10 Best Built In Oven Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 20​20

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Built-in ovens are becoming increasing popular nowadays. They are stylish, compact, and blend seamlessly with your kitchen cabinets. If you want to upgrade your current built-in oven or you’re remodeling your kitchen, looking to go all out or perhaps you’re on a budget, well you’re in the right place. 

Our best built-in ovens review covers top-rated models with ideal features designed to make your cooking experience pleasurable.

Best Built-In Ovens Reviews

Built In Ovens Comparison Chart

Top 10 Best Built In Ovens In 2020 Reviewed

The best electric oven is the Built-in Electric Fan Oven By Cookology. We gave it 5/5 stars.

This CE certified Cookology single oven is your perfect kitchen partner. You can make two dishes at a go, saving you time and energy. The single oven is easy to use, efficient and is sure to give you value for your money.

You can build the Cookology single oven inside a single counter cavity or an eye-level cavity. It has the best stainless steel panel fascia with a black glass door. With its smart design, it will certainly look good inside your home. It measures 590mm by 595mm by 550mm, with a 22mm fascia.

Built-in Electric Fan Oven By Cookology

The device has a maximum temperature of 250°C and a capacity of 51 Litres. It operates with 220 Volts and consumption of 2.40 KW. It has an A+ energy rating and has three functions. One is a defrost function which speeds up the defrosting process by pushing air around at room temperatures.

Also, there is the convection function which heats the oven evenly, allowing you to cook on more than one shelf at a go. The device also provides grill, rotisserie, and roasting functions and that is why you can be in full control and content at all times. The oven lamp mode provides lighting inside the oven without heat which makes cleaning easier.

This model has two modes, accurate temperature and function control. The device is made with effortless to clean coating and its oven door is removable. It makes maintaining proper hygiene levels an easier job with one wire shelf and one enamel shelf. The manufacturer provides a one year warranty.

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  • It is effortless to slide in and operate.
  • The device is efficient.
  • You can fit a plug into the oven with no need to hardwire it.
  • It preheats quickly and evenly.
  • This electric fan oven does not come with a plug, you have to buy separately.
  • It also only comes with one wire rack.

The second best place goes to the Self-Cleaning Pyrolytic Wall Oven By Cookology. We gave it 5/5 stars in our buying guide.

If you are searching the market for a self-cleaning oven, then do consider the Cookology COP609SS. The Cookology COP609SS is a single unit pyrolytic oven. When engaged, the pyrolytic cleaning mode heats the oven up to temperatures of 450°C and cleans off all the grease and dirt. The oven has a steel finish with black glass door and control panel.

Features like double defrost, double grilling, and roasting just adds value to already an awesome ovens package. But you have to buy additional accessories to avail these features. The Cookology has a capacity of 65 litres. It is also CE certified and needs a 14 amp connection. There is a 12 months guarantee on the products too.

Self-Cleaning Pyrolytic Wall Oven By Cookology
  • Effortless to setup
  • The best design
  • Self-cleaning ovens
  • Additional accessories for these ovens need to be bought

Third best place goes to the Double Built-In Electric Oven By SIA company. We gave it the second best 4.5/5 stars. You can check the price and deals on the link below.

Looking at all the built-in double ovens reviews, we would class this one as the best fan ovens. If you are in search for an electric oven with two cavities that features a grill, a cooling fan, a 6 button automatic timer and a 25W halogen light, then the SIA DO102BL is what you need to save you plenty of time.

This electric oven provides you with a 90-litre capacity to explore all your culinary endeavours without any hassles. It features a sleek design yet it has such an excellent performance making it the most suitable oven for a contemporary home.

The SIA DO102BL model has a 6 button programmable timer that makes it particularly easier to operate. You are going to have a convenient cooking experience now that the SIA DO102BL comes with both a conventional oven and a true fan oven. 

Double Built-In Electric Oven By SIA

Additionally, its sides are chrome racked with anti-tilt shelves so that whatever you are cooking is prepared to perfection since the tray is positioned perfectly inside the oven. Cleaning and regular maintenance of the SIA DO102BL are made easier with removable doors and inner glass since you can easily access the interior whenever it is necessary.

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  • It has a sleek modern design which makes it a brilliant addition to any home
  • It is effortless to operate with the 6 buttons digital timer
  • It has a large size and total capacity of 90 Liters
  • The high electrical power of 4.3KW means that this oven is efficient
  • The SIA DO102BL ovens are easier to clean than other ovens
  • Lacks the defrost technology functions
  • The fan oven is noisy when turned on, which is not the best feature

Fourth place goes to the Electric Built-In Oven By Hotpoint. We gave it 4.5/5 stars. Feel free to check the price and details on the link below.

Hotpoint DD2540BL Built-In Oven Electric Fan is known for its simple but useful minimalist design. These products provide two cooking options with double glazed glass doors that allow you to see the meat getting done for higher control.

This double oven has an enormous intern capacity having the main oven with a 74 litres capacity and the second one with a capacity of 42 litres. You will be able to use it every time you want without worrying about energy consumption because it has a category of A. It comes with wide range of colour options that include black, steel and white.

Electric Built-In Double Oven By Hotpoint
  • Energy Class A ovens.
  • Double glazed glass doors.
  • 74L capacity main oven, 42L capacity second oven.
  • The fan may be noisy.

Fifth place goes to the Aria Electric Built-in Double Oven By Indesit. We gave it 4.5/5 stars.

The Indesit Aria’s has a large double oven structure. When you consider all the things that you get with the package, the Aria makes for a good choice. The primary oven has a capacity of 74 litres. This is the best for cooking large family meals.

The fan present at the back helps with circulating hot air throughout the oven space for even cooking services. The secondary unit has a capacity of 42 litres. It is suitable for cooking a variety of side dishes or browning meat. The digital time controller cooks food to perfection and the enamel liners assist in easy cleaning.

Aria Electric Built-in Double Cooker By Indesit
  • Value for money
  • Ideal Design
  • Heats fast
  • No light for top oven
  • Only one shelf for main oven

Sixth place goes to the Freestanding Electric Wall Oven By Hotpoint. We gave it 4.5/5 stars. Feel free to check the price and details on the link below.

Hotpoint HAE60KS Freestanding Electric oven is the combination of four electric cooking stoves and a double oven making easier the buying decision. You will be amazed at the minimalist design of this freestanding electric oven which also comes in black or white.

The oven features glass doors that allow you to see the food getting done. It also includes a circular fan cooking that cooks the meat evenly and in the shortest possible time. This Hotpoint freestanding electric oven comes with a 10-year part and a 1-year labour warranty when you register your purchase with the manufacturer within 28 days.

Freestanding Electric Wall Cooker By Hotpoint
  • Combines 4 cooking stoves and two cavities.
  • Variable grill for evenly cooked red meat.
  • Free 10 years parts & 1 year labour warranty for those ovens.
  • Telescopic shelves
  • Works only with electric power.

Seventh place goes to the Steel Electric Oven By Hotpoint. We gave it a 4.5/5 star valuation.

The Hotpoint DD2540IX is wrapped in a steel finish. The two glass doors help in monitoring the cooking progress. All cooking functions are controlled with the knobs. The digital display provides every piece of information. It has an enamel interior so cleaning is not a cause of concern.

The larger oven can hold up to 74 litres. The second oven can hold up to 42 litres. The larger one comes with a dual grill while the secondary only has a single grill. Both ovens have lighting to allow easy access. This 4800-watt appliance has a Class A energy category. There is also a free 10 years parts warranty and 1-year labour warranty.

Stainless Steel Electric Double Oven By Hotpoint
  • High food processing capacity with multiple functions
  • 10 years warranty on parts and 1 year warranty on labour
  • Lighting for both ovens
  • Program temperature numbers on display could be a bit hard to read

Eighth place goes to the Steel Wall Oven By Russell Hobbs. We gave it 4/5 stars.

Russell Hobbs RHEO6501SS Built-In Electric Oven combines perfectly with the rest of your kitchen. It comes with a stainless steel surface that defines perfection. The double glazed window with interior oven light allows you to see the meat getting done for higher control.

This electric oven has a capacity that can reach 65 litres and an interior that is easier to clean than in other ovens. As it the previous text said, the spacious interior can contain up to three trays and you will still be able to handle all very comfortably. It comes with a free one-year manufacturer warranty with the option for a second one upon registering the product.

Stainless Steel Wall Oven By Russell Hobbs
  • Energy performance category: A.
  • Ovens with 65L capacity with easy clean interior.
  • Up to 2 years warranty.
  • May cost more than other electric ovens.

Ninth place goes to the Built-in Electric Single Static Oven By the Cookology brand. We gave it 4/5 stars.

This Cookology oven uses the static method of cooking. It cooks through conduction and radiation methods. Whether you want to have your favourite home-made pizza or bread for your family, this single static oven will meet your needs, without increasing your electricity bills.

The device measures 595mm*595mm*575mmand will fit a standard oven unit either under the counter or at eye-level. It has a maximum temperature of 250°C with four functions. The oven lamp mode will make the oven visible for easier cleaning while the top heater mode will only radiate heat from the top oven element. 

Electric Single Static Oven By Cookology

In addition, the bottom heating mode will radiate heat from the bottom element and the conventional cooking mode will use both the top as well as the bottom oven elements to provide heating. It has two separate shelves, with one being a wire shelf. You will love its easy-to-use temperature and function control.

With its A category energy performance, you will surely save you time and money. It is a 13AMP device, allowing you to attach a standard UK three pin plug. This product is made of steel which blends well with the black oven door and faucet. It will fit with the rest of the appliances inside your kitchen.

  • The device’s operations and functions are straightforward.
  • This model is easier to clean than other ovens.
  • It is an energy efficient device that will save you time and money.
  • The stainless steel makes it durable.
  • The manufacturer only provides one wire shelf for these ovens.

Tenth place goes to the Multi Function Electric Wall Oven By SIA. We gave it a 4/5 star valuation.

SIA SO101 Built-In Multifunction Single Electric True Fan Oven is going to add an elegant style and minimalist finish to your home with its design. Its stainless steel handle adds extra detail to the design also offering a good grab when you want to open and close the oven door.

This powerful electric true fan oven comes with a mechanical timer, an oven light and basic easy-to-use controller buttons. You don’t have to worry about maintenance because it is pretty easy to do. It comes with a detachable door and removable glass panels for you to keep your oven shiny at all times.

Multi Function Electric Wall Oven By SIA
  • A+ Class Energy Category.
  • True fan oven with multiple functions.