10 Best Budget Gaming Chair Reviews UK 2021 - Top Rated Models Compared

Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Gaming is all the craze and we’re cool with that but what kind of chair are you using? A poorly made chair offers little support for your neck and back and leaves you feeling tired and achy.

The UK market has far too many budget seats which can make choosing one difficult.  Luckily, our best budget gaming chair review narrows down the options to help you find a suitable one.

Best Budget Gaming Chair Reviews

Best Budget Gaming Chairs On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

The best budget gaming chair is the High Back Budget Gaming Chair By Intimate Wm Heart. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Not so recognised among buyers, this gaming chair comes from a very excellent brand. A brand is known for establishing a name for itself through amazing products than it does with the price.

All of the qualities and specifications of this gaming chair put together establishes two things. First is that it matches the excellence of premium chairs at a lesser price. The second is that its functions are just as trusted as the brand itself.

The build quality of this product is impressive, especially from the well-built internal structure. This internal structure not only makes the chair balanced from within but allows for an overall sturdiness. The lumbar support and arm support of this product provide excellent back support. They also aid the required posture needed for hours to make the most of your gaming experience.

High Back Budget Gaming Chair By Intimate Wm Heart

This brand and product, in particular, have well defeated the odds that come with equating the low cost to low quality. The quality of build both for the internal and the external parts of this product is quite very amazing. The internal structure is in patterns from within with relevant features built into it.

The outer fabric is also well designed with a high sense of quality and simplicity. All these make this chair very easy to install. It also enhances ease of use in the home, gaming office, gaming shop or desks or wherever it is at that time.


  • Looks as good from a close range as it appears from a distance
  • Able to quickly and form reclining to any angle as is desired
  • The internal frame is fantastic and makes it a very balanced product


  • The height adjustment provided for this gaming product is minimal
  • The material used is not of high quality when compared to other chairs.

Second place goes to the Cheap Gaming Office Computer Chair By Umi. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Are you a game lover who spends long hours gaming? Have you tried getting an affordable gaming chair that still offers quality? Then this gaming chair is one of the best out there. With an ergonomic design and firm handles, you will find this piece comfortable.

A bit expensive than many other chairs, this gaming chair has the functions that make it worth the price. While this chair might need several spaces, it is still one of the best users can buy.

The most outstanding feature of this product is its quality, clearly seen from the material that was used in making it. The manufacturers of this product have ensured this product is not provided at a high price, making it a generic one.

Cheap Gaming Office Computer Chair By Umi

A multi-functional mechanism is made available. The multi-functional device is one reason users want this, and that is why it stands out from others.


  • Highly compatible features come with this gaming chair, which will help to optimise the gaming experience
  • Can be easily connected to your game rigs for smooth interaction
  • Included in this buy are light and audio players to enhance the experience
  • The base of this chair can be quickly taken out and another one put in its place
  • The armsupport of this gaming chair are of a high quality


  • Requires a lot of space in the home to have it well-positioned
  • Understanding the operation of this gaming chair seems complicated for beginners

Third place goes to the Designed Gaming Chair By Cherry Tree Furniture. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

With more products finding its way into the gaming chair market, there is a need for buyers to evaluate brands when purchasing. This evaluation is one of the reasons expressed why buyers have gained a lot of confidence in this gaming chair.

Coming as one of the cheapest gaming chairs, it would be a great mistake to underestimate this gaming chair. A lot can be done with this gaming chair by users all over. One of these is improving the gaming abilities of users. This product also offers users a low propensity of being exposed to any health challenge. More durable material has been provided to help assure durability and give users confidence when purchasing.

Designed Gaming Chair By Cherry Tree Furniture

There is the provision of a five-year warranty covering the performance of the chair and other technical default to be experienced. The simplicity of design is why this product is different from other gaming chairs. With a modern design, the needed functions are visible, making usage very easy for everyone. Another stand out feature is the dedicated headrest of the gaming chair, which allows the user to rest for a while.


  • Well designed with the most quality furniture material in a straightforward use
  • Comes all compact with compatible and easy-to-use specifications
  • The content is durable and provides a luxurious feel for this product.
  • A lot of colour lists provided depending on individual preference of the user


  • The lumbar support is not so firm and reliable
  • Use of this product is very complicated, and maintenance is very high.

Fourth place goes to the High Back Racing Style Chair By Topsky. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The overwhelming design of this gaming chair is what stands it from the rest. Known to be a computer gaming chair that is of very high quality yet still coming at a cheap price. This gaming chair is clean in look and is no doubt one of the most valued gaming chairs out there. It is a perfect blend of good design and complete functions.

Beginners and professionals can make use of this product because of its ease of use. These functions are well placed and can be accessed. It comes mostly in colour black, this chair has a sitting capacity of 300 pounds. It is very sturdy, making it reliable and very comfortable.

High Back Racing Style Chair By Topsky

The customisation of this product is top-notch and second to none. A seat adjustment feature is an innovative feature provided. With this feature, this chair is suitable for all kinds of people. When it comes to design and style, you will find this product in the spotlight.

The material is solid, making it one that will last for long. With the strength of this material comes relative ease of maintenance. This is very rare among gaming chairs.


  • Comes in an entirely simple but yet still attractive style and design
  • Unlike many other chairs, this is very much cleaner in looks.
  • One of the best value gaming chairs you can get at that price.


  • This gaming chair looks very tacky leaving very little to be convinced of.
  • This gaming chair has proven not to be durable for a while, mainly when used consistently.

Fifth place goes to the Ergonomic Gaming Chair By Storm Racer. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The storm racer ergonomic gaming chair is a chair with a lot of positive reviews. This gaming chair is very reliable and compatible. It comes with high-tech specifications that enhance its use by gamers. This has made it one of the most sorts after gaming chairs.

This chair retails at a very affordable price, and the quality is what any gamer would want in a chair. The functions provided make it very safe to use by everyone. The ergonomic style allows for back support that helps your posture while working with this gaming chair.

Ergonomic Gaming Chair By Storm Racer

If you love the game, then you must love the chair that makes it worth playing. This high-quality gaming chair functions as a large seat base. With this, users can be able to adjust firmly to take the required posture needed for gaming.

The adjustable knobs are visible and can be operated from both sides of the gaming chair. High-quality foam materials and ergonomic design are stand out functions of this product. Users want something of an aesthetic appeal for the room. The design storm Racer Ergonomic Chair to meet that standard and stands out among others. This is definitely one style chair anyone can want.


  • Well designed to provide and assure maximum comfort for gamers.
  • The best option for your health when gaming for a while.
  • This helps to improve your gaming abilities by helping to keep you focused.
  • Helps to add some aesthetic value to the home or gaming location.


  • We can do a lot to enhance the back support provided.
  • The firmness of the construction doesn’t always last for long periods.

Sixth place goes to the Roadster Sports Office Chair By Gtforce. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This gaming chair is different because of the adjustable support that is being provided for. The adjustable lumbar support gaming chair is specially designed for users who love to make use of a luxury product.

This adjustable lumbar support gaming chair is as good for tall people as it is for the short ones. The flexible functions can be well adjusted to suit whatever size you desire to help achieve a stable posture.

With this gaming chair, your gaming time is most likely to increase, and your gaming skills improve. GTFORCE, as a brand is known for its rich history of excellence and innovation. The parent brand of this gaming chair speaks for it and stands it from others. 

Roadster Sport Office Chair By Gtforce

This product, just like its brand, is of a very high standard, is known for the quality of individual specifications. Additional functions like a light bulb are provided for this product when the light goes off. Other highlights included are a safety lock mechanism and lumbar support.


  • Well known for its highly durable construction and quality gaming chair material
  • Armsupport of various sizes have been provided to provide users with an option to choose from
  • Lightweight allows for smooth movement of the gaming chair
  • Adjustable and well-designed lumbar support has come with the chair


  • Not one of the best options when it comes to versatility across all game types
  • Armsupport though of various sizes are not well padded.

Seventh place goes to the Designed Office Gaming Chair By Millhouse. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The black-red colour scheme is the first noticeable and yet still appealing feature of this gaming chair. The ergonomic design makes resting possible, but users still think a lot more can be done to ensure satisfaction. The material of this product means that users don’t have to spend a lot to maintain the chair.

Cleansing of the chair can be done regularly at a little cost. The weight of this chair and the luxurious quality it lacks are reasons why users tend to look away. The uniqueness of this gaming chair makes it safe and easy to use. However, there have been other additional specifications included in this package that stand it from others. 

Designed Office Gaming Chair By Millhouse

These additional functions include high sensitivity of the chair to the game and a lock mechanism among many others. The easily adjustable lumbar support, attractive multi-colour and high back are other specifications that stand this product out.


  • Multi-colour makes very attractive on purchase alongside its simple design
  • Simple to adjust lumbar and neck support.
  • The back of this product is high, but it can also be changed to go higher or lower.
  • Low cost of maintenance is required to keep this gaming chair effective


  • Users get frustrated by the weight of this gaming chair
  • A lot can be done to make this gaming chair a lot more comfortable for use.

Eighth place goes to the Racing Sport Chair By Emarkooz. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

We know sophisticated gaming chairs to be costly except for this product. Defying all the odds to provide quality functions at an affordable price, this is a must-buy product. The innovative specification it possesses gets drawn to for its price.

All that is needed to make this new product more user-friendly than others in its class are adequately provided. There is a posture required to access the game easily. Many of the chairs offer help to attain this posture. The ergonomic design of this product helps to achieve the required position. 

Racing Sport Chair By Emarkooz

It helps to improve the aesthetic appeal of the gaming chair. With the fantastic design and adjustable functions, the versatility of this product is one you will appreciate. This gaming chair comes with an inbuilt mechanism to adjust the backrest through a knob. Not only does it make this seat very comfortable, but a scarce feature provided for gaming chairs.

Another stand out feature of this gaming chair is its very comfortable and adjustable head pillow. The memory foam provided at the top of the headrest is useful. The headrest allows gamers to take time off and relax after long hours of gaming. This headrest contributes mainly to ensuring a good posture is taken while gaming.


  • Comes in a desirable and futuristic style with a fantastic design
  • Adjustable height and seat depth are features the company provides the users of these gaming chairs.
  • There are extra specifications like a wireless TV connect included
  • A comprehensive gaming chair warranty comes with this product on technical defaults


  • Users tend to experience challenges as regards the lumbar support
  • The arm rests gets to lose its sturdiness after a while of use.

Ninth place goes to the Reclining High Back Swivel Chair By Cherry Tree Furniture. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This well-designed racing sport reclining high back swivel chair is incredibly light. In fact, this design contributes to users attaining a good position while gaming. A good posture is as necessary for a good gaming experience to aid the overall health of the gamer.

Buyers who know what good posture means to the improved gaming should buy this product. With this, users do not have to adjust from time to time, thereby losing touch of the game. The CTF Racing Sport Reclining High Back Swivel Chair is one that is specifically for racing.

Reclining High Back Swivel Chair By Cherry Tree Furniture

This racing gaming chair has qualitative specifications, simple design, structure and long term use among many others. The reclining high back feature of this racing chair is as top-notch as its lock mechanism.

These two functions make this product one of the safest gaming chairs. While users might find the weight very challenging, the low cost of maintenance is an excellent makeup for that.

The standout and attractive feature of this gaming chair is its high reclining back, which has a tilt mechanism. This tilting mechanism makes the chair a very versatile one compared to others.

Users can enjoy the specifications that have been provided to suit their height or body type. The adjustability of this product makes it one of the most flexible today. This flexibility allows for a comfortable sitting posture and a fun-filled gaming experience for the user.


  • Qualitative, removable, and adjustable armsupport all for the users of the chair.
  • Attachable footsupport and high-quality vibration technology are additional specifications included
  • This product has been well designed to enhance gaming while making you well-positioned
  • This is the most valuable gaming chair.


  • The material used in making this gaming chair has been called to question many times
  • A very weighty racing style chair, the weight makes movement a bit difficult

Tenth place goes to the Office And Gaming Chair By Langria. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Langria gaming chair mesh is one of the best gaming chairs. Yes, there are several complications as regards how this product works. These complications can, however, be well understood when users pay attention to the buying guide provided. The manual guide is provided with a step by step guide and illustration.

One of the many notable features of this chair is the mesh material being used to design it. This material is no doubt one of the most quality material used in making gaming chairs. An adjustable tool is made available, which helps users to easily adjust lumbar support from time to time.

Office And Gaming Chair By Langria

Notwithstanding these functions, the maintenance cost might seem to put you off after a while. The ease of replacing parts of this gaming chair is a standout feature. Many of the various parts of this chair if after a while gets damaged can easily be replaced.

The different components are accessible at affordable prices across multiple stores, both offline and online in the UK. How users can easily purchase parts and have them replaced is peculiar to this product. This helps buyers to save the cost of constant repairs and keep their gaming chairs in place always.


  • Comes at a very moderate price to quality ratio for a gaming chair
  • Complete, compatible and user-friendly specifications have to go with it.
  • Additional features that allow for safety while in use have also been provided
  • Comes in an ergonomic design that helps to keep you well-positioned while on it.


  • Due to the material, this gaming chair can be complicated to maintain
  • A limited adjustment come attached for the armsupport

Gaming Chairs Buying Guide

Other than self-balancing on a hoverboard, few things provide the fun experience of seating on a quality gaming chair, playing your favourite game on a 32 inch TV. It gets better with a soundbar under £100 or soundbar under £200. If there are little kids or elder citizens in the house, you can connect to betron earphones to avoid causing noise.

We will show you how to get a comfortable budget gaming chair that will make you not want to leave your house.

Essential Functions in Choosing the Best Budget Gaming Chair

1. Mesh, Fabric or Leather Material: 

Gaming chairs are of different material types, and it is vital to consider these differences when buying. How much you have planned is what determines the material you will get because they vary based on quality. The known materials gaming chairs are always designed in are the mesh, the fabric, the polyurethane and bonded leather.

i. Mesh: The mesh material is known to be the best option for gaming chair. It is because of the role it plays in ensuring the chairs durability and satisfaction of the user. Users when purchasing are advised to go for this material type for gaming chairs.

ii. Fabric: gaming chairs with fabric material are always just as amazing as those with mesh. They are still very durable and comfortable. The high point of gaming chairs made of fabric material is the ease that comes with maintaining them.

iii. Polyurethane (PU) Leather: The market gradually changes from time to time. The polyurethane leathers are the latest changes. This makes it very difficult for buyers to ascertain which of these leather gaming chairs is of more quality than the others.

The polyurethane leather material remains one of the best leather material options buyers should go for if they want to. This material does not wear or tear off easily and can be easily maintained.

iv. Bonded Leather: Another leather material that can be trusted by buyers is the bonded leather. This material allows for natural tiling when gaming and is also very durable for its time of use.

2. Tiling and Reclining Backrest: 

Tiling and Reclining the backrest of the gaming chair is dependent on the mechanism that is being provided for the gaming chair. Let’s quickly run through these mechanisms, to ensure whatever gaming chair you are buying can be easily adjusted for gaming and for resting.

i. Basic tiling: The basic tiling is what determines how well, and how easy users can tilt the gaming chair. Either forward or backwards, depending on what they require per time. Make sure to access the functions that have been made available for basic tiling.

ii. Syncro tilt mechanism: The synchro tilt mechanism makes it easy tilting of the chair very easy for users. This is made possible by a control system placed at a different position on the chair, depending on the brand. This feature is a product of several sync specifications all put together.

iii. Multi-function tilt mechanism: The multi-function tilt mechanism requires the operation of more than a function to tilt the gaming chair towards any direction the gamer wants it to go per time. It is a preferable option for professionals who are familiar with the operation of gaming chairs.

iv. Reclining backrest: After a while gaming, there is the need to have a backrest. The reclining backrest feature makes this possible and the extent to which it will be possible.

Gaming Chairs Buying Guide

3. Seat Depth Adjustment: 

Many gaming chairs that are provided for are adjustable. The depth, which is how high or how low the gaming chair seat can be adjusted to, depends on the seat depth adjustment that is provided. Reading through the product specifications of each gaming chair before obtaining one is a perfect way to ascertain this.

Every product specifications spell out among many other things the seat depth adjustment the chair provides. Before buying, make sure such modification is one that you are okay with considering the type of game you play and how long you spend playing such a game.

4. Dedicated Headrest for Neck Support & Pain Relief: 

Is there a dedicated rest for the product you are buying? This question has to be in the affirmative to stay free from any health challenge. Discomfort to any part of the body, time can result in pain.

This is why a dedicated headrest is needed to provide all the support required by the neck while gaming. This will help in not just providing support for the neck but also to reduce the pain that will result from a lack of it. Not all gaming chairs have this dedicated headrest, so when you find one, buy it.

5. Armrests:

The arm support of gaming chairs is just as crucial as the backrest. The arm rest helps to provide a surface for you to place your hand and enjoy the fun of the game. These armsupport come in several different types.

I. 2D Armrests: These types of armsupport are usually very common among gaming chairs. They are known to be necessary for their use and are very easy to understand by everyone, especially beginners who have not had to use gaming chairs before.

ii. 3D Armrests: the three-dimensional arm support makes gaming so realistic. They help in resonating well with the attribute of the game at all times. When they are not so complicated, they are always quite expensive.

iii. 4D Armrests: These arm support are of exceptionally high attribute and not available to every gaming chair. They are a more innovative feature that is only peculiar to certain brands. They make gaming a lot easier but are quite more complicated to use and expensive as well.

Features of Gaming Chairs

Proper Posture When Sitting in Your Gaming Chair

An appropriate posture of sitting is required for the gaming chair while working with the chair. The many advantages of a correct position cannot be overemphasised. Proper posture when sitting in your gaming chair can only be ascertained when you go for the right gaming chair with all of the specifications peculiar to you.

The main reason among many others of getting a gaming chair is to ensure that you make the best of your gaming experience with ease. This purpose will be defeated if you do not know the proper posture required for each gaming chair that is being provided for.

On purchase of any gaming chair, a user guide is attached and given to the purchaser. Make sure that the user guide supplied for is very comprehensive. With a complete user guide, you are going to find out about the gaming chair and the sitting position as well.

The more sophisticated the gaming chair, the easier it is to have a proper posture for your gaming time. Always keep this fact in mind because it will be really helpful when buying a gaming chair. The purchase could be for yourself or anyone else, either ways it will be helpful.

Gaming Chairs Buying FAQs

Q: What ages are gaming chairs for?

A: There is no specific age range for which gaming chairs are best to use by an individual. The age debate is because it is designed more to ensure comfort than for any other purpose. From this, we can say anyone who loves to play the game and requires satisfaction when doing so needs a gaming chair.

However, we understand that the love for consistently playing games is higher in people who are younger than it is with much older people.

Also, considering the age, much older people tend to need these gaming chairs more. This issue arises because they might not find sitting on a sofa, stool or the bed very comfortable. To enjoy playing the game is to feel very pleased while doing so. One way to feel very convenient is to sit uprightly and a distance away from the screen.

This full posture is gotten easily by a gaming chair, which makes it for all game lovers.

Q: What are the benefits of gaming chairs over other chairs?

A: The benefits of gaming chairs over other chairs cannot be exhausted. In fact, the longer you get to play, the more comfort will be required. There is a necessary posture for every gamer while gaming. To attain this position, chairs are needed. Recent advancements in technology make for gaming chairs which have become far more beneficial than other chairs

Gaming chairs are of a very high tech specification, which is lacking in different chairs. These tech specifications sync well with gaming providing users with all of the necessary positioning that is needed per time while playing the game through.

Gaming chairs are also designed with a more comfortable sofa than the other chairs. A locking feature and other safety functions are also present in gaming chairs and lacking in others. With a gaming chair, movement from one place to another is more comfortable and more productive.

One can go on with the many benefits gaming chairs has over other chairs, the chief of it all is the satisfaction it provides. Gaming chairs are wanted mainly because of its fulfilment, which helps to prevent any health challenge gaming with other chairs can result.

Comfort might not be provided for by other chairs when gaming, especially when you have to game for a long while.

Q: What are the different types of gaming chairs present?

A: Gaming chairs are of different types, which is easy to tell using several factors. We have these differences occurring based on the size of the chairs. It is the material that is used or the tech specifications of the gaming chair.
We also have them being categorised based on their structures. While some have been designed explicitly for gaming purposes, others still take the form of office chairs. Manufacturers have also been able to group gaming chairs into various types based on the brands.
This last category is mainly because the quality of the brand goes a long way in determining the quality of the gaming chair itself.

Q: Can gaming chairs improve one’s gameplay?

A: Gaming chair has a lot of impact on one’s gameplay than one can even possibly imagine. When gamers find the right gaming chair they can use, one of the things that happen is love for the game. Users who have made use of gaming chairs when playing have been found to love gaming a lot more than individuals who make use of other types of chairs.
Another way a gaming chair improves one’s gameplay is that it increases the fun derived from gaming. With comfort, the desire to play is ignited and the appreciation of the game as a whole. When users try to buy a gaming chair, they do not wish to just fun while playing.
But they also stand a very high chance to perform better in that game than others who make use of other types of chairs.

Q: Am I too tall for a gaming chair?

A: No one is too tall for a gaming chair. The comfort or otherwise your height can provide as regards to gaming chairs all depends on the type of gaming chair that you decide to go for personally. Several brands in the gaming chairs market provide for adjustable chairs.
This design of the chairs is in such a way that they can be adjusted to suit gamers that are too tall as much as they can be tailored to suit those who are too short.
The most exciting thing about these brands of chairs is that regardless of its adjustable specifications, users are still able to get them at a very affordable price. You are not too tall or too short for a gaming chair if you get one from a fantastic brand that can be adjusted.

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