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Nothing dampens your mood faster than a lukewarm drink in the middle of a hot day. If you’re planning a day at the beach, fishing, hiking or road ripping, do everyone a favour and carry a cool box.

From collapsible designs for two to large family size units, we’ve complied the best cool box list that will help you keep everyone chilled.

Best Cool Boxes Reviews

Cool Boxes Comparison Chart

Top 10 Best Cool Boxes In 2020 Reviewed

The best cool box is the 91 Litre Xtreme Cooler By Coleman. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Coleman cooler has a premium sturdy design such that the insulation technology used enables high ice retention for longer cooling time. These cooler boxes are ideal for long-distance travelling, used as camping fridges and other sports activities like hiking. The inner and outer dimensions of this particular cooler box are 92cm x 42cm x 44cm and 79cm x 33cm x 29cm respectively.

It weighs 7.4kg when empty and it can hold up to 91 litres. The lid of this electric coolbox is levelled and strong in a way that you can sit on it while travelling when there’s little or no space in the car making it the best cool box for car. The box sits upright when placed in the car. It has 4 additional beverage holders.

91 Litre Xtreme Cool Box By Coleman
  • High ice retention with nice design
  • Does not use a battery, so you save some money there
  • Best supply gear for hiking and camping
  • BPA-free therefore safe to store food and drinks for longer periods
  • Cooling time is boosted with a Freeze pack that you purchase separately.
  • Requires ice blocks that are frequently frozen to operate

Second place goes to the 66 Litre Cool Box By Coleman. We gave it a 5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the link below.

Just like the Coleman Xtreme 100 QT, this Coleman Xtreme 70QT has a high-tech insulation design that enables the contents to stay cold on ice packs for days. The insulation fitted on the lid and the inner wall has extra insulation for you to enjoy impressive performance.

HDPE is the insulation material used on these cool boxes. The inner dimensions are 61cm x 30cm x 33cm while the outer are 71cm x 40cm x 44cm. The coolboxes walls are BPA-free which means that it is safe to carry and store food, fruits, and bottles of drinks. When empty, the Xtreme 70 QT weighs a total of 6.1 kilograms.

For easier movement, the cooler is fitted with very strong handles that aid in achieving this. You can carry the coolbox to camps sites and long camping trips to use for they provide the best results.

66 Litre Cool Box By Coleman
  • Many days of ice retention
  • BPA free to carry food and drinks
  • It is small, do not choose this one if you plan family day trips

Third place goes to the Luxury Lightweight Cool Bag By Greenfield collection. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Greenfield collection luxury cool bag is not at all different from the family green collection cool bag above. The only difference comes in size. It weighs 1000g and has 35.6 x 25.4 25.4 cm dimensions.

The fabric is the material used to make the bag. You can easily carry this 12V cool bag around by the use of adjustable shoulder straps available on the item.

Luxury Lightweight Cool Bag By Greenfield collection
  • Keeps drinks and food cool or warm for 5-7 hours
  • It is small

Fourth place goes to the Cool Box WIth Handles By Coleman. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to review the price and details on the link below.

This type of Coleman cooler box has a unique plastic material design. The lid is well insulated with exceptional environment-friendly foam as well as the one on the walls of the box to provide a longer effect for days (up to 5 days). The Coleman 70qt has a large capacity that can hold 66 litres and can fit 98 cans each 500ml.

The top has hinges and has four beverage holders. The cool box can be used as a chair or table when you go outdoors or to a picnic with your family. It is a good camping cooler box to have. The sides are fitted with two holders that enable easier lifting and carrying. When empty, the Coleman Xtreme weighs about 12lbs.

Cool Box WIth Handles By Colemane cooler
  • Has longer cold days for your food and drinks
  • Has a leak-resistant channel drain for easy water draining
  • Easy to use family cold box
  • Has handles for more mobility options
  • This popular unit can be used as a seat and a table
  • It gets heavy to lift with the contents inside and the absence of wheels makes it impossible to lift alone
  • The lid does not have a gasket to prevent warm air from entering and interfering with inside temperatures
  • It is costly

Fifth place goes to the Insulated Cool Box By Igloo. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Igloo Maxcold 70 Coolbox has the ultratherm wall and lid insulation that enables long ice retention of about 5 days at 32 degrees Celsius ambient temperature. This is a small cooler that weighs 4.9 kilograms when empty. It is best known to be a car cool box for it takes up less space. Its dimensions are 74.9cm x 40.3cm x 41.9cm and have a capacity of 66 litres.

The Igloo Maxcold 70 has a threaded drain plug that opens and closes easily. The plug is responsible for the draining of excess water in the cooler box. This cooler box has holders on the side that makes it easier to move around. The holders can be rotated close to 180 degrees and are reinforced to last longer.

Insulated Cool Box By Igloo
  • Has high cooling performance for food and drinks
  • Has handles for easier movement
  • Light to carry when empty
  • It is a small cold box, not large enough to fit food and drinks for a family

Sixth place goes to the 33L Portable Cooler By Dometic. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to review the price range and details on the links below.

The RC1600 Combicool is a cool box that uses gas and is a 12V cooler box with 230V of AV power. It weighs 16 kilograms on its own. Its dimensions are 443 x 500 x 444 millimeters. It has an inner capacity of about 31 litres meaning it is a small cooler that can only fit two 2-litre water bottles standing perfectly and can leave a small space for your small food container.

This perfect 12V cooler comes with a three-way absorption feature that makes it most suitable for camping and travelling. You can power it by electricity when you are close to a source but when you are away from the electricity source, a gas cylinder works best with this model of cooler box. It produces no noise when operating. The box cools at 30 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature.

33L Portable Cooler By Dometic
  • It is a portable food and drink cold box
  • Works silently
  • Can be powered with either gas or electricity
  • Dangerous to use the gas-powered cooler in a less ventilated area, like in motor vehicles or boats or even inside the camping tents.

Seventh place goes to the 33L Cool Box By Coleman. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to check the prices and details on the links below.

The Coleman cooler means the box is made for use in marine conditions under direct sun. So, durability and reliability need to be second nature. The outer shell is made from HDPE or high-density polyethene and is BPA free. There’s a UV reflecting colour additive.

It protects the box against yellow discolouration and crackling. The shell encloses the insulating PU foam. The box has a capacity of 33 litres and retains ice for 3 days. The internal space is BPA free. So, it is safe to carry food, drinks or fruits. The box is built to last for a long time in the harshest of conditions.

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33L Cool Box By Coleman
  • Large storage space for a lot of food and a couple of bottles 
  • Good cooling capacity
  • Reliability, limited lifetime

Eighth place goes to the Unisex Xtreme Cool Box By Igloo. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to view the price and details on the link below.

This is one of the igloo Maxcold coolers series that is ranked among the best in electric cool box reviews. Fitted with an ultratherm (1.5” thick) insulation, this cooler performs efficiently in ice retention. The cool riser technology is responsible for the best performance for up to 5 days.

It cools at 32 degrees Celsius outdoors temperature. The popular electric cool box features a latch that enables tight closure of the lid. It also has a hatch lid that allows quick access of the items in the cooler fridge. The regular threaded drain plug is fitted on the lower side of this igloo Maxcold which enables draining. This is a large cooler that can hold up to 95 litres. It is the best cooler for domestic and outdoor use.

Unisex Xtreme Cool Box By Igloo
  • It is big and high quality
  • Best camping cold box
  • Longer ice retention days for colder food and drink bottles
  • It is pricey

Ninth place goes to the Electric Cool Box By Vivo. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This Vivo electric cooler is the ideal cooler and heater for use at home or in your car. It helps you on your weekend road trips, summer picnics, or camping adventures. It will keep the content cool or warm. This cool box has a thermoelectric system that cools to up to -15°C below room temperature. The heat mode works to approximately 50°C.

Besides, it has a 26Litre capacity and will take a 1.5Litre bottle while in an upright position. This is a 12V DC / 240V AC device with 4.5 Amps power consumption. It comes with UK Home socket leads and a cigarette lighter included. You can conveniently charge it in mains electricity or a car charger.

What’s more, this cooler comes with a handle that makes portability easy. The handle also locks the lid into place so that you can get the best result. It ensures that the box is well-sealed and the content remains uncontaminated by external factors.

Electric Cool Box By Vivo
  • It is easy to operate for long lasting cold drinks and food.
  • It has a 26 Litre capacity that is higher than most models.
  • The device is quiet.
  • It has no thermostat and will, therefore, run permanently.
  • The package does not add a set of instructions. It can give first-time users a hard time.

Tenth place goes to the Budget Cool Box By Thermos. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The thermos cooler is a box container that has insulated inner walls to initiate the cooling process. The material used for insulation is polystyrene. The use of freeze board and ice packs improve the performance of the cool box and keep your food cold at all times.

It weighs 1500 grams making it a light cooler box that is easy to carry around. The Thermos cooler has external dimensions of 43 x 30 x 45 centimetres and its internal measures 33 x 20 x 43 centimetres. It has a capacity of 32 litres. It is the best plugin for a cool box that can be used on a daily basis.

Budget Cool Box By Thermos
  • It is light in weight
  • It is affordable 
  • Cools your food and bottles of drinks for up to 8 hours
  • Can be used in a domestic setting
  • The lid is dependable on the handle for sealing
  • Requires external help for high performance

A Guide To Cool Boxes

For the cold days, a soup maker will be your favourite friend.  A thermos flask and sandwich toaster can also come in handy. For warmer days, get a yoghurt maker and blender. You also cannot afford not to have a cool box. It allows you to have your favourite homemade yoghurt or fresh juice while on the go.

You need to purchase the best cool box that will give you value for your money, and we will show you how to make your choice.

Factors to consider when buying a cool box

Firstly, the cost of an item plays a big role when you need the item. Some of the products fit perfectly in your budgets like the Greenfield collection 15-litre luxury lightweight cool bag and the thermos cool box. Others like 10T Fridgo 100, are very expensive.

Secondly, the capacity of the cool box should really be a key factor. When you have a larger group and want to go out camping, a cooler that has a large capacity is ideal in such situations. However, in the case where you are a sole user, the small cooler is okay.

How you can move the cool box around is really important. Most people would want to know if the cooler has wheels or an easy to access handle for easier carrying and movement. Most of these electric cold boxes operate silently. I believe no one would want to have a cooler electric that is noisy when in operation.

Cool Boxes FAQs

Q: How safe is it to use a gas powered cool box?

A: A gas-powered cooler is safe to use in an area that has good ventilation like outside the camps. When inside the camps and in moving vehicle, it can pose danger to the surrounding. The most recommended cooler is electric camping fridge that has less negative effects on the surrounding.

Q: Do all the coolboxes have wheels?

A: No. not all the cool boxes have wheels for mobility. There are specific brands that apply the use of wheels and others have handles that enables easier movement.

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