10 Best Bathroom Scales Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 2020

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Whether you want to shed a few kilos, training for a marathon or getting your beach body ready for the summer, there is nothing like a set of bathroom scales to give you an accurate picture of well you’re doing.

We count down the best bathroom scales that don’t just measure weight, but also check your BMI, body fat, and other health stats.

Best Bathroom Scales Reviews

Best Bathroom Scales Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Bathroom Scales On The Market Reviewed

The best scales is the Accurate Electronic Scales By Terrailon. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Terraillon Electronic Scale is both mechanical and digital scales. It comes with a dual display (mechanical and digital) and made to work best in the bathroom for clear viewing. It is made of is purely glass material and weighs 1.62 kg making it easier to manoeuvre. You can use it with 3AAA  batteries which need to be purchased separately.

The unit has a large platform that enables all kinds of weight to be placed upon it. It can weigh up to 180kg/28 st with a 100g addition. The attractive design resembles a speedometer while its display is big and the readings (2.7 cm digits) light up a blue backlight.

The scale gives its users accurate weight monitoring readings. Continuous weighing at a particular time makes the scale get accustomed to the weighing time and an alarm sounds whenever the time to weigh reaches. This is ranked among the best digital scales although it has both mechanical and digital functions.

Accurate Electronic Scales By Terrailon
  • Accurate scales allows you to keep track of your goals and weight loss rate
  • Works best on a hard floor and in the bathrooms
  • It is so hard to find any fault in it

Second place goes to the Electronic Bathroom Scales & Body Fat/Muscle Percentage Analyser By Terrailon. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This type of Terraillon electronic machine has been found to be the best in its functionality. Aside from measuring the body weight, these modern devices also analyze the whole body’s components and it’s also called BMI scales. The technology applied is tetrapolar (four electrodes). 

There are 8 different individual data memories such that when a registered user uses, it automatically detects and provides systematic high accuracy results. The settings include five physical activity modes.

Electronic Scales & Body Fat Analyser By Terrailon

This digital scale can carry up to a maximum of 150 kilograms while the machine weighs 1900 grams. It uses 2 CR2032 batteries and made of steel as well as glass. The R-Coach element incorporated is responsible for the body’s calorie count.

The whole scale looks so stylish and can be used in the bathroom without any problem. In fact, it looks good when placed on the bathroom floor. It is ranked among the best scales to weight body fat percentage in the UK.

  • Sits perfectly in the bathroom
  • Has a beautiful design
  • Works just like the boditrax in the fitness gym
  • Can be used both at home and professionally
  • Easier to use with body fat percentage and BMI function
  • Supports up to 8 user data memory to keep track of your weight loss progress
  • It is very accurate
  • From the majority of the users reviews online, it is hard to think of something negative about the Terraillon Electronic Scales. However, there are a few users who have a problem with its price claiming that it’s not pocket-friendly.

Third place goes to the Body Composition Scales By Tanita. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Tanita BC532 as the name suggests measures multiple body components of a person by the use of Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. With this scale, you get to know with precision the gender, age, weight/bmi and height of the user.

The full body health machine can be set up in four different features that are, physique rating, body fat percentage, the bone mass and muscle mass, and new user functions. This gadget gives the “weight only” option thus can be used alongside other weight scales. These are the features that make this scale differently unique.

It is one of the best body health analyser scales all over the world. The display size is 32mm, big enough for clear readings. Tanita BC532 Body Composition Glass Scale uses advanced technology that makes it easier for personal use at home and even in hospitals by the professional users.

The innerscan full body composition monitor comes with instructions for use and batteries. Warranty of three years from the manufacturers is there to ensure you getting value for your money. 

Body Composition Scales By Tanita
  • Full body health monitor with body fat percentage and muscle mass option.
  • Can be used both professionally and at home to keep track on your health.
  • Has a lot of good features to enable swift usage - four user memory.   
  • It is so hard to find any fault in it

Fourth place goes to the Total Body Scales By Ozeri. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Ozeri Touch is one of the digital scales that has been improved technology-wise and has a variety of features that you can choose from when using the lavatory scale. With this scale, you can have your infant, pets and luggage weight measured without much stress, thanks to the Tare Button that has been added to the scale.

These smart scales calculate the weight/bmi, body fat percentage, body water percentage in the body, muscle mass and the bone mass of the body immediately you step on it. This scale, as the name suggests, has three sensitive buttons that you touch when operating to set whatever it is you want to weigh on the smart scale.

It has up to 8 memory recognition which means you can comfortably use it at home, in the fitness gym and in the office. The results on the screen appear blue in colour making it clear for you to read. The incorporated bioelectrical analysis makes it calculate accurately the age, gender and height for easier tracking when shared day by day. 

Total Body Scales By Ozeri

What’s more, this scale weighs just 1.91 kilograms when assembled with a user weight capacity up to 200 kilograms. With its new generation GX sensors, an addition of 100 kilograms in user weight can be accommodated. It is the best scale to go for since it is made of glass material which enhances durability and lustre.

  • Has many great body health features
  • Use bioelectrical analysis technique to be used as a body fat percentage/muscle mass scale
  • Accurate water resistant scales by one of the best brands
  • Loses charge fast
  • Does not have the stones and pounds metrics

Fifth place goes to the Multiple User Scales By Salter. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Salter glass scale as the name suggests is made of the glass body. These digital scales calculate the weight/BMI and general body composition that is, body fat percentage, body fat/water, bone mass, muscle mass and BMR. It has a large display (80 by 39 mm) that lights up a white LCD font that enables easier reading.

The scale fits perfectly in the bathrooms and with its slim design, it gives your bath a sleek and stylish display. The platform (302 x 302 x 22mm) of the glass is ultra-thin and very tough to fit easily anywhere in the house without interfering with your space. The device has up to 10 user memory that is okay to use with a large group.

Multiple User Bathroom Scales By Salter

For those who do above average activities, the athlete mode has them covered. Also, it has a child option which is perfect for your kids. Once you step on the machine, it instantly gives accurate results without any error.

In the scale review, this has everything you need to stay healthy for as it portrays accurate results, thanks to the advanced technology. This is one of the best smart scales that can guarantee accurate measurements of body composition.

  • Easy to read the results from the LCD display
  • Has a child, athlete, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI and body fat modes
  • Gives instant results making it easy to use
  • Has a 10 user memory, can be used with a larger group
  • The best body health composition scales 
  • When placed on the carpet, for instant, the visceral fat percentage and bone mass measurements might vary

Sixth place goes to the Doctor Style Mechanical Scales By Salter. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

These scales are branded the best mechanical scales in the UK and in other parts of the world. The salter doctor scale has a round analogue display with a measurement of 32 x 43.3 x 6.91 centimetres that enables clear reading of the analogue dial that has red visible hands and bold black and red digits.

These retro scales provide accurate measurements every time you step on them when one of the red hands is on zero at the start. These bodyweight scales can hold up to 150 kg on the maximum. The red hand rotates to calculate the right weight measurement once you step on it. The weight is displayed in kilograms, pounds and stones.

When you have this scale at your home, you can easily use it after a bath when the feet are moist because it has an anti-slip solid platform that prevents falling. The scale requires no batteries, forever. You just get to it and have your results, making it so efficient and hassle-free.

Doctor Style Mechanical Scales By Salter
  • No battery required for this water resistant scale
  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Used both at home and with a doctor.
  • Has an analog display
  • From time to time, past 60kgs on the scales cannot give clear results

Seventh place goes to the Solar Powered Weighing Scales By Salter. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Salter electronic scale is unique as it uses energy from the sun to recharge. It can also use artificial lighting to power up. This scale measures weight perfectly. The salter has a strong glass platform that you can measure up to 180 kg weight on it without the fear of breaking.

The display is designed beautifully and it is easy to read the results instantly. The eco scale has dimensions of 30.5 x 30.5 x 2.6 centimetres. The platform is big enough to accommodate big feet. The scale can be fitted in the bathroom for easier access. It commonly goes by the name Salter Eco Solar Powered Electronic Scales

Solar Powered Weighing Scales By Salter
  • Has a great water resistant design.
  • Uses Eco solar power
  • Gives accurate results
  • Easy to read, use and set up
  • Measurement results may differ when placed on a carpet or uneven ground.

Eighth place goes to the Anti-Slip Scales By Salter. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Salter digital scales are the best scales. They can be used when the feet are moist. The Anti-slip co-moulded rubber double surface (resembles a bathroom mat) make this possible to weigh immediately from the shower. Upon stepping on the scale, the high accuracy results appear instantly on the small screen fitted at the top of the scale.

The display is large and enable easy optimal viewing. These electronic scales are best used in the bathroom and can weigh up to 200 kg. The basic scale is including a 15 years warranty from the manufacturers.

Anti-Slip Bathroom Scales By Salter
  • Easy to operate
  • Accurate
  • Easy maintenance, water resistant
  • Very expensive

Ninth place goes to the Mechanical Scales Upto 160Kg By Ade. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

ADE medical scale is one of the most common and efficient scales because they have been there for a long time. It is a German brand that is bestselling mechanical scales. The scale is analogue in nature and the body is made of strong metal. It is made wide and stable that is safe to use for an average user.

The body has a coating that has a bouncing effect to resist a lot of force applied to it and also prevents damages from scratches. You shouldn’t worry about rusting of the metal as it has been protected in such a way that corrosion cannot happen.

Mechanical Scales Upto 160Kg By Ade

The platform is made wide to accommodate more. This can be used both at home and in the clinics. The dial on the ADE M308800 Professional medical mechanical Scale is made big to make viewing of the weight so clear on the scale.

The good thing about this scale is that it is one of the most accurate scales. You can have your weight checked and also keep track of how you are coming along with this mechanical scale.

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  • Suitable for use in bathrooms
  • The surface is safe for users.
  • Can’t slip, water resistant
  • Accommodates a maximum weight of 160 +1 kgs
  • It is durable
  • Easy to use
  • It doesn’t depend on electrical power.
  • It is manually operated.

Tenth place goes to the Talking Scales By Aidapt. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

Talking about the best digital bathroom scales, these scales are on a different level of digital technology. They can speak the high accuracy weight results to you, how advanced! This is ideal for all kinds of users, especially those that have a problem to view and read and also those who have impaired movement. It is one of the heavy-duty scales that can hold up to 400lbs (28 stones).

The scale is fitted with a safety glass that is 6mm in measurement which prevents damages. These can be used as bathroom scales. The scales are powered by 2 x AAA batteries and have 4 sensors. Once you step on the measure machine, it instantly powers on and ready to speak out the results in a loud and clear English language.

When you are done with the scale, it goes off to maximize the battery life. The machine is thin enough to fit perfectly in the household setting. These bodyweight scales are the best weight scales to use when measuring your current weight or keep track of the progress.