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If you are looking for a review of the best cordless strimmer’s in the UK, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best cordless strimmer types on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your garden.

Below, in the table, the cordless strimmer reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pros and cons for each.


Best Cordless Strimmer Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
BLACK DECKER Lithium-Ion Battery Strimmer
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 110 x 22 x 10 cm
Power source Battery powered
Bosch Cordless Trimmer Cardboard Diameter
Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm
Power source Battery powered
BLACK DECKER Cordless Trimmer Lithium
Weight 998 g
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm
Power source Battery powered
Flymo Contour Cordless Battery Trimmer
Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 63.2 x 26.4 x 15.8 cm
Power source Battery powered
Greenworks Tools G4OLT String Trimmer
Weight 4.54 kg
Dimensions 30.5 x 91 x 12 cm
Power source Battery powered

The 10 Best Cordless Strimmers On The Market Reviewed

#1 The Best Cordless Strimmer - BLACK DECKER Lithium-Ion Battery Strimmer


Black Decker has been able to carve a niche for itself as a leading grass trimmer brand, and this is why the Black Decker Lithium-Ion Battery garden strimmer makes it as our top pick in this top 10 best cordless strimmer reviews of ours. 

Known to be a very qualitative and long lasting lawn strimmers, you can bank on this strimmer to handle even the toughest trimming task.

Asides from its power, this strimmer also comes in an excellent design which further compliments its high performance making it one of the best strimmers everyone should have.

the best cordless strimmer

Products Specifications

  • Comes with a Black Decker Battery Strimmer
  • Replaceable blade's with adjustable heights included
  • A comprehensive warranty plan that covers performance and defects is provided for

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The high performance, excellent design and durability of this garden strimmer is the main reason why people like it. Many buyers have looked away from the high price in which it comes to appreciate its amazing features and make it one of their Best Buy.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of this bladed strimmer is the quality of its blade. This blade comes with an adjustable height so that it can be used for different cutting tasks and also used to produce accurate cuts as well. The quality of this grass strimmer blades is what stands it out.

  • Top quality material build makes it a long-lasting strimmer
  • Very easy to install as all attachments needed have been provided for
  • Excellent design of this garden strimmer adds to the view of your garden or home
  • The price is high and requires a well-planned budget to purchase it.


Coming 2nd on this top ranking of ours is the Bosch Cordless strimmer. 

Known to be not just one of the many cordless strimmers out there, but one of the best, this is a very reliable cordless grass strimmer. 

Making its way into our top 10 pick cordless grass strimmers, this machine is straightforward to install and make use of.

This goes to the root of it being able to be maintained easily.

You don't have to spend as much as you did buying this trimmer to maintain it.


Products Specifications

  • All parts are well prepared for easy installation
  • Comer in various colours and sizes
  • It has metal blades that can be adjusted

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The ease of maintaining this battery grass trimmer provided for by Bosch is the main reason why a lot of people like it. Buyers have been able to enjoy slow maintenance cost on this garden strimmer and this they express in the many strimmer reviews out there. The ease of installation and use are other reasons why people like this garden strimmer.

Standout Features

The material makes up of this cordless garden strimmer is its stand out feature. Everyone who buys a cordless strimmer be it battery grass strimmer or a bladed strimmer wants a reliable tool. This material makes this garden strimmer particularly free from wear and tear thereby extending its life span.

  • If maintained, this garden strimmer can last long
  • Deficient maintenance is required for effective functioning
  • Comes at an affordable price to quality ratio unlike other garden trimmers
  • This garden strimmer sometimes gets weighty and moving it from one place to another becomes difficult.


Another Black Decker Lithium powered battery strimmer is our 3rd pick, and just like every other garden trimmer that is being provided for by Black Decker, the high performance and durability of this grass edge trimmer is top notch. 

It comes with a quality blade that is almost second to none in the market.

For buyers to be sure that they are making a secured purchase, a comprehensive one-year warranty plan has been provided to cover the machine parts and its performance.


Products Specifications

  • Top notch adjustable blades
  • Manual guide for easy installation
  • One year warranty plan provided for.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The long-lasting power strength of this battery powered strimmer is the main reason why people like it. When charged full, this battery operated strimmer can work a long while which varies based on the task it is used for.

Standout Features

The ease of installation of this tool and the fast charging time of the battery are features that stands this best garden strimmer out from the others. When plugged to charge, in less than an hour and 30 minutes, you can have it fully charged, and you can use this for as long as 2 - 3 hours depending on the task.

  • Battery charged fast and can last for a long while.
  • Top quality and very durable battery powered garden strimmer
  • Installation of this garden strimmer doesn't require any long process or professional help
  • The accuracy of cuts begins to fail after a long while of use.


The Flymo Contour Cordless Battery Trimmer is our 4th pick on this grass strimmer reviews and almost a coincidence as this lawn strimmer has enjoyed increased sale of the past months because of the innovation that was introduced as a modification to it by the brand.

This innovation has helped in introducing certain features and attachments that make this strimmer with blades very quality and a rival to other leading cordless grass cutter in the market today.


Products Specifications

  • Comes with one cordless strimmer and batteries
  • Included are handles on both sides for a comfortable grip
  • It has all the attachments needed to function effectively

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Stony surface many times pose many challenges for gardeners and homeowners when trimming. With the help of a garden strimmer like the Flymo Contour Cordless battery trimmer, trimming such surface is not just possible but can be done accurately. The ease this machine brings to trimming all surfaces is the main reason why people like it.

Standout Features

The stand out features of this best cordless strimmer is first its quality blade which is made with an excellent coating to prevent it from rusting off quickly and also to ensure it works well all the time. The ease of installation is another standout feature as all parts and attachments have been prepared and putting them together is all you need.

  • Comes with the very quality for all kinds of lawns and gardens
  • Ease of installation as all parts have been prepared and a manual provided for
  • Operating this cordless garden strimmer very easy to understand
  • Though affordable to some, many buyers still complain of the price.


Up until now, there are very few buyers who are familiar with Green works tools.

However, since the entry of the Greenworks Tools G4OLT String Trimmer to the market, a lot has changed about the perception of user on the brand and strimmer itself.

As an electric strimmer, this tool is a very reliable one that can last for a long while and effect accurate cuts.

This rechargeable strimmer can be used as a lawn strimmer by homeowners or a garden strimmer by gardeners.


Products Specifications

  • Has a very impressive cutting swathe and machine coating
  • Made from top quality materials for the tool and the cutting blade
  • Offers a 2-year comprehensive warranty plan

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The versatility of this garden strimmer to be used either in the home, garden or lawn areas is the main reason why people like it. With this rechargeable strimmer, you can carry out many tasks and do not need to gather many garden trimmers.

Standout Features

The excellence of this cordless garden strimmer's cutting swathe is the most notable feature that stands it out from other garden strimmers being sold in the market. Other features include its compactness and comprehensiveness which makes it a lightweight strimmer.

  • Impressive cutting swathe for more accurate cuts
  • As a lightweight strimmer, it can be moved from one place to another easily
  • Not so reliable as it begins to wear off after a while of use especially when used for daunting tasks.


We have brought the WORX WG157E Cordless Grass Trimmer to this top 10 list and have it occupy the 6th position because of how much of a flexible and reliable tool it is of the many lawn trimmers that we have.

Due to how much flexible it is, this is one of the most user-friendly garden strimmers you can find anywhere in the market.

Not so much money is required for you to land yourself this best electric trimmer and trust me you would be happy that you did.


Products Specifications

  • This strimmer has a baseline to facilitate the collection
  • Comes with auxiliary cables for better connection
  • A comprehensive manual guide is provided for.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The automatic line feed system is the main reason why people like this tool from WORX. This automated line system helps to put an end to the many stress users go through with line breaking when they are cutting with the garden strimmer.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of this particular garden cordless strimmer is how well it has been designed. The design of this garden strimmer offers to users all of the balance they need to operate with this machine. When balanced, users can work with fear of any accident to themselves or the garden strimmer.

  • Presence of automatic line feed makes cutting more pleasurable
  • Easy to assemble for use and disassemble for maintenance
  • Beginners do not appreciate this garden strimmer.


Ryobi is just a brand that has been able to establish itself irrespective of the stiff competition that we have today in the best grass strimmer market.

Occupying the 7th position in this top 10 pick of ours is the Ryobi OLT1832 Cordless Trimmer.

The many features and how well it is to understand them have been well expressed in many cordless strimmer reviews.

On purchase, a manual guide is provided for on how to use a strimmer.


Products Specifications

  • Comes all compact with the cordless trimmer and other attachments
  • This trimmer has an automatic feed line system for easy trimming
  • A manual guide that covers installation and use is provided for.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The ease of understanding how this edge strimmer works and maintenance is the main reason why people like it. A user in one of the grass strimmer reviews had this to say - 'I never knew a garden cordless strimmer could be this easy to operate until I came across this'.

Standout Features

This cordless strimmer model from Ryobi stands itself out from other strimmers in the market because of its automatic line feed system which has been designed in such a way that it makes cutting easy and also allows users to appreciate this tool.

  • Low maintenance is required to keep this garden trimmer functioning
  • The automatic line feed system is top notch
  • The lack of comprehensive warranty plan doesn't give buyers all the security needed to buy.


Ryobi OLT1825M Cordless Trimmer is another product if Ryobi that makes it to the 8th spot.

As an improvement on what used to be a previous model of this cordless garden trimmer, the manufacturers were cautious about taking into cognisance some of the many complaints buyers gave on the previous version.

This cordless grass cutter comes in different sizes for different lawn types and landscapes.


Products Specifications

  • Comes with sturdy and firm handles
  • Quality base and covering to shield it from tearing off
  • Included are replaceable plastic blades

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Affordability and the reliability of this garden strimmer is the main reason why people like it. This we have seen across the many battery strimmer reviews only. The affordability is not necessarily in how cheap it comes, but when measured based on the quality it offers.

Standout Features

This Ryobi garden cordless strimmer stands itself out as not just an easy-to-use harden strimmer, but one that can be used for the serene environment as it doesn't make any noise that can disturb the immediate environment while it is in use.

  • With a very minimal budget, you can purchase this cordless trimmer
  • Very flexible and user-friendly in installation and use.
  • The maintenance of this garden strimmer can be costly and frustrating


The XCEED EX18CGT Cordless Grass Trimmer is not so much of a very popular cordless strimmer. However, this tool affirms that popularity doesn't always equal efficiency in the many features it offers.

Products Specifications

  • Package includes a grass trimmer and baselines
  • Comes with foldable handles to facilitate storage
  • An installation guide is included in the package for beginners

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The flexibility of the features of this garden trimmer is the main reason why people like it. This flexibility has allowed users to not only find this tool easy to install and use anywhere but can also be stored easily.

Standout Features

The compact design of this garden strimmer is a stand out feature. This compact design allows it for users to be able to understand quickly the various parts of the machine which ends up being helpful when the need to disassemble it arises.

  • This garden strimmer is versatile in design and use.
  • Best for all types of gardens and lawns
  • High maintenance and poor handles leave little to be desired of this garden strimmer.


Einhell is a brand of quality, excellence and innovation, and its X-change Cordless Lithium Trimmer makes it as our last, but not the least pick. Coming as a very compact strimmer, you are sure to like the design of this tool. Beyond that, it also offers users friendly features like a quick start, automatic line feed system and handles that allow for a comfortable grip.

Products Specifications

  • Comes with a Lithium powered batteries
  • Comes with sturdy handles for a firm grip
  • Has included an automatic line feed system

The Main Reason Why People Like It

As much as users pay attention to features, they also pay attention to price as well. The attractive price to quality ratio of this cordless garden strimmer is the main reason why people like it. Alongside its amazing features, its affordable price has contributed to its increased market value.

Standout Features

It is very rare for you to find all of the features and attachments this garden cordless strimmer has in one single tool. Though due to its poor delivery at some point, people tend to lose confidence in its ability, its full features still stand it out.

  • Offers one of the best prices to quality ratio in the garden strimmers market
  • All features needed to understand this garden strimmer is provided.
  • You might not be able to bank on this garden strimmer for so long.


Going over this best cordless strimmer review once might not give you all the information you need to get from it to be sure that you are buying the best grass strimmer for you. So you need to sit back and carefully go over this, again and again, to be sure you are making the best from it. Asides from the review, buying guide is also very important as it provides for you all the necessary factors that should be considered when buying.

From the buying guide, you will know the features to look out for in strimmers and how to differentiate one from the other. With all of these said, the question everyone keeps asking is what our best pick is? Considering all the features, the versatility, reliability and durability of garden strimmers, the BLACK DECKER Lithium-Ion Battery Strimmer is our best pick.

Never regret a purchase.

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Cordless Strimmer Buying Guide

When buying a cordless strimmer, there are certain factors that you should take into consideration to have your decision informed. This buying guide will also ensure that whatever it is that you are walking back home with, is what you need for the purpose you are buying it. There are a lot of these factors, but we shall be running briefly through a few of them.

The Battery of the Cordless Strimmer

Batteries used by Cordless strimmers vary from one to another, and this has also happened over some time. What used to be the battery used in the past years is not necessarily what is obtainable today.

In more recent cordless strimmer inventions, lithium-ion batteries are the most used batteries.


These battery types are not just the best because they are the most recent, but also because they are very easy and quick to charge, and are known to be very durable when fully charged. So for cordless strimmers that are to be used for the more daunting tasks, it is always best to trust these tasks with a lithium-ion battery-powered strimmer.

Just like the type of battery, is the size of the Battery. Bigger batteries are known to offer more power to the machine than smaller ones. However, the downside of this has always been that bigger batteries always add to the weight of the cordless trimmer. Many of the batteries being used by cordless strimmer today fall between 18 and 20 volts even some can be more or less.

The Automatic Line Feed System

There are two types of cordless strimmer which are the line system or the blade system. Buyers many times are usually stuck between choosing from the two. For the bladed system, we have garden strimmer with plastic blades and other with other material types of blades.

The automatic line feed system is different in a way in the sense that it defines the cutting system. Many users who make use of a cordless strimmer with other systems many times get so frustrated when cutting as it always falls out if line. With the automatic line feed system, all of this, and you are able not just to cut really tough grasses, but you can do quickly and automatically.


The Balance of the Cordless Strimmer

Balance is a significant factor to take into consideration when buying a cordless strimmer especially the bladed trimmers. In the market, we have some strimmers that come with handles that allows for a firm grip while you cut through. These handles contribute mainly to the balance of the trimmer. Balance is critical to the safety of working with a cordless strimmer. Go for garden cordless strimmer that offers a handle with adjustable height to have all the balance that you herd to work with.

Understanding the Jargons

No unfamiliar abbreviations or words were used in this review. This best cordless strimmers review is being written in plain easy-to-understand language.

What are the Different Features?

There certain features that people find handy when vying the best cordless strimmer. These features vary from battery grass trimmers to lawn trimmers like that.

However, from the many reviews we have gone through to be able to put this together, we found out two major features that users always find handy, and they are the colour if the cordless strimmer and the attachments that come with it.

The Colour of Cordless Strimmer

Remember that gone are the days when individuals get tools to make work easier and faster. 


These days, people are more fashion conscious not just about themselves, but also about the tools they buy. This is why users always find the colour of a cordless strimmer a handy feature to look out for when buying. The more attractive colours get to enjoy better and hire purchase than those with a dull colour. 

This is most probably because a garden cordless strimmer with a bright colour is attractive, can express a fashion statement and most importantly add to the aesthetics of the home, lawn or garden.

The Attachments That Comes With the Cordless Strimmer

Attachments l, their comprehensiveness and viability are what determines how user-friendly a tool would be. This is why users always find cordless strimmers with all the relevant attachments handier than those who don't have them. First because of the compatibility of these attachments, but mainly because getting attachments that fit in well with the strimmer always prove very difficult.

Cordless Strimmer Buying FAQs

Q: Can you strim wet grass, and if yes which of these garden strimmers will be best for that

A: Yes, it is possible for you to be able to strim wet grass. The major challenge has always been that it gets tough many times and requires much time. Notwithstanding this, the type of cordless strimmer you use can make the difference in time take and energy required. While a number of the cordless grass trimmers provided above can be used for wet grass, the BLACK DECKER Lithium-Ion Battery Strimmer will still be the best option for anyone.

Q: Are there any safety precautions to adhere to while making use of the cordless garden strimmer?

A: Yes, the garden strimmer is just like every other tool out there that requires you to exercise many safety precautions while working with it. It is essential that you put on safety clothing like protective glasses and hearing blocks to prevent grass particles from going into these openings.

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