken By Bakers. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

This chicken rich dog food is a 14 kg meal that every dog owner should look to purchase for their dogs. To start with, the quality of Bakers as a dog food brand cannot and has for a very long while not be undermined by other brands.

The brand has been known to score really across various best dry dog food reviews online. This dog food is known for its high carbohydrate concentration and no artificial flavourings and colourings. Getting this dry dog food is availing your dog an opportunity to enjoy the taste of fatty food which is needed by dogs for all-round growth.

This dog food coming at the value for the price it is being offered is the main reason why people like it. Users who love and value their pets do always mind to spend a lot of them if such price would yield the desired outcome. At a price, this dry dog food comes, the joints and dental components of dogs are strengthened, and their life span improved.

Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken By Bakers

Standout Features

This dry dog food is known for its being a vibrant blend of nutrients with the best natural supplements. A combination of these two aids the internal development of dogs while keeping it fresh at all times. This also contributes mainly to enhancing optimum health, vitality and improving pet condition.

  • This is a high-quality dry dog food coming at a value for the money
  • It happens all rich and natural with no added artificial flavourings
  • One of the best human grade products in the market
  • Puppies with an allergy will not find this the best choice
  • Its propylene contents might be harmful to dogs

Fourth place goes to the Complete Chicken And Veg Dog Food By Wagg. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Thinking of the best budget, dry dog food to buy? Then it would help if you started considering the Wagg Food Complete Chicken. This 12 kg dry dog food offers a balanced diet with all the required nutrients being made available in their right proportion.

Of the many kibbles for dogs, this has over time been regarded as one of the cheapest in the market. Like many other dog foods, there are no artificial flavourings, no added sugar or colours and minimal protein contents.

Buyers have not just trusted this dry dog food, but they have also believed the Wagg brand over the years for excellent dry dog foods.

The affordability of this dog food brand is the main reason why people like it. This brand exemplifies to buyers how it is possible to get a dog food with all the needed ingredients in the right proportion at an affordable price.

Users are also attracted to this dog food because of its being sugar-free – an ingredient not appreciated by several breeds of dogs.

Complete Chicken And Veg Dog Food By Wagg

Standout Features

This dry dog has been excellently packaged in a big and beautiful bag, which makes it a food that lasts for a very long while. This is an outstanding feature because buyers can save some cost and not have to be frequently buying. The bag has also been designed in such a way that it helps to keep the contents fresh at all times.

  • This is very cheap and the best budget dry dog food to purchase
  • There are no added colours or artificial flavours in this food
  • Dogs find this nutritious as they are is no added sugar
  • The little meat content makes it deficient in protein
  • Has high content of oil and fats which is not so suitable for dogs

Fifth place goes to the Gastro Intestinal Low Fat Dog Food By Royal Canin. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

No doubt the leading brand in the pet food industry today known for its sales and brand popularity alike and our best pick in this top 10 dog foods. In the last four years, this brand has been producing rich and qualitative pet foods, one of which is this dry food for dogs.

This veterinary diet line product is proven to be very helpful in minimizing health issues dogs both young and old are being exposed to. This dry dog food has been specially composed to aid and improve the digestive system of dogs and ensure smooth metabolism. It helps weight loss and provides your dog, especially the working ones, are fit at all time. It is very affordable, very reliable for growth and development and most importantly composed of quality ingredients.

The main reason why people like gastrointestinal veterinary verified dry dog food is not just one of the best, but the best dry dog food when it comes to building a defence. Every day dogs are exposed to both external and internal factors that affect their wellbeing. With this dry dog food, dog owners can address a number of these issues even before they arise. The ability of this food to build a natural defence against diseases is the main reason why buyers like it and also why it is one of the best natural dog food UK.

Gastro Intestinal Low Fat Dog Food By Royal Canin

Standout Features

This dry dog food stands out, especially in that it has been packaged to help improve the digestive system of dogs. This can do by ensuring that dogs can utilize their foods properly. It also stands out as the leading best dog food when it comes to checking the excess weight of dogs without having to starve the dog.

  • Helps to build a robust immune system that develops a natural defence
  • The enhanced flavour of this food is second to none
  • Fatty acids are included in the ingredients of this food
  • It has a slow effect on the dog
  • Not the best option for canine puppies with allergies

Sixth place goes to the Adult Dog Food - Duck And Rice By Skinners. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This dry dog food from Skinners is a hypoallergenic dry food majorly for working dogs. This is because its ingredients have been well composed to make these kinds of dogs very much active.

As such, its consumption should be restricted to only working dogs as other breeds of dogs might get intolerant at its composition. Skinners have made this dry dog food readily available in 3 different flavours giving users an option to choose which character suits their dog. Coming at an affordable price, this food for dog should be avoided for puppies because of its low protein content.

The main reason why people like this product is not just the fact it’s coming from a reputable brand, but it is coming at an affordable price.

Users being able to put together the relationship between the many recommendations enjoyed by this brand and its affordability together, find this dry food one they should have.

Adult Dog Food - Duck And Rice By Skinners

Standout Features

Design, among other things, to ensure vitality and palatability. This has helped stand it out among many different dog food has it is especially recommended for particular breeds of dogs. However, buyers have also not been able to take their eyes off the excellent taste of this dog food.

  • It is a freeze-dried dog food coming at the value it is being offered
  • Dog experts and owners have primarily recommended this dog food for buyers
  • Helps to improve the dental hygiene of dogs
  • Lacks protein which is an essential ingredient of a healthy dog food

Seventh place goes to the Lamb And Rice Dry Dog Food By Harringtons. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Excess weight can be a sign that several things are going wrong with your dogs. This should, however, not be mistaken for growth and development. To be sure that your dog’s excess weight is in check at all times, you need a food type that checks excessive weight tendency.

Harrington’s Food Complete Lamb Rice is a dry dog food that is rich in carbohydrates, vegetable fibres, omega oils and minerals, among others. All these help to enhance the metabolism of the dog, thereby preventing excessive weight. It also flushes out toxins from the body and ensures your dog is healthy at all times.

Imagine a good quality dog food that is very difficult to get? No matter how good dry dog food is, buyers will not appreciate it if they cannot easily purchase it. This dry dog food brand among many other brands has established itself. This makes it easy for buyers to be able to find it for purchase across various stores that sell dog food in the UK. The ease of locating this dry dog food is the main reason why people like it.

Lamb And Rice Dry Dog Food By Harringtons

Standout Features

The standout feature of this dry dog food, among many others, is first the quality of the brand that has gained widespread recommendation. Then, this food is very rich in Yucca extract, which has made this dry dog food, one that has been notable among many breeders to help facilitate the fight against flatulent odours.

  • It is rich in high-quality contents with no added sugars
  • Digestion is enhanced with this food as it contains MOS, a prebiotic yeast
  • Widely sold in notable stores in the UK
  • Canine dogs might find this too costly to cope with

Eighth place goes to the Dry Dog Food With Fresh Chicken By Iams. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Active dogs need food that enhances their energy and keeps them working all day. One of the best of the many dry dog food that gives strength is the Vitality Adult Small Medium Chicken. This is a grain-free dry dog food UK which causes your dog to be at ease at all times without feeling irritated.

Known not to result in all sort of digestive issues, this best quality dog food has ingredients rich in all the various nutrients needed for health and vitality. Available in notable stores across the UK, this best food for dogs comes at a very affordable price. Keep your dog moving and active at all times with this dog food well recommended by veterinary doctors.

Buyers who have dogs that don’t need grains in their food ingredients are the bulk of people who like this dry dog food. This dry dog is free from grains and a high protein dog food UK, which aids the growth and development of dogs at all stages. Users also like the recommendations this dry dog food has received across various dry dog food reviews online and in written opinions of experts and dog breeders within and outside the UK.

Dry Dog Food With Fresh Chicken By Iams

Standout Features

The exclusion of grains, mainly corn and wheat, is a notable exclusion that stands this dry food for dogs out from many others. In producing this food, this brand has considered how dogs being intolerant to grain can be exhibited. This ranges from indigestion to itchy skin and poor health, among others. As such, it has ensured this food is totally grain free.

  • One of the best options for dogs that have a low tolerance to grains
  • The nutria-bionic content of this food enhances digestion in no small way.
  • Free from grains, artificial colourings and all sort of preservatives.
  • This dog food is quite expensive for the price it comes
  • Not the best option for little puppies

Ninth place goes to the Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food By Autarky. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This Hypoallergenic dry dog food has been specially formulated a specific breed of dogs because of its composition. Of the many kinds of dogs that would find this food nutritious and beneficial are the working dogs. Working dogs are dogs used for security, military or other personal purposes.

This dry dog food doesn’t have included in its composition any of such ingredients that will cause allergies. It comes in various flavours which buyers can choose from to suit their dogs. This healthy dog food comes valuable, rich in content and offers several health benefits to your dog.

The high natural composition of this dog food is the main reason why people like it. Many of the ingredients contained in this dog food are gotten from the most natural source. No preservatives have been added that might not go down well with the requirements of your dog. Also, the broad recommendation this particular brand has enjoyed contributes to other reasons why people like and buy it as well.

Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food By Autarky

Standout Features

This product from Autarky is known for its cost-effectiveness majorly. Also, it doesn’t require any supplement to make it balanced. Another feature of dog food that is exclusive to this brand alone is that it helps to ensure a smooth coat on the skin of the dog. This helps to keep your dog looking fresh at all times.

  • A great dog food option to improve the dental hygiene of your dogs
  • Widely recommended by breeders and experts across UK
  • The chicken provides a rich protein content for dogs
  • This dog food is known to be a bit pricey, especially for the ingredients it contains

Tenth place goes to the Adult Dry Dog Food By Pedigree. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Every dog, regardless of its age or size, needs a food that is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, among others.

This Pedigree Dog Complete Chicken vegetable is known to offer an all-around nutritional value for dogs of different breeds. Best for adult and working dogs as much as it is for puppies. 

It is known to be one of the best dog food for puppies in the market. This dry dog food helps to strengthen the immune system of dogs to ensure it fights any such sickness and disease that may surface.

This brand is well trusted and has been recommended mainly by breeders in reviews all over. There is no difficulty required in getting this food for your dog as you find them in various stores in the UK.

Adult Dry Dog Food By Pedigree

The main reason why people like this best complete dog food is that it contains premium ingredients rich in nutrients and provided for in their natural form. Users also like that this dog food comes at a very affordable price considering its nutritional value and can be gotten across various stores in UK. The flavour of this dog food is also one of the many other reasons why people like this dog food, among others.Enter your text here...

Standout Features

Being easily palatable, easily digestible and very reliable have been significant features this dry dog food has been known for a long while. Rich in growth-enhancing ingredients like proteins, fats and oil and vitamins, this is the perfect recipe for dogs who have sensitive stomachs and are quick to react to all kinds of foods. This is mainly a low-fat dog food UK and one of the best in the market.

  • This dog food is known to be easily digested by both adult dogs and puppies
  • Also known for its balanced premium ingredients
  • Has enhanced flavour and also contains moderate fatty acids
  • The wheat content of this dog food might not be suitable for your dog
  • Canine dogs with allergies won’t find this food suitable

Dry Dog Food Buying Guide

Just as you want the best for yourself, you should offer the best to your pet, the main necessities being food, and proper shelter. A microchip cat flap can ensure your cat can come in and out of the house without much problem. For your outdoor pets, a quality rabbit hutch and hedgehog house would be best.

To keep your dog well fed, buy the best dry dog food in the market, with plenty of nutritional value. If you have a small dog or puppy, an automatic cat feeder can ensure your pet does not miss a meal when you are not around.  But no matter how keen you are in ensuring that the pet has enough to eat, it will be in vain if the dry dog food is of low quality. We will show you how to pick the best.

Know the Requirements of Your Dog

The market is filled with the best dog food brands UK, many of which offer quality dry dog foods. However, all of this will fall in the face of not knowing what the need of your dog is. So the first and most important consideration when buying healthy dog food is to understand the needs of your dog. Dogs generally are classified into a category, and the food required of a dog depends on the type the dog belongs to. So you have to know what model your dog belongs to first. Then find out the best-dried dog food being made available to dogs in that category. While this might not be all that there is to consider when buying the best dry dog food in the UK, it forms a very vital consideration.

Look at the Ingredients Carefully

To own a dog is to be able to sustain the ability to take adequate care of it.

While it is essential for you to know the requirements of your dog, it follows from that to also know the ingredients that suit such a condition.

You need to analyse the components carefully and have an idea of what they contain and be sure that any and every of such elements is consistent with what your dogs need.

Always try to avoid dog foods that come with a vague description. Not only does this kind of story show the low quality of such food, but it also indicates that they are not the best option for your dog.

As regards ingredients, always go for dog foods that are grain free as it helps to prevent your dog from getting hungry all the times.

This will help to save you the cost of regularly buying food and help keep your dog active.

Dry Dog Food Buying Guide

Price Shouldn’t Always Define Quality

There has been this longstanding belief that the more expensive a dry dog food is, the more quality it should be. While this is true sometimes, it is not always right all of the time. Sometimes high-quality dog food is usually still costly because of the many quality ingredients that were used in making such food. In a bit to place value on such dry dog foods, the producing brand always tends to increase the price. As a buyer, it is necessary that you don’t get carried away because as rich in terms of ingredient and expensive in terms of cost as such can be, it might just not be what your dog needs. So when buying, make sure to look out for those brands that offer quality healthy dog food at a moderately affordable price and go for them. This is not to say you shouldn’t spend more when the need arises to get high-quality food for your dogs. It is just that when spending more, make sure that the quality is what the price and it is what your dog needs.

Pay Attention to Dry Dog Food Brands

No dog food can offer more quality than the brand that is making provisions for it. What this means is that the quality of every dog food producing brand is always evident in the food that is being built.

The market is filled with many notable brands of dog food being sold in several stores online. The fact that there are a number of these brands makes it very difficult for buyers to choose which one too for. 

However, the flip side to it is that it offers many unique brands of various options to choose from. When going for a brand, it is always best to go for the more established brands than the less trusted ones.

This is because reading through reviews; you can find out the strength and weaknesses of established brands that you can for the less traditional ones.

Pay Attention to Dry Dog Food Brands

Dry Dog Food Buying FAQs

Q: What is the best dog food?

A: The best dog food is that food specifically dogs that help them to stay healthy at all times. They are foods that provide rich nutrients without the inclusion of any supplement. This kind of foods meets a required level of calories.

Q: What is the best puppy food?

A: What puppies need in term of food differs from what adult dogs need. The best dry puppy food UK is that which enhances growth, digestion and teeth formation. There are always rich in natural additives and minerals.

Q: What is kibble for dogs?

A: Kibble for dogs are rich dry foods that help to address health issues being faced by dogs. They are usually expensive but always worth the buy.

Q: What to mix with dry dog food

A: What to mix with dry dog food depends on the ingredients of the food, the type of dog, and the age of the dog. Milk, vegetables and flavourings are additives that can be mixed with a dry dog food.

Q: How long does it take a dog to digest food?

A: It depends on the type of food. Dog foods that have high protein content usually take longer to digest than those with little protein contents.

Q: Is Harringtons good dog food?

A: Yes, this is a good dog food because it is a complete food that is well balanced and suitable for all breeds of dogs. It has also for a very long time been recommended by many vet doctors.

Q: Is royal canin a good dog food?

A: If your dog is a puppy, an underage dog or a pregnant dog, then the Royal Canin is the best food for your dog. The rich natural content facilitates development with no added sugar or artificial additives.

Q: Is wagg good dog food?

A: The Wagg dog food is one dry dog food that your dog find yummy. This is because it offers very tasty crunchy kibbles that every dog loves.

Q: Is iams good dog food?

A: Iams rich protein content is one vital nutrient that is needed, especially by puppies and nursing dog. It enhances metabolism and keeps the skin fresh and one of the best dry food for puppies.

Q: Is baker’s dog food suitable?

A: The Bakers Adult dog food is good food for adult dogs because, among other things, it facilitates tartar reduction. It also sees to the maintenance of moderate weight in dogs while still being well fed.

Q: Is James well-beloved good dog food?

A: James Wellbeloved is undoubtedly good for your dog to be it a grown one or the puppy because this is a very versatile dry dog food that is rich in balanced and very nutritious contents.

Q: Is burns dog food good for your dog?

A: In determining whether Burns Dog food is right for your dog, you have to be sure your dog is very much okay with the ingredients it contains and that it is not intolerant to same.

Q: Is pedigree good for dogs?

A: Pedigree is fantastic dog food for different kind of dogs, especially if your dog is looking to reduce weight. This food helps to check the weight of dogs without necessarily having to starve it in the process.

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